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Entity Attachment, Spirit Possession, Ghosts, Demons – Dubai

If you’re into the paranormal at all, you’ve probably heard the term “spirit attachment,” perhaps in relation to ghost hunting or haunted place investigations. And you probably got the feeling that it wasn’t a good thing. But you may have wondered: What exactly IS a “spirit attachment”? When and how do spirits get attached—stuck—to people, and why? What kinds of spirits can get attached to you, and how do you know when that’s happened? And most importantly, how do you get them unstuck—and keep them from sticking in the first place??

The average person generally is unaware of entity or spirit attachment and functions day-to-day having no awareness of the effect it has upon one’s own energy system. Symptoms can include (but are not limited to) sudden physical pain anywhere in the body, limited range of movement of a limb occurring without reason or benefit of a recent injury, mental cloudiness and that ‘inside a plastic bag feeling’, depression, unusual anger/irritated mood or altered psyche and perceptions, and preferences for certain foods, noticeable addictions, or other interests not like your own, can occur.

However, traditional caregivers aren’t aware and lack tools to clear themselves. For example, emergency room nurses/paramedics, social workers, and therapists…in fact, anyone working in a high stress environment, especially with the public in a transitional or care giving capacity assume that the aches and pains they feel are just a part of the daily stress of their job. In reality, many of these cases can be attributed to entity attachments. Clearly, it is difficult to function at one’s optimum energy level in the presence of entity attachment.

When the aura is weakened through stress, poor diet. lack of sleep, extreme emotional events (death of a loved one, divorce, sudden bad news) it is not uncommon for entity attachments to occur. Breaks occur in the aura which makes one susceptible to spirit attachments. One may also, unknowingly, pick up an astral entity as one travels back through the dense astral plane to their sleeping body. In rare cases, one may be a target under direct psychic attack from another possessed individual having negative intentions toward them and this requires special handling. Whatever the case, entity attachments occurs and it is important to detect and remove them for optimum health and balance.

Anyone or any thing that has an energy system can experience attachments. Children and pets are also susceptible to this form of possession. Behaviorally children act out, appear upset and angry, or become different in their personality patterns and often complain of headaches or other neck pain, etc. Their sleep patterns may be very disrupted as well. Pets can appear lethargic and ill or irritable and non-social…even mean to other pets in the household. The remedy is to scan the subject for entity interference and conduct a spirit releasement where appropriate. For general purposes, Guruji scans all of his clients to make sure they are clear in their own energy field prior to any reading or healing work conducted. This insures the information given in a reading is accurate and the healing therapy application is as effective as possible.

Earthbound spirits, the surviving consciousness of deceased humans, are the most prevalent possessing, obsessing or attaching entities to be found. The disembodied consciousness seems to attach itself and merge fully or partially with the subconscious mind of a living person, exerting some degree of influence on thought processes, emotions, behavior and the physical body. The entity becomes a parasite in the mind of the host. A victim of this condition can be totally amnesic about episodes of complete takeover.

A spirit can be bound to the earth by the emotions and feelings connected with a sudden traumatic death. Anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, guilt, remorse, even strong ties of love can interfere with the normal transition. Erroneous religious beliefs about the afterlife can prevent a spirit from moving into the Light because the after death experience does not coincide with false expectations or preconceived notions of the way it is supposed to be.

Following death by drug overdose, a newly deceased spirit maintains a strong appetite for the drug, and this hunger cannot be satisfied in the non-physical realm. The being must experience the drug through the sensorium of a living person who uses the substance. This can only be accomplished through a parasitic attachment to the person. Many drug users are controlled by the attached spirit of a deceased drug addict.

Many spirits remain in the earth plane due to a lack of awareness of their passing. At the time of death several choices are available for the newly deceased spirit. It can follow the direct path to the Light described in the near death experience. If there is an attached spirit the process may be more difficult. The newly deceased being can carry the attached earthbound to the Light thereby rescuing this lost soul.

Often, the deceased is able to break away from the attached earthbound spirit and go to the Light alone.

