Do Past Lives Really Exists?

plrtPerhaps after the perennial debate on the ‘Existence of God’, the existence of Past Lives might well be called the next most contested topic in today’s world. Volumes have been researched on and written for and against the existence of past lives. However, in this forum, it is not our endeavor to prove whether ‘Past Life’ as a concept is true or not! We leave it to the individuals to experience and decide for themselves whether or not to believe in it!

Rather, the focus of our efforts would be to use this as a therapeutic tool to resolve and heal issues. It would help immensely if one were to go through Past Life Regression keeping healing in focus.

Skeptics could consider their regression as their own subconscious mind bringing to fore (metaphorically) deep-rooted thought-patterns that might be affecting their daily lives. We do not focus on what the individual perceives, but as therapists, we are more intent on how it is linked to their issue at hand.

However, having said this, past life regression therapy stands as a very powerful tool in healing a wide array of physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Eminent psychotherapists such as Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton have spoken widely on how their practice has given them tangible resolutions in the world of Psychiatry and Psychology.

There are a few people who see a few past lives with completely verifiable information, and some even meet their past life relatives and comfort them. But these are not so common, and the average past life memory will usually have little or no verifiable information at all.

And the power of this healing is so tremendous, that it has now become a rage among logic-loving Westerners too, as well as scientific psychologists and psychiatrists. Many of these therapists don’t even believe in past lives, but they know that past life regression works like nothing else!

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