Distant Entity Removal, Spirit / Foreign Energy Releasement

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Distant Entity Removal, Spirit / Foreign Energy Releasement

Spirit releasement is a contemporary term for ways of the exorcising, or sending away, of an earthbound spirit or a discarnate being that seems to be attached to a place or person. Spirit releasement refers primarily to exorcisms which have no religious elements and are not performed by clergy, but rather are done by mediums.

Forms of releasement are practiced the world over. Spirits have long been blamed for causing virtually all ills and back luck, and they are routinely exorcised. In the early days of Spiritualism, people suffering from unusual mental symptoms often attended spiritual person in hopes of having “low” spirits exorcised.

In contemporary spirit releasement, a practitioner, working with one or more spirit guides who act as facilitators, makes mental contact with a spirit who is haunting a site and causing a disturbance, or is attached to a person. Often, this is an earthbound soul who does not know he or she is dead, or is bound to the earth plane by unfinished business.

Practitioners say that simply finding out the entitys “story,” that is, his or her life and death and perhaps unfinished business, is often sufficient to send the spirit on its way to the next world. The entity is engaged in dialogue and persuaded to depart. The transition is marked by the appearance of white light, and the spirit is urged to move toward the light. Sometimes the earthbound spirit has to be coaxed or convinced to move on. Sometimes it is led away by helping spirits that appear. These helping spirits include angelic beings, other spirits of the dead whom the earthbound one knew in life, or the spirits of animals with whom the person had strong emotional attachments, such as a pet.

Following releasement, patients often report feeling lighter and better, and say they experience a cessation of troublesome conditions. The departing spirits do not return, but patients are advised how to protect themselves from future invasions by other spirits.

Spirit Release can be done in many ways but all of these fall into two categories: Face to face; and Remote work. Face to face is obvious and remote means that the practitioner and the host are separated, geographically; often on the other side of the world to each other. Practitioners use their own methods and many use mediums or groups.

Discarnate Entities

With discarnate human entities, it is important to gently take them back to the last few minutes they remember when they last had a body of their own. Usually, they need talking through the death a few times before they realise they are dead. It is as much a shock to them as it would be to you and they must be brought to this understanding gently. They then realise they have made a mistake. We always check if they have any attachments; if their death was a suicide.

We talk about the effects the attachment has been having on the host and their life. Usually motivations, desires and memories of illnesses or injuries of the attachment’s last life enter the mind of the host, who can start behaving differently as these thoughts show through. The aim is to reach the point where the attachment realises they should not be there and, if prompted, will readily apologize to the host who can accept that apology.

Healing the Attachment

Before the attachment leaves, We ask it to look and tell me if there are any others inside there apart from the host and them. We also, importantly, ask what happened in the host’s life to make it possible for them to attach. This will show something that needs repairing or resolving, afterwards.

The attachment is now ready for release and upon finding the Light, can move into it. The host feels the attachment depart as if something has lifted from them, leaving them feeling lighter. This process is carried out for as many others as there are.

Demonic Attachments

If there is a Demonic attachment, the process is the same but the level of cooperation is quite different, usually being substituted by aggressive obstruction. Eventually, through negotiation, the Dark one comes to realise that it will be OK for it to go to the Light.

After working this way, the host will remember everything that was said and everything they felt.

At SSHC, we offer distance healing for cases of Spirit Release Therapy. Distance healing is a method of healing where the client is not physically present for healing. It is possible to treat many issues through distance healing,

Please read the following FAQs for more information:

What is Distance Healing?

Distance or Remote Healing is a method of healing where healing is done without the client being physically present at the therapist’s healing room. This is usually done for clients who are residing in cities other than the therapist’s city of practise.

How effective is Distance Healing as compared to conventional healing?

We always prefer that the client come to therapy personally. But that said, Distance Healing is quite an effective method and, at times, is the preferable method because the client cannot come to the therapist’s place.

What is Spirit Release Therapy?

Spirit Release or Foreign Energy Release is a therapy that seeks to free a person from external energies that may have occupied the person’s space. Spirit Release is the removal of inappropriate negative energies Otherwise known as Spirit Attachment, Entity Attachment or Possession from an individual or a place. The words spirit release covers a range of terms from Exorcism to Ghost-Busting,

Spirits that attach themselves to a person’s space are usually energies of a person who has passed away. It is generally termed an Earth-bound Spirit. This knowledge of such spirit attachments came through various healing sessions across the world and today it is a widely accepted phenomenon in the world Spiritual Healing.