After this separation occurs the earthbound can be lost again, wandering in the lower astral plane, often described as the gray place or the intermediate place. It can await the next incarnation of the being to whom it was attached. The entity can locate the being in the new incarnation and reconnect. This repeated attachment can occur for many lifetimes of the host. However, the earthbound can just as quickly attach to another unsuspecting person alter separating from the former host at the time of death.

If the newly deceased spirit cannot break away from the attached spirit or hasn’t strength enough to carry it into the Light, it can become earthbound also, with the original earthbound still attached to it. This pair can then attach to another living person. After death, the spirit of this person also may be prevented from reaching the Light due to the nested, or layered, attached spirits. This spirit becomes part of the chain of earthbound spirits that can compound until it numbers in the dozens, even hundreds.

An attachment can be benevolent in nature, totally self serving, malevolent in intention, or completely neutral. Attachment to any person may be completely random, even accidental. It can occur simply because of physical proximity to the dying person at the time of the death. In about half the cases encountered in clinical practice it is a random choice with no prior connection in this or any other incarnation. In the remainder some connection can be found, some unfinished business from this or another lifetime.

Most people are vulnerable to spirit attachment on many occasions in the normal course of life. Some investigators in this field estimate that between 70% and 100% of the population are affected or influenced by one or more discarnate spirit entities at some time in their life.

Any mental or physical symptom or condition, strong emotion, repressed negative feeling, conscious or unconscious need can act like a magnet to attract a discarnate entity with the same or similar emotion, condition, need, or feeling. Anger and rage, fear and terror, sadness and grief, guilt, remorse or feelings of the need for punishment can invite entities with similar feelings.

Severe stress may cause susceptibility to the influence of an intrusive spirit. Altering the consciousness with alcohol or drugs. especially the hallucinogens, loosens one’s external ego boundaries and opens the subconscious mind to infestation by discarnate beings. The same holds true for the use of strong analgesics and the anesthetic drugs necessary in Surgery. A codeine tablet taken for the relief of pain of a dental extraction can sufficiently alter the consciousness to allow entry to a Spirit.

Physical intrusions such as surgery or blood transfusion can lead to an entity attachment. In the case of an organ transplant the Spirit of the organ donor can literally follow the transplanted organ into the new body. Physical trauma from auto collision, accidental falls, beating or any blow to the head can render a person vulnerable to an intrusive Spirit.

The openness and surrender during sexual intercourse can allow the exchange of attached entities between two people. Sexual abuse such as rape, incest or molestation of any sort creates a vulnerability to Spirit invasion. Violence during the sexual abuse increases the likelihood of intrusion by an opportunistic spirit.

A living person can have dozens, even hundreds of attached spirits as they occupy no physical space. They can attach to the aura or float within the aura, outside the body. If any part of the body of the host has a physical weakness the earthbound can attach to that area because of a corresponding weakness or injury to the physical body of the Spirit prior to death. A spirit can lodge in any of the chakras of the host, drawn by the particular energy of the chakra or by the physical structures of that level of the body. Connection with an earthbound spirit may be established by the purposeful choice of either the spirit or the living human due to a strong emotional bond between them in this life or in a previous lifetime together. A grieving person can welcome the spirit of a dear departed one only to find the consequences unbearable.

A living human can be affected by an attached spirit in many different ways. The discarnate entity retains the psychic energy pattern of its own ailments following death and can produce in the host any mental aberration or emotional disturbance and any symptom of physical illness.

Erratic or inconsistent behavior can result from a shifting of control between separate entities. This behavior is similar in appearance to the phenomenon of switching between alters in multiple personality disorder (MPD). This condition can be extremely confusing and frightening for a person and for their family.

An attached entity can be associated with any emotional track of a living person such as anger, fear, sadness, or guilt. The emotional energy of the entity intensifies the expression of a specific emotion, often leading to inappropriate overreactions to ordinary life situations.

The mental, emotional and physical influence of an attached entity can alter the original path of karmic options and opportunities of the host. It can disrupt the planned life line by hastening death or prolonging life, thus interfering with any specific checkout point. An entity of the opposite gender can influence the sexual preference and gender orientation. An attached entity can influence the choice of marriage partners and the choice of a partner for an extramarital affair.

