Psychic Attacks & Evil Entities Effects On Aura Energy Field

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eathbound spirits

Psychic Attacks & Evil Entities Effects On Aura Energy Field

At certain times in our lives we all experience what is known as a ‘psychic attack’. This is usually when an entity interferes with our aura and negatively disrupts our energy field and if left unchecked it can escalate into severe mental, physical and emotional health problems.

An attack situation can usually arise at times in our lives when our psychic defences are low due to emotional upset, exhaustion, excessive alcohol & drug consumption and of course dabbling in the forces of the occult. Most psychic attacks or vibrational energy disruptions can be initiated from one of 5 possible sources.

  • Psychic vampires: Most aggressors of this type of attack are unaware they are doing it. This is when a negatively orientated person leaches your positive energy for their own personal use and deposits negative energy in its place.
  • Disembodied entity interference: Spirits of those who once had human form who attach to your aura and drain your energy. They have been known to implant their negative emotions upon you in the process.
  • A by-product of a physical disease: Mental, nervous, physical disorders can simulate attacks and can make you vulnerable to such attacks. Many so called psychic attacks are routed in physical problems along with hysteria, the symptoms are then exacerbated.
  • Partial recovery of memories of past incarnations and/or the disposition of sensitive people: In many locations there is often an unpleasant atmosphere generated by some powerful, painful sometimes violent emotion that has been experienced there at some point. Sensitive, high vibrational people pick up on this atmosphere or a past life may recognize an energy signature that’s familiar to them and the person then finds themselves under attack purely by the intense nature of the situation.
  • Non human interference by lower astral entities, thought-forms and elementals: These entities are soulless and have never taken human form so they do not possess the normal human emotions and motives that we do. They are seldom deliberately evil they are just non-ethical and profoundly disturbing to the human consciousness if the two paths cross.

A psychic attack can come in many forms, it can be where an entity or person uses their psychic abilities and energies to gain access to us and cause us harm.

We can also leave ourselves open to psychic attachment. This is where an entity or person actually attaches themselves to our aura. Sometimes this can lead to psychic penetration which is where the person or entities energies pass through our aura to cause us harm and energy loss.

Astral abuse is achieved in the astral realm when we leave our bodies and astral travel. It is here we can be abused but not in a physical sense. This can happen when we have let in a lower astral that has strong sexual thoughts and desires for the energies of an incarnated form. Maybe its a lower astral that has been unable to accept it no longer has a body.

These astrals often make you think your channelling the love of a high spiritual being when in reality its a manipulative lower astral masquerading as one.  This abuse can then turn into a psychic relationship between the person and the entity. Psychic relationships based on sexual energy and its abuse are very damaging and should not be persued. You become manipulated into thinking your sharing unconditional love from the high astral planes through an angel or archangel when in reality your persuing an abusive relationship. Just because the other party is not physical and you meet astrally does not mean it isn’t a real relationship. You wouldn’t put up with a physical relationship that was manipulative and abusive so why put up with a psychic one.

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Spirit Attachment & Possession, Ghosts, Devils, Demons

While most people are aware of what we call “ghosts” who “haunt” a physical location, not many know that spirits can also attach to a living person, which is known as spirit attachment.

Spirit attachment has been known about by mediums and psychics for a very long Spirit Attachmenttime but is only now coming into the limelight – mainly due to the increase in paranormal investigations. Spirit attachment is basically just what it says. A living person has the energy or spirit of a dead person/entity attached to them. Many are parasitic, some malevolent others are benign. There are also the few rare cases where it is alleged that spirits have attached to people who then are able to do things they had no talent for previously such as writing music, painting, drawing, writing poetry and so on. However, in most cases attachments range from being temporary and unpleasant to long-term and terrifying. There are also physical and mental health complications.

Why does spirit attachment happen?

There can be many reasons why a spirit attachment occurs but the most common reasons are given below:

  • Many earthbound spirits attach simply because they find comfort in re-living some of the physical aspects of life. Others are confused and don’t realise they are dead and want to get close to a living person. In this case they are often trying to contact the living for help. These attachments might be deliberate or happen without the spirit realising what it’s doing. In these cases the spirits don’t usually have any intention of harming the person they are attached to.
  • Other spirits and entities deliberately seek out the energy of living people. It’s not possible within the scope of this short article to go into the esoteric or spiritual theories on these spirits and entities. They are known by many names and basically they feed on the energy given off by people in the physical world. For spirits to do this, the easiest way is to take the huge resources of a living person and drain the energy away from them – very much like a parasite. Indeed many of these energy stealing manifestations are called psychic vampires. In addition, the most common type of spirit who is both determined and strong enough to latch on are usually malevolent. They not only want energy but enjoy creating havoc with their host and those around them.

Spirit attachments can be found in the aura, chakras, or in some part of the physical body. The topic of spirit attachment can be found throughout many cultures and religions going back to ancient times. Spirit Releasement is a more modern, compassionate method of what is called “exorcism”. However, there is a difference between “possession” and “spirit attachment”. Attachment is when the spirit or entity is attached to some part of your energy field. This is not possession like you see in films. Actual possession is considered to be rare and more severe, where the spirit has actually taken over the body and the person entirely.

The most common type of spirit attachment is an earthbound spirit. Most earthbound spirits are usually innocent and were looking for comfort at their time of death, and did not yet make it to the light.

The second most common type is a dark force entity attachment. This type of spirit will attach to a living person with the intention of creating misery, hopelessness, and fear, stealing the person’s light and draining their life force energy. The main goal of these spirits is to disempower humanity. These spirits are not normally the type you see in scary movies and are often able to transform into light during Spirit Releasement.

Who is most at risk?