One must understand that it is not easy for these spirits to attach themselves to any person just like that. They need to have a ‘hook’ – that is, a common factor with the person they seek to attach to. The ‘hook’ is usually an issue that the person as well as the spirit has in common. And also they can attach to the person only when the person’s auric shielding is open. Every one of us has a very strong shielding at an aura level and it is not easy to break it. There are only certain circumstances in which an aura is weakened or wide open.

Since these energies are energies of mind and soul of another person, they carry personality traits of the person they belong to. In such cases the ‘host’ in whose body the external energies are occupying can experience a shift in certain preferences and in outlook in her/his life. How strongly the external energy influences the ‘host’ depends on various factors.

Spirit Releasement Therapy focuses on releasing such foreign energies from the space of the client and provides a relief to the client. The client must understand that there is always a common issue between the client and the spirit attached, and when the spirit is released, issue comes down to the level it was influenced by the spirit. The remaining core issue has to be dealt with by the client through either traditional therapies or through self-healing methods.

Are these earth-bound spirits harmful?

You must understand that the spirit is just the soul of another human being who is no more in the physical realm. Most spirits are attached to the client because they are afraid or lost. Though the client’s psyche undergoes changes that may not be favourable for the client, it is, however, not intentional on the part of the spirit in most cases.

How are Spirits Released?

In the case of Earthbound spirits (lost souls) there is a simple, certain and positive method a dialogue with the attaching lost soul is started which helps to send them to the Light, this helps both, the lost soul and the person he/she is attached to. There are of course, a lot of different types of attachments which will all have a safe and loving method of Releasement. 

How will I know it’s gone?

 You may feel a direct shift while the spirit release work is being done, or you may find that over the following days or weeks marked but more subtle changes occur, such as a lightening of mood or an easy letting go of old habits or simply an increase in confidence and well-being

What is being released? 

Unseen spirit energies that vary from Lost Earthbound spirits – those who are finding it hard to move on, or those that could be trapped by strong emotional ties or unfinished business; also Demonic Entities I.e black magic, voodoo, jinn’s, and there are many other energy’s that have been categorised and can be removed  

These are all incarnate energy’s that can be removed from people and helped into the light

  Please contact us for more details and to book a distance healing session.

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Spirit Release & Past Life Therapy

Spirit Release & past Life Therapy | Soul Mind Fragmentation

Spirit Releasement Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy & Soul Mind Fragmentation

Spirt Releasement Therapy. Sometimes the physical or emotional issues that we seek to resolve or heal do not come from our own past lives. Rather, they can come from a totally different entity — the attached spirit of someone who has already died.

Normally, after the physical body dies, our consciousness, the soul, passes to the Light. Although we leave the physical body behind, our energy body which is the very essence of us lives on and changes to a vibration more appropriate to not having a dense physical body.

However, for a variety of reasons, when some individuals die, they do not go directly into the Light. Instead, they become earthbound spirits that can attach themselves to our aura or our physical, emotional or mental subtle bodies.

Some spirits remain earthbound because they are not aware they are dead. Quick untimely death may have left them confused and they may not be aware of their passing. At the time of death, the spirit and body may separate so quickly that the person is not even aware it has taken place. Other earthbound spirits know they are dead, but remain on earth because they have unfinished business to complete. This may include saying good-bye to those they love, finishing a project or simply watching over a loved one until they are sure they are okay.

Sometimes a spirit remains due to guilt over their death. They may feel they have abandoned their family or that they are responsible for inflicting pain on those they love with their death. This is common when the death is the result of suicide, death from an accident where the spirit feels he was irresponsible for or simply dying too soon. This type of earthbound spirit may try to interact with loved ones, but may be unable to communicate effectively. He seeks forgiveness for his perceived guilt and moves on only when he is sure that forgiveness has been given.

Effects of spirit attachment.

Spirit attachment can affect people in many ways, either mildly or profoundly. Here are some of the commonest: lack of energy, memory disturbance, behavioural change like irrational fear, anger, sadness or guilt, mood change, addictive behaviour, relationship problems and hearing disturbing voices. There may be bodily pain and other physical symptoms. The degree of attachment also varies. Some individuals are scarcely affected, while in rare cases the individual’s body and mind have been taken over completely.

Spirit attachment is not uncommon and is often misdiagnosed because many practitioners are not aware of it and because the symptoms might fit a number of possible diagnoses. In some instances attachments exacerbate an existing complaint with similar symptoms. They may be the reason that recovery from a complaint is very slow.