Many areas of a person’s life can be influenced by one or more attached entities. In short, spirit attachment can interfere with any aspect of the life of the unsuspecting host.

The host is usually unaware of the presence of attached spirits. The thoughts, desires and behaviors of an attached entity are experienced as the person’s own thoughts, desires and behaviors. The thoughts, feelings, habits and desires do not seem foreign if they have been present for a long time, even from childhood. This is a major factor in the widespread denial of the concept and lack of acceptance of the phenomena of discarnate interference and spirit attachment, obsession or possession. This is equally true for people in general and for professional therapists.

In most cases, a person can only experience and acknowledge the reality of the condition after an attached entity has been released. The realization may come some months after a releasement session as the person suddenly notices the absence of a familiar attitude, desire, addiction or behavior.

The symptoms of spirit attachment can be very subtle. An attached spirit may be present without producing any noticeable symptoms. Yet attached entities always exert some influence ranging from a minor energy drain to a major degree of control or interference. Complete possession and takeover can result in Suppression of the original personality. The earthbound spirit does not replace the rightful spirit in the body in such a case, it just usurps control. An attached earthbound spirit cannot maintain life in a human body after the original spirit being has separated from the body in the transition of death.

A newly formed spirit attachment is usually more obvious to the unfortunate host. An attached entity can cause any of the following Signs and Symptoms:

  • sudden onset of drug or alcohol usage,
  • unusual and inappropriate speech, accent or foreign or unknown language,
    any behavior patterns inconsistent with normal conduct,
  • unfamiliar reactions to familiar situations,
  • repetitive and unusual movements of the body which are experienced as beyond one’s control,
  • unusual physical sensations or symptoms in the absence of a medically sound organic cause,
  • loss of the normal sense of one’s personal identity,
  • a feeling that a spirit of some kind or another person has taken over control of one’s mind and/or body,
  • noticeable personality changes, however slight, following surgery, organ
  • transplant, accident, emotional upset or moving into a new home.

As a result of a newly formed spirit attachment or possession, physical appetites for food, sex, alcohol or drugs can increase drastically. Personal attitudes and beliefs can suddenly change as can taste in clothing. The voice and even facial features and appearance can alter dramatically.

These sudden changes in behavior can be a factor in convincing the most skeptical person that there is an attached entity Many people have the mistaken notion that there must be some bizarre outward signs caused by an interfering spirit.

Spirit attachment does not require the permission of the host. This seems to be a violation of free will. It also appears to refute the popular notion that each person is totally responsible for creating his or her reality and that there are no victims. The apparent conflict here stems from the definitions of permission and free will choice. Ignorance and denial of the possibility of spirit interference is no defense against spirit attachment. Belief or lack of belief regarding the existence of intrusive entities has no bearing on the reality of these beings and their behavior.

In denial and ignorance, most people do not refuse permission to these non-physical intruders. Individual sovereign beings have the right to deny any violation or intrusion by another being. With limited, if any, knowledge and distorted perceptions of the nature of the spirit world, the non-physical reality, many people leave themselves open and create their own vulnerability as part of creating their own reality.

An afflicted person may report hearing voices, internally or externally, or having spontaneous visual images of bizarre or frightening faces or figures. Recurring dreams of being chased, being urged to commit suicide by someone, often a loved one who was a victim of suicide, may suggest the presence of an entity. A dream image of a person injecting something into the veins may be an attached entity’s recall of the last memories before death.


Spirit releasement can help to restore one’s health…physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Energy levels soar, pain or discomfort is released, mental clarity and emotional balance often returns. A person feels themselves again with a renewed sense of self, purpose and individuality. Even former addictions become less ‘charged.’ In the case of chronic addiction, oftentimes the higher self of the individual limits the use of repeated spirit releasements as other lessons are needed before a true healing can occur.


In the time it takes to reach out and touch someone, entity attachment can occur. These situations occur “under the radar” of ordinary awareness unless one is knowledgeable and trained to sense an attachment.

Guruji prefers to work by appointment over the phone to scan and clear all persons and their pets within a home, or other location, also the land which is the legal property that the home sits upon. An appointment is made, arrangement for payment and exchange of information is completed and then the service is performed. Payment is made according to the total sessions. Complex cases may require more sessions, or deeper shamanic healing. Guruji also conducts this work independently and remotely from a distance for those not able to participate in person appointment that may need this service.

