Evil Entity, Spirit, Negative Energy, Curses, Psychic Attack

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Evil Entity, Spirit, Negative Energy, Curses, Psychic Attack

entity attachmentMuch of our negative mind chatter, and negative emotions come from entity attachments or entity harassment. They can cause serious health problems, accidents,, and serious disruption of relationships, finances, and sleep. Possessing/obsessing/attaching entities collect around samskaras and negative thought and emotional patterns. On the astral plane, like attracts like. Entity attachments can cause negative programming of the subconscious mind. They are behind depression, anxiety, bloating, anger, and compulsions of every kind.

Fragmented parts can be reintegrated as energy fields clear. The “pain body” can be purified of lower astral influences and attachments. Negativity can be transformed so the spiritual soul can shine.

What Is Spirit Attachment?

Spirit attachment, entity attachment or possession is the invasion of one’s body by a dis-incarnate spirit, a lower astral entity (astral personality fragment of a spirit that has passed on, or demons), or by other negative energies.

These entities interfere with a person’s freedom of the mind, body
and spiritual sovereignty. They can interfere with your life by being in the body, by hovering behind the body, or by being in the personal environment. The desire of these spirits is to create confusion, take control, spread violence, cause emotional /physical pain and degradation and demeaning of humans

What Are the Signs of Attachment?

Entities and negative energies can have varying degrees of influence over their host, ranging from a mild energy drain to almost total possession (which is extremely rare).

Common signs are:

  •  Hearing voices
  • Sudden cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.– especially after surgery or a traumatic event
  • Sudden weight gain-especially after surgery or a traumatic event
  • Fears and phobias
  • Sudden changes in behavior-such as increased anger, depression and thoughts of suicide
  • Serious illness of unknown cause
  • Loss of energy
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Unexplained physical problems-such as pain from an undetermined cause
  • Migraine headaches
  • Night terrors and nightmares
  • Panic or anxiety attacks
  • Multiple personalities

What Are Entities and Negative Energies?

Earthbound spirits, lower astral entities (astral fragments of the personality of the departed), and dark energy forces are the most common types of possessing entities. The spirit is the part of us that survives after death of the physical body. Sometimes spirits just don’t know what to do when their physical body dies, so they stay in the earth plane and can attach to living people, or remain in a specific place (thus a haunting spirit or ghost). Dark energy forces can be termed demons. They have never been alive in their own physical bodies, and are usually on a mission to destroy. Curses, psychic attacks and negative thought forms are negative energies generated by living people.

How Do They Get In?

In order for entities to attach to a human, that person must be vulnerable in some way. An earth-bound spirit may attach while the human is unconscious for any reason-be it trauma, anesthesia in surgery, a blow to the head, drunkenness, etc. Severe stress, exhaustion, grief, extreme anger, fear, or guilt can also open a person for attachment. Without proper protection, such things as channeling, mediumship, and automatic writing are open invitations for possession, as is being present at a seance, or using an Ouija board. Childhood abuse, rape, or incest can allow entities to attach. Sometimes, after the death of a loved one a person can unknowingly
invite attachment of that loved one with thoughts such as “don’t leave me. I don’t want to let you go.” Once an entity gains entry, a “hole” in the aura is in effect present, which allows for more attachments.

Hospitals, cemeteries, and funeral homes are common places to pick up entities. Spirits tend to sometimes hang around the place where their bodies died, or hang around the body itself. Negative energies such as psychic attacks and curses are generated by other living people.

Negative thought forms which we ourselves generate (such as fear, anger, jealousy and anxiety) can invite in and “feed” psychic attacks and curses. A form of spiritual healing known as Spirit Releasement is employed to clear a person of attachments and negative energies.

What Is Spirit Releasement/Exorcism?

Spirit Releasement, also known as depossession, is the process of releasing entities from living people. This can be done remotely (from a distance), or in person. Remote exorcism can be done without the conscious knowledge of the person on whom we are working, but permission is always requested from that person’s higher self before the procedure is undertaken.

In the Releasement /exorcism process, darkness is transformed into the golden light of the sun (inner alchemy) and entities, spirits, and other energies are released to their appropriate place in the Divine Light.

In cases of earthbound spirit attachment, the entity is simply made aware of its situation and lovingly guided into the Light, usually into the care of a loved one who comes to help in the transition. Curses and negative energies are removed by severing connections and transforming the energies from detrimental to beneficial.

Does This Really Help People?

