Spirit Release & Spirit Possession

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Spirit Release & Spirit Possession

What is Spirit Possession?
Spirit possession is real and does exist.
It is a full or partial “assault” by a discarnate being on a living human.
The being acting out the assault or attack may not have ever experienced a physical life. If there was a human life experienced at some point by the being then the surviving consciousness is labelled as a earthbound spirit.

What Is A Spirit Attachment?
When one discussed the term Spirit Attachment, Spirit Possession or Entity Attachment they are referring to the same with a different label. The entity becomes what is known as a parasite. This parasite to the host causes disorders and illnesses that are biologically illogical for the host. Soul fragmentation is required for the recovery and healing of the Soul by recovering and healing the soul fragments / soul fragmentations. These fragments may be scattered within a specific timeline or vary time lines of the hosts / person life / life times.

Signs of Spirit Attachment
“I keep going to the doctor, they keep running tests for my shortness of breath. They keep telling me there is nothing wrong with me. Now I am referred to a psychiatrist to see why my mind has created this. I went and they found nothing wrong with me. I went onto medication and still feel like there is something wrong”.

The attachment of a spirit on a host can manifest it’s presence in various ways. It can dominate the host in various ways; it can have a subtle to complete dominating control over the host. It does not need permission by the host; it just does as it feels.

Common signs are:
Unexplained subtle change in physical, mental and or emotional behaviour.
Sudden unexplained or unexpected changes in behaviour.
Unjust emotional swings.
Sudden cravings – alcohol, illicit drugs, cigarettes, sex, self mutilation, aggressive and abusive sexual acts, pain or promiscuity. Especially if one does not normally use these substances or has these usual personality traits.
Hearing voices.
Sudden weight gain without any medical explanation, all organs functioning well, no emotional trauma.
Phobias and fears from low and frightening energy experienced.
Serious illness of unknown cause.
Sudden and prolonged loss of energy.
Memory and concentration issues.
Severe personality disorders.
Unexplained physical / mental or health issues.
Migraine headaches.
Panic or anxiety attacks.

Entities and Negative Energies
Most common types are Earthbound spirits and Negative Energy forces.

The spirit / soul is the survivor when your physical body dies. When death occurs the spirit from its fear and confusion about going into the light due to the death of its physical body stays on the earth plane. It then attaches itself to people or even places. They are unaware they have passed on / crossed over. Many spirits remain on the earth plane due to this.

A demonic possession / energy is identifying to an energy that has never occupied a physical body. It seeks to destroy or disrupt as that is their nature and character is to destroy and wage war.

Some schools of thought originate from the teachings that Lucifer or a fallen angel is the masters of negative energy. Energetic forces are simply energy that mankind labels them as good or bad. It is important to ask a spirit where they came from and how they came to be. There is a Universal law that states the truth will always be revealed, one needs to ask the right question. As an example depending on your religious beliefs, always ask the entity, “are you from the Divine Light?

How and when do they attach themselves?
Entities are like you they are consciousness. When they are at a low energetic point in their lives they will attach themselves to the living when that being is also at a low. These low energy points are when one experiences fear, anger, depression, foul moods, addictions (alcoholism or drug use even prescription) all these open the pathways, your energy and energy fields and energy points for attachment.

Earthbound spirits may attach themselves while the human is in a state or even an altered state or unconscious for any reason. Visiting a hospital, retirement home, funeral, funeral home or cemetery you are opening yourself up to “entertaining” and even inviting these opportunist energies into your energy field or specific levels of your aura.

When you are an organ donor you run the risk of an entity or energetic attachment being invited to that organ and it finds its way to the receiver of the organ. This can happen pre, on route or when the organ is waiting to be placed within the receiver.

If we are out of rhythm with our natural body it can be a magnet for negative energy placement as this allows the body to be open for attachment. When occult tools are utilised and one does not has the entire understanding of how these work you are simply setting yourself up for attachment, interference and influence, possession and obviously disaster.

