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Entity Attachment | Earthbound Spirits | Negative Energies |

entity attachmentIn my opinion Entity / Spirit Release is a natural process which doesn’t need to be cloaked in mystery.  Everything in the universe is made up of energy, spirit release simply deals with energies most of us cannot see and for the most part are unaware of.  Elbert Hubbard said ‘the supernatural is the natural not yet understood’, so let me explain a little from my understanding.  I’m sure our human perspective is only the tip of the iceberg but hopefully you’ll find the information useful and perhaps fill in a few gaps as this is a topic which is often unclear and can therefore sound far-fetched and scarier than need be.

Entity / Spirit Release is really all about how external energies can, on occasion, affect our energy system in detrimental ways.  For those in the know Entity / spirit release is generally thought of as rectifying the problem of ghosts or spirits becoming attached to our own energy system or taking up residency in our home or a place such as the scene of a traumatic death.  This is really just a small part of it, we are affected by external energy we cannot see everyday.  Heat from the sun on your skin is obvious but how about when someone stands too close to you on a packed tube or in a crowd?  You may feel they are touching you although they are not, you may feel uncomfortable or anxious although there is no threat, you may even feel emotions that aren’t your own – all of these feelings are due to your energy system which comes out a little way from your physical body coming into contact with the other person.  It’s not as odd as it sounds, we come into contact with other peoples energy everyday but we register the feeling that goes with it on an intuitive level rather than consciously.  Think about being near someone you love and are ‘in-tine’ with, how good that feels; then think of being near someone who you don’t get on with or is displaying a negative emotion, do you want to take a step back?  This is all completely natural and something we generally don’t have to think about, this blending of energies is how a psychic can tune in to you, all information about us is also stored in our energy system.

On occasion our energy bodies can be influenced by other external energies though.  Below I’ll talk about Entity / spirit attachments in terms of those that have died but there are other factors to consider.  Certain places hold strong energy imprints due to events that have taken place there, strong emotions can also be stored in places or an area. Curses fall under this category too. In a crowd situation such as a wedding, concert or sporting event the atmosphere rises and falls with the mood, it’s palpable and can be felt inside us effecting our own energy.

Using this concept as a framework it can be seen how easily our energy, and therefore us as a whole, can be affected and influenced through external energy.  There are some energies that are harmful to us though, these zap our strength, can be detrimental to our health and generally be very draining.  They can have anything from a minimal to massive and debilitating affect us.  Whether the source is natural energy from a place, negative energies from a place/person or from a discarnate soul, the goal of entity / spirit release is the same – to remove, cleanse, re-balance and restore the person/place/soul to optimum health and to prevent the problem happening again.

There have always been stories of ghosts and spirits in every culture all over the world.  They range from the comic to the tragic; stories of helpful spirits, mischievous ghosts and frightening poltergeists.  Horrifying accounts of possession and haunted houses with the capability to evict their terrified owners.  Whatever your belief system you’ll probably have heard at least one or two stories, perhaps from people you know well, that cannot be easily explained.  There is in fact an extensive amount of evidence to prove something paranormal is going on, but what? If these are ‘ghosts’ why are some helpful and others petrifying, are they really the same thing?  Also if life after death is as good as we’re told why do they remain here and for what purpose?

Is death the end?  When we die our consciousness, the soul, survives death.  Although we leave the physical body behind our energy body which is the very essence of us lives on and changes to a vibration more appropriate to not having a dense physical body.  We are still ‘us’ though, we take with us our life experiences, memory and personality – it’s simply the inner part of us, our consciousness that survives death.

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes, isn’t that the truth.  One thing we all have in common is that at some point in the future we will all inevitably die and our energy body will move on.  When we are born there are people there to help us, we’re not expected to do it alone; the same applies when we die, we are supported and helped throughout the process – all we need do is let it happen.