Releasement has been very beneficial to many people, but it is not a cure-all. Once the entities are released, the problems that they had been causing tend to clear up quickly. The degree of improvement also depends on how much influence the entities have had on the host. Sometimes entities are released and the changes are so subtle that the person may notice no changes at all. This is simply because of the nature of the attachment. Unfortunately, Spirit Releasement is usually used as a last resort. I feel that releasing these entities can be quite effective before one spends a great deal of time on lengthy traditional therapy. Spirit releasement presents no
threat of danger or ill effects to a person. However, a person may sometimes feel tired for a day or so after the release has been accomplished.

What About Places That Are Haunted by Spirits or Negative Energies?

Spirits usually have a reason for haunting specific places; for instance: sudden death, or death from violent or traumatic causes. They may have “unfinished business” or “a score to settle.” They may be unwilling to give up their physical possessions. They may be confused or not realize they are physically dead. These spirits can also be released by remote means.

Negative energies may inhabit places for many different reasons. Places where violence or traumatic deaths have occurred may retain the overall energy of those happenings–battlefields, for instance. Homes where people constantly fight or argue with each other may retain the negativity of those actions.

An example of positive yet solemn energy clinging to a place is The Wall memorial to Viet Nam war casualties. This energy has been created by visitors to the memorial paying homage to their fallen comrades and loved ones.

Anger – Jealousy – Fear – Guilt

These are just a few examples of negative energies generated for various reasons. Negative thoughts take many forms and affect people in many different ways.

Psychic attack by another person (you may not even be aware of their feelings
toward you): Another person’s anger, jealousy or other negativity toward you may be strong enough to constitute a psychic attack on you. Conversely, your negativity toward others may psychically attack them, even without your conscious intent to “attack.”

Curses–an extreme form of psychic attack. People who practice the black arts
sometimes perform certain rituals to initiate curses.

Environments–places and objects–can harbor or hold residual vibrations from past negative actions associated with them–for instance, battlefields or disaster sites such as airline crashes.

Relationships that have ended unhappily or unpleasantly may leave negative
“strings” attached. Negative “bonds” are extremely

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Spirit Possession Syndrome| Mind Fragments|Entity Attachment

Spirit Possession Syndrome is often confused with Multiple Personality Disorder, there are however distinct differences between the two. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is the fragmenting of the personality usually as a response to extreme physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse during childhood. Different sub-personalities are formed that are more equipped to deal with these abusive episodes. An individual who suffers from this disorder may experience amnesia while one of the sub-personalities is in control, however, many who suffer from MPD will remain conscious and suffer unexplainable physical or emotional symptoms.

Spirit Possession Syndrome (SPS) is the actual physical or mental attachment of a consciousness to another person; the most common of which are earthbound spirits. The attachments may be benevolent, malevolent or neutral in intention. Spirits may attach themselves to a human being for many reasons including fear of the unknown after death, drug or alcohol addiction that is carried on after death, or to love and support a loved one. Spirits can enter the system during times of stress or extreme emotion, surgery, sexual ecstasy, physical, mental or emotional abuse. As this is not an inclusive list, it does give the range of possibilities of entry by earthbound spirits.

When an earthbound spirit(s) attaches itself to an individual, it can resemble MPD in that the fears and preferences of the attaching spirit can override the preferences of the individual and often can produce amnesia while the attaching spirit is in control.

While MPD and SPS resemble each other, the goal of treatment is quite different. In treating MPD, the goal is to reintegrate the sub-personalities back into the larger personality; while treating SPS, the goal is simply to remove the attaching spirit from the person suffering from SPS.

Mind Fragments

When an individual suffers a trauma, the person’s Psyche (defined as the sum total of all his experiences) fragments. In other word, a piece or the psyche (mind/soul) of that person is left behind. That mind-fragment then may attach to another person after separation. If that individual dies, the soul fragment may stay attached to that person after he’s gone, even if the fragmented person is still alive.

An example of this was a woman whom had her deceased brother attached to her. Even though both parties were agreeable to the idea of him going to the light, the brother said it was to far away and was unable to detach. In querying her brother further, they discovered that a mind-fragment of their mother was still attached to her dead brother and thus keeping him from moving into the light.