Childhood abuse, rape, incest and any situation that creates fear will allow entity attachment. Once the entity gains entrance it is like a virus it further stimulates a deeper tear within the aura, this allows more entry by other energies; this will allow any negative entity to access the host or piggyback on the original attachment.

Spirit Release is a therapy spiritual in nature, allowing the host to be cleared of all internal and external attachments and entities of a negative kind. Once the therapy is conducted and the emotions that attracted the negativity are resolved the negativity can no longer enter or attempt to do so.

What Is Spirit Release Therapy?
Spirit Release Therapy dates back to antiquity. The majority of all cultures, religions and occult address the topic of discarnate of various being types influencing living people, causing various degrees of harm to their hosts.

Spirit Release Therapy is the process used to release attachments from living people, this is conducted through various means possible. Some require more work than others as there are various levels of Spirit Releasing. It is called a Depossession Process that can be done in person or from a distance. We also offer this as a proxy for the person / host when they are unable to come in for a session. This is possible as everything that exists is energy .

Spirit Release is a therapy practised and effective by psychotherapists, mental health professionals and even energy healers who have found it effective where other methods have failed. As man’s evolving and understanding of the enormous influence and power of their higher energy fields it is “authenticated” by various modern methods of scientific measurement, and as preventative medicine grows, the importance of clearing foreign psychic energies will be commonly accepted.

Various forms of physical or emotional upsets / stress can leave you vulnerable to these unwelcomed opportunist negative energies which attach at a subtle vibrational level and can then go onto influence your health, personality and even your behaviour. A Lost Soul has the possibility of bringing physical symptoms it experienced at the time of its death.

Tapping into a person’s energetic field requires much skill and best conducted by a well knowledgeable practitioner. It is this reason we offer this service as much skill, understanding, knowledge and wisdom is required when conducting and performing Spirit Release. One can also do a proxy as the parent of their child and permission from the Higher Self is required before the session begins.

We are highly trained in releasing these negative attachments which may have been preventing you from moving forward with your life. We transform lives as we set you free from their influences and control over you and your life. The entities are transformed so they are unable to return to you. Ask for help and assistance and reach out we are here for you.

Spirit Release is different to exorcism, it is non-confrontational and transformation is achieved through negotiation. We invoke the power of love so the entities on their path to evolution experience love and are guided to their ascension. From that state they are unable to go back to their old ways.

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Remote Spirit Releasement

Have you ever thought, “I’m not myself.”  “This is not me.”  Or a sudden physical condition that can’t be explained?  This could be an indication of Spirit Attachment.  Spirit Attachment, indicting an interference, on a physical or subconscious level, is a much more common occurrence than spirit possession.

Spirit Possession, Spirit Attachment or Entity Attachment are all one in the same.The entity becomes a parasite to the host causing illnesses and disorders that are not biologically logical for the host. Soul fragmentation occurs necessitating the recovery of the soul fragments and healing of the Soul.

Some researchers in the field estimate that between 70-100% of the population are affected by one or more attachments during their lifetime.  Attachments can be random, even accidental.  They can be benevolent in nature, wanting to serve a personal need, neutral, and even malevolent in nature.  Most attached entities fall into one of four different categories:  earthbound spirits of deceased humans, dark ones, extraterrestrials, and thought forms.

Entities attach to a living being when we are at a low energy point. Fear, depression, angst and foul moods, alcoholism or drug use ( yes even prescription drugs) open the door for attachment. An earthbound spirit may attach while the human is in a state of weakness or unconscious for any reason. When visiting a hospital, cemetery or funeral home you are opening yourself up to “entertaining” and inviting these energies into your aura.

Other ways of attracting unwanted energy is an organ transplant (the organ donors energy can follow the transplanted organ into the new body), a head injury, blood transfusion, drugs or excessive alcohol. When our bodies are out of “its natural rhythm” it can act a magnet for negative energy or energy discordant to its own and open a person for attachment.