If not what’s next?  When this transition is complete we become ‘spirit’, a perfectly natural state even more so than inhabiting the bodies we have now according to those who communicate with spirit and from the thousands of documented cases of near death experiences and Life between Lives Regression sessions. In this state we are capable, if appropriate, to help and ‘be around’ those we were close to and loved whilst alive.  Our vibration changes considerably, it’s therefore not always an easy task to get the message across. Communication from spirit is generally felt fleetingly with an inner ‘knowing’ or thought popping in to your head, they may appear in dreams or provide a ‘sign’ relating to the information they want to impart.  They may simply want to let people know they are still near, safe and well.  Mediums have the ability to ‘tune in’ to this vibration or frequency and can often supply wonderful evidence of life after death.

How does free will play a part?  There is a universal law, the law of free will; in life we all have the right to choose in everything we do even though it doesn’t always feel like it.  The same law applies after death, we cannot be forced to do anything we don’t want to, freedom of choice is always ours.  This does mean however a minority of those who die fail to make the transition successfully.  They remain mentally and energetically attached to the earth plane and so cannot progress, their souls become what is known as ‘earthbound’ more commonly known as ghosts.  Reasons for this can include a traumatic death, anxiety over a loved one or situation, concern over unfinished business, strong beliefs which do not fit in with the events unfolding, fear (‘I’ve been bad, I’ll go to hell’).

Choosing to remain earthbound.  Earthbound spirits reject the help being given to them, they choose instead to stay close to the earth, their vibration being still similar to our own as the transition into spirit had only just started.  Many earthbounds are in a state of confusion and denial, some replay events over and over, it’s as if time has stopped for many of them whilst they remain in this limbo state.  To them ‘spirit’ appear like ghosts to us and they shy away from them not realising they’ve come to help.  Earthbounds can generally see us and be around us just the same as before, in fact many are very confused and saddened by the fact people seem to be taking no notice of them or they may even think everyone is ignoring them.

A common problem.  It’s worth noting many of us have unfinished business when we die, spirit helpers are compassionate and understanding, if we need more time, sometimes up to a few days or in rarer cases weeks before we’re ready to move on it’s often granted.  As long as the link is kept with spirit and not turned away from souls have been able to stay for their own funeral or to see their loved ones are taken care of and will be ok.  This isn’t simply speculation, there are many documented regression sessions which support this theory.  These souls are not earthbound, you could say they are simply living on the earth plane on borrowed time.  I mention this as many of you may have lost loved ones in the past and felt their presence strongly afterwards, or received a sign from them in the days and weeks after their death.  Do not worry, this is perfectly natural, only a small percentage of people remain earthbound and they normally have a very good reason, or to them it seems like a good reason at least.

So what happens to earthbound spirits?  With nothing to do and no where to go they may stay in a property that holds fond memories for them such as their home or on occasion their workplace. In cases of a traumatic death they sometimes remain at the scene of their death.  They may feel more comfortable remaining with a person, perhaps a loved one or someone who was close by and compassionate at the time of their death.  Sadly addicts who remain earthbound tend to attach themselves to other addicts as they believe they are still dependent on the drug they were addicted to in life.  There can be many reasons, earthbound’s can easily attach to complete strangers who unintentionally have some form of hook which attracts them, perhaps they are bursting with the energy which the earthbound can benefit from or perhaps there is a link of a shared emotional, such as loneliness or anger.

Earthbound spirits can therefore attach to people or places, we call this spirit attachment.

How do I know if I’m affected by a Entity / spirit attachment?  The presence of earthbound spirits can affect people in a number of ways. The following is a sample of some symptoms that might indicate the presence of an earthbound spirit(s) or negative energies.  Please note the presence of one or more of the symptoms do not mean that you have a spirit attachment.  However, the more of these symptoms and the stronger they are, the higher the probability.