Mind-fragments appear to be able to go just about anywhere. They can remain with detached body parts, can go into the Light, or be found in past lives. Attachment of mind-fragments of people who are living to those who are deceased does not seem out of the realm of possibility when viewed from this perspective. The death of a popular leader or entertainer may bring rise to such grief that fragmentation may occur in the population in general. This may cause fragmentation and result in the attachment of mind-fragments of those who deeply mourn these individuals. It seems that in the spirit world, all things are possible and most go beyond the understanding of the ego.

Categories of Mind Fragments

Below are the categories of mind-fragmentation including Sub-Personality and Alter Personality, Fragment Sub-personality, Submerging, Shifting, Fading, Separation, Evacuation, Pre-Natal Separation and Dissipation.

Sub-personality and Alter Personality

This category of mind fragmentation can resemble paranoia. These personalities usually form for the purpose of protecting the individual or helping him meet unfulfilled needs and are often formed during childhood while experiencing or witnessing severe trauma. The treatment for this condition is to illicit cooperation from the sub-personality and eventual integration into the main personality.

Fragment Sub-personality

Fragment Sub-personality is the fragmentation of the formed sub-personality described above and can occur after the original splitting away of the main personality. When the sub-personality is exposed to a trauma, it can split just like the main personality. When treating this, the fragments of the sub-personality must be retrieved before integration back into the main personality.
Submerging often happens to a sub-personality that is considered a severely damaged inner child. Because of the severe abuse that often accompanies these personality splits, the more sensitive parts tend to submerge leaving the more aggressive aspects to take care of the problems he is facing. Since the child is the basis for adult life, bringing the child up is important for the health of the client.

Shifting is the moving of consciousness out of the body and is often a coping mechanism for people who suffer abuse or other trauma. The client may feel spacey and may often “drift away”. It is a feeling of not being in the body. The fragment stays outside but close to the body.


Fading is the feeling that one would just like to become invisible in the world and is a condition usually found among children of alcoholics. Because of the fear of past and possibility of future pain, the fragment would choose to be invisible as a way to avoid this pain.


Separation is a percentage of leaving and following at a safe distance still attached to the original soul-mind. This separation can be caused by the loss of a relationship, limbs, accidents, surgeries or severe traumas. This separation leaves the person susceptible to spirit attachment.


Evacuation is a more distant form of separation and is usually caused by terror. The physical fragmentation can occur with the separation of limbs from the body and often occur during amputations, battle wounds or other instances where body parts may have been removed both in past and present lives.

Pre-Natal Fragmentation

Pre-Natal Fragmentation occurs when the soul does not fully join the baby at birth. This is usually caused by the soul rejected the life journey before birth. Soul Theft occurs when one person attempts to gain power over another person or may be caused by black magic or hexes.


Dissipation, or an unrecoverable fragment that has dissipated or dissolved into nothingness may be caused by a loss of a love that seemed emotionally severe to the client. Shattering can also occur as the fragments are shattered into little pieces. It is necessary to call on assistance for what the author refers to as soul rescue teams.


When an individual places a spell or a curse on an individual or a group, soul fragment(s) of the witch leaves and attaches to the person(s) that are involved. The fragments are accompanied by dark entities because one who practices black magic openly enlists the help of the darkness. When discovered, sending the fragments back to the “curser” or to the light is the remedy for healing curses.


A hex is used in witchcraft or magic. To put a hex on someone is to put a spell on him. This spell is usually done for harm, but always is an attempt to control the individual and take away his free will. When one puts a hex on someone, they fragment and those fragments attach to the person who has been hexed.

Other Entity Types

Other entity types include earthbound spirit, mind fragments, thought forms or various non-human entities including demonic beings.

Therapeutic Techniques that Uncover Entities

Past-Life Therapy Techniques.

When using past-life therapy to assist a client in understanding karma and letting go of the karmic residue, it appears that attachment from a past life can be a major source of the problem. In other words, the client may be dealing with a past life of an incarnate spirit or a fragment of the client attached to another and remaining in that life. An example of the former may include an attached spirit seeking revenge on the client for a past life conflict. Discovering this, the client can undergo SRT and PLT in alleviation of the problem.


Most of us have gone through some trauma in this or another lifetime resulting in the fragmenting of the soul-mind. This can result in a greater susceptibility to attached entities. When the attached entity is released, the mind fragment can be recovered assisting the client back to wholeness.

The direct approach.

When a therapist suspects an attachment, asking if there is anybody else here often takes the entity by surprise and will elicit a response from the attached entity. Listening to the client and watching for somatic clues is important in any therapy; the direct approach requires trust and confidence within the therapist.

Connected Breathing Technique.

