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black magic voodoo spells

Dolls use in black magic, Voodoo, Spell | Needle, Pin |Dubai

Although we have entered in a modern era, in a mechanical and technical world, but still we can not neglect the ancient things and remedies. Black magic is a world known spiritual knowledge, everybody know it that by using black magic properly one can do everything according to his wishes or desires, he can control any desired person using black magic spells.
Black magic works absolutely, but it matters who is performing the black magic or chanting the black magic spells. Because to perform a successful black magic tasks, there are must to achieve many siddhis in tantrik and occult science.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the ancient practice of Voodoo. Voodoo is actually a religious practice but it also has extensive use of magic. Many believe that through Voodoo you can hurt the people surrounding you and you can actually get them under your influence.

Voodoo is a religion which also incorporates practicing magic, in voodoo magic is casted using different tools and ingredients. Since most of the voodoo spells casted would require performing a ritual before the magic could be casted hence many practioners uses voodoo dolls to perform the magic.

When casting a magic a voodoo priest or priestess will use a voodoo doll, some black mustard seeds, red cloth and some pins along with lemons and vermilion, this voodoo doll is first prepared by attaching a picture, photo or used piece of cloth or hair from the body of the person who needs to be represented, then the rituals are performed using the other items as stated above, at the end of the ritual, some pins are inflicted on the body of the doll so as to inflict the pins on the person’s body and make the spell come to an active state.

It is also found that magic performed using voodoo dolls can inflict pain or even harm a person whom the doll is depicting.

The magic is performed in Voodoo culture mainly through the use of Magic Dolls. It is believed that through these dolls, a practitioner can give the other person pain and can even kill the victim.

The one one who performs black magic needs a doll to be made out of fabric / wood and then performs spells in order to take control of the victim.

There are a number of requirements to perform a Voodoo doll magic. The doll should be made of fabric and it should resemble a proper human. There is also a need to attach a part of the victim to the doll. For example, a lock of hair or skin. The spells need to be performed in an exact manner otherwise it is believed that they could backfire.

Once the doll and the victim are connected, needles are pushed in the doll at specific points to break the energy system of the victim. As the pins are pushed into the doll the victim feels as if a needle is being pierced into his body. The victim can be sitting thousands of miles away and will experience the attacks instantaneously. If the victim is made to eat or drink food and / or water that consists the ash of the dead, also called as Masaan, infused with negatively charged energy by the black magician, the effects are life threatening and gives unlimited control over the victims mind and body.

There are many types of pins that are used in Voodoo magic. The use of each pin is done for separate activity and each has a color which carries a different meaning.

Seven Voodoo Pins And Their Energies:

  • Red – Power
  • Black – Negative; it can be used to dispel negative energy or to summon it.
  • White – Positive, purification or healing.
  • Blue – Love and peace.
  • Green – Growth, wealth, money and fertility
  • Yellow – Success and confidence
  • Purple – Spirituality

These seven colors are also found on pins and needles. They are stuck into the doll to emphasize the intention.

In many extreme cases, Voodoo dolls can be used to hurt one person. It is believed that when certain spells are performed on the doll then it can resemble the victim. The doll is then pierced with needles. The actual victim feels the same needles and the effects can be devastating. The part of the person which is pierced with needles can be paralyzed. Worst is the twisting of the doll which is said that it could result in the death of the victim!

Symptoms of Voodoo Dolls Black Magic :

  • The victim suffer different types of pains in body.
  • The pain moves in different part of body.
  • The victim see the blood drops and sometime the water drops on his/her cloths face or any part of the body.
  • Sometime in worst cases the returning voodoo attacks hurts the victim on same time in morning and evening and the victim suffers from different types of pain on same time daily.
  • The mental health gradually destroys and the victims mind blocks.
  • For long term voodoo dolls black magic curses makes too much mental health problems.
  • The victim of voodoo suffers from severe depression and anxiety.
  • The victim suffers from nightmares and the sleep of victim disturbs.
  • Fear for no reason and sometime different types of faces occurs in darkness in the morning or night.
  • The victim faces hurdles in getting treatment or performing of prayers and mediation.
  • The voodoo makes peoples to attract with opposite sex attraction for no reason.
  • The victim of voodoo suffers from bad breath and weakness for no reason.
  • The dark marks starts occurring under eyes.
  • When wake ups the victim feels pain as someone has inserted the knife is his chest.
  • Different types of dark marks starts occurring on different part of body specially on shoulder and legs.
  • Weight loss without any disease or illness.
  • The loss of money for no reason, unemployment for no reason and continues loss in running business.
  • The peoples around the victim don’t want to communicate with the victim and no more willing to make any type of favors for victim of voodoo dolls magic.
  • The victims thinks for suicidal attempts under the attack of voodoo.
    Gradually the victims loss the interest in life also the social life and business circle.
  • The medical treatment will no more helpful for the pain relief.
  • The victim of voodoo suffers from different types of diseases once after another which are unable to diagnose.
  • Bleeding from different parts of body happens in case of worst voodoo black magic attacks.
  • The medical treatment will not be effective to stop the bleeding.
  • The victim of voodoo black magic loss his goods likes Gold, Jewelry, Cloths, Hairs, Nails and Shoes etc.
  • The sudden changes in mood is also a main reason of this type of black magic.
  • The victim hears different type of voices.

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