There are a few people who would seem to be more at risk than others:

  • Paranormal investigators – there are a number of cases of investigators having a spirit either shadow them or actually attaching itself. The reason is that paranormal investigators are usually only called to very active locations. In these very haunted areas you can find all manner of different spirits – distressed, traumatised and negative. In addition, not every paranormal investigator will take precautions such as basic protection when entering a spiritually active area. There are numerous stories of very experienced paranormal researchers leaving a location, going home to bed and waking up to find a dark, malevolent mist hovering around them. They can also experience intense feelings of being watched and followed. In most cases this tends to fade after a few days, but others have not been so lucky as we shall see later.
  • Mediums/psychics – very experienced psychics are unlikely to be troubled by spiritual attachment. However, undeveloped or untrained psychics could well be at risk for a number of reasons. Firstly they may have psychic channels open permanently with no idea how to close them or carry out protection. Secondly, you can have young or latent psychics in particular who actually have no idea that they have this ability. Again they are prone to having channels open that can cause a spirit to enter.
  • Dabblers in the occult or spirit activities are people who have no great knowledge or training in esoteric or spiritual areas. They often make up rituals or ‘play games’ such as the ouija board and then find that they have opened a nasty can of worms that can’t be closed. The main reason they are at risk is again due to lack of knowledge, guidance and experience as well as failing to use some form of protection. For some reason the ouija board in particular may open doors to the nastier types of spirit.
  • People who have emotional or health issues can also be at risk for the simple reason that their natural energy protection is lowered. However, I feel that these people should only be at risk if they are in an active area and/or they are inexperienced psychics or dabblers.
  • People with a history of drug abuse in particular are at risk from spirit attachment. Drugs and excessive alcohol intake not only diminishes the body’s natural aura, but it’s believed they actually cause rips or gaps in this protective shield and in the psyche itself. Many esoteric scholars believe that drug or alcohol induced hallucinations may actually be spirits from the lower astral manifesting but this is open to debate.

Types of spirit or entity that may attach to a person

It seems that although earth-bound human spirits are the main offenders when it comes to attachment they are not the only form of spirit or force that does this. Firstly, there could be energies from perhaps the mind/sub-concious that are focused and externalised. Many famous occultists have actually achieved this using mental exercises and meditation. The resulting energy is known as a ‘tulpa’.

Earthbound spirits

Bascially these are human spirits who are either trapped or have chosen to stay close to the physical dimension – the reasons some do remain are numerous. Many are traumatised and distressed people. Others are malevolent and choose to stay around the earth plane seemingly enjoying the havoc and fear they cause. It’s not unknown for these negative spirits to pretend to be demonic and so on, when in fact they are not. However, they are still dangerous and it’s always wise to have protection before investigating a location that has these types of spirit.

Non human entities

Spirit energies that have not incarnated into the physical realm. Some seem to be benign. Many are strange and unknown but not necessarily negative. The most common forms or the frequent names given to non-human entities are ‘shadows’, ‘shadow people’ and ‘demons’.


These spiritual beings are often confused with other entities and are frequently and unfairly given a bad name. Basically an elemental is a spirit being that belongs to one of the four classic elements – fire, air, water or earth. Whereas human beings are complicated, the elementals are much more simplistic. Neither are they a spirit form such as a human in the afterlife. Their natural state is in spirit.

Unfortunately for them, elementals are frequently attracted to the human energy fields. In their original form, elementals are certainly not evil. However, they are often invoked in negative occult practices, where they are used, abused and then become distorted and warped. In addition, in places where people have committed extreme violence, abuse and evil thoughts, elementals who unwittingly absorb these energies can, through no fault of their own, become monstrous. It needs a very loving and caring cleansing to remove the elemental back to its natural form.

Many elementals unfortunately end up in the lower astral planes due to being corrupted by humans. So basically any positive ritual or prayer that is used to release a person from the elemental should also help this spiritual being as well. Many put forward the theory that murder and other evil acts carried out at the castle centuries ago, are responsible for this unfortunate elemental being trapped in its present state. It does appear to people and its often accompanied by a horrible stench. People also report intense feelings of being watched and strong impressions of dread or evil.

Some Symptoms of Spirit Attachment include:
– A sudden onset of hearing voices
– Feeling like someone is watching you
– Feeling extremely drained or fatigued
– Extreme and unusual level of anxiety and/or paranoia
– Feeling like you are “not yourself”
– Thoughts that don’t make sense or that you know are not yours
– Depression, anger, sadness that you don’t normally feel
– Sudden physical illness, nausea
– Sudden weight gain or weight loss
– Change in eating habits
– Relationship problems
– Difficulty concentrating or focusing, especially on spiritual practices
– Sudden cravings for certain things unusual for the individual
– Suicidal or homicidal thoughts, thoughts of hurting yourself or others

A spirit attachment can occur when there is a hole or tear in the person’s aura due to an emotionally or physically traumatic experience. Organ transplants have also been known to transfer the spirit of the donor to the recipient, resulting in attachment.

It is also very common for those who are extremely psychic who have not yet mastered their gift or learned proper protection methods, to experience an attachment. Being so open to the unseen world without protection is an easy way in for any type of spirit to enter the energy field and wreak havoc on the victim.

In most methods of Spirit Releasement, the client is walked through hypnosis or a guided meditation session to initiate a relaxed state. The therapist then determines the type of spirit, why it has attached, and negotiates with the spirit to get it go where it belongs. Once the spirit has agreed to leave and goes to its proper place, energy healing work can be used on the client to heal any tears in the energy field and ensure that a new spirit does not take its place.



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Psychic Attacks & Vampires |Black Magic & Spirits| Past Life

It’s important for all of us interested in spiritual development to include some  understanding of their subtle energy field or aura. The Aura is an electromagnetic energy field around each of us. It’s not visible to most people, but it is instinctively sensed or experienced by others.  Your aura is not a closed system, as they say, it is continuously exchanging energy with things around it – anything and everything unless you decide differently.
Would you stick your hand into filthy water and then touch your mouth?

  • Yet, everyday, all day long, I see people do the equivalent with their energy. Some people will co-mingle or allow others to suck their energy, (living or ‘dead’) with little or no restrictions as to who does so. It is up to you to decide what you want to exchange energy with. You absolutely can decide about this important boundary setting, whether or not you see energy, feel it,  or even believe totally that it exists!The aura is also called the “subtle energies.” These energies are felt, perceived or sensed by people in various ways:
  • as colors, (seen or somehow ‘felt’),
  • as textures (sticky, slick, hard, soft, etc.),
  • as temperatures, (cold, hot, warm, etc.).

Perhaps you sense something and have no word for it: a kind of perception or a “knowingness.” That is when the “inner sight” is used.

Whether or not you consciously sense it, everyone reacts to subtle energies. Your energy shifts and moves with mood changes, strong thoughts and interactions with other people, animals and plants, as well as crystals and minerals. The body language of someone who is not trained or conditioned  to hide their thoughts often mirrors a person’s energy field. When someone is trained to hide their body language, for example, a policeman, then it may not reflect their energy any more than it reflects their true feelings.

You live in this energy field your whole life – there is no way out of it! You even carry it with you when you leave your physical body – or parts of it, anyhow.  As I said, you can co-mingle or exchange it with all kinds of things: people, plants, crystal and minerals, Angels, ghosts, other kinds of spirits… etc.