  • Lack of energy
  • Mood swings and character changes
  • Hearing disturbing voices
  • Abuse of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Impulsive behaviour
  • Memory disturbance and/or poor concentration
  • Sudden onset of anxiety, depression or physical problems with no apparent cause

Earthbound spirits tend to be more obvious in homes and places.  There are elements of truth in the old ghost stories, lights do often dim, it does feel like the warmth has been sucked out of the air and it can make our skin creep.  Items can be moved and spontaneous smells or noises can appear.  In simple terms this is all due to energy, they generally aren’t trying to be scary, the vibration level they are at is not compatible with our own so a warning bell goes off inside us when they are close making us feel unsettled and anxious.  To make contact they natural draw on the energy around them, heat and electricity are often used, it may feel strange and a little dramatic but understanding this fact goes some way to seeing how those old ghost stories came about!  More often than not they are simply trying to get our attention and need help.  Like a child though they will kick out if ignored indefinitely, imagine how frustrating it must be to be an earthbound spirit.  This is one of the reasons we must help them move on to their rightful place for their own benefit and ours.

How can a spirit attachment be removed from a person and/or place?  By a professional, someone specifically trained in this field.  Mediums link in with the vibration of spirit, a Spirit Release Practitioner has trained, or developed their natural ability to tune in to this lower earthbound vibration.

I use a gentle approach recognising the plight of earthbound spirits, they can feel upset, frightened and confused too.  Most simply feel lost and are glad someone has finally come to talk to them and help them. Rather than just casting them out which unfortunately conventional exorcism does we help the earthbound spirit move on to where it should be, often using our abilities as healers and even counselors to ensure it is their own choice and free will that moves them on to where they should be, preventing them from attaching to someone else or returning as can happen with exorcism. In doing this we heal both the person and/or place and the earthbound spirit.

Whether the attachment resided with a person or a place once it has been removed the energies are cleansed, re-balanced and healed from any damage caused unintentionally by the earthbound spirit.  The reasons for the attachment in the first place are addressed too and tools are given to prevent this occurrence happening again to either the place or person/people affected.  Far from being scary most releases are actually quite peaceful, full of information, understanding, humour and love.

Entity / Spirit Release treatment for people
A spirit release session is really not as freaky or frightening as it sounds. It’s a comfortable, safe and simple process.  All you have to do is sit in a comfortable chair and relax.  The treatment can take many forms, depending on the nature of the symptoms, energies or spirits involved.  Each situation is unique, most cases can be resolved in 1-3 sessions, I recommend separate healing sessions too to correct any damage to your energy system and re-build with strong positive energy.

During the session we like to find the root cause of why the attachment joined in the first place if we can as sometimes it’s an indicator of something deeply buried within us which also needs healing. Treatment is safe, you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards and gives you the tools and understanding to protect your own energy system and put protection around loved ones and your home.

Terms and their meanings associated with Spirit Release

Entity / Spirit Attachment is the presence of a living or deceased entity in the energy field (aura) of a person or a place.

Haunting is when a building, place or object is associated with ghosts, poltergeists and spirits.

Exorcism is a word created and mainly used by the Christian and Catholic church that effectively refers to conventional spirit release, the casting out of spirits.

Possession is where an entity has entered the person’s body and remains within.

Psychic Attack involves an external energy which has a negative impact on a person’s sense of wellbeing. It can come from people or from environmental factors.

Curses are the effects of negative energy or thoughts being sent from another person. Often associated with witchcraft, they are most often the preserve of “witch doctors” and similar, common place in some afro-Caribbean and Turkish cultures and religious beliefs.

Soul Retrieval is when a fragment of a person’s soul that has been left somewhere, for example at the time and place of a trauma, is re-integrated with the person.

Soul Rescue can refer to either spirit release or soul retrieval.