Using occult tools that you don’t fully understand such as an Ojui Board, will invite these energies also. Childhood abuse, rape, incest, or any circumstance that promotes fear will allow entities to attach. Once an entity gains entry, a hole or tear is created in the aura which allows for more attachments to join either the host or “piggyback” on the original attachment.

Spirit Release Therapy is a spiritual healing used to clear a person of attachments and negative energies.

Spirit Release Therapy is the process used to release attachments from living people. This depossession process can be done in person or from a distance which is called remote clearing. Distance work is possible because everything that exists is energy. When we tap into the energy field of a person with an attachment, it is possible to discern their energy from the foreign energy.

Our work with Spirit Release Therapy is especially helpful for unusual and inexplicable physical, mental or spiritual conditions and unexplained changes in behaviour.

Remote Spirit Release is carried out on a psychic level at a distance from the client. Experience shows this avoids further traumas for the client but is most effective. All entities encountered are removed from the client and taken to their rightful place for onward spiritual development.

There are benefits for remote spirit releasement, in which the client doesn’t have to be actively participating in the work, therefore the client’s critical mind would not block the process. It is done through a surrogate, or a scanner to bring remote releasement and healing to a cllient. Some times it’s the family member helping out – in which case we always get the agreement from the higher self.

We are experienced at helping problems such as:

  • Anxiety, stress and mood swings that seem out of character
  • Concentration and memory problems which are not normal to the person
  • Multiple personalities, switching between various behaviour patterns
  • Depression, loss of energy for no apparent reason
  • Shock, bereavement and panic attacks which can leave one feeling vulnerable
  • Suicidal urges which happen suddenly and for no apparent reason
  • Substance / alcohol / food abuse / self harming
  • Phantom illnesses
  • Childhood abuse which cannot be forgotten/forgiven
  • After anaesthetic when one may be vulnerable to psychic attack
  • Non-responsive inflamatory or metabolic conditions that refuse to clear
  • Repetitious worrying nightmares that can cause sleeplessness/night terrors
  • Hearing voices, feelings of being watched
  • Sensing or seeing presences
  • Poltergeist activity, hauntings, demonic possession
  • Accidents happening to you or visitors to your home
  • Cold unwelcoming areas
  • Unexplained bad odours in the house, vermin or slime traces

EFFECTS: You can become ovewhelmed by troubles that are not of your own making. It may be that you are playing host to an intelligence that is not your own, or living in a place which is influenced by negative earth energies.

TREATMENT: We identify these energies and deal with them so that they can never return, then we bring in healing for you.

RESULT: You can be free at last from the limiting effects of these attachments and you can continue with your own life as you want to live it.

Remote Spirit Release healing can also be requested for another person in the same way, as long as you have their best interests at heart and it is always preferrable to ask their permission whenever possible. The report will be sent to the person requesting Spirit Release.

Property can also need clearing of negative energies and entities – we work on a psychic level going through the rooms and releasing any entities to the light or dealing with negative energy as appropriate.

Remote Spirit Releasement uses a very clear, rational and methodical approach.  With the channel placing themselves in an altered state, the facilitator guides the channel to connect with the client to conduct the scanning process. Research compiled has found that after a session, some people feel an immediate change in either their physical body or their thoughts.  Others may feel a change over the course of days or weeks.  Sometimes more than one session is required.

Remote spirit depossession can be done without the conscious knowledge of the individual on whom the work will be performed. If a parent is concerned about a minor child, they can give permission by proxy for the work to be done. Permission is always requested and must be granted from that person’s higher self before the session begins.

Remote Spirit Releasement is the work done through or with the presence of a surrogate for the client without the physical presence of the client. In Remote Work the surrogate either witnesses the client’s presence and healing process or becomes the client participating in this therapy at the subconscious and spirit level. Through this connection the surrogate has the experience of the client’s feelings, significant memory recalls, and inner experiences, spirit attachments and the healing and releasement processes.