Understand that not all energy is benevolent…

In addition to traditional releasement methods, which clear negative thought forms, earthbound spirits, and dark entities, there seems to be a new level of drone interference wreaking havoc.

Why do lost souls or dark energy feed off of a host, you might ask?

They remain earthbound and attach themselves, energetically, to those from which they can get the fix of alcohol, drugs, nicotine, food, sex, power, revenge, or whatever else they were addicted to before their physical bodies died.

As for dark energy, demons and other negative influences that interfere, their motives can be as simple as an allegiance with an evil force. In our experience, however, and contrary to scary Hollywood movies, most demons are more like bratty, misbehaving children who are more easily controlled than you may think.

By the way, long ago we didn’t believe in “evil” or “dark” energy. But since doing a lot of empirical research on the subject and subsequently helping people with Spiritual Detox, we are now convinced that it does exist. There always has been and always will be polar opposites, as a natural part of your earthy existence: without darkness there cannot be light, without cold there cannot be heat, without fear there cannot be faith.

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Demon Possession or Mental Illness?

Mental illness can mean different things to different people. In the scientific community, we believe that it can be a totally chemical based condition, but that’s only one possible diagnosis. Is there sometimes more than meets the eye? In many civilizations around the world, it’s not so much about what is physically wrong inside, but rather who may be around with you. The term ‘spirit possession’ is often used as a cultural explanation for what is happening, with symptoms similar to those of schizophrenia.

Belief in possession is not uncommon in psychosis, the mental state that can sometimes accompany severe mental illness and typically involves delusions and hallucinations. Psychiatry usually assumes all such experiences to be faults of the mind, rather than the result of other-worldly powers.

What causes mental illness and its various types? The answer lies in demon possession. When a person has mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar, major depression, psychosis, multiple personality disorder, or has suicidal thoughts, the individual has quite literally “lost their mind” to invading demon spirits.

Demon spirits pray on those who are weak mentally, physically and emotionally. When a person suffers a trauma in their life and they are unable to cope with the trauma mentally and emotionally, a part of their soul chooses not to have that experience and splits off causing “soul fragmentation”. This leaves a vacuum or space for demon spirits to reside within the soul and influence the mind and feelings of the person involved.

These demon spirits enter through holes in the aura when the person is emotionally vulnerable and seeks to “escape” their own life. Marijuana usage in teenagers who are often emotionally troubled and seek to escape the reality of their troubled lives. Taking drugs such as marijuana causes holes to appear in the aura. It is also a form of “escapism” that fragments the soul, leaving the individual open and vulnerable to demon possession. And this is why schizophrenia has been linked to marijuana usage. It is not the marijuana itself that is causing the schizophrenia, it is the invasion of the demon spirit that hi-jacks the soul and mind of the troubled teenager, after they have used marijuana.

This is why we see ordinary young adults stay healthy all their lives – free of schizophrenia – and then all of a sudden have schizophrenia after taking marijuana. It is because they have lost control of their mind due to demon possession.

Severe or more extreme types of mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar, personality disorder, multiple personality disorder, psychosis are caused by a large number of demon and earthbound spirits entering the soul of the person involved. The person has literally lost control of their soul and mind to malevolent or negative spirits. Major depression, suicide and suicidal thoughts are also caused by demon or earthbound spirits influencing the mind and the emotions of the person’s soul they inhabit.

Most people on earth have one or more earthbound or demon spirits within their soul, that has gained entry into their soul either during this lifetime or been carried over from a past life. Yet because demon spirits can only possess a soul according to the degree to which it has chosen to give away control of its soul, most demon possession is only partial in nature and the demon spirit expresses itself through the identity of the human ego. Most people cannot distinguish between what is of their own human ego, which is negative and fear-based in nature, and what is of a demon spirit that has infiltrated their soul under the guise of the ego.

Is a Person Really Possessed or Are They Mentally Ill?