This technique is especially useful for those who are uncomfortable expressing emotions and communicating. Attached spirits often causes hesitancy. The increased energy makes it difficult for attached spirits to remain hidden.

The Six Phases to Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT):

SRT is carried out in six phases including: Discovery and identification of any attached discarnate spirits or entities; Differential diagnosis; Dialogue with the spirit; Release of the spirit into the light; Sealing Light Meditation; and ongoing therapy. Each of these phases will be described below.

Discovery and identification of any attached discarnate spirits of entities.

One can identify an attached entity by noticing the presentation of the client during therapy. If the client identifies his behavior or feelings as not being his, this usually indicates an attachment. During this stage, the client is asked to identify the incarnate by finding out its name, how he manifests in his body, emotions and reactions and how and when it was able to attach to the client. The entity will usually identify itself as separate from the client.

Differential Diagnosis.

This part of the sequence involves discovering what type of attachment(s) is involved. The attachments can be an earthbound spirit, a mind fragment, thought forms or various non-human entities including demonic beings. Combinations of these attachments can also be found which may include earthbound spirits that have demonic attachments or mind fragments of living people that attached during past lives. Almost any combination is possible and has been found by the author. Understanding the nature of the attachment determines the necessary procedure in regard to its releasement.

Dialogue with the spirit.

Ordering an attached spirit to the Light causes resistance to the process of SRT. The dialogue with the spirit is to help it meet its needs and give it incentive to move on. This dialogue is used to break through the resistance of the attached entity and give it a greater motivation to go to the Light. When dealing with human entities, this is accomplished by clearing the residue that may be keeping it attached, or showing it that its efforts are harmful and fruitless. With non-human entities or demonic spirits, a tough love approach of capturing it and showing it its spark is used to overcome the fear of the Light and other dark beings.

Release of the spirit into the Light.

Once the conflicts are resolved and the resistance to letting go is dealt with, the attached entity is requested to go to the Light. The entity is asked to notice the Light and notice any familiar or trustworthy guides (such as angels) are there to guide him to the Light. The entity often apologizes and goes to the Light with these beings. The entity is directed to the Light set it on its spiritual path. Casting out the spirit invites attachment to another person.

Sealing Light Meditation.

Once the spirit has moved into the Light, “Cleanup Teams of the Light” are summoned to clean up any residue that may have been left behind and are asked to fill up the individual with white healing light. “The Healing Teams of the Light” fix any wounds left behind because of the attachment. The meditation has the client fill  with white light emanating from his divine spark. This light expands beyond his physical body and encases and protects him.

Ongoing Therapy

One session is usually not enough when considering the lifetimes of karmic debt. Also, other attachments may still be present. Ongoing therapy assists the client in continuing to let go of the burdens and debts they he has accumulated through the ages.

Remote Depossession

Remote Depossession is a technique where on individual will act as a surrogate for another individual in SRT. This is done for an individual who is unwilling or unable to release an attached spirit because of insufficient mental capacity or is under the control of the attached entity or demonic spirit.

This process is done through the induction of an altered state of consciousness. The surrogate will visualize the person and ask that individuals higher self if permission is given for the process to continue. If the answer is yes, then the surrogate looks into the eyes of that person to establish a connection with him. The surrogate may then perceive the presence of attached entities by noticing other faces, eyes or feel the presence of another. Once the fact of spirit attachment is ascertained, the client and therapist make sure that the boundaries between the therapist and the entity are established and the SRT is continued.

SRT is most effectively done in person with the full knowledge of the original subject; healing is most effective when the person acknowledges the problem and takes full responsibility for his healing. Remote SRT should be done only when the subject cannot work in person.

Releasing a Spirit into the Light.

Once all needs have been met, resistance bypassed and conflicts resolved, the attached spirits are usually willing to go to the Light. With all of these issues handled, the Light will appear to be closer and brighter. And the spirit is then released into the light.