Though clients or subjects usually have no conscious recall of the “remote” process, often they are aware of the differences in how they feel in themselves and the differences in how others in their life seem to be responding to them and with them. In a very classic case, one client repeated the very same words and phrases that she had expressed in the remote session through the surrogate three months prior. She had had no knowledge of the use of those phrases by her through the surrogate in that remote session.

Appropriate Applications of Remote Work This has been effectively used with young children, where vivid recall of “past lives” may otherwise have been too traumatic.

It has also been effectively used with clients of therapists where their client has seemed “stuck”. The effect has usually been an opening that easily facilitates further work between the therapist and client.

Our application of Remote Work has been successful in many other circumstances including those where the client/subject could not be physically present due to various factors and where phone work would not have been appropriate. We have seen Remote Work applied successfully in family dynamic situations where it has had a positive and significant healing outcome not only on the client/subject, but also on the whole of the family and their core relationships.

Other Surrogates: Sometimes a parent of a child or a volunteer may be a very appropriate surrogate for a subject/client in a remote session.

Number of Remote Sessions: Sometimes several sessions are required, depending upon the request and intention. Some cases only require one session for the client or observer to see significant changes.


This is a straightforward effective process similar to a remote spirit releasement. The clearing is done away from the physical location and through myself and a surrogate who goes to visit the place (in spirit)to see what and who is there. We clear any entities and energies that have been identified. This is through loving persuasion and the use of energy healing. We then have the energy of the place sealed against any further intrusions.

Working by Remote Spirit Release means that we not only deal with enquiries from the India but also from the rest of the world.

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Spirit Attachment & Releasement (Ghosts, Devils, Demons, Negative Energies)

What is a Spirit?

A spirit is a living person that has left its body. The body, as we all know, is the glove for the soul.

The soul is the real you.

When our time comes to leave this earth plane, we must leave the glove, the human vehicle behind; allowing the soul to be free and travel to its true home, which is Great Consciousness. Unfortunately, a minority of those that die don’t make the full journey home to Great Consciousness and become “earthbound”. Many reasons keep an earthbound on the earth plane; a mental attachment, a sudden death, wanting to be with loved ones, unfinished business or fear of the afterlife. Without its body, its human vehicle, the soul is just energy. Energy can only be seen by those who are second sighted, mediums or those whom the earthbound wants to be revealed to.

So, this earthbound has now left its earthly shell, the body. No one can see or communicate with it. So the earthbound may attach itself to a place or person. The place then gets haunted or a person gets a spirit attachment or possessed. So now we have a lost soul attached to a person or place, sometimes this earthbound can just be confused or, on the other hand, intentionally attached.

Please keep in mind that this is a spirit attachment and not a malevolent spirit but merely an earthbound.

What is a spirit attachment?

Spirit Releasement is a release of spirits, ghosts, discarnates, energy or whatever name you wish to call them. They do exist, and these energies can be found all around us. Spirits vibrate at a much high frequency compared to a normal human beings, which makes them only detectable by specialised equipment or highly sensitized people. For this reason, many of us will go about our daily lives without ever realizing they exist.

Spirits come in many shapes and forms, and it is not uncommon for a person to have what’s known as a spirit attachment, which can be found in the physical body, within the auric field of a person or places.

Most people who die transition from the Earth realm to higher realms. A spirit attachment is a person who has died ( leaving their physical body) but not moved beyond the earth plane. This can happen for several reasons: they missed the window available to return to the Light, they had a sudden, traumatic death and did not realize they died, or they had family members/loved ones clinging to them energetically, unable to accept their passing.

 As a result of missing the opportunity to move on, they remain here, and may attach to someone living. In certain cases, rather than attaching to a person, a spirit will choose to inhabit a location—a home or other building—where they feel comfortable.

 Spirits who attach to an individual—or their surroundings—affect that person emotionally, physically, and spiritually, as long as they stay with him or her ie;  they may experience nightmares, audible whispers at night etc. This can last an entire lifetime if they do not get  the right help. Luckily, any type of spirit attachment can be removed and sent where they need to go, for good.