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soul loss and spirit release

Entity Removal, Soul Loss & Fragmentation, Spirits in Aura

Our aura protects us from harm. As our aura tears, rips or is ruptured by tearing, these openings allow energies through that use our energy for their own existence. Anger, emotional upset, illness, sexual trauma, rape, sexual molestation, alcohol, prescription medication as well as smoking marijuana or taking other drugs creates holes in our auric field.When holes occur, these entities are opportunistic and find a home attached to unsuspecting hosts.
Soul Fragmentation. Every human has a soul. As we experience deep trauma our soul fragments like shards of glass causing us to lose our personal power and become weakened.
Soul fragmentation is most often seen with those who are victims of sexual molestation, rape or abandoned emotionally by an alcoholic parent. Once fragmentation occurs, this broken feeling prevails until the fragmentation is repaired by a true healer or Shaman.
The soul is comprised of layers and parts which can break off and be separated when deep trauma occurs. When we experience deep trauma our saving grace is to be able to shut down that part of ourselves by breaking away or closing down. This mechanism is a survival technique that occurs automatically, as the psyche cannot experience the truth of what is occurring. These shards of the soul go into another dimension. Often people who have been molested are numbed  and unaware of the deep pain they continue to experience internally.

Ignoring the past doesn’t clear up the damage or the entities that attach during such a traumatic experience. 

Soul Loss and Fragmentation. When humans stop experiencing emotional upheaval and emotional or physical trauma they will stop losing parts of their soul. Getting our emotions under control is part of this process. Until then, soul loss is a problem that causes us to feel lost, broken and incomplete.
Soul Retrieval. Soul retrieval restores your personal power. My work as a light worker and healer is to repair these soul parts and re-implement them back into the soul. Before I retrieve them to repair they need to be cleaned and then reassimilated before the soul feels complete and whole again.
Entity Removal. Removal of entities causes a feeling of calm, peace and freedom to occur. Anxiety and depression are often eliminated in one or two sessions.  People report feeling safe, and much less fearful. Mind chatter is reduced and deep sleep occurs. Insomnia is one of the side-effects of entity attachment.
Sleep Paralysis. If you have ever been awakened in the middle of the night, and felt a presence in your bedroom doorway – frozen in fear you want to scream but can’t, this is a demon using your fear as energy. Your fear is harvested to feed the entity.

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Factors that influence How Entity Attachment Affects A Person



  • The temperament of the host soul. Some people handle entity possession far better than others. This has to do with one’s state of health, one’s maturity level, the balance of the personality and other subtle factors.  In one case, it might not cause much of an effect, while in someone else it can cause frank schizophrenic tendencies, intense confusion or anger, or other symptoms.
  • The temperament and personality of the invading soul. Attachment of a fairly benign and advanced soul may cause few problems, and as explained in the section above, the experience can be positive one.However, if the invading soul is infantile, very angry or very mischievous, then the problems it can cause are far more severe.
  • The age of a person at the time of attachment. If it occurs at a very young age, it usually causes more havoc than when it occurs in an adult, for instance, although this is not necessary the case.
  • The age of death of the invading soul’s body, or state of maturity of the invading soul. The invading soul may have died as a child, and this will cause often infantile effects in the host soul. If, however, the invading soul was old at the time it entered the host soul, the host may develop symptoms of aging at a very young age such as blurred vision, aches and pains, etc.  In other words, the ailments and thinking of the invading soul matter a lot.
  • Degree of possession. Attachment by an entity can be very mild or peripheral, or it can be very intense. This has to do with various factors such as where the invading soul is, the time of attachment, the strength or power of the invading soul, and the strength and health of the host soul, among other factors.
    For example, if the host is weak, yin or ill, it is far easier for an invading soul to take a firm hold and be difficult to remove.  If a host uses drugs, even marijuana, it is far easier for an invading soul to take hold and the hold is deeper and harder to eliminate.
  • Sex of the invading entity. This can cause odd effects of all kinds.The invading entity may be interested in those of the same or the opposite sex, and may exert a strong influence on the person.
    The only way to find the truth is to have an entity clearing so that the living host can end any confusion due to invading entities.  This is often difficult because the host may be weak and there can be a slew of entities to remove.  Nutritional balancing is most helpful here, to strengthen the host.  Indeed, occasionally a person changes their sexual preference on a nutritional balancing program, and this is one reason for it.

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Types of Entity Attachments

Soul / Entity Attachment

Soul attachment and release is a topic that is not discussed much. Yet it is real.  It is included on this website because it definitely affects some people’s health and well-being.  Soul attachment occurs when the soul of one person who has usually passed on or died, finds its way inside the body of another living person.