When it comes to being aware of our subtle energy, and taking responsibility for what we do with it, most humans are at the stage they were at when infants, and first learning to walk and talk. They have very little, if any, self-control. They get upset or angry, they throw or spill energy onto others. The same is true for all strong emotions. Have you heard the expression, bubbling over with enthusiasm or happiness? That’s what your energy does when you have an intense emotion. Happy or sad, angry or sexually aroused, it spills  onto the people around them.

We are living in a gigantic “psychic soup” of impressions, gathered around us like layers of clothing. Our experiences are filtered through our subtle energies and then trickling into our consciousness. We also have countless “strings” or attachments leading to other places, times and individuals. Even strings to things that were of importance to us now – or perhaps once, long ago. How much of our energy is taken up with unwanted and no longer useful attachments? To become truly free of these attachments is to empower yourself and others. You grant them their freedom, thereby granting yourself freedom.

  • How many of you suffer from terrible headaches with no known cause? Or perhaps aches and pains that come and go for no reason?  Are Doctors unable to help you?   
  • Healers: Learn to protect yourself so that you do not pick up the energy of the person you are doing a healing sessions with!  This includes Reiki and any other form of energy work!
  • Do you leave a session or at the end of a day go home feeling week and shaky?
  • Do you have pain in the exact same areas that you were working on?
    Learn to clear your energy field and protect yourself from inappropriate energy exchanges.Sensitive people  often have strange symptoms that clear up when they learn to take care of their subtle energies.

    Illnesses (dis-ease) start in the energy field first.

    No, you probably can’t  ‘fix’ every single physical problem. But this will not hurt you and it will help you. Some things are going to “go wrong” no matter what. That’s another story… Meanwhile, it can’t hurt for you to take some responsibility for clearing and cleaning your own energy.

    Do you have a relationship that you are struggling with?
    Learn to clear your energy and cut the inappropriate ties. Allow them their freedom – and allow yourself that freedom.Detachment doesn’t mean that you don’t care,

    it means that you let go of your expectations of what something SHOULD be like. How that person should act, how things ought to be.

Outside spirit influences – ghosts, devils, demons, entities, etc. Some people have had a disturbing paranormal experience that “sours” them on or frightens them from exploring their psychic and spiritual nature.

Ouija boards and automatic writing are two of the most widely discussed danger zones for people are are being haunted or attacked by entities or ghosts.  Much of the information people wish to receive from these spirits starts out as information (or gossip!) about other people.  Using any kind of activity to spy on or pry into another person’s life or space is is unethical and against spiritual Law.

Just remember, Angels and Masters will not come through a Ouija board. A spirit may claim to be an Angel, but ask yourself, why would an Angel need to use a Oujia board?  The spirits that work through them are, at best, dead people.  They have only a little  more information than they did when they were alive. If your “Aunt Pearl” was controlling and meddling in life, what has happened to change her after she passed? There are always bored spirits hanging around willing to play with you… there are always nasty spirits hanging around willing to play with you, too… Be cautious and think before you start.

It is not necessary to be terrified of anything “unseen,” or to become superstitious, but you do need to be cautious and respectful.

Psychic Attack.  I get a lot of emails from people who feel they are under psychic attack. I usually direct them to this section of the site first, and then tell them to email me back with questions. Far fewer people email me back. Why is that? I think it’s because I ask people to consider their own part in any situation where they are ‘under attack.’
Does psychic attack exist? YES.
Can it be countered? YES.

Psychic attack can be as complex as someone cursing you- using black magic or something similar – or as subtle as living with a spouse or other family member who is angry with you a lot. Maybe you work with someone who doesn’t like you. There may be no outer show of what they feel, but you ‘know’ that something is going on. Psychic attack is anything that interferes with and invades your subtle energy field.

How does psychic attack happen? One of the most important things a person must understand about a psychic attack (and other disturbances, such as the headaches I mentioned)  is also one of the hardest for many to face.
Each of us bears a share of responsibility for the psychic attack we receive.

Simply put: if you are under an attack from someone or something, then there is an obvious reason for a situation to exist. In these cases, it is necessary for you to own your share of what is going on. When you do this, the energy behind the attack often reduces significantly.

It’s similar to a situation where two people are arguing. If one is willing to say they are sorry for hurting the others’ feelings, things will often calm down instead of escalate. When you admit you have some responsibility in a negative situation, it can often effect the outcome in a very healthy and positive way.

Anger towards a person leaves you open. If you are feeling attacked by someone, then you may also feel angry or resentful. If you are angry or resentful with someone, then admit it to yourself. There’s no shame to that – it just makes you human.  But is is also necessary to take steps to deal with your emotions.

Facing how you feel about a person or situation is not easy; it takes a lifelong commitment to self-mastery.  If you are willing to face how you feel and accept that this is where you are right now, then you can begin to move through it.  I didn’t say “like it,” I said accept it.  Changing how you feel begins with acceptance of yourself – and of the other person.

When there seems to be no logical reason why a person is angry with you or trying to harm you, then it is almost certainly coming from something that happened in a past life. This can be hard to understand, especially if you are in a great deal of distress. You feel victimized and picked on. Maybe this is true, for this moment in time, but if you begin to study past lives, the concept of victimization loses it’s meaning. Over many lifetimes, you have traded places as the “victim” and “victimizer” again and again.

Here is a simple example: There was a man who had a wonderful relationship with his wife. She was great at communicating and very open with him. The problem was her mother, who lives with them. The Mom was very angry and suspicious of the Husband. He felt like she hated him and no matter what he did, over time, there was no lessening of the problem.

Every time he was near the mother, he had headaches and felt ill. He talked to his wife about it and she believed him.  She had seen the problem for herself.  Both were unsure of what to do. They called me and told me their predicament. I suspected that there was an intense past life connection between the Mother and the Husband. She was psychically attacking him – sometimes unconsciously and sometimes on purpose.

At their request, we did a past life regression and a reading on the situation.  Putting it all together, we came up with this information:

In a previous incarnation, the Mother and the Husband had been involved in a love triangle with the Wife. The Husband had killed the Mother in that life. In another life, he had ruined her life by kidnapping her, raping her and selling her into slavery. In still another life, they had been warriors on opposite sides, who killed one other. I could mention many other lives, but I think you get the picture.

The Husband and Wife left the session with new understanding. They wanted to resolve this old Karma with the Mother. They tried to talk to the Mother about their experiences and some of the possibilities, but she was not open to it. In fact, the very idea of past lives offended her. She was very upset by the notion.  The only positive thing that they could point to from their ‘talk’ was that the Mother was very slightly open to the idea that they recognized that she felt like the Husband was the enemy.  Things did not noticeably improve around the house, however.

