Black /Dark Magic, White Magic, Grey Magic, Spells,Sorcery,


Black /Dark Magic, White Magic, Grey Magic, Spells,Sorcery,

Black Magic or Dark Magic is a form of magic or sorcery that draws on malevolent powers, and may be used for dark purposes or malevolent acts that deliberately cause harm in some way. For example, to kill or injure, to cause misfortune or destruction, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences to others. In popular usage, the term “black magic” is sometimes used to describe any form of ritual that some group of persons or a person does to harm others.

Black magic is usually associated with Satanism and the “Left-Hand Path” belief systems, which value the advancement and preservation of the self and the pursuit of temporal and terrestrial goals, rather than the “Right-Hand Path”, which elevates spirituality, the strict observance of moral codes and the worship of deities. Outside of popular literature, it usually refers to magic utilized for gaining power and wealth or taking revenge, rather than for evil for evil’s sake.

The distinction between black magic and white magic is debatable. For example, most branches of the major religions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism would probably argue that all forms of magic are evil, or black, magic. Some on the Left-Hand Path would claim that all magic, whether called “white” or “black”, is essentially the same, and that any magic can have both good and bad consequences depending on who judges those consequences. Another view is that the same spell could be either white or black, determined purely by the end result of the spell.

White Magicians may be referred to by others as “lady-hearted” or may refer to themselves as “spiritual workers”. Another term I have heard used is a “white worker”. Also called as “light worker”; Regardless of the term used to describe such individuals, white workers who only perform white magic spells tend to be very kind-hearted individuals, people who love animals and will refuse to harm them, and people who are deeply religious or spiritual people

“Gray Magic” is a little-used term for magic not performed entirely for beneficial, ethical or spiritual purposes, yet not actually malevolent either, falling somewhere in the continuum between white magic and black magic. Its practitioners or “gray witches” see magic as neither good nor bad in itself, but a neutral process employed towards positive or negative ends.

Harmful spell-casting typically tends to include symbolism which may seem hazardous or harmful to human beings, such as sharp, pointed, prickly, caustic or hot elements, combined with very personal objects from the spell’s target (e.g. hair, blood, mementos, etc).


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