Spirit Release is the term given to the process of clearing the attachment.

The spirit releasement process in itself is actually fairly simple, once the entity is contacted. They are usually eager to speak, and to clarify why they have been attached to this person, and to be helped. Together with the client the therapist will contact the entity to find out what it wants, what business it may have with the client, and helping it to complete that business. When completed, the entity is ready to leave on its own free will.

I find in my practice that spirit attachments can be the source of any number of physical, mental and emotional disorders faced by my clients including phobias, addictions, anxiety, compulsions, depression, relationship difficulties, feelings of anger and abandonment, unexplainable pains and aches, and many other symptoms.

Past Life Regression Therapy.

Past life regression therapy is based on the idea, that many problems and symptoms we experience can have their basis in earlier painful experiences that have not been healed. These experiences can stem from early childhood or adolescence, adult trauma, but also pre- and perinatal experiences or even past lives.

How does past life regression work? 

In past life regression we make the subconscious experiences and memories, whether they stem from past life or early childhood, conscious. For this we use a light state of trance, in which you will be conscious of the past, as well as remain rooted in the present. By focussing on aspects of the problem under the guidance of the therapist, it is usually quite easy to find the cause(s) of it in the past.


By making the emotionally charged memories and beliefs that are connected to the old experiences conscious and releasing them, you can free yourself of their influence. You might also release energies and attachments you adopted from other people. Reconnecting to your authentic self and energy, rediscovering your soul mission and reconnecting with soul family can also have a wonderfully healing influence.


Every session starts off with a short talk in which we discuss your progress and therapy goal for that session. The following trance session takes about an hour. After the session there is the opportunity to talk everything through and if necessary set a goal for the next. Usually clients choose to do 1 or 2 session per months, but more or less is also an option, it all depends on your wants and goals. Because the practice is quite busy I usually advise people to schedule in a few appointments at a time. Any surplus sessions can be cancelled if need be, if in time.

Past life sessions out of interest

Of course you don’t need to have problems to do past life regression sessions! Exploring past lives and the in-between state can be a wonderful way to understand yourself and your life mission better, to discover the roots of certain talents and traits, or your connections to certain people. Often 1 or 2 sessions suffice here, though I usually advise to do an intake interview here as well, so I have a good impression of where you’re coming from and what I can expect to come up during a session! When people schedule an appointment, sometimes issues or parts of themselves that they may not be aware of or have forgotten about seize the opportunity to surface so they can get some healing. The subconscious is funny that way…

For whom? 

Past life therapy is very suitable for people who really wish to get to the core of the obstacles that still keep them from living a full, empowered and authentic life. Past life regression requires a certain amount of psychological maturity: the sense that you are responsible for your own life,  well-being and the choices you make; that you are not a victim but the creator of your life. Your circumstances are merely mirrors that reflect the limiting beliefs and fears you might subconsciously still entertain. With an experienced therapist these can be understood and healed, so you can live more fully from the joy of being your authentic self.

Energy attachments

Energy attachments are energies or entities that do not belong to you but have been allowed to nestle in your energy system. From the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and energies of other people, to the presence of entities or loved ones that have passed away but are not conscious of the fact, what they have in common is that they do not belong in your energy system and will likely cause disruption. Usually they are the cause of exhaustion, vague physical complaints, emotions and thoughts that seem alien to you, etc. There is always some reason, however subconscious, you have agreed to take on the energy. In regression therapy we can find and release these energies or entities, and heal the ‘point of attraction’ so you will not attract like energies again.

Soul-Mind Fragmentation

The recovery of ‘soul-mind fragmentation’ is an ancient shamanic method of healing. Sickness was considered to be caused by the loss of one’s soul, or part of it. The healings consisted of the shaman journeying into the underworld to retrieve the soul and return it to the sick person, thereby restoring wholeness and health. Shamanic healing is still being done today. In shamanic work, the receiver or client remains passive.

In recovering soul-mind fragmentation, the client is guided to locate the original trauma, recover the lost fragment, and welcome it back into the body/mind space. In a clinical setting, this approach is empowering for the client who takes an active part in the process. Comments like: “It was a shattering experience.” “I’m falling apart.” or… “I’m not all here today” seem to reflect soul-mind fragmentation in our language. Our language tends to indicate an inner awareness. We also have language that seems to indicate the healing of the condition is also familiar to our inner wisdom. We use language like this: “Pull yourself together” or “She’s a very together person”.
Physical or emotional traumas may cause fragmentation and/or the formation of sub-personalities, some of which literally “leave the premises”. With effective therapy, the trauma is processed to resolution, with no remaining emotional residue, and the fragment is recovered and reintegrated. With the fragment safely home, the client often reports a feeling of warmth, peace, and a pleasant new sense of wholeness. Fragmentation as the source of illness is an important concept in shamanic healing traditions and it may prove to be an important piece the holistic healing puzzle.