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spirit possession

Common Ways Demon Spirits Gain Entry into the Souls of Human

spirit possessionA demon spirit can gain entry into the soul of a human being far more easily than people imagine. Demon spirits target all souls on Earth and look for holes in the aura, a weak shield of protection around the aura, and gaps or empty spaces in the soul they can reside. These gaps or empty spaces occur as a result of ‘soul fragmentation’ commonly due to emotional trauma. These demon spirits wish to remain “undetected” and seek to create further emotional and psychological imbalances in the soul of the human being they inhabit. Nearly all souls on Earth have been affected by this phenomena, yet remain oblivious to it. And this is because it is only a partial demon possession. According to my hypnotized clients, demons have only partial control over them. They can inhabit a part of their body and cause them physical and emotional problems, but they do not have full control over patients’ minds, bodies, and souls. Clients still have their (free) will.” Only when the soul has been completely overwhelmed by a vast amount of these demon spirits do more severe physical, emotional and psychological problems result. Below we outline the most common ways demon spirits gain “easy-entry” into the souls of human beings. Further below we outline common human conditions that are frequently and in some cases nearly always the result of demon spirit possession.

  • Soul Fragmentation caused by Fear / Fright / Shock / Trauma

This is the most common way demon spirits are able to access the souls of human beings. The soul of the human being can easily become fragmented or “split” due to emotional trauma, shock, fear, grief, etc. This leads to holes in the aura and gaps or empty spaces in the soul for demon spirits to enter and reside. As the soul experiences a traumatic situation, a part of it decides that it does not want to have that experience. Therefore, it breaks off and separates itself from the main part of the soul. One might envision that some of the balls inside the cage break away. The cage itself remains but it now has a void inside of it. You might have heard the saying that nature abhors a vacuum. When a part of the soul’s substance has been split off, there is a vacuum inside the crystalline structure of the soul, and something is going to fill that vacuum. Because of the imperfect conditions found on this planet, it is highly likely that the vacuum is invaded by non-material beings. These can be malicious entities, such as demons. The vast majority of human beings have some kind of split or fracture in their souls, and therefore they have been invaded by outside influences. ”

  • Watching Scary Frightening Movies

Whenever a human being uses its freewill to “voluntarily choose the experience of being scared and frightened”, it gives the “green light” for other fear-based demon spirits to enter its soul. Demon speaks during session: “We crowd around people when they are watching violent and horror movies, at home and in the movie theaters. When they become shocked and scared, their shields open and we can enter their bodies. Then we motivate them to watch more of these movies.”

  • Using Drugs and Alcohol

Whenever a human being uses drugs and alcohol to “escape reality” it opens itself up to demon possession. Demon speaks during session: “Drinking and using drugs can weaken and open their shields and we can come in and give them a desire to use more and more. We also send into them earthbound spirits who were addicted to drugs and alcohol, when they were living in their bodies. Once they enter people, they satisfy their addictions through their host. That is why drug and alcohol addicts have a hard time stopping their addictions. So far, we are very successful in making people believe that we do not exist. We do not want people to learn about us and how they can free themselves from us through prayers and other means. It will destroy us and we will do everything in our power to stop you.”

  • Watching Pornography

A human being opens itself up to demon possession whenever it watches pornography or X-rated movies. Demon speaks during session: “When people watch X-rated and pornographic movies, they lower their vibrations and open their shields for us to come in. Then we give them obsession to watch them more and more. Images are stored in the visual cortex. We can restimulate their visual cortex through a transmitter type of device and give them urges to watch these movies. We also squeeze their testicles and give them inappropriate sexual urges.”

  • Angry Outbursts / Holding onto Hate / Revenge / Non-Forgiveness

A human being opens itself up to demon possession whenever it becomes violent, angry, jealous, full of rage, hateful, veangeful and non-forgiving. Demon controlled earthbound entity: “We are taught how to keep people stirred up and fighting with each other. We have to make them constantly fight each other and keep them agitated. We can make the person angry and look through his eyes and go in the other person. We can get in almost every one of you this way. ‘It is the feelings that accompany these words that opens the person. ‘F**k’ is a very bad word. It also lowers the vibrations and opens the shield of a person.”

  • Being Anesthetized / Unconscious / Sedated / Physically Unwell / Having Surgery

A human being is vulnerable to demon possession whenever it is physically unwell, weakened or unconscious. “Entities in my clients often claimed that they entered the clients when the clients were physically ill, injured, knocked unconscious, sedated, or anesthetized. Some entities claim to come inside the clients while the clients are in the hospital after surgery or during an illness. They claim that hospitals are usually crowded with human and demon entities, waiting to enter people who are sick and open for possession.” Demon controlled earthbound entity: “We are told to look on earth for people who are in weakened condition, whose aura or shields are weak, uneven, and not bright and shiny. They will look depressed, nervous, unhappy, or sick in the hospital. We are told that people in the hospital, nursing homes, and funeral homes are easy to enter. So we often crowd in those areas.”