The next time I released the ties between all of them, leaving in place only the “ties of the highest love” – “what ever was appropriate, natural and correct at that time.”

Afterwards, the man “saw” the Mother come to stand in front of him, in his mind’s eye. He asked her high self what he could do to improve the situation.  He felt that she was telling him to ignore her when she acted nasty or condescending. Her high self asked him to forgive her. He decided to give it a try.

The couple felt that the technique was successful and they, at least, felt clearer and lighter.  They decided to do their best to accept the situation, “as-is.”  This was where the Mother was at, at that point in time.

The first thing that was apparent after they got home was the lack of something. The husband had no headache. Within the next few weeks, he quit getting headaches around the mother and felt much less irritation with her. They would have been very happy at that point, if this was the final result. But things got more interesting.

About a month later, the mother approached the man and reminded him of “that conversation they’d had about the past lives.”She said that she had been having some incredibly vivid dreams about the “lives” that the couple had mentioned. She said that she had never believed in anything like that, and still didn’t. However, the dreams were so real to her, that they opened up some possibilities. She had to admit that she had also treated him like he was the enemy. She realized that her behavior was not of  “hindu religion” so she vowed to try harder to get along.

Things did not get perfect in that house, but they did learn to be kind to one another an. There were fewer problems and they resolved fairly quickly. The three of them lived together, until the Mother’s death a few years later.

If a problem does stem from a past life, it is my experience that it will start to clear up fairly quickly when the life/lives are brought into the conscious mind. It is not at all necessary to believe that it is a past life. It is only necessary to look at the situation and relationship with the person, in terms of the information received.

Vampires. Yes, there are psychic vampires. On the physical plane, they are the people who leave you feeling drained, or with a headache after you leave them. Maybe they touch you a lot and it doesn’t feel nice.
Touch can facilitate the sharing – or stealing – of energy.
It can be difficult to protect yourself from someone who is constantly touching you to suck your energy or to poke at you.  It’s similar when someone gets very close to you, invading your personal space. That’s what it can be – an invasion.

We all know someone who is so lonely that they don’t want to let you off the phone, or to say goodbye. They are desperate to share energy with someone and if you won’t share willingly, then they may try and take it.

It’s not done out of meanness, it’s done out of survival. But it’s still an invasion. Ever buy something that you didn’t really want? Some sales people will surround you with their energy and soon you are agreeing with them. And it’s not just sales people who do this.

Intimate connections. When you have intimate sexual relations with someone, you have co-mingled your energy with them on a deep level. This can be a strong and positive connection – or not. Sharing energy at this level is something that gives another person an almost open door into your subtle energy. When you have intense fantasies about another person, you have also, likely interacted with their energy.  It can take many months to clear it out of your aura. You can and will also share entities and other energy formations. Be very cautious who you connect to in this way, as it’s not that simple to clear the energy, once you have co-mingled.

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Psychic Vampires – Encounters with Real Life Vampires

Have you ever met someone who drains you of energy? They may be well-meaning, but something about them leaves you weak and exhausted. Such people can drain all your energy simply by shaking your hand or talking to you. And they are everywhere! We mediums call them “psychic vampires.”

Psychic Vampires

Psychic vampires are people who do their damage by a telepathic draining of their victim’s auric energy, affixing themselves to it like a parasite. They are usually dominant, extrovert, and highly talkative. In extreme cases, they are very intense and sometimes slightly manic. In these individuals, fear is usually present in the background of their consciousness. You must learn to protect yourself from their negative influences.

If a psychic vampire becomes a close friend or a partner, the long-term effect can be very harmful. At first, neither of you will realize what is happening, but gradually you will become debilitated and have a lack of motivation and energy. People who are the victims of psychic draining usually have an emaciated physique, a pallid complexion, and an overall sense of weakness. They are often suggestible people and the complete opposite in many ways to those who display psychic vampirism.

Psychic vampirism is often present in people who have a degree of paranoia or repressed fear. This type of person may be stubborn and hold bigoted views. They like to win arguments. Never argue with this sort of person, as you will never win. They want an argument in order to prove to themselves that they are better than you are. It’s best to simply back away from this type of person, and even avoid eye contact. Speak to them in a soothing low voice and try to change the topic of conversation to something pleasant

Drained by a Vampire

The same draining can also happen when you met people who are overtly extrovert. Often the “life and soul of the party” is someone who drains the life from the partygoers! People who like to be the centre of attention may seek to drain the energy of everyone who is watching them. We see celebrities who love the adoration of their public, they often speak of how it gives them a “high” to have all this energy directed at them. The same can occur at political rallies, in theatres, public meetings, or even during a demonstration of mediumship in a Spiritualist Church. In these instances, the person who is the centre of attention can be uplifted, but without detriment to others. In a one-to-one situation, however, an entertaining person can also be a spiritually draining.

Insecurity can also cause a person to become a psychic vampire. Something may have happened to them in their past that gives them a fear of abandonment and an anxiety that the problems will reoccur. They may think that everyone drains their energy so their response is to compensate by taking the energy from others. These people may make you feel depressed or tired. They may engage in tedious conversation and come across as helpless and dependent on others.

It is advisable not to be drawn into trying to solve the perceived problems of this sort of person. They may actually enjoy thinking that they are the victim and may not necessarily be looking for a self-empowering solution to their behaviour problem. If their depression is clinical, they may need medical assistance. Sometimes these individuals live in constant fear of rejection and abandonment. You may give them some words of encouragement and optimism, but do not necessarily try to solve their problems.

A great many people adopt negative mental habits that prevent them from being a self-sufficient individual. These habits can be subliminal, but they still result in their becoming emotionally dependent on others. This type of personality, again, is likely to drain the energy from your aura. They strive to involve other people in their lives and make demands on them. Living from moment to moment, they have no structure in their lives or plans for the future. This type of individual may be prone to fantasy, have a deep sense of isolation, and resent self-dependent people. This may result in a muffled anger towards others which taints the energy they project. Helping this sort of a person can be problematic. They will be very creative in their ability to find reasons to reject your advice.