This is a question I deal with a lot. Sadly, a large number of mentally ill people suffer from delusions of persecutions by demons, the dead, or other supernatural entities.   The devil and demons torment those that suffer from any number of psychotic disorders. People who might have lived locked up in a mental institution 50 years ago can now live relatively normal life free from the terror of the demons as spirit releasement has become popular in the recent years and people are able to get relief out of this spiritual therapy.
For sceptics, this is the obvious answer to all hauntings and demon possessions.  It is easy to say mental illness is the answer.  However,  I think there are ways to see a difference between the supernatural and the natural affects of mental illness.  Obviously, many psychiatrists and therapists don’t feel this way, but I think when diagnostic criteria for a mental illness aren’t met and treatment doesn’t work, other things could be considered.

A lot of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder have reported seeing shadow people, as well. Unfortunately, the majority of these people are describing their own paranormal experiences as delusions and hallucinations. The same goes for a lot of people who’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia; they don’t believe in most of the things they have heard and seen. Should we be so quick to call ourselves crazy and assume that what we have seen or heard could not possibly be real? It actually makes me feel a little sad knowing that most people don’t believe in their own experiences or consider how their experiences with mental illness and paranormal activity can potentially be really profound and meaningful.

Am I suggesting that it’s impossible to experience a hallucination? No, not necessarily, but I don’t think we should immediately dismiss something just because it’s hard to explain or can’t be witnessed by everyone. Who’s to say what’s real and what isn’t? What if everything around us is an illusion, and we’re all a bit crazy for mistaking it to be real? I’ve grown tired of the “experts” who claim that this and that is impossible or unlikely. There is so much more to learn and understand about everything in life, including the paranormal and mental suffering, once you’re willing to adopt the “I don’t know” stance. Whenever we say “I don’t know how to explain that”, our curiosity and non-assuming nature might allow us to eventually come up with some pretty cool and interesting theories that bring us closer to the truth.

My biggest argument against labeling paranormal experiences as hallucinations is that it further adds to the mental illness stigma. It basically says that these people who “hallucinate” have a problem, that they’re out of touch with reality, that their experiences don’t count because there’s something wrong with their brain, and that they’re not credible or trustworthy sources whenever they speak about unusual experiences they’ve endured. What if we did a 180 and turned this view around? What if people suffering with mental illness became our teachers, offering us a new perspective about the nature of reality and all the phenomena surrounding us that normal oraverage people cannot see? Can you imagine that instead of feeling victimized and living in shame about their condition, these people might actually find meaning in their suffering? Instead of making these people feel flawed and in need of serious psychiatric help, what if we helped them to see their unique gifts through loving support? What if there are potential significant gains and a profound purpose behind mental illness, and we’ve been treating it the absolute wrong way for the past few centuries? The current mindset and approach seem a bit backwards to me.

The ways we’ve been conditioned to view mental illness and paranormal experiences are obviously limiting. Mental illness is seen as pointless suffering, and witnessing paranormal activity is either seen as absolute nonsense by the skeptics or a sign of a defective brain/sensory system that needs to be fixed through medication as soon as possible. I’m going to paraphrase a comment I found on a forum that illustrates the modern, limiting view of mental illness and paranormal experiences: “Your experiences sound very disturbing. I hope your new medications help you. Those paranormal entities you’ve seen are the products of your mind and nothing more. Embrace the medication’s ability to quiet the voices, and re-learn to see the world as it is: solid and un-magical.” So, in other words, people who perceive things beyond the physical realm need to dull their senses through medication because being highly sensitive is not normal and absolutely none of that stuff you’ve seen is real anyway because all the “normal people” are the experts on what does and does not exist in this vast universe.

I’m very curious about why so many people have reported seeing shadow people inside their homes and other dark, shadowy figures during something that is clinically referred to as “sleep paralysis”. Could these paranormal entities possibly be inter-dimensional beings that can only be seen by people who have higher levels of sensitivity? Or are the entities there to feed off the negative energy of those who are suffering or to increase their suffering, perhaps out of spite? I know someone of a skeptical mindset probably thinks all of this is a big load of crap, but I really suspect there’s something more going on here than just hallucinations and delusions.