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spirit entities

Spirit Release (Demons,Devils,Ghosts,Negative Energies etc.)

spirit entitiesSometimes the physical or emotional issues that we seek to resolve or heal do not come from our own past lives. Rather, they can come from a totally different entity — the attached spirit of someone who has already died.

For a variety of reasons, when some individuals die, they do not go directly into the Light. Instead, they become earthbound spirits that can attach themselves to our aura or our physical, emotional or mental subtle bodies. They do not require our permission to do so.

A spirit attachment may be random or even accidental. It can be:

  • benevolent in nature,
  • self-serving to fulfill a personal need of the attaching entity,
  • malevolent in intention or 
  • completely neutral.

Symptoms of spirit attachment can include:

  • An inner voice that constantly criticizes you
  • A variety of changing physical maladies with no obvious cause
  • Irrational fear, anger, sadness or guilt or
  • Suicidal tendencies.

Frequently the earthbound spirit brings along its own physical and emotional maladies at the time of death. These fears, phobias, aches, addictions, negative thoughts, desires and behaviors are then experienced as your own pains, thoughts, desires and behaviors.

Our language reflects an inner knowledge of this condition: “What got into you?” “I’m not myself today.” “I don’t know what possessed me to do that.”

I find in my practice that spirit attachments can be the source of any number of physical, mental and emotional disorders faced by my clients including phobias, addictions, anxiety, compulsions, depression, relationship difficulties, feelings of anger and abandonment, unexplainable pains and aches, and many other symptoms.

Sometimes you are not aware of the attachment until the entity has been released.

What is Spirit Release?

Spirit Release Therapy dates back to antiquity. Virtually all cultures and religions address the issue of discarnate beings of various types influencing living people, causing various degrees of harm to their hosts.

Today Spirit Release is a therapy practiced by psychotherapists, mental health professionals and energy healers who have found it effective where other methods have failed. As man’s understanding of the enormous influence and power of their higher energy fields is “authenticated” by modern methods of scientific measurement, and as preventative medicine grows, the importance of clearing foreign psychic energies will be commonly accepted.

Physical or emotional stress can leave you vulnerable to unwelcome negative energies which attach at a subtle vibrational level and can then influence your health, personality and behavior. A Lost Soul may well bring with it the physical symptoms it experienced at the time of its death.

The practitioner and client need not hold any particular religious belief. We are trained in releasing these negative attachments which may have been preventing you from moving forward with your life. We transform the entities so that they are unable to return to you, find out what problems they may have been causing and ask for help, advice, protection and healing.

Spirit Release differs from exorcism because it is non-confrontational and transformation is achieved through negotiation. As well as freeing the client and channeling healing to them, we invoke the power of love and the assistance of higher spiritual beings to help the invading entities on their evolutionary path towards enlightenment. They are transformed into a higher more evolved state from where they cannot return, for within the heart of every being, however dark, there is a core of light. Our skill is in persuading it to find within itself this transformational light source – once it has transformed it cannot and would not wish to return.

We offer ourselves as vehicles for the Divine Universal Healing Power. We treat all information in complete confidence and approach this work with great integrity.

Whilst to our knowledge all our clients have responded favorably, Spirit Release Therapy is not a panacea – there are many causes for illness. Likewise, many of the life factors of the client and his/her situation are beyond our control and may be affecting the healing process. The Universe does not interfere with a soul’s chosen path or their free will.

It is always in the client’s best interest to refrain from other spiritual or rescue work whilst we are conducting Spirit Release Therapy so that the new energy vibrations and behavior patterns will have a chance to settle. Please consider all these factors before requesting Spirit Release Therapy.

We always work in Love and Light and for the highest good of all concerned, asking the higher energies and angelic kingdom for their guidance, healing and protection.

How Can Spirit Attachment Happen ?

Our aura is an magnetic energy field. Like any magnet it can repel and attract according to the energetic charge.  We have all met people that seem to have a magnetic personality,  people seem to naturally be drawn to these type of people without consciously understanding why.  On the other hand there are people that are more likely to keep other people at a distance.  These types of people do not find it so easy to connect to people.