Where Real Vampires Lurk

Psychic vampires lurk in unexpected places and are sometimes successful people. People driven by the need for personal power may draw from the energy of the people around them. These people may have high-paying jobs, a good reputation, a perfect spouse and family, and look in perfect health, but they never really draw any real satisfaction from life. They often find it hard to engage intellectually or emotionally with other people and maintain a continual sense of urgency. Again, this type of person can quickly deplete your energy and it is best to avoid them if possible. If you are drawn to this type of person, you may find that their energy is increased at your expense.

It is best not to look these people in the eye. Not only are the eyes an important part of human communication, but yogis believe that energy is projected through them as well. Some people believe the left eye is the passive one so, if circumstances dictate that you meet the gaze of a person displaying psychic vampirism, it is better to look only at the left eye.

How to recognise Psychic Vampires

Psychic vampires will probably exhibit several of the following characteristics, the more of these behaviours, opinions, obsessions or characteristics they display the more likely it is that they are psychic vampires. If any of these traits feel uncomfortably close to home you may yourself be a psychic vampire without realising it. Having one or two of the traits that you do recognise does not make you a psychic vampire per se, but may indicate that you should look carefully at changing this particular unconscious behaviour if it is afflicted upon or affects another human being. Unfortunately psychic vampires generally do not or are not able to recognise or realise these traits within themselves. Remember, the psychic vampire does not have to have any occult connection whatsoever, it can be a person you meet in your mundane life, but as this article is specifically geared toward a Pagan audience, the traits are given from a more occult perspective. These main traits are:

1. An uncontrollable urge to dominate nature, it may speak boastfully about controlling the weather or that it has powerful elemental spirits under its control.

2. A self-righteous compulsion to help others offering healing and advice to the point that their victim will become hooked on the consultations or sessions. In a lot of cases the psychic vampire offers no real help at all, causing the victim to be entirely dependent upon the psychic vampire’s aid. If the victim decides to seek help elsewhere the psychic vampire will be quick to point out “all they have done” for the victim in the past.

3. Creating living and working environments that are fast-paced, somewhat secretive and chaotic in an attempt to throw other people off guard. Their lack of true communication allows the psychic vampire to manipulate all situations so that others are overtly overwhelmed and anxious when trying to live or work in these environments whilst the psychic vampire will appear to be particularly well organised and calm externally.

4. An obsession to achieve all of their personal desires (gain of money, powerful careers or social lives, sexual fulfilment, etc.) without considering the cost to anyone else—and in this oftentimes creates its own self-undoing. Often the psychic vampire forgets to consider all the consequences of its actions even on its own life, focusing only upon the quenching of its all-consuming desires. This inability to consider the consequences of its actions often lands the psychic vampire in places and situations that it had no idea would occur and when this happens, watch out, for its anger can be violent when finding itself in negative situations of their own making because it will take no responsibility for its actions and blame all responsibility on others. Often psychic vampires will take out their own misery, responsibility and blame on the weak, ill, or someone much younger (like children or young adults), unable to transfer these feelings of inadequacy onto anyone it deems to be as experienced or powerful as itself in any way.

5. An innate desire to control its personal and intimate relationships down to the last detail. There can be sexual dynamics in all its relationships (even relationships that are not sexual ones) that border on the sado-masochistic. “[S&M] provides sexual pleasure to dominate the partner completely, to play with him [or her] like a cat with a mouse”—Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig. This is not to say that people that enjoy sexual play like S&M are psychic vampires, but this trait may be apparent in a psychic vampire if it is found in combination with several of the other traits.

6. Severe outbursts of anger or rage or violence in the face of insignificant or mundane annoyances. When the psychic vampire needs to feed it will explode all small or petty problems into traumas of major proportion. This instantly transforms the psychic vampire from the nice, serene person you thought you knew into an angry, venomous volcano that you’ve never met before.

7. A fear of change (death) or rather an undeniably overwhelming fear of being unable to manipulate and control all the details of any change in their lives, either major or mundane. Because the actual fear is the inability to control the “deaths” in its life, they may embrace a romantic preoccupation with art, literature and popular entertainments that involve death as the major theme and may even dress or costume itself in this romantically dark style, sometimes termed as Gothic. (This is not to say that all psychic vampires dress as Goths or that all Goths are psychic vampires and should not be taken as such.) Many psychic vampires may even occasionally, subtly allude to failed suicide attempts or close brushes with death. The preoccupation with death can be what has led it to a resistance to life. “Life is a dynamic, pulsating force; it is energy and consciousness manifested in many ways; and there is no evil as such unless there is a resistance to life. The resistance is the manifestation of what is called evil”—John C. Pierrakos.

8. A lack of a sense of humour or the inability to tell jokes. The psychic vampire may be able to make jokes at others’ expense but will either not acknowledge a joke at itself or will become quite angry if one is made of it.

9. Projecting its feelings of being bad, ashamed, or even actually evil upon another person or group of individuals. They may appear to be “perfect” or meticulous in their actions, manners, and physical appearance and above reproach in all of their activities whilst subconsciously suspecting that they have an evil nature. This causes the psychic vampire to project its fear-driven subconscious wrath onto another. If this is the case you may hear the psychic vampire say things like:

o “I am totally innocent and justified in my actions whilst THEY are guilty and bad and wrong in everything that THEY do.”

o “I simply inform others of the truth and THEY lie and use propaganda.”

o “I am only defending myself, THEY are making my life continually a misery.”

There is no conclusive physical description of the psychic vampire because anyone can be one (whether they know they are or not). If you found yourself thinking that some of these above traits seem very familiar to you, then turn around and look for the psychic vampire among your circle of associates for they may be close by…or if these traits hit even closer to home, then perhaps you should go and look into a mirror to see if you can find the reflection of the psychic vampire looking back at you. For unlike the fictional blood vampire, the psychic vampire can see their reflection in a mirror, if only they’d look hard enough.


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Are you under Psychic Attack, Negative Energies, Curses?

Are you a victim of Psychic attack?

Are you having trouble manifesting your goals? Are you physically and emotionally depleted? Do you suddenly look less attractive than you used to? Are you unable to bounce back from a failed relationship or a disappointment? Have you lost faith in yourself? You talents? Are you unable to let go of a person or situation? Are you attracting challenging synchronicities?

If out of the blue and without cause you feel anxious, depressed, angry or otherwise out of sorts you may be under psychic attack. If you begin making mistakes or having situations and relationships in your life go wrong without reason, you may be under psychic attack and there are actions you can take right now to re-claim your life

People talk about psychic attack without much information about what it is. To understand psychic attack it is important to be aware of the way that people communicate non-locally or at a distance. Most people have experienced knowing that a loved one far away needed them without being informed in a traditional way or calling a loved one at the exact same moment that that person called you. That is an instance of non-local communication.