  • Loss / Grief / Sadness / Depression

Grief, sadness and depression create holes in the aura and is a common way demon entities can access the soul of a human being. Some possessing human and demon entities claim to have entered the clients while they were depressed, angry, sad, fearful, hateful, or grieving. Demon controlled entity speaking during the sesssion, “With negative feelings, you lose your soul parts, which in turn creates holes in the soul and thus in the body and we can enter them. This in turn lowers your vibrations. The real black beings, demons and black humans, can bounce in and out without much effort. Those of us who are not really black, we have to wait for the key moment. Basically there are two windows that you can enter. Window of negative energy, such as through negative emotions (grief, sadness, depression, etc). The window of positive energy is bad because we can get burned and we won’t get to come back.”

  • Using Ouija Board / Sitting in Seance / Spiritual Channeling / Conjuring / Divination / Tarot Cards / Psychic Readings

Whenever a human being opens up to the world of spirit without full God protection or communicates with spirits less than at the level of Christ Consciousness, it is vulnerable to demon possession. Sometimes clients reported being possessed by human or demon entities while playing with a Ouija Board, channeling, doing automatic writing, or sitting in a seance. Playing with conjuring games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Demons can also open people up for possession. In all these situations, clients reported that they voluntarily called and invited an outside spirit to give them information and as a result opened their shields for possession. When you seek to control / predict the future through psychic readings or divination tools such as tarot cards, this causes you to enter the ‘expectation-fear consciousness’. This is the Anti-buddha consciousness that opposes ‘living in the now’. It also opposes the development of God’s Buddha consciousness whereby you ‘accept everything and control nothing out of fear’. When you call on spirit to give you answers from the spirit world using the fear-based expectation consciousness, you leave yourself more open to the influence of dark forces working through these unprotected mediums that are built upon this fear-based consciousness.

  • Playing Video Games / Listening to Loud Rock Music

A human being opens itself up to demon possession whenever it plays video games or listens to loud rock music. Some entities in my clients reported that they came in when the patients were listening to loud rock-n-roll music. Sometimes entities in my clients reported that their shields opened up when they were playing video games.” Demon entity: “When children play with the video games at home or in a video arcade, they become mesmerized as they focus on the screen and the double-edged bombardment of repetitive auditory and visual stimuli opens their shields and leave them defenseless against the negative outside entities. Once we are in, we give them the desire to play more and more and influence them in a negative direction.”

  • Via Existing Addictions

A common way human beings open themselves up to demon or earthbound spirit possession is via existing addictions. People who are addicted (to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, sex, and gambling), may have one or more addicted spirits with them. Usually these spirits do not care what happens to their hosts or to their health or finances. All they are interested in is getting what they are addicted to. One of the reasons clients who are addicted find it hard to stop is because it is somebody else who is desiring through them. According to my clients during the session, addiction make their shields weaker and porous, enabling more outside entities to enter easily.”

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spiritual interference

Spirits, Ghosts, Energy Bodies, Psychic Attacks, Aura, Devils

What is an entity or spirit?

  • The energy bodies (vehicles) of a dead relative, even your loving grandmother who was so depressed when she died
  • The energy bodies of a dead person who is wondering around, lost between dimensions, does not know he is dead,
  • The energy bodies of a person who died in a home, or another location. Who does not know he is dead and remains emotionally attached to the place
  • Energy bodies of an enemy, friend, family member from a previous lifetime
  • The energy bodies of a person who died in hospital, nursing home, cemetery and has not yet gone into the light
  • The energy bodies of your spirit guides who may never have had a physical body
    Astral particles with consciousness which can be a blob or an octopus shape or a variety of other shapes

Your energy bodies

As you can see, the real question is “What are energy bodies and do you have energy bodies in addition to your physical body?” Yes, you have energy bodies that are part of your human assemblage, we all do and what these bodies do after the death of your physical body is very, very interesting. You too can become an entity after the death of your physical body. Don’t you think it is time you learned more about your assemblage?

