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The Haunted House: How to Clear Negative Energy and Maintain a Healthy Home

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Black magic is negative magic used for evil purposes that will harm one or many in someway or many ways depending on the intent of the direction and how much mental power black magician has accumulated.bm28
Black magic is the negative use of energies and power by people flooded with negative emotions such as jealousy, hate, anger to harm or take away something precious from someone or influence them in strange negative ways.
Many prosperous and happy families are ruined by black magic. Many forms of black magic have been around since centuries. Spells, curse, witchcraft, voodoo are forms of the same art.
People driven by negative emotions hire black magicians To inflict harm on their relatives, friends and co-workers or deprive them from living peaceful lives and causing inner turmoil or sometimes even delete them from this universe.
Many times greed and power are also big factors. Politicians and business community use this black art to defeat competition.
Black magic can be given to a victim through drinking or eating such as adding black magic to food or drink. Black magician can also make black magic in liquid form so it can be spilled over an object or piece of land.
Most black magic is created for specific purposes.
Breaking a relationship or destroying a marriage.
Blocked income.
Controlling someone’s mind for sex.
and many other specific
irritating, annoying and destructive impact.

Are you experiencing symptoms of Psychic Interference?
Are you suffering from any of the below mentioned issues?

• Life force being sucked off • Mental fatigue
• Feeling of some foreign energy in home or in body • Sleeplessness / Insomnia…Not sleeping well
• Feelings of something just not being right • Prolonged unconsciousness
• Physical Incapacitation • In very extreme cases, coma
• Unknown reasons wake you up around 3am each morning • There’s someone you can’t get out of your head and that makes you sick
• Hearing odd sounds or feelings of weight when asleep • Feelings of Melancholy
• Crushing weight upon chest and a sense of fear and paranoia • Your gut feelings tells you that the feelings you get from it are not normal, or come from an external source
• Excessive sleeping patterns • A waning in energy around the time of the darkening moon
• The temptation or the pressure to do things you normally won’t do such as illegal or immoral activities • Unable to stomach your food, though you know it’s fresh and good
• Wake up drained • Series of failures
• Nervous exhaustion followed with physical deterioration • Strange feelings of being vulnerable, even in usually safe areas
• Feeling of sudden, mysterious depression • Mysteriously things disappear or move
• Physical fatigue that cannot be explained by other means • Weird dreams of frightening symbols
• Unidentified dizziness • Mysterious uneasiness
• Disorientation • Loads of little accidents
• Fuzzy state of mind, feeling of drunkenness • Hostile arguments with strangers
• Strange nausea • Major disruptions in your relationships or workplace
• Unexplained difficulty in breathing • Lately people tend to stay away from you
• Throbbing pain in the forehead • Pet animals get sick or act strange
• Severe or constant headache / migraine • Puzzling death of plants or pets
• Loss or increase of appetite • Mental collapse
• Unexplained lack of concentration • Feeling forced to love someone
• Feels like the whole body is on fire • Feels like someone is injecting pins in the body
• Eating all right, still having no energy • Money loss
• Other mysterious happenings

And there could be many more versions…
• Past Life Regression Therapy -PLRT (Conducted more than 4000 PLRT sessions),
• Spirit Releasement Therapy – SRT (released more than 8000 spirits),
• Black Magic Remedy,
• Future Life Progression Therapy,
• Life Script Change,
• Life between lives Therapy (life after death & before next birth),
• Reiki,
• Hypno-Reiki,
• Mudra Healing,
• Remote Healing,
• Cord Cutting,
• Hypnotherapy,
• Recovery of Soul Fragments,
• Color Therapy,
• Crystal Healing,
• Pendulum Dowsing,
• Merkaba
• Creative Visualization,
• Self-Hypnosis,
• Remote Spirit Removal,
• Aura Diagnosis & Healing,
• Tele Therapy,
• Pyramid Therapy,
• Affirmation Therapy,
• Reincarnation,
• Spiritual Class,
• Mind Power Programming,
• Meditation,
• Vastu Shastra,
• ESP – Extra Sensory Perception,
• Law of attraction,

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