 Why do spirits attach to the living?

Most common reason spirits attach is because they have the ability to do so, and often go undected. We are all energy. So are they. Most people can’t see spirits with the naked eye because spirits no longer have the density of a human body. As a result, they are able to come and go as they choose.

 These beings may feel lost without a physical body and decide to attach because coexisting with a live person gives them the chance to do human things again.  A spirit that had bad habits while living, takes them with them when they die, ie; smoking, drinking, swearing etc. While inhabiting a person—commnonly known as a possession—they can eat, drink, have sex, and feel all the normal physical pleasures and actions they felt before death. A person who drinks moderately may suddenly find themselves drinking noticably more if they attract a spirit who drank excessively.

 Karmic attachments almost always involve a personal connection with the person they attach to. The person who died often wants to even a score because they feel unresolved about a life changing incident that ocurred with the living person. As a result, they carry feelings of hurt, anger, revenge – enough resentment to attach to the individual they feel wronged them. This can be an experience from this or a former life.

 Spirits that are not karmic are attracted to individuals they feel a resonance with.  This can be a person who reminds them of someone they knew and liked. It can also be someone who shares similar emotional issues, such as depression and grief. Also, the dominant personality of the spirit does not change after it leaves the body. For example, if they were a person who lived a life of drama they will be attracted to someone with similar tendencies.

 Another common reason that entities to attach to the living is that they are in fear. They are concerned about suffering consequences from the way they lived their lives. This is especially true if they hold any regrets or shame about how they treated people, or actions they took while on the Earth-plane.

 Many fear leaving the familiar realm—the Earth‐plane—because what exists “out there” is unknown. Our society does not teach people how to prepare for when they transition (die). They may also be concerned that they will end up in “Hell,” as they learned it from their religion, parents, school.

 How do I know if a spirit is attached to me?

 A number of factors can indicate if a spirit has attached itself to you. You might become impulsive, or unexpectedly quick to anger and start doing things out of character. For example… are you drinking more heavily lately? Picking fights? Suddenly lethargic or depressed? Sudden personality or emotional changes might indicate a new attachment. If you are an individual who often seems to attract problems—or suffers from depression or other chronic symptoms—you may harbor a long-term spirit attachment.The following symptoms and issues may be caused or exacerbated when you or someone you know unwittingly attracts a spirit attachment or another type of negative entity:

    •  Physical Conditions:

 •  Excessive Grief
•  Irritability
•  Self-sabotaging behavior
•   Addictions
•  Impulsive/Aggressive behavior
•  Insomnia
•  Phobias
•  Panic attacks
•  Fear
•  Anxiety
•  Depression

Emotional Issues: Unexpalinable physical pain

 •   Fibromyalgia
•   Chronic neck and back pain
•   Sciatica
•   Thyroid condition
•   Digestive disorders: Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
•  Hormone imbalance
•  Heart disease

Many of Guruji’s clients hired other healers or shamans etc. who said they would get rid of spirit attachments and other types of entities, but did not succeed. When you come to Guruji—whether by phone, or in person—you can rest assured that he will remove any and all negative energy around you, for good.  Depending on the sitution and how bad the possession is, it may take more than one session. Guruji commits that what he clears does not come back. His record of success, outlined through case studies and client’s testimonials, speaks for itself.

Please note: Each new spirit attachment requires a separate clearing. 

Clearing Spirit Attachments

A negative Earth-bound spirit

This type of spirit around an individual can have a negative effect on that person and can cause or increase painful emotional and physical symptoms. Those individuals who have experienced a spirit attachment around them often describe the sensation as “feeling like they have a wet blanket or a dark cloud over them.”

When Guruji uses her ability to clear a negative spirit from a person, the result of this process is often described as a profound lifting of the sensation of a dark cloud, and a feeling of relief on many levels, both emotional and often physical.