If you were to question a group of people diagnosed with mental illness or sleep paralysis about their paranormal experiences, shouldn’t each person report a unique experience that is significantly different from what everyone else had seen if it was merely a hallucination? Why do people see the same beings and have such similar experiences? For example, countless people who’ve experienced sleep paralysis have encountered “the old hag” and “the hat man”. Many say the shadow entities are a race of malevolent supernatural beings, called the djinn, who despise and envy humans.

I’m not really attempting to explain why people with mental illness or sleep paralysis have reported paranormal experiences, but I trust that their experiences are valid and should be taken seriously because I trust in my own experiences with the paranormal. People who’ve never witnessed any of this will continue to ridicule us and probably say something ignorant like “go take your meds”, but I don’t think we should minimize our experiences and question ourselves simply because it’s not normal to see certain things. Maybe we possess certain abilities or gifts that have allowed us to have these experiences.

I can’t say for sure why any of these paranormal events occur. For now, maybe we should try to accept the fact that we don’t know why some people see entities while others don’t. We could also try to understand that our perception of life and the world around us is very limited during this human experience. It is truly ignorant if we were to say with confidence that we know everything there is to know about other realms and the universe. I encourage you to look deeper into these matters with a curious, open mind instead of dismissing anything paranormal with skepticism and self-assured arrogance.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this or about any paranormal encounters you have experienced.

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Spirit Entities

FAQ’s on Spirit Entities & Negative Energies | Bhuta Vidya |

How Do We Know That Spirit Entities Actually Exist?

The best argument in favor of entity existence can be found in the fact that almost all traditional societies believed in the existence of entities and had developed methods for dealing with them, beginning in ancient times and continuing forth until today.

Almost all shamanistic teachings have methods for the clearing of spirits. Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) was divided into eight branches, one of which (bhuta-vidya) was devoted to the science of spiritual entities. This places spirit entity clearance in this particular culture at the same level of
importance as surgery or pediatrics!

In Chinese medicine in the practice of acupuncture, among the 361 acupuncture points, we see the word KUEI (meaning discarnate spirit) making up part of the main or secondary name of 17 points, thus supporting the Chinese belief in the importance of the spirit in maintaining the health and well being of the body generally.

From the Vedas to the New Testament, there can be found many unambiguous references to the clearance of spirits and entities and many religions have technical rituals dating from ancient times for taking care of the energetic “pollution” arising from someone’s passing and work to protect the living from that circumstance.

With this in mind, we can be sure that spirit entities are not simply some kind of odd theory made up to frighten people. If anything it is our modern Western Culture that is at odds with history and all other cultures as it disregards the existence of spirits and entities to the detriment of those people who suffer mentally, emotionally and physically due to attachment.

What Is A Spirit Entity?

The basic definition of a entity of spirit is a non-physical energy parasite with some consciousness of its own which attaches to your subtle energy body just as physical parasites do (intestinal worms etc). The level of consciousness held by these beings varies with the individual as does their effect on the human (or animal) host and so the signs of spirit entity attachment are many and varied, ranging from physical aches and pains to paranoid delusion and complete spirit possession.

Where Do Spirit Entities Come From?

The origins of spirits and ghosts vary depending upon our belief system. For example, if we look at the beliefs of both the ancient Chinese and the ancient Indians, the consciousness is shattered at the time of death and this facilitates some of our energetic bodies ascend to the Spiritual realms, whilst others reincarnate into new physical vehicles. Sometimes, particularly in cases whereby death has been violent, the spirit is traumatized and disoriented and can miss it’s “window” opening in which it can be drawn to
“the light” and as such becomes trapped in the astral layer, leaving it unable to return to the Source without assistance, though they are often unaware of their trapped state and continue searching for the light which will take them to the other realms and people with a clear, bright light, (often those involved in Spiritual work or those with high abilities) commonly encounter spirit entities who have mistakenly been drawn to their light and at times become trapped in the magnetic aura or the live host before they are aware of their mistake.

Others commonly preyed upon are those suffering with addictions of any type or obsessive compulsive behaviors. These people will be sought out by spirits and entities that had similar weaknesses in their physical lives so that they may continue their addiction “by proxy”. Entities are similar to physical people in that they will tend to seek out others of like mind or interest to spend their time with and this can lead to difficulties for the unsuspecting individual.