The same applies for spirits, they can become  attracted to people because of the magnetic energy field.

What can create that energetic attraction ?

The likelihood of spirit attachment depends on the strength of your auric field. If your energy field becomes weakened, torn or become frail and develop holes for many reasons.  Some of those reasons according to Sue Allen ( author of spirit release ) are:

  • Mental or physical illness
  • Surgery
  • Certain Medications
  • Chemotherapy
  • Anti-psychotic
  • Stress/ Trauma
  • Alcohol
  • Recreational Drugs

My experience has shown that attachments can occur when :

  • A person has experienced extreme trauma.
  • When a person has taken drugs or alcohol.
  • It can also occur from the negative intentions of others.

This can then create a break in the energy field of the person & this can  allow an attachment to become part of the persons energy field.

What  Does It Feel Like To Have An Attachment ? Although it can be different  everyone, some of the common experiences are:

  • People experience, behaviours, feelings and thoughts that seem foreign to  them.
  • They can begin to like completely different foods & drinks
  • They begin to have completely different interests.
  • They experience problems making decisions, constantly in two minds
  • Constant internal chatter that creates confusion
  • They feel like the mind is foggy or in a haze
  • Belief systems & values can sometimes completely change.
  • They can also experience extreme feelings that appear unexplainable or out of character for them. Ie: Extreme feelings of anger, sadness, fear or anxiety.

The Clearing Process Through the attachment  release process I firstly check to see if the person has anything foreign attached to their energy field and then move the person through a healing  process of releasing any attachments that don’t belong to the person. When this release happens the person is more easily able to make those changes  that they want in their lives, without feeling held back.  Some have described “feeling more like themselves again”. in general people feel better about themselves and their lives.

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Types of Entity Attachments

Soul / Entity Attachment

Soul attachment and release is a topic that is not discussed much. Yet it is real.  It is included on this website because it definitely affects some people’s health and well-being.  Soul attachment occurs when the soul of one person who has usually passed on or died, finds its way inside the body of another living person.

I realize that this phenomenon scares many people.  However, it can be helpful to learn about things that seem frightening or strange.  This is the purpose of this short article.

Here is a brief understanding of this unusual phenomenon as I understand it.




Discarnate souls can attach to a person for the following reasons:


  1. Confused entities after death due to a quick accident or fast-moving illness. In these cases, the discarnate soul attaches because it does not realize fully that the body it inhabited has died, because it happened suddenly, and the soul is basically confused.
  2. Nasty entities. These are discarnate souls that cause problems for people, for various reasons. Often the discarnate soul was abused while its body lived, and it is angry, upset, resentful and wants to cause damage to others.  Such entites are common, in fact, and can cause one to have an accident, be promiscuous, perhaps, steal, lie, cheat and even commit murder.  They can also cause your death by distracting you while you are driving, or in some other way, but usually by causing you to be careless.  This is why always being very careful when driving or doing anything dangerous is imperative.  You never know when “forces” are present that want to hurt you for some reason.
  3. Females. These are very special nasty entities that are here to defend children, interestingly, and they influence women to have children. Unfortunately, they do it by making women more sensual, more sexy, and more provocative and “dirty”, one might say.  These are called female entities because they cause women to become “females”, or very attractive to men to have children with, have sex with, rape, and even murder, on occasion.  This is why they are dangerous.
  4. Supportive or crutch entities. These are discarnate souls that “move in” when a person’s body or mind are weak. A crutch entity “fills a hole”, so to speak, and in some way supports the body.

During a nutritional balancing program, the program improves adrenal activity drastically in many cases.  As a result, a crutch entity will be no longer needed and will leave of its own accord.  When such a one leaves the body suddenly, the person may experience what is called a crash landing in nutritional balancing science.  This is a quick decline in the oxidation rate, causing extreme fatigue and perhaps feelings of depression.  This passes, but is often uncomfortable for a few days or longer.  It is like forcefully having a crutch removed, and the body feels weak and shaky until it gets used to working under its own power.

A second way crutch entities support the body is to prevent the entrance or attachment of nasty entities.  A third way is to move a soul in the right direction toward health and happiness when a person’s main soul, also called its entity soul, is confused, ill, ignorant, arrogant or just not acting rationally for some other reason.