The person attacking you may not even be conscious that they are doing so. Because of the nature of telepathy (mind to mind communication) someone who is consistently directing his or her negative emotion at you is unconsciously attacking you. Your mind cannot differentiate between the feelings you are being “sent” and your healthy feelings about yourself and the world. Additionally, living with someone who is in the grip of toxic emotion can transmit that emotion to you. We are sponges, especially with those with whom we have or have had a close emotional bond.

We as human beings thrive by allowing our strengths to support our weaknesses. Psychic attack works by illuminating your weaknesses so that in essence you attack yourself emotionally, spiritually and by your behavior in the world. Psychic self-defense protects you and can even strengthen you by reversing this process. The key to psychic self-defense is to be scrupulous about releasing toxic thoughts, habits, energy, emotion and thoughts by redirecting your attention to the positives in your life and keeping maintaining healthy routines. Psychic attack works by getting into the “cracks” in your life, sense of self and routine.

It is almost impossible to explain to another person what it feels like to be the target of a psychic attack. Mainly due to the fact that one is rarely able to effectively articulate the experience in a satisfactory manner – both conceptually and cognitively – even to oneself, let alone to anyone else whom you may wish to confide in, as you attempt to describe to another person your traumatised and tormented state of being while one is undergoing the horrors of a psychic attack. How does one even begin to explain that you feel as if an invisible vampire is draining the very life force out of you? However, when one is under psychic attack, it is an experience to be endured unlike any other after the battle has ended, and it is very much a real battle in the most brutal sense of the word.

The vast majority of people in today’s world who are under psychic attack often have no idea that they are being attacked in this manner to begin with. They simply just can’t believe, nor can they even fully comprehend what is happening to them and why. Sometimes, they may indeed be aware of the source of the attack – a malicious individual or group – but yet still fail to understand how they are being energetically assaulted to the very core of their psyche, including every biological process within their physiology being ruthlessly corrupted and sabotaged.

During most cases of psychic attack, the majority of people being affected by the experience simply haven’t the faintest idea what is being done to them, let alone by whom. Add to this that they are often oblivious to the reasons as to why they are under psychic attack in the first place. This is why I have come to believe that conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – which are often dismissed as nonsense or hypochondria by doctors and scientists – may well be caused by a psychic attack on the patient who is seeking help for their symptoms, and rather than dismiss these people as deluded or attention-seeking, medical and mental health professionals should come to see it as a cry for help from a person who is being brutally victimised.

Many people who are undergoing psychic attacks come to believe that they are suffering from some form of elevated anxiety caused by an unknown trigger or event. In some cases, these people will seek out professional help from doctors, therapists and counsellors, but often to no avail. If they are then referred onto a psychiatrist for further evaluation, the unfortunate outcome is often being drugged with powerful  medications in an attempt to ease the sensation of their overwhelming vitality suffocation, along with a sensation of energy-zapping disconnection from oneself as a result of undefined trauma the target is experiencing.

Still, even with medication, and coupled with some form of clichéd psychoanalysis, the sensations and the torment prevail and persist. The reason for this is that the psychic attack is coming from a location outside of oneself. Therefore, the root of the issue cannot be addressed within one’s own psychology, neurology or physiology alone.

A good magician knows well that the most effective form of defence is to get out of the way of the rival magician’s wand. You cannot defend yourself against a concentrated and powerful force of malicious and precisely targeted energy if you are still being hit due to the fact that you are still in the line of fire.

Put simply, you have to run away and hide. As unglamorous and unheroic as this may seem, if you want to live, you have to retreat and go undercover. Honour, pride and infantile notions of revenge must go out the window when one is under psychic attack.

A purely psychoanalytical, medical, or even a spiritual solution when dealing with a psychic attack by the target attempting to project or deflect the attack back to the source would be akin to a castle being under siege by a large catapult or trebuchet defending itself from bombardment by throwing a party or celebrating mass.

Sending a friend or co-worker to confront the psychic attacker – or, worse still, for the target to engage in a virtual Internet confrontation (where the majority of psychic attacks now originate from) with the attacker – will only end in complete disaster, as the person under attack has neither the emotional or cognitive strength to do such a thing.

The psychic attacker  through either ridicule, clandestine accusation of your own mental instability/paranoia, or patronising condescension – will make the psychic attack much worse for you if you dare to try and play at their game.

However, there is a means to an end. A person who has been through the horrors of a psychic attack needs to purge the implanted demons which the experience has gestated within their unseen poles of cognitive awareness. The first part of the consciousness insurgency campaign towards eventual liberation begins deep inside the subconscious.

As Carl Jung – who spoke from first-hand experience, having himself been subjected to a massive psychic attack from Sigmund Freud and his quislings within the vanguards of Freudian Orthodoxy – tells us: ‘Isolation by a secret results as a rule in an animation of the psychic atmosphere, as a substitute for loss and contact with other people. It causes an activation of the unconscious, and this produces something similar to the illusions and hallucinations that beset lonely wanderers in the desert, seafarers, and saints… As a substitute for the normal animation of the environment, an illusory reality rises up in which weird ghostly shadows flit about in place of people.’

At first, the reader can be forgiven for believing that this delusional state during isolation will only compound the overall trauma of the psychic attack. In reality, there are powerful emotional and creative forces at work which are realigning and reordering themselves within your own psyche and are attempting to develop an ‘escape plan’, if you will. A psychic attack is such an overwhelming and powerful bombardment of the targeted person, that any notion of a quick fix resolution of the matter has to be dismissed as soon as one is aware of the situation.

One is born alone, one dies alone, and take it as fact that one goes through a psychic attack alone, and therefore survival is likewise a solitary process. A hermit’s journey, which when completed, will unleash torrents of creativity and inner strength you never knew you had. One undergoing a psychic attack does not charge into the heat of battle; they desert the battlefield altogether, and wander into the wilderness to become a hermit. For a while…


Psychic attack is simply negative energy that someone sends with the conscious or unconscious intention to inflict harm upon you, your life or your family. Harm can be launched towards your emotional, physical, spiritual or mental state. Those negative energies can be projected in the form of thought, based mainly upon jealousy toward you. It can also happen for many reasons other than jealousy.


Inability to get a good night’s rest. Constant waking in the middle of the night with a sense of dread and panic for no concrete reason. Disturbing and very surreal nightmares . Night terrors and occasional sleep paralysis, sometimes involving seeing shadow people or dark figures in the bedroom. Night sweats, even in cold weather have been very commonly reported.