I realize that this phenomenon scares many people.  However, it can be helpful to learn about things that seem frightening or strange.  This is the purpose of this short article.

Here is a brief understanding of this unusual phenomenon as I understand it.




Discarnate souls can attach to a person for the following reasons:


  1. Confused entities after death due to a quick accident or fast-moving illness. In these cases, the discarnate soul attaches because it does not realize fully that the body it inhabited has died, because it happened suddenly, and the soul is basically confused.
  2. Nasty entities. These are discarnate souls that cause problems for people, for various reasons. Often the discarnate soul was abused while its body lived, and it is angry, upset, resentful and wants to cause damage to others.  Such entites are common, in fact, and can cause one to have an accident, be promiscuous, perhaps, steal, lie, cheat and even commit murder.  They can also cause your death by distracting you while you are driving, or in some other way, but usually by causing you to be careless.  This is why always being very careful when driving or doing anything dangerous is imperative.  You never know when “forces” are present that want to hurt you for some reason.
  3. Females. These are very special nasty entities that are here to defend children, interestingly, and they influence women to have children. Unfortunately, they do it by making women more sensual, more sexy, and more provocative and “dirty”, one might say.  These are called female entities because they cause women to become “females”, or very attractive to men to have children with, have sex with, rape, and even murder, on occasion.  This is why they are dangerous.
  4. Supportive or crutch entities. These are discarnate souls that “move in” when a person’s body or mind are weak. A crutch entity “fills a hole”, so to speak, and in some way supports the body.

During a nutritional balancing program, the program improves adrenal activity drastically in many cases.  As a result, a crutch entity will be no longer needed and will leave of its own accord.  When such a one leaves the body suddenly, the person may experience what is called a crash landing in nutritional balancing science.  This is a quick decline in the oxidation rate, causing extreme fatigue and perhaps feelings of depression.  This passes, but is often uncomfortable for a few days or longer.  It is like forcefully having a crutch removed, and the body feels weak and shaky until it gets used to working under its own power.

A second way crutch entities support the body is to prevent the entrance or attachment of nasty entities.  A third way is to move a soul in the right direction toward health and happiness when a person’s main soul, also called its entity soul, is confused, ill, ignorant, arrogant or just not acting rationally for some other reason.

  1. Mischievous entities. These are generally what may be called immature discarnate souls that float around and may attach themselves to attractive young men and women, for example, so they can experience sex vicariously, or just take a shower with a pretty lady, for example.They are also common, and usually do not cause much harm. Some are aware of them, as they may laugh or do other things that attract attention to themselves.  Children sometimes sense their presence and are afraid.

Some perform useful functions, but most of the time they are just lost souls who need to move on after death, but are having a good time as voyeurs, spies, stalkers, spectators and more.  They can usually be easily coaxed to move on.

  1. Sickness entities that may attach after a rape or other trauma, or possibly during an illness. When a body weakens for any reason, some entities can attach to the body more easily. They are generally the mischievous type, but may be the nasty type.  Rarely, they are crutch entities, there to save the person, but this is less common today.

When a woman is raped, for example, she usually picks up a slew of harmful, nasty or just mischievous entities from the rapist.  Some entities enjoy hanging around rapists for the fun of it, or to burrow into the woman raped for some sort of odd sexual experience.  It is just one of the poisons a woman picks up during a rape.  Other traumas and illnesses can also result in entity attachment for various reasons.

  1.  Drug and alcohol-related entites. Anyone who uses drugs or alcohol will pick up entities when in a high, inebriated, drunken, stoned state of mind.  It even happens with the use of some medical sedatives such as Oxycontin and others, or even too many sedative herbs, possibly.  This is a serious problem for those who need drugs for pain, for example.  It also makes places like bars and cocktail lounges quite dangerous for anyone to be in, as some entities hang around them, hoping to find someone to attach to.
  2. Entities can enter easily if your thinking is deranged. Some will not like me to say this, but thoughts of weakness, fear, depression, frustration, hostility, resentment, victimhood, rage, anger and other negative emotional states often opens a person up to entity attachment.The reason is probably that the person is off balance, and these emotions severely weaken the body and mind.  Entity attachment is far greater among secular-minded people for this reason, and among those of liberal and left-wing persuasion than they are among more religious people of any religion.