  1. Mischievous entities. These are generally what may be called immature discarnate souls that float around and may attach themselves to attractive young men and women, for example, so they can experience sex vicariously, or just take a shower with a pretty lady, for example.They are also common, and usually do not cause much harm. Some are aware of them, as they may laugh or do other things that attract attention to themselves.  Children sometimes sense their presence and are afraid.

Some perform useful functions, but most of the time they are just lost souls who need to move on after death, but are having a good time as voyeurs, spies, stalkers, spectators and more.  They can usually be easily coaxed to move on.

  1. Sickness entities that may attach after a rape or other trauma, or possibly during an illness. When a body weakens for any reason, some entities can attach to the body more easily. They are generally the mischievous type, but may be the nasty type.  Rarely, they are crutch entities, there to save the person, but this is less common today.

When a woman is raped, for example, she usually picks up a slew of harmful, nasty or just mischievous entities from the rapist.  Some entities enjoy hanging around rapists for the fun of it, or to burrow into the woman raped for some sort of odd sexual experience.  It is just one of the poisons a woman picks up during a rape.  Other traumas and illnesses can also result in entity attachment for various reasons.

  1.  Drug and alcohol-related entites. Anyone who uses drugs or alcohol will pick up entities when in a high, inebriated, drunken, stoned state of mind.  It even happens with the use of some medical sedatives such as Oxycontin and others, or even too many sedative herbs, possibly.  This is a serious problem for those who need drugs for pain, for example.  It also makes places like bars and cocktail lounges quite dangerous for anyone to be in, as some entities hang around them, hoping to find someone to attach to.
  2. Entities can enter easily if your thinking is deranged. Some will not like me to say this, but thoughts of weakness, fear, depression, frustration, hostility, resentment, victimhood, rage, anger and other negative emotional states often opens a person up to entity attachment.The reason is probably that the person is off balance, and these emotions severely weaken the body and mind.  Entity attachment is far greater among secular-minded people for this reason, and among those of liberal and left-wing persuasion than they are among more religious people of any religion.

In fact, preventing entity attachment is one of the goals of all religions, along with helping people remove harmful entities.  This is discussed in the bible and in many holy books of other religions, as well.  Even if the religious teachings are flawed or false, having a religious attitude seems to help prevent entity attachment in some way.  Perhaps it relieves anxiety and helps control negative emotions in many people.

  1. Entities that come in when a baby is born. Although it is not mentioned much, whenever a baby is born, entities gather around.Unortunately, newborns are vulnerable to entity attachment. It could even happen before birth, but it definitely happens at and right after birth.

Most of these entities are placeholder, crutch or another type of beneficial entity today, but not always.  Having your baby at home, if possible, prevents some of this, but not all.  Loving parents, by the way, serve as a protective shield to keep some entities away from babies and children.  This is one reason many babies like to sleep in the same room, or even the same bed as a parent.  It is also a reason to always watch your children carefully, and never let them out of your sight.  Also be very careful with whom you leave your children such as babysitters, day care centers, schools, etc.

  1. Sexually related entities. Some entities love being inside a woman’s vagina, or perhaps inside a man. When people have sex, particularly casual sex with people not their spouse, entity attachment is extremely common.  It almost goes with the territory.  This is a powerful reason to not engage in casual sex, even if you are single and unattached.  It is very easy for entities to attach during and after sexual intercourse.  For one thing, the person is vulnerable.  For another, sex always depletes the body to a degree, and this greatly favors entity attachment.
  2. Stress entities that come in when one is ill, malnourished or hungry, dehydrated, angry, resentful or depressed. This is unfortunate, but whenever the body is out of balance, it is far easier for certain entities to attach themselves to that body. This is an important reason to always keep yourself well hydrated, well-fed, well-rested and relaxed as much as possible.

Many people, for example, go on a vacation to relax.  However, the trip is stressful, the food is not as good as home-cooked, one drinks some alcohol, perhaps, and stays up late because one does not have to go to work the next day, and perhaps has more sex than usual.  The result is entity attachment, that can remain for years.



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entity possession

Entity Attachment & Possessions | Spirit Releasement Therapy

A Spiritual Attachment happens when a non-crossed over individual in Spirit, human or not human, attaches themselves internally or externally to the energy of a living human or animal for the purposes of using their energy to exist, or worse, to intentionally manipulate their behavior for their own motivations.

An Attachment Spirit is a Spirit who does not exist in the Light and does not have a physical body, and as such, they are without access to energy gained from food and water and they also do not have access to energy from Divine Source energy (like other, Divine Spirits do).

