Why people become ghosts after death? Spirits, Entities


Why people become ghosts after death? Spirits, Entities

Do you know why people become ghosts after death? Well, almost all cultures in this world believe in ghosts. There are so many reasons but let us discuss a few of the common beliefs which are widely believed all over the world.

Almost all religions have shown certain steps to lead a good life so that one can free oneself from the idea of becoming a ghost after death.



Reasons why people become ghosts / spirits/ entities after death :

  • FEAR: Many people who resist moving into “The Light” fear spiritual judgment. Others feel they are “unworthy”. Some are afraid “The Light” is tedious or boring. Others fear they will discover their beliefs were “wrong” or that there really is nothing in “The Light” but “emptiness”.
  • TRAUMA: Men, Women & Children who are traumatized by their deaths can be too upset at that moment to know what to do and can become frightened when they see a light or a spirit, even if that spirit is familiar to them. When this happens they will seek refuge with the first living physical body they can find.
  • DENIAL: People can refuse to believe they are dead. This happens! Denial is such a strong mental ability both “the living” and “the dead” can “tune out” what they don’t want to know or acknowledge.
  • EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT: People who want to remain “close at hand” to friends or loved ones will often attach themselves to one of them or, sometimes, attach to more than one (by coming and going among them). They are so emotionally “caught up” in the lives of others they forget the importance of their own spiritual journey, nor do they realize how much more powerfully they can help others from “The Light”.
  • DESIRE TO SERVE: People who want to become  spirit guides; forgetting the importance of their own spiritual progression and failing to recognize “real” spirit guides require training in “The Light”.
  • ADDICTIONS: People who are reluctant to leave their addictions or their “power trips” will choose to “hang out” with, even attach to, living people with the same addiction or “power trip”.
  • FEELING OF LOSS: People who feel dissatisfied because they did not achieve their life dream or cheated because they never found happiness will attach to and try to mentally influence others to do what they didn’t.

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