Spirit beings can attach to both human beings and animals and at times they are not fussy as to which of these they attach to! Cases have been documented of both human hosts housing animal entities and vice

The Chinese call these fragments or entities KUEI, whilst Sanskrit calls them BHUTA (a word that translates to entity). I call them Soul Fragments. Other kinds of Soul Fragmentation can occur when a person undergoes significant trauma (such as abuse or extreme emotional pressure) which can cause the soul of that individual to actually split or fracture.

Human and animal Soul Fragments occupy a large proportion of the spirit entity attachments that Soul Retrievers come across (up to 70%), however, there are all sorts of other non-physical beings that can and do, for whatever reason, attach to the human energetic body. Some of these are referred to as
elementals, undines, devas, fairies, demons etc. Many of these beings are very tiny and as a result to not make much impact on the energies of their hosts, however, others have greater magnitude and can affect their host spectacularly.

What Do Spirit Entities Look Like?

Entities exist on a level of consciousness where shapes aren’t fixed as they are in the physical. As such, they have a chameleon like nature whereby they may appear differently to different people or even to the same person from day to day as they use their ability to shape shift and morph.

As an energy chealer, I often initially perceive a spirit entity as a darker patch or symbolic shape (sometimes geometric, other times not) in the clients energy or chakra system. Further investigation will usually uncover a more detailed perception of the spirit entities appearance as spirit entities usually try to conceal their presence for obvious reasons and also the person hosting this being may have a particular perception of it which will be revealed to the clearer as the process moves forward. Spirit entities can also manifest as a pain or an illness if the entity had that kind of affliction prior to its passing.

On non-physical levels, there are often mix-ups with senses, which means that the distinctions between non-physical light, sound and smell isn’t always clear. Entities can also sometimes be perceived as a particular non-physical smell superimposed on the clients energy. This is also the case with houses. With training, you can learn to perceive non-physical smells or feelings that reveal the presence of an entity as soon as you enter a house.

How Do The Dead Become Parasites?

When someone dies, fragments of consciousness are released during this process. This belief is found within multiple cultural and religious systems and is accompanied by rituals to counteract any negative connotations associated with this. For example, in India people burn corpses with the intention of minimizing the time between the release of the spiritual energy and the spirit’s passing over to the spiritual realm and thereby lessening the possibility of negativity escaping the corpse to cause havoc.

Indian tradition also has a number of customs related to the mourning period including dietary recommendations which are aimed specifically at protecting mourners from “catching” soul fragments after the death of a loved one. The code of Jewish Law also has similar rules to these following the death of a relative.

In writings by Homer, the only method mentioned for the disposing of corpses was burning and in many other religions (in particular the Catholic religion), ritual plays a big part following death. Among other things, these rituals are aimed at taking care of the energetic side of death and mourning and protecting the living as much as honoring the dead.

Much of the knowledge which lay in traditional lore and ancient perceptions is lost these days resulting in energetic mayhem and large numbers of people suffering as a result of entity attachment. It has been suggested that as much as 70% of the population will have been attached to spirit entities at some point during their lives and this number could even be higher.


Are Children More Or Less Vulnerable To Spirit Entities Than Adults?

Children are more vulnerable than adults to entity attachment for several reasons. The most obvious answer to this is that the energetic system of children doesn’t have the same stamina as that of adults and the next is that children are not able to rationalize.

Children can be easily terrified and psychologically traumatized by such things as an adult yelling at them, a big dog chasing them or the like and such trauma can cause the kind of major collapse of the energetic defense system which would only be experienced by an adult as the result of a major shock. This then leaves the child open to attachment by one or more spirit beings.

Children have also been known to invite spirit attachment to keep them company or protect them from something they are afraid of. This may seem to be an imaginary friend, however, in reality it is a standard fragment or entity of spirit. In cases such as these, it may be years before the person realizes that there is a problem by which time behaviors which are related to the spirit entity attachment may seem more “normal” than not both to them and also to those around them.

Can Entities Be Explained In Terms Of Mental Disorder And Can Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) Be Related To Spirit Entity Attachment?

