Schizophrenia and Spirit Attachments

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Schizophrenia and Spirit Attachments

Schizophrenia is a serious and terrible mental disorder. It can be caused by a serious chemical imbalance in the brain. It can be treated with medication but not usually cured. I have known people afflicted with this disease and see what it does to them and their families. I hope that someday in the near future the medical community can find a cure for this horrible condition. Many people who have schizophrenia claim to hear voices or see things. Most times these are hallucinations that go along with the disease and a brain malfunction. But is everyone who hears voices or sees people that are not there really mentally ill? What about the mediums and sensitives of the world? I am talking about people who are normal in every way except for these two strange symptoms of hearing and seeing things that others do not. Are they all crazy? For many years the psychiatric community said “yes.” Today things seem to be gradually changing, ever so slowly. There are some mental health counselors, and doctors that are actually opening up to looking into paranormal possibilities with some patients.

Schizophrenia is characterized by hallucinations (visual and auditory) and delusions. By hallucination is meant that these patients see images (visual) or hear voices (auditory). Delusions refer to altered beliefs, either persecutory or grandiose, etc. Other characteristics include disorganized speech, disorganized behavior and negative symptoms such as flattened mood.

There are five sub types of schizophrenia: Paranoid, Disorganized, Catatonic, Residual and Undifferentiated. What often differentiates these different sub types is the presence or absence of specific behaviors such as catatonia or disorganization. By catatonia is meant a series of bizarre behaviors such as posturing, rigidity and mutism (lack of speech).

Schizophrenia is a big subject and if physical causes can be ruled out, then what is left are the spiritual causes. Some of the physical causes would probably also include some of the vitamin B deficiencies, especially niacin.

Therefore if a gross brain disorder has been ruled out, then the explanation of most of the symptoms will always lie in the spirits of these patients.


As mentioned above, hallucinations can either be visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory or tactile.  The most common, however, is auditory.  Most patients with schizophrenia report that they hear voices or that they see things. These voices are often malevolent, commanding them to do unpleasant things and can even lead them to commit crimes.

They also hear voices that run commentaries about what they are doing. It is almost always the case that these patients hear voices in their heads talking to them or conversations between two people or several people.

Some of the patients, as mentioned before actually say that they see images on the wall or that they see diminutive “Lilliputian” images. The images that they see are often ugly and sneering.


This is regarded as erroneous beliefs of a wide variety: persecutory, grandiose, religious etc. The person may believe that he or she is being followed or tormented, for example. Other types include “thought-insertions” and “thought-withdrawals”. The former refers to a situation where the patient believes that an outside agent has inserted or is inserting thoughts into his head. The latter refers to when thoughts are being withdrawn from the patient’s head.

Disorganized speech and thoughts

Another very important characteristic of schizophrenia is disorganised speech associated with disorganised thinking. This can take the form of blocking of thoughts, thought derailment, unrelated answers to questions. Their speech may be completely disorganized (complete incoherence). They may move rapidly from one unrelated topic to the other.

Disorganized behavior

These patients may become completely depersonalized. They often revert to primitive behavior and lose all identity of self. They lose the ability to physically take care of themselves, including not being able to maintain personal hygiene. They may show complete inappropriate behavior, for example in the way they dress. They may also become very aggressive.

Some assume bizarre postures. They may stay in a rigid position for hours (catalepsy). They may also show inappropriate facial expressions such as grimacing, tics etc. Some lose the power of speech, giving rise to mutism, while others mimic words or phrases just spoken by others (echolalia), others still mimic the movements of other people (echopraxia).

Spirit attachments are also a real problem that seems to display the same symptoms as schizophrenia. A spirit attachment is when one or more spirits attach themselves to a living person and seek to live through them in a sense. It is much like possession but not as dramatic and at times more subtle. Spirit attachments talk to their victim, all the time, putting thoughts in their head and/or confusing their host with suggested ideas that are some times very dark or negative.

I have helped people with spirit attachments before. It is always an ugly business. Certain people are more prone to spirit attachment than others.Vulnerability to spirit attachment varies in individuals, according to predisposition, health and circumstances. Illness, injury, drugs, emotional disturbance and the presence of attached spirits, may all impair resistance. People with certain brain abnormalities are also prone to spirit attachment. drugs may help real schizophrenia but they do not help someone with a spirit attachment. In some cases they can make it worse.So how do you know if someone is truly schizophrenic, or if they have a spirit attachment? That is hard to say at this point. I have worked  many times with people who heard voices and were now medicated by a mental health professional because of it. I have also gotten those very voices on tape, so now what? Is the tape recorder suffering from a mental disorder? i think not.

Most people in the paranormal field will not even try to help someone who has been diagnosed with mental issues of any kind. Sadly this often eliminates these folks ever getting the answers they want to get about their condition and if they are hearing hallucinations or something else. People in the paranormal field do not want to get involved with “crazy people” as they assume that nothing is going on, and the person has been diagnosed with some mental problem and therefore they are wasting their time. They also do not want the responsibility or the liability of dealing with such people. My rule is that the mental health doctor or counselor, has to be on board with an inquiry into any possible paranormal causes for a patients illness or symptoms. Nowadays there are some of these doctors, that will give that go ahead, when they have exhausted all other avenues of treatment. There is a fine line between the spiritual and the scientific. Emotional health and mental health go hand in hand.If a person is being terrorized emotionally they will start to show mental problems as a result.

Someone has to be willing to research this and look into it, as who knows how many people might be helped if someone would make the effort in this field. A man in St. Petersburg Florida was treated for schizophrenia for 16 years, because he heard voices. A friend who is also a clergyman came by to pray for the man and taped the prayers, so the man could replay them and recite them himself. Before leaving he played back the tape to make sure he had recorded the session. To his amazement there were other voices on that tape. There was profanity and other mocking by a deep voiced male . The clergyman brought this to me and asked what I thought. I then encouraged him to go with the man to his doctor and play the tape for him. Now if this clergyman had never gone there and never tried to help the man, he would have never known that these voices were real and that he was not crazy. The man is more than likely a spirit sensitive and has been all of his life. He was taken to the mental health doctors at a young age. Chances are that all the medications given him over the years which damaged other parts of his body and his brain as well, were not necessary. What he needed was spiritual help and counseling. When dealing with any problem “Knowing is half the battle,” so at least you can try from there to obtain a solution. The problem is that at this point there is so much that we don’t know with this subject.
True schizophrenia has also been linked to early trauma experienced by a person that resulted in a mental break of sorts. Being the victim of a hostile spirit is definitely traumatic. We do not know the full range of possibilities with this type of thing. Hopefully some day science and spirit will meet on equal terms to work together for answers. Until then i will continue to do research in this area.

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