In fact, preventing entity attachment is one of the goals of all religions, along with helping people remove harmful entities.  This is discussed in the bible and in many holy books of other religions, as well.  Even if the religious teachings are flawed or false, having a religious attitude seems to help prevent entity attachment in some way.  Perhaps it relieves anxiety and helps control negative emotions in many people.

  1. Entities that come in when a baby is born. Although it is not mentioned much, whenever a baby is born, entities gather around.Unortunately, newborns are vulnerable to entity attachment. It could even happen before birth, but it definitely happens at and right after birth.

Most of these entities are placeholder, crutch or another type of beneficial entity today, but not always.  Having your baby at home, if possible, prevents some of this, but not all.  Loving parents, by the way, serve as a protective shield to keep some entities away from babies and children.  This is one reason many babies like to sleep in the same room, or even the same bed as a parent.  It is also a reason to always watch your children carefully, and never let them out of your sight.  Also be very careful with whom you leave your children such as babysitters, day care centers, schools, etc.

  1. Sexually related entities. Some entities love being inside a woman’s vagina, or perhaps inside a man. When people have sex, particularly casual sex with people not their spouse, entity attachment is extremely common.  It almost goes with the territory.  This is a powerful reason to not engage in casual sex, even if you are single and unattached.  It is very easy for entities to attach during and after sexual intercourse.  For one thing, the person is vulnerable.  For another, sex always depletes the body to a degree, and this greatly favors entity attachment.
  2. Stress entities that come in when one is ill, malnourished or hungry, dehydrated, angry, resentful or depressed. This is unfortunate, but whenever the body is out of balance, it is far easier for certain entities to attach themselves to that body. This is an important reason to always keep yourself well hydrated, well-fed, well-rested and relaxed as much as possible.

Many people, for example, go on a vacation to relax.  However, the trip is stressful, the food is not as good as home-cooked, one drinks some alcohol, perhaps, and stays up late because one does not have to go to work the next day, and perhaps has more sex than usual.  The result is entity attachment, that can remain for years.



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Spirit Attachment & Releasement

Spirit attachment has been known about by mediums and psychics for a very long time but is only now coming into the limelight – mainly due to the increase in paranormal investigations. Spirit attachment is basically just what it says. A living person has the energy or spirit of a dead person/entity attached to them. Many are parasitic, some malevolent others are benign. There are also the few rare cases where it is alleged that spirits have attached to people who then are able to do things they had no talent for previously such as writing music, painting, drawing, and writing poetry and so on. However, in most cases attachments range from being temporary and unpleasant to long-term and terrifying. There are also physical and mental health complications.

Spirit attachment is very common and unfortunately nearly always goes unnoticed although some situations can be very upsetting indeed.

Some people are more susceptible to picking up stray spirits than others. There are many ways of unintentionally picking up spirits. Hospitals and pubs are very likely places – hospitals, because people die in them, and therefore there are likely to be more lost souls in hospitals than in other places and pubs, because tend to attract the lost souls of alcoholics which then in turn attach themselves to a person so they can have the pleasure of drink.

It is possible that you can pick up lost souls (spirits) when you get very emotional or from being unconscious from an accident, or an operation, as this can alter your mind pattern and put you in a state where you are more likely to pick them up. Further, some people’s energy fields are very susceptible and for some reason they just attach conversely, other people’s energy fields are strong in such a way that spirits just never do attach. It must be realized that these symptoms could have other causes and may not be in any way connected to an attached spirit.