Spirits who are cut off from both physical energy and energy from a Divine Source (Heaven, the Light, whatever you want to call it) have few choices from where to garner their energy to keep moving around and existing. They can choose to harness it from their local environment, or they can choose to directly tap into the energy of someone who is living.

As living humans, we have access to energy from both physical (food, water, sleep) and spiritual, Divine Sources. We gain energy from the food we eat, and we are also able to gain it from Source energy through our connection to the Light and to Mother Earth.

To Attachment Spirits, who are often very low on their own energetic resources, many humans appear to have a bounding and limitless supply of energy.

Not only that, we also still have a physical body through which we can still partake in physical activities – like driving, drinking alcohol, and eating, to name a few things that could motivate a ill intended Spirit to use your body or your energy for their own purposes.

When a Spirit chooses to Attach to a living human, it can happen for various reasons and to varying degrees.

Factors that influence how entity attachment affects a person 

The temperament of the host soul. Some people handle entity possession far better than others.  This has to do with one’s state of health, one’s maturity level, the balance of the personality and other subtle factors.  In one case, it might not cause much of an effect, while in someone else it can cause frank schizophrenic tendencies, intense confusion or anger, or other symptoms.

·The temperament and personality of the invading soul. Attachment of a fairly benign and advanced soul may cause few problems, and as explained in the section above, the experience can be positive one.  However, if the invading soul is infantile, very angry or very mischievous, then the problems it can cause are far more severe.

The age of a person at the time of attachment. If it occurs at a very young age, it usually causes more havoc than when it occurs in an adult, for instance, although this is not necessary the case.

The age of death of the invading soul’s body, or state of maturity of the invading soul. The invading soul may have died as a child, and this will cause often infantile effects in the host soul.  If, however, the invading soul was old at the time it entered the host soul, the host may develop symptoms of aging at a very young age such as blurred vision, aches and pains, etc.  In other words, the ailments and thinking of the invading soul matter a lot.

Degree of possession. Attachment by an entity can be very mild or peripheral, or it can be very intense.  This has to do with various factors such as where the invading soul is, the time of attachment, the strength or power of the invading soul, and the strength and health of the host soul, among other factors.

For example, if the host is weak, yin or ill, it is far easier for an invading soul to take a firm hold and be difficult to remove.  If a host uses drugs, even marijuana, it is far easier for an invading soul to take hold and the hold is deeper and harder to eliminate.

Sex of the invading entity. This can cause odd effects of all kinds. For example, if a female soul invades a man, or if a male soul enters a woman, he or she may find themselves attracted to the same sex because the invading soul is interested in its opposite and may exert a strong influence on the person.

The person may then decide he or she is homosexual, when this is not really the case.  The only way to find the truth is to have an entity clearing so that the living host can end any confusion due to invading entities.  This is often difficult because the host may be weak and there can be a slew of entities to remove.

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Entity Removal & Clearing

Entity Removal and Clearing

What exactly is an “entity?”

Entities are energetic conglomerations vibrating at a level of negativity not optimal for human functionality. I also refer to them as critters, creepy crawlies, goobers, disincarnate spirits and invisible enemies. They can range from almost harmless to deadly. Some are simply misplaced or lost and are grateful to be sent home. Others have an agenda of negativity that requires more skill to remove. In the world of healing, ceremony and light work it is essential that you be well versed and prepared for these energies.

An entity appears to need a physical body to fulfill a sense of safety. Since its consciousness exists in separation from the Divine, its energy is of extreme terror and believes that inhabiting (and sometimes controlling) a human body is its only option for survival. As healers we give the entity another option: to find safety in its reunion with the unconditional love of the Divine Source from which we came and to return to the light of its infinite existence.

While the idea of being possessed or inhabited with an entity is scary. You need to  raise the vibration to a level of love, supporting its reunion with the Divine Source, its journey back home. If you go into anger or separation yourself as the healer, you will probably be its next home. Sometimes energies do not want to go to the Divine Source, but they will go back to the dimension from which they came.

I’ve found this issue of entities to be complex. It is easy to place too much emphasis on them and say, “My entity made me do it.” It is also easy to dismiss them entirely with the idea that you wont be affected. If you are a human being, there should be very few if any! You may be unaware of a wounding that can attract these astral energies.