‘Brain Fog’, which swiftly replaces a once dynamic or creative mind. This is often the most worrying experience for people under attack, as it begins the chain reaction of self-doubt, whereby the person under attack begins feeling as if they have become a stranger even to themselves. Forgetfulness and other concentration issues which often cause work and social problems and in some cases can lead to the target socially isolating themselves, as they feel like they would only let everyone around them down by being in their company. This is precisely what the workplace psychic attacker is attempting to achieve.

This is usually brought about by the two previous indicators, and is spawned out of the social anxiety the person under psychic attack begins to experience. Crazy rationalisations begin to manifest in which the person under attack comes to believe they smell badly, or are being somehow socially offensive to their friends, workmates and even complete strangers. Mood swings then begin to set in as the neuro-chemical fluctuations in the brain attempt to compensate for the cognitive overall deterioration.

A once out-going personality is soon replaced by a morose and insecure self-loathing and melancholic individual. This can be especially devastating for creative people, as their raison d’être has been taken from them. Artistic and creative people are more often than not – along with attractive women – the most common targets of psychic attacks. How often have we seen the tormented artist fall apart following a creative block, or the stunningly beautiful woman walking down the street or sitting on a train with the most miserable, tormented and lifeless facial expression on their face as they go deeper into their own thoughts?

Lying in bed with migraines and muscle pains such as myalgia which arrived out of nowhere and showing no sign of going away, with only the intensity or the frequency fluctuating within a narrow bandwidth. Loss of sexual activity. Skin rashes. Allergies, Irritable bowel. Onset of poor eyesight.

Perhaps the definitive indicator of being under psychic attack and one which is unlike anything else a person can possibly experience outside a psychic attack. You have the sensation of feeling as if your physical body is made up of iron filings and a giant magnet has been placed next to you (often at the soles of the feet or next to your solar plexus) and you feel like the very life essence that is you is being harvested by some unseen magnetic vampire.

It is as if your soul is the meat that some invisible predator is gorging upon. You have the sensation of dying and it may overcome you in the middle of the afternoon at work, or sitting at home watching TV. When you experience this sensation, this is the warning sign that the psychic attack is upon you and is in effect. It matters not if you are aware that you are under psychic attack, or whether you are oblivious to it at the time, only to find out later.

It matters not the particulars, nor should one begin to contemplate or over-analyse the situation; now is the time to put up the barricades and get ready for the fight of your life.

If the cause of the experience is properly understood (not necessarily the specific identity of the source of the malevolent incursion) as that of being a psychic attack, and then from this realisation, the defence of one’s psychic space begins in earnest, then there is every chance that you could actually die from the experience. Or, at the very least, your quality of life will be completely destroyed. One’s continuing ignorance or denial of the nature of the psychic attack only creates a sense of defeatism and despondency coupled with near paralysing levels of fatigue, poor health and lethargy which will never be overcome until the target understands the seriousness of, and the very real deadly nature of the situation.

The most common word in your vocabulary will soon become “why?” and you’ll keep asking yourself “why?” over and over again, but it will be a futile cry in the dark regardless of how many times you ask this question. There may never been an answer to this question, and more importantly, you are in no state to seek a complex understanding as to why this individual or group has sought to destroy you and wipe you off the face of the planet. In some cases, this question – “why?” – becomes the last word ever uttered by the target if they keep asking it over and over again.

Does a solider defending a position from an attacking force seek to have a heart-to-heart discourse with the troops from the other side who are charging towards his position with their guns blazing? The same rule applies when defending oneself against a psychic attack. You’ll have all the time in the world to contemplate, theorise and analyse as to ‘why’ you were being attacked in the first place, once you have survived and are safe again. For the sake of inclusion in this article, and also assuming that you are reading this article because you are either currently undergoing, or have been the target of a psychic attacker, let me answer this question for you…

A psychic attack is generally a pure stream of malicious energy directed at a person for any number of reasons. These reasons can be anything from social, creative or economic envy, and on towards resentment of another person’s popularity, beauty, desirability to the opposite sex, often coupled with their personal and career success. Sometimes it is completely irrational, and the attacker is caught up in the throes of a psychotic witch hunt, generally undertaken out of projecting their own faults onto that of the target, or even old-fashioned peer pressure being the motivating factor. Most times, it is a very personal, vicious and deliberate psychic assault.

The primary cause of all psychic attacks is jealousy. Jealousy is one of the most powerful forms of dark energy on this planet, and easily one of the most dangerous for humans. Most people at some point in their lives have experienced their own states of envy and begrudgery towards another person’s easy ride in life when compared to that of their own. However, the sizeable percentage of humans who are capable of extreme states of deep-rooted jealousy towards another human being – the majority demographic being women being envious of other women – cannot be underestimated, nor should we dismiss the psychic and very real social danger these humans are capable of doing to, in most cases, a perfectly innocent person who did them no harm whatsoever.

As authors such as Dion Fortune have pointed out, our ancestors generally burnt these malevolent individuals at the stake due to the destruction they were capable of within a small localised community. The majority of female (and some male) ‘witches’ burnt at the stake – outside that of religious and ethnic sectarianism – were generally not wise sages who had the secret knowledge of herbal medicine, but rather, the local harridans and loudmouths causing chaos within the community through malicious gossip, slander and, in some cases, psychic attacks as a result of jealousy of their neighbours.

When these highly pathologically-driven individuals engage in a deep and visceral jealousy towards another person, the sheer force created by their maliciousness is a powerfully pure stream of destructive energy, which even the most powerful and experienced black magician would find hard to achieve. When this force is then further coupled with sexual frustration and insecurities, we are talking about a form of psychic plutonium being processed into uranium and then transformed into a weapon of personally directed destruction.

In fact, these kinds of deeply resentful people who are capable of this psychically weaponised jealousy are basically what is known as instinctual black magicians. In most cases, they do eventually destroy themselves in time, as their ignorance of what they are doing backfires precisely upon them. This powerful force of weaponised jealousy is highly unstable, as it is ferocious in the hands of an idiot; which is what most of these deeply jealous pathological types tend to be: dangerous idiots.

Which brings us to another source of psychic attacks: black magic and occultism. It matters not if the reader of this article finds the idea of black magic to be absurd and nonsensical. Like the troops inside the castle being bombarded by the trebuchet, having previously not witnessed or experienced the effects of a trebuchet hurling massive boulders at colossal speed and great distances which come crashing down upon them, ignorance is no excuse. Black magic, like all the occult arts, is very real, regardless of whether people want to believe they are or not.

