Distant Entity Removal, Spirit / Foreign Energy Releasement

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Distant Entity Removal, Spirit / Foreign Energy Releasement

Spirit releasement is a contemporary term for ways of the exorcising, or sending away, of an earthbound spirit or a discarnate being that seems to be attached to a place or person. Spirit releasement refers primarily to exorcisms which have no religious elements and are not performed by clergy, but rather are done by mediums.

Forms of releasement are practiced the world over. Spirits have long been blamed for causing virtually all ills and back luck, and they are routinely exorcised. In the early days of Spiritualism, people suffering from unusual mental symptoms often attended spiritual person in hopes of having “low” spirits exorcised.

In contemporary spirit releasement, a practitioner, working with one or more spirit guides who act as facilitators, makes mental contact with a spirit who is haunting a site and causing a disturbance, or is attached to a person. Often, this is an earthbound soul who does not know he or she is dead, or is bound to the earth plane by unfinished business.

Practitioners say that simply finding out the entitys “story,” that is, his or her life and death and perhaps unfinished business, is often sufficient to send the spirit on its way to the next world. The entity is engaged in dialogue and persuaded to depart. The transition is marked by the appearance of white light, and the spirit is urged to move toward the light. Sometimes the earthbound spirit has to be coaxed or convinced to move on. Sometimes it is led away by helping spirits that appear. These helping spirits include angelic beings, other spirits of the dead whom the earthbound one knew in life, or the spirits of animals with whom the person had strong emotional attachments, such as a pet.

Following releasement, patients often report feeling lighter and better, and say they experience a cessation of troublesome conditions. The departing spirits do not return, but patients are advised how to protect themselves from future invasions by other spirits.

Spirit Release can be done in many ways but all of these fall into two categories: Face to face; and Remote work. Face to face is obvious and remote means that the practitioner and the host are separated, geographically; often on the other side of the world to each other. Practitioners use their own methods and many use mediums or groups.

Discarnate Entities

With discarnate human entities, it is important to gently take them back to the last few minutes they remember when they last had a body of their own. Usually, they need talking through the death a few times before they realise they are dead. It is as much a shock to them as it would be to you and they must be brought to this understanding gently. They then realise they have made a mistake. We always check if they have any attachments; if their death was a suicide.

We talk about the effects the attachment has been having on the host and their life. Usually motivations, desires and memories of illnesses or injuries of the attachment’s last life enter the mind of the host, who can start behaving differently as these thoughts show through. The aim is to reach the point where the attachment realises they should not be there and, if prompted, will readily apologize to the host who can accept that apology.

Healing the Attachment

Before the attachment leaves, We ask it to look and tell me if there are any others inside there apart from the host and them. We also, importantly, ask what happened in the host’s life to make it possible for them to attach. This will show something that needs repairing or resolving, afterwards.

The attachment is now ready for release and upon finding the Light, can move into it. The host feels the attachment depart as if something has lifted from them, leaving them feeling lighter. This process is carried out for as many others as there are.

Demonic Attachments

If there is a Demonic attachment, the process is the same but the level of cooperation is quite different, usually being substituted by aggressive obstruction. Eventually, through negotiation, the Dark one comes to realise that it will be OK for it to go to the Light.

After working this way, the host will remember everything that was said and everything they felt.

At SSHC, we offer distance healing for cases of Spirit Release Therapy. Distance healing is a method of healing where the client is not physically present for healing. It is possible to treat many issues through distance healing,

Please read the following FAQs for more information:

What is Distance Healing?

Distance or Remote Healing is a method of healing where healing is done without the client being physically present at the therapist’s healing room. This is usually done for clients who are residing in cities other than the therapist’s city of practise.

How effective is Distance Healing as compared to conventional healing?

We always prefer that the client come to therapy personally. But that said, Distance Healing is quite an effective method and, at times, is the preferable method because the client cannot come to the therapist’s place.

What is Spirit Release Therapy?

Spirit Release or Foreign Energy Release is a therapy that seeks to free a person from external energies that may have occupied the person’s space. Spirit Release is the removal of inappropriate negative energies Otherwise known as Spirit Attachment, Entity Attachment or Possession from an individual or a place. The words spirit release covers a range of terms from Exorcism to Ghost-Busting,

Spirits that attach themselves to a person’s space are usually energies of a person who has passed away. It is generally termed an Earth-bound Spirit. This knowledge of such spirit attachments came through various healing sessions across the world and today it is a widely accepted phenomenon in the world Spiritual Healing.

One must understand that it is not easy for these spirits to attach themselves to any person just like that. They need to have a ‘hook’ – that is, a common factor with the person they seek to attach to. The ‘hook’ is usually an issue that the person as well as the spirit has in common. And also they can attach to the person only when the person’s auric shielding is open. Every one of us has a very strong shielding at an aura level and it is not easy to break it. There are only certain circumstances in which an aura is weakened or wide open.

Since these energies are energies of mind and soul of another person, they carry personality traits of the person they belong to. In such cases the ‘host’ in whose body the external energies are occupying can experience a shift in certain preferences and in outlook in her/his life. How strongly the external energy influences the ‘host’ depends on various factors.

Spirit Releasement Therapy focuses on releasing such foreign energies from the space of the client and provides a relief to the client. The client must understand that there is always a common issue between the client and the spirit attached, and when the spirit is released, issue comes down to the level it was influenced by the spirit. The remaining core issue has to be dealt with by the client through either traditional therapies or through self-healing methods.