Symptoms such as depression and anxiety, perpetual negative thoughts, and an ongoing feeling of hopelessness or being “stuck,” are a few examples of emotional symptoms that improve significantly through the clearing of one or more spirit attachments. Physical symptoms that are unexplained and un-diagnosed, yet causing pain and discomfort in the body, are also often caused or exacerbated by a spirit attachment.

 Chronic neck or back aches and pain, heaviness in the chest, headaches, and a low level of energy are some of the conditions that can be addressed  using this process.

 Children: Guruji’s long distance clearing of spirit attachments is especially helpful for young children who are experiencing nightmares, fear, anxiety and other symptoms that seem to have no explanation.

        Guruji also does negative energy clearing and clears homes, restaurants, and other buildings.

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spiritual interference

Ghost, Haunted House, Curse, Spirit Attachment & Releasement

Spirit Release

Many people believe in life after death and that the soul lives on. What most people may not realise is the degree to which our lives can be affected by spiritual interference.

When we die, we separate from the physical body and enter a transition into the spirit world. However sometimes for many reasons the spirit does not make this transition.

Most people who die transition from the Earth realm to higher realms. A spirit attachment is a person who has died i.e, leaving their physical body but not moved beyond the earth plane. This can happen for several reasons: they missed the window available to return to the Light, they had a sudden, traumatic death and did not realize they died, or they had family members/loved ones clinging to them energetically, unable to accept their passing.

As a result of missing the opportunity to move on, they remain here, and may attach to someone living. In certain cases, rather than attaching to a person, a spirit will choose to inhabit a location—a home or other building—where they feel comfortable.

Spirits who attach to an individual—or their surroundings—affect that person emotionally, physically, and spiritually, as long as they stay with him or her; they may experience nightmares, audible whispers at night etc. This can last an entire lifetime if they do not get the right help. Luckily, any type of spirit attachment can be removed and sent where they need to go, for good.

Have you ever had an uneasy feeling within a room, as though some unseen force was there? Have you ever sensed the presence of spirits or ghosts or felt you were not alone? Most of us have had these experiences at some stage in our lives and when this occurs within our homes we can often feel very troubled, even frightened. These events are not uncommon.

Cleansing your home and removing the non beneficial energies can help you in many ways move towards creating a more positive atmosphere. However, this very aspect of cleansing is all too often overlooked.

Spirit release is literally the separation of your energies or the buildings energies from the entity (spirit or negative energy) that has attached itself to them. Where possible the spirit can then be helped to move on to the light where they can receive help.

Freeing an earthbound spirit takes compassion and a calm nature. Spirits were living people at one time and they may be lonely or frightened by their experience. It is a real honour to do this work and the sense of relief you feel inside when they finally cross over cannot be put into words.

Spirit Attachments

Science has not yet proved the presence of spirit attachment. There is much evidence to suggest that these can and do exist and can have a strong influence on our lives.

Spirits may attach themselves to a building, the aura of a person or they may become internalised by taking up residence within an individual.

Sometimes a loved one will try and stay around to be with their family members and create a strong influence on the people this spirit once lived with.

Losing or aborting a baby during pregnancy may also produce a foetal attachment, which can in turn affect the emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing of a person.

Signs and Symptoms of Attachment

  • Feeling tired and depleted of energy
  • Suffering mood swings and/or impulsive behaviour
  • Unexplained bursts of anger, sadness or emotion
  • Hearing inner voices
  • A feeling of ‘this isn’t me’
  • Problems with addictions
  • Poor memory, concentration or confusion
  • Sudden anxiety or depression
  • Sudden onset of physical problems or pain with no obvious cause
  • Unexplained fears, phobias or panic attacks
  • Worrying or disturbing nightmares
  • Feelings of being watched, unexplained sensations or smells
  • Cold areas in your home, a sense of someone else in the room
  • A person who has not been the same since an accident, since losing a loved one, or since moving house

Types of Attachment

  • Earth bound spirits, ghosts and lost souls
  • Negative energy and psychic attack
  • Curses, cords and contracts
  • Past life attachments and ancestral patterns
  • Earth energies

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