They are certainly real to the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and in your community who practice, or have been victims of the ritualistic black arts. Did the Son of Sam serial killings which took place in New York City during the 1970’s not actually occur because David Berkowitz was the member of a murderous dark cult performing rituals in a park just north of the Bronx? Rituals of animal sacrifice and invoking demons which in time caused a city of ten million souls to live in fear and panic? Tell the victims of David Berkowitz and their surviving family members that black magic isn’t real.

The most commonly accepted definition of the term ‘magic’ is: ‘the application of Science and Art in conformity with Will in order to create Change within the material world’. Hexes, spells, incantations, sigils, animal and human sacrifices and other trappings of the dark sorcerer’s trade are purely optional. As British occultist Francis (X) King so eloquently stated on the subject of magic in general; ‘The motivating power, then, in all magical operations, is the trained Will of the magician. All the adjuncts of Ceremonial Magic – lights, colours, circles, triangles, perfumes – are merely aids to concentrating the Will of the magician into a blazing stream of pure energy.’

So therefore, everything from propaganda to smear campaigns can be considered forms of black magic. The menacing figure in a hooded black robe standing in the centre of a pentagram surrounded by a circle, or the teenagers in a cemetery at night invoking the power of their ‘satanic majesty’ are not the be-all and end-all of dark occult sorcery. It all depends on the Will of the dark magician and how effectively and easily their concentration can be harnessed and directed.

However, and on a more sobering note, it is important to consider that black magic often achieves powerful results much more quickly and with less effort than ‘white’ magic in the hands of a skilled and adept individual or coven. These are the psychic attackers who will arrive as charming gentlemen bearing gifts and compliments, while the monster’s real intention – underneath the delightful and polite surface – has been harnessed and camouflaged below a genteel and often debonair demeanour.

Think of the fictional residents of the Dakota Building in New York in the Roman Polanski movie Rosemary’s Baby. They arrived as compassionate and caring neighbours, while Rosemary unknowingly undergoes an incremental and appalling psychic attack at the hands of what was, in actuality, a Satanic coven in cahoots with her psychopathically ambitious ‘perfect’ husband who was working with the coven to advance his acting career. In fact, the deterioration of the character Rosemary in the movie, as played by Mia Farrow, is an excellent cinematic portrayal of a person undergoing psychic attack. That is precisely how the experience appears to a concerned friend or family member looking on.

Coming from a somewhat more prosaic aspect, we have to contend that in this day and age that someone could be using black magic upon us is a real possibility (however unlikely). Access to occult knowledge and materials from the 1960’s onwards, including the growth of cults and covens, has created a situation whereby we have to come to terms with the fact that anyone wishing to become skilled in the use of black magic can develop this pathological occultism, courtesy of the endless tools and resources at their disposal. The irony being that in this, the age of the Internet, we are more likely to encounter a skilled occultist than our far off distance ancestors in the Middle Ages may have fallen foul of.

Often we are very surprised – and not in a pleasant way by any means – to discover that a co-worker, social club member, church group associate, love rival, difficult neighbour or even a member of our own family is a secret adept of the black arts and you may well be the one in the path of their carefully directed ‘blazing stream of pure (malicious) energy’. However, one is not commonly going to be a target of a black magician unless you have something they really want, or you have offended them somehow, or have threatened to expose their activities to the general public.

Part of the ritual is always to announce their intention first. So, no matter how subtle the warning, you had better take heed of it and do not try to play the hero.

The primary initial indicator that you are being psychically attack by a black occultist is that you have a constant sensation that you are being watched all the time. This feeling is ever-present, as in some cases, the magician – as incredible as this sounds – has created a Tulpa, which is a seemingly living thought form which can appear as an animal, often a bird, or even a black, sometimes human shape, in the corner of one’s eyes or a floating and swirling dark mist above the target’s bed at night. The term ‘Tulpa’ is a derived from a Sanskrit term meaning ‘constructed phantom’, which has been created by means of intense spiritual and psychic concentration which is an illusion and cannot do any harm to the target, apart from causing psychological torment.

The purpose of the Tulpa is to try and intensify the target’s anguish and fears further by compounding the intensity of the psychic attack. The legendary ‘Foo Fighters’ – balls of light which harassed Allied aircraft during the later days of the Second World War may well have been Tulpas created by the many occultists operating within the Third Reich, or even by the sheer desperation of the population of Berlin and their almost messianic belief that a ‘Wonder Weapon’ would be unleashed to save Germany from defeat at the last moment.

Some occultists and researchers also believe that a very powerful black magician can harness a demon or djinn (Islamic non-human form of consciousness) and use these plasma entities to attack a person from a place outside of human perception and senses. Certainly, in the Islamic world, the concept of the djinn is still taken very seriously indeed, even among educated people. For this level of psychic attack to take place, it is entirely dependent on the black magician to have a lock of the target’s hair, the sexual energy of the target, or to have left an object with the target that the entity uses as a kind of homing device to locate the target. Generally, this can be a gift, such as a piece of jewellery which had been previously ‘charged’ by the black occultist with the specific purpose of an entity under their control to locate the object and torment the target.

If you suspect this to be the case, throw the object into the sea or lake. It is said that this causes the entity looking for the object to remain at the bottom of the ocean where the black magician cannot retrieve it for use on another person. This is also why our Viking, Gaelic and Anglo-Saxon ancestors threw objects that they believed to be ‘cursed’ – such as swords and coins – into rivers, lakes and the sea. The deeper the body of water, the safer everyone is.

This was the message of and inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien’s character of the hobbit named Sméagol accidentally discovering the One Ring which was created by Sauron the Dark Lord, and which could be used to psychically attack and corrupt anyone who possessed it.

The majority of people who engage in psychic attacks are – to put it crudely – jealous and uncultured morons (or people of highly limited world views), and in the vast majority of psychic attack cases, this is what one will be dealing with. Humans beings – at this stage in our cultural, social and evolutionary development – appear to be far more capable of achieving intense levels of hatred much more quickly than we are of intense levels of compassion and understanding.

Putting a curse (psychic attack) upon another person – unknowingly or knowingly – is far easier than accepting that they might be more beautiful, skilled, dynamic and likeable than the psychic attacker happens to be, represents a percentage of the population greater than most people are willing to accept. These same type of people are the individuals who – in all probability – are putting you, or have placed you under a psychic attack, or have the potential to do so. One is no more safer from a psychic attack in a small town or rural community than one would be in large town or city.

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