Entities need energy to survive on the lower astral planes and human beings are a great source of denser energy, keeping them as grounded and embodied as possible. Since they have consciousness, they also have purpose and look for bodies to express that purpose. They are able to attach to them through holes in the auric field as well as vibrational resonance. Vibrational resonance means that there is an aspect of your conscious that is in alignment with the entity’s consciousness. Through the Law of Attraction, the entity can attach to you. So if you are vibrating a lot of fear or anger, you will be more vulnerable because this is generally what feeds them. They also love the light, if they secretly long to go home, but it is harder to attach because the vibration is too quick for them. However if you have a lot of light, and you also have significant woundings vibrating at a lower rate, you are a main course and desert. For those who are open psychically, or people who are using drugs and/or are or have been exposed to abuse, you are particularly vulnerable because your field could have this configuration, as well as have many holes. Entities can travel through lifetimes with you, so it’s a good idea to get checked at least once a lifetime.

How can you tell when you have been infiltrated? Sometimes that is tricky, and it is only over time that you are able to distinguish the change.

Common symptoms are:

•Unexplained, persistent anger
•Trouble sleeping
•Illness that does not get better
•Persistent fatigue
•Feelings of “not being yourself”
•Loss of motivation for your life goals- feeling like, “What’s the point?”
•Hearing voices, or seeing a recurring image of the energy

If you know someone who seems to be acting differently, not like themselves, more negative and you can no longer connect with them, it may be that they have been taken over by an entity. This is different from a walk in. A walk in is an agreement between two souls for the evolution of those two souls. Entity attachment, while it may serve your growth process, is not a “formal” agreement, but an unconscious agreement that can be easily reversed through healing, working your process and extraction.

Gossiping, back-stabbing, negatively projecting and victimizing are forms of psychic attack. You are sending energy conglomerations of attack to another, and you are also vibrating at a high level of negativity. Genuinely processing your anger, pain and shadow pieces with the intention of healing is not psychic attack. However it is important to do it in a safe container of healing.

There are a few vulnerable areas for attachment. One time, I accidentally took on an entity from a client after he had processed a great deal of anger. I was very tired with a sinus infection that day and hadn’t had enough time to properly set up protection for the room, nor was I looking for an entity. I’m sure my auric field was full of openings and it just jumped in, having nowhere else to go, when he unexpectedly released it. I experienced the entity entering my field as chills that ran through my body. These were not the fun, high vibrating chills, but the slower, lower ones- although they didn’t feel bad. It can be difficult to distinguish the difference, but there is one. I thought to myself, “Ooops.”

Over the next several days I became weaker and weaker. My anger levels began rising. Before I would fall asleep I could clearly see the image of the energy, which was an old wizard like being who was very angry at humanity. Sleep was restless and unsatisfying. By the time I got to my healer’s table, I was practically crawling I was so tired. This invisible enemy was literally sucking the life out of my third chakra, and would have inevitably led to a chronic fatigue illness. There was very little, if any vibrational resonance, and after getting released, I instantly began to feel better.

Entities can also attach into your nervous system through your spine, and linger there for years, activating themselves much like a virus when you are weak, or vibrating at their level. This is a real energy drain and creates anxiety. I always check the spine of a client to make sure he or she is all clear.

I have also found a lot of astral beings residing in the heart. Many times these little goobers are unconsciously called in to protect a broken heart and will only leave if they are assured that the person will be cared for properly. They have strong sense of purpose and, taking their job seriously and mean no harm, but they are not vibrating at a level of love, they are vibrating with fear. For optimal growth, these beings must be removed so the healing process can begin. If they won’t budge, it means the client must do some deeper healing work to be ready to let go of the protection.

Many well-known celebrities contract entities. Those who have been exposed to personal trauma, abuse and drugs, while having millions of people psychically attack them on a daily basis don’t really have a fighting chance. You can see that they are no longer themselves, massive soul pieces have left them and they are headed on a road to destruction with no sense of self to fall back on. Removing the critters wouldn’t be the only thing necessary to mend those wounds, but it would be a great start.



Anyone who uses drugs or alcohol will pick up entities when in a high, inebriated, drunken, stoned state of mind.  It even happens with the use of some medical sedatives such as Oxycontin and others, or even too many sedative herbs, possibly.  This is a serious problem for those who need drugs for pain, for example. It also makes places like bars and cocktail lounges quite dangerous for anyone to be in, as some entities hang around them, hoping to find someone to attach to.


This healing modality is used to release negative forces when it is threatening the fundamental foundation of the person. Any attachments or energies that are not in the best interest of the person are released, thus empowering the person to function more fully in all aspects of life.




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