Besides Earthbound spirit, ghost or lost soul attachment, other factors should also be considered such as thought forms, psychic attack, curses and vows, past life attachments and ancestral patterns, inner child residuals, dark forces and demons, collective unconscious, and mind control programs. Some paranormal investigators and researchers also consider elementals, ET implants and entity clusters.

Most people who die move from the Earth realm to higher realms. A spirit attachment is a person who has died (aka leaving their physical body) but not moved beyond the earth plane. This can happen for several reasons: they missed the window available to return to the Light, they had a sudden, traumatic death and did not realize they died, or they had family members/loved ones clinging to them energetically, unable to accept their passing.

 As a result of missing the opportunity to move on, they remain here, and may attach to someone living. In certain cases, rather than attaching to a person, a spirit will choose to inhabit a location—a home or other building—where they feel comfortable.

 Spirits who attach to an individual—or their surroundings—affect that person emotionally, physically, and spiritually, as long as they stay with him or her ie;  they may experience nightmares, audible whispers at night etc. This can last an entire lifetime if they do not get  the right help. Luckily, any type of spirit attachment can be removed and sent where they need to go, for good.

Why do spirits attach to the living?

The most common reason spirits attach is because they have the ability to do so, and often go undected. We are all energy. So are they. Most people can’t see spirits with the naked eye because spirits no longer have the density of a human body. As a result, they are able to come and go as they choose.

 These beings may feel lost without a physical body and decide to attach because coexisting with a live person gives them the chance to do human things again.  A spirit that had bad habits while living, takes them with them when they die, ie; smoking, drinking, swearing etc. While inhabiting a person—commnonly known as a possession—they can eat, drink, have sex, and feel all the normal physical pleasures and actions they felt before death. A person who drinks moderately may suddenly find themselves drinking noticeably more if they attract a spirit who drank excessively.

 Karmic attachments almost always involve a personal connection with the person they attach to. The person who died often wants to even a score because they feel unresolved about a life changing incident that occurred with the living person. As a result, they carry feelings of hurt, anger, revenge – enough resentment to attach to the individual they feel wronged them. This can be an experience from this or a former life.

 Spirits that are not karmic are attracted to individuals they feel a resonance with.  This can be a person who reminds them of someone they knew and liked. It can also be someone who shares similar emotional issues, such as depression and grief. Also, the dominant personality of the spirit does not change after it leaves the body. For example, if they were a person who lived a life of drama they will be attracted to someone with similar tendencies.

 Another common reason that entities to attach to the living is that they are in fear. They are concerned about suffering consequences from the way they lived their lives. This is especially true if they hold any regrets or shame about how they treated people, or actions they took while on the Earth-plane.

Many fear leaving the familiar realm—the Earth‐plane—because what exists “out there” is unknown. Our society does not teach people how to prepare for when they transition (die). They may also be concerned that they will end up in “Hell,” as they learned it from their religion, parents, school.

When Does Spirit Attachment Happen?

When you are in a vulnerable or weakened state, and your energy field is open.
  • During traumatic and abusive events, especially sexual abuse
  • During moments of fear and panic
  • While using alcohol, drugs, narcotics, pain pills, sleeping pills
  • During severe emotional experiences (such as anger, rage, hatred, desire for revenge, depression, and self-destructive feelings)
  • While giving or receiving healing energy without proper spiritual protection
  • While knocked unconscious from accidents or falls with a blow to the head
  • While unconscious during surgical anesthesia
  • Organ transplant
  • Death of family members or friends
  • Terminated pregnancies or miscarriages of your own or your mother
  • While visiting hospitals or places where people are in fear
  • While visiting places with a history of tragic death
  • During combat

Spirit Attachment of dark energies or demonic entities may cause:

  • Sudden severe illness
  • Night terrors and nightmares
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Obsessive compulsive thoughts
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms
  • Post Partum Depression
  • Irrational behavior
  • Multiple personalities
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Criminal behavior
  • Mental illness
  • Insanity
  • Patterns of trauma and tragedy in family
  • Schizophrenia
  • Fear of a Higher Power, White Light, Spiritual Deities

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