Are these earth-bound spirits harmful?

You must understand that the spirit is just the soul of another human being who is no more in the physical realm. Most spirits are attached to the client because they are afraid or lost. Though the client’s psyche undergoes changes that may not be favourable for the client, it is, however, not intentional on the part of the spirit in most cases.

How are Spirits Released?

In the case of Earthbound spirits (lost souls) there is a simple, certain and positive method a dialogue with the attaching lost soul is started which helps to send them to the Light, this helps both, the lost soul and the person he/she is attached to. There are of course, a lot of different types of attachments which will all have a safe and loving method of Releasement. 

How will I know it’s gone?

 You may feel a direct shift while the spirit release work is being done, or you may find that over the following days or weeks marked but more subtle changes occur, such as a lightening of mood or an easy letting go of old habits or simply an increase in confidence and well-being

What is being released? 

Unseen spirit energies that vary from Lost Earthbound spirits – those who are finding it hard to move on, or those that could be trapped by strong emotional ties or unfinished business; also Demonic Entities I.e black magic, voodoo, jinn’s, and there are many other energy’s that have been categorised and can be removed  

These are all incarnate energy’s that can be removed from people and helped into the light

  Please contact us for more details and to book a distance healing session.

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black magic voodoo spells

Black Magic, Hex,Curse,Evil Voodoo,Negative Energies,Spirits

Are you affected by Black Magic, Hex, Curse, Evil Voodoo, Negative Energies etc and you are looking for a solution. Then you are at the correct place. If you feel that you are affected by Evil Eye; Black Magic Spells; Hexes or Evil Voodoo Spells; then with the help of this powerful spiritual protection ; all the negative energies and black magic affects that have affected you and ruined your happiness can be destroyed for ever so that you will be able to live a happy and successful life.

Evil Voodoo is a very powerful black magic and it affects your money and will bring financial problems in your life; you will be surrounded by debts, may have lots of money problems; because of this evil voodoo you may not get promotion; any thing good you may try to do may result in a failure and this may go on. So it is important that you should be protected from this evil voodoo spell. Some times evil Voodoo doll is used to destroy the person. But again with the help of this spiritual protection  you will not only be protected but in future no such evil black magic will ever affect you or harm you.

Remember once you are affected by black magic then your life will immediately change; you will not be the same again; your thinking may change, you may become completely negative and the affects may be so bad that day after day things may be worse in your life.

The affects of Black Magic Voodoo, Curses and Hexes are so strong that without the help of a proper spell caster they can never be destroyed and so it is important to take spiritual protection as soon as possible so that the damage that is already in your life is stopped immediately.

Also Some times Voodoo doll Curses and Spells are used as a weapon of destruction to destroy you. As these evil powers attack you in dreams when you are sleeping. When this happens you may have very scary dreams and so when you get up in the morning you are sad and unhappy. Because of which whole day you are under the influence of negative energy and so nothing positive can happen in your life.

So now is the time when you may act now and before your life is completely destroyed go for the Black Magic Spiritual Protection  and be free from all your future problem and worries.

Some of the common reasons why you should go for the Black Magic Spiritual Protection  is

  • If you feel that some one has cursed you and has put an evil hex on you or has jinxed you.
  • If you feel that you have enemies whom you don’t know; and you are sure that they will create obstacles for you.
  • You feel that you are affected by Generational Curse. And like your ancestors you will also be destroyed by evil eye and negative energies.
  • If you feel that there are people jealous of you and their jealousy is destroying you
  •  People in your village or city don’t want you to be successful and so want to see you unhappy and destroyed

These are few of the examples, and so you may act now before it is too late. The powerful Black Magic Protection Talisman will protect you , will give you success and happiness and will destroy all your enemies.

The Voodoo Doll is the ultimate weapon in both Voodoo Black Magic dark arts. it is a special procedure employed in extremely difficult and seemingly impossible situations. It is an expensive procedure but produces amazing results. the effect is instant. one does not have to wait for results. as soon the pin goes in, the effect manifest that same second according the wishes of the Voodoo Priest and in accordance to the reason why the doll was made in the first place.

It can be used for revenge, find and retain love, destroy a marriage or relationship, improve business opportunities, win in games of luck, find a lost pet, cause illness, wreck havoc on lives and properties, paralyze an enemy, the list goes on and on according to the desire and wishes of the Voodoo High Priest.

This is not your everyday voodoo doll that you see being paraded on Internet websites made of cloth and stuffed with wool. these are items designed to mimic the real doll and used by charlatans for entertainment purposes.

The real Voodoo Doll is made of partly clay and partly wood as you can see from the picture above. it is calved in the image of the victim in a miniature form. when the calving is complete, something, a hair, nail clippings or used unwashed cloth that contains the victims DNA will be used to animate the Doll. animation is trapping the victim’s soul inside the doll. then a pin will be fabricated with the victims natal date of birth. one night, when the position of the planet Saturn and Jupiter are situated at an angle of attack relative to the sun, the pin goes in. the instant the pin goes into the doll, the victim begins to manifest what the voodoo priest intended it to do. the instructions for the victim is given to the doll through series of voodoo incantations that must be repeated in the original language. you change or replace one word and the entire procedure falls apart requiring a repeat of the procedure.

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