Entities do facilitate personality fragmentation and they do tend to give people a dual nature as the compulsions and desires of the entity are superimposed onto the person’s own desires. Sometimes these desires reinforce one another as in the case of addictions whereby a beer drinker who has a spirit entity attach at the pub thereafter becomes even more fixated on getting their next drink, or a heroine or ice junkie seems all that much more intent on scoring their next hit and seems all the more unable to let go of this addiction, even though their conscious mind may truly desire being clean.

Spirit entities take a tendency in a person and exacerbate it making it more intense and more difficult to deal with and this is also the case with MPD. A spirit entity by itself is unlikely to cause fully-fledged MPD, however, for someone who already has this tendency, a spirit entity is highly likely to make things much worse and this is the same in some cases of Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and the like.

Entities cause sudden, abrupt impulses that the person believes to be their own. In the case of someone with MPD, it will be even more difficult to identify the spirit entity and therefore take action to get rid of it.

Do People Feel Taken Over When They Have A Spirit Entity?

Entities are experts in the field of camouflage. Their influence is insidious and sends impulses such as thoughts or desires from unseen depths in the hosts psyche. These are not usually spoken messages, but rather compulsive uncontrollable desires, addictions and/or inner confusion, along with a host of aches and pains and sometimes even serious physical illness and disease symptoms.

Spirit entities interfere with the client’s consciousness, choices and decisions and poison free will. As long as hosts haven’t undergone some kind of scanning process, they will usually have no idea that they have been attached to though they will be all too aware of the difficulties that the attachment is causing them. There are of course extreme cases which result in mental illness where a spirit entity will push someone to commit violent crime, however, these are thankfully relatively few and far between.

How Does One Catch A Spirit Entity?

Under normal circumstances, the human system has a natural layer of protection which efficiently shields it from attachment by foreign energies and entities. It is when these natural defense mechanisms are overridden that entities have the opportunity to come in.

Collapse of the natural defense system may occur in a number of situations such as:

  • During shocks and traumas. In a car accident, during a war where there is bombing and gunfire or during earth-quakes or other natural disasters where fear is at a premium.
  • The collapse of a defense mechanism can also take place in the case of very sick people whose energy is highly depleted i.e. in a major chronic disease, after losing blood or consciousness in an accident or during an illness.
  • General anesthetics are one of the most frequent situations where modern people go through a complete or near-complete collapse of all energetic defense systems. Surgeons pay a lot of attention to physical factors of contamination but, sadly, totally disregard the energetic side resulting in spirit entity attachment during surgery. Hospitals are a haven for spirit entity attachments due to the number of people who die within them and do not pass over correctly for whatever reason.
  • Drugs and alcohol intoxication can also result in a temporary collapse of the energy body’s natural defense mechanisms. Alcoholics and drug users are therefore part of the high-risk categories for spirit entity attachment.

Natural shielding is also lessened as one enters into Spiritual Realms. As we seek to explore these realms more fully Spirit allows us to then begin learning how to protect ourselves much as parents step back from their children as they grow so that they can more fully experience every aspect of life.

What’s The Relationship Between Miscarriage And Spirit Entities?

Natural protection mechanisms can also collapse during the delivery of a baby. After the physical placenta has been released, it sometimes happens that the energies of the placenta remain unreleased and can resemble something very similar to an entity. This is also apparent after miscarriage and can result in further problems if not cleared from the woman.

A fetus isn’t just a physical being. They are also made up of non-physical, energetic parts and during a miscarriage or termination, the physical part of the fetus is eliminated for whatever reason. However, the energetic parts of the body do not always accompany the physical remains and may stay within the uterus to form a spirit entity. This can also occur in the case of twins where one twin passes or is absorbed by the other prior to birth. Attachment can then occur in either the surviving twin or the mother.

If the entity can be detected and cleared early, there are usually few or no consequences, however, if the spirit entity is allowed to stay undetected, it can, over time be responsible for all manner of gynecological problems ranging from premenstrual tension to malignant abdominal tumors or recurrent unexplained miscarriage. This is the reason that women should as a matter of course, following a delivery, miscarriage or termination be checked for spirit entity attachment by a clearance professional.


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