How to Recognize An Entity Attack / Spirit Attack

These are a few of the symptoms of an attack by an entity or entities. These attacks are not limited to adults. Many young children who wake up screaming in the middle of the night are under attack. The most obvious sign is the feeling of a presence; sometimes our pets can warn us about that presence through body language that “something, someone” is there

  • Waking up in fear at approximately the same time every night: waking up with compulsive, repetitive thoughts
  •  Panic attacks
  •  Compulsive thoughts you cannot control
  •  Feelings of pending doom or fear you cannot control and do not appear to be related to anything that has actually happened in your life
  •  A compulsive negative thought or urge that is inconsistent with your true nature
  • Prickling, stinging, itching, jabbing of the skin
  •  Sudden increase or onset of a physical pain or condition for no apparent reason
  •  Sudden onset of feelings of dread
  • Sudden need for alcohol, sugar, drugs, sex (Note: without an entity attachment you can chose to drink or not drink; with an entity attachment the entity makes the choice, you don’t, and you end up drinking or smoking or eating when you don’t really want to or know you should not)
  •  Waking up at night in a semi-comatose state, unable to move but perceiving that someone/something is having sex with your body; not necessarily unpleasant

Entity attacks

These entity attacks can drive you to drink, take drugs, commit suicide, beat your children, or act out in bad ways. That is the point, to beat up on you enough to get you to feel or behave in ways you would not willingly choose. For those of you who have spent months or years not sleeping well, these attacks are usually the unseen factor.

A special note about small children:

Many small children are under psychic, entity attack when they wake up in the middle of the night screaming. Yes, their stomachs are upset; yours would be too if you were so afraid. These are attacks designed to break down the consciousness and aura of the child (and also the parents) and when that objective is met, the attacks stop. The entities have broken the child’s aura and now have a home inside the child’s energy system. These entities can then lay low for years, waiting until a crisis, to act up. Acting up means bouts of rage, depression, or other behaviors not normally exhibited nor compatible with the child’s personality. Many times you can actually “see” the change of expression on the child’s face when he “acts out”. The face is different because the entity has taken over part of the physical body of your child.

How to Recognize Entity Attachment

These are a few of the symptoms of entity attachment also called entity possession.. Remember, the entity could be your grandmother that died years ago but was very attached to you, (or you were attached to her).

1. involuntary movement of a part of your body: a twitch of the eye, an arm that stays in a position you did not choose, a snarl on your face that you try to change and it keeps changing back, convulsions, epilepsy, tics, finding you frequently have one leg lifted off the floor when you would prefer to have both feet flat on the floor, head tilted to the side when you would prefer to have it straight; the list is endless
2. depressions that won’t go away
3. anger that is inappropriate for the circumstances
4. fear that is inappropriate for the circumstances,
5. phobias
6. unnatural inclination that you would prefer not to have (not your choice if you could chose)
7. personality traits that you would prefer not to have
8. sudden “landing on you” of anger or depression (“all of a sudden I got so depressed…”) for no apparent reason

What to do to clear entities and send them on their evolutionary path:

All of the items listed below heal your home or workplace and release the spirits/entities, either by making the frequency incompatible with their frequency or by healing your aura or the aura of your home.

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Psychic Attacks

Psychic Attacks, Spirits, Spells, Curses, Voodoo,Witchcraft

Recognizing Spiritual Attacks

Psychic or spiritual attacks aren’t always easy to spot. For some people, the attacks are so subtle, or have been going on for so long, that the person isn’t aware of the attack. For example, the day my mother died, I felt the cessation of a huge flow of malevolence that had been coming at me from her my entire life. I only realized it had been there when it stopped. It had been such a part of the fabric of my life since before I was born that I was no more aware of it than we normally are of the air we breathe. However, once it stopped, then I was abruptly aware of it and of the intensity of it.

Mind you, I am not and perhaps never will be certain that my mother sent those dark energies of hatred toward me consciously. I would like to think that it was on the unconscious level for her. And I will hasten to add that after her death, once she had completed her life review and became aware that she was, in fact, dead, she contacted me from the other side, apologized, and did what she could to make amends.

More obvious attacks will be felt and recognized as such. Such attacks can feel like someone scrabbling to get into your energy field (as a violation of the integrity of your personal space)—most often from behind, usually around the shoulders, neck, and back of head. They can also manifest as

  • disturbances in sleep
  • nightmares
  • a feeling of unease
  • a feeling that your energy field is dirty or unclean or has been invaded in some way
  • a lack of desire to look anyone in the eye because you are not sure who is looking out of your own eyes.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and you suspect you are experiencing some kind of psychic attack, this article will shed some light on the subject and provide you with tools you can use to help defend yourself.

Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks are caused by the manipulation of energies and forces. Psychic attacks occur when dark and negative energetic vibrations are sent to an individual or place creating disturbances in the energetic and physical bodies of the person or place. This negative energy can be called a spirit, an entity, a being, a thought form, a negative energy program, a spell, voodoo energy, or just dark negative energy. Each of these psychic attacks can create harmful effects within the person or home receiving them.

Psychic attacks do happen and they happen more often today than ever before. You will hear some people say that negative energies and psychic attacks don’t exist and cannot happen if you don’t believe in them or give them energy by paying attention to them. Don’t be fooled.

Psychic Attacks – What Are They?

Psychic attacks involve the transferring of dark and negative energies into someone’s physical and/or energetic bodies. Some of the dark energies and entities that find their way into physical and energetic bodies and homes are sent without awareness, even though they are sent by humans. Others are sent intentionally to create harm and damage, often to control, manipulate or punish the individual. They can involve ritualistic techniques or ceremonies or use the psychic powers of the mind or a combination of both.  They can be caused by negative energy beings from this dimension or other dimensions.

Intentional Psychic Attacks, Spells, Curses, Voodoo, Witchcraft

The dark and negative energies sent intentionally by others are called psychic attacks and can seriously affect people, places and things, at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Psychic attacks can include spells, voodoo, mantras, invocations, negative energy rays, or other types of black magic. They attack psyches and can produce debilitating effects on the overall health and energy level of the affected person.

Dark Spirits and Entities

There are dark spirits and entities that can move into physical bodies and auras affecting what people think, speak, do, desire, and feel. The human who is invaded by these spirits or entities can take on the physical attributes, illnesses and behavior of the spirit or entity occupying the person to such a degree that there appears to be a complete personality change.

Negative Thought Forms

Another major type of dark negative energy that can be sent to others is through negative thinking, anger, wishing harm to others, jealousy, envy, animosity, seeking revenge, vindictiveness, or other forms of thought that are based in anger, rage and fear. These are called thought forms and they can be lodged in an individual’s aura causing a wide range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual difficulties.

Degrees of Strength of Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks and other dark negative energies, entities and spirits can have a wide range of effect from low to medium to high. The symptoms or changes in health or behavior can also range from low to medium to high.

Symptoms of Psychic Attacks and Dark Energies

There are many different symptoms that can indicate negative and dark psychic energies, spirits or entities. The following list identifies a few major symptoms. But these symptoms can also indicate other types of health problems and it’s important to investigate all possibilities.

• Suddenly acting totally out of character

• Major changes in behavior for no reason

• A loss of memory

• Major changes in clarity of thinking or analytical ability

• Sudden ongoing fatigue for no apparent reason

• A drained feeling

• Icy cold feeling on part or all of your body

• Hearing voices

• Recurrent or frequent nightmares

• Strange or recurring accidents

• Feeling someone is watching you

• A discomfort or fear in a specific room or area in your home or office

• A loss of self-confidence

• A sudden loss of energy

• Sudden illnesses that elude diagnosis or cannot be explained

• Feeling someone touch you or bump into you when nobody is present

• Sensing a presence watching you or following you

• Sudden or irrational difficulties with finances or relationships

• Imagining monsters, animals or frightening shadows

• Sudden depression without an apparent cause • Seeming ongoing bad luck

• Irrational fear, anger or sorrow

• A negative obsessive thought, desire or fetish that won’t go away

• Feeling ice cold when it should be warm around you

This is not a complete list but should give you a fairly good idea of areas to look at. Each person who is on the receiving end of psychic attacks or dark energetic forces will have their own indications and effects.

How Do You Pick Up Psychic Attacks?

Negative entities, spirits, and dark energies can be picked up almost anywhere where negative people, emotions or thoughts exist. You can pick these up at restaurants, in stores, at any type of gathering, or in your own home.

Negative entities, spirits and dark energies are strongly drawn to individuals who use drugs and alcohol. When people get stoned, their auras get weak and these negative entities and energies can easily penetrate into a person’s aura or body. Humans are quite defenceless when they are stoned.

Smoking cigarettes or any other type of drug seriously weakens an individual’s aura making them quite vulnerable to the entry of negative entities, spirits, and dark energies. Smoking creates holes in an individual’s aura so that their vital energy can seep out making them feel fatigued as well as making them vulnerable to negative energies.

Negative energies can be absorbed or can attach themselves to objects during the process of being made or by resting somewhere where negative energies exist. If you have the opportunity, ask an experienced antique dealer to tell you some of their stories about negative energies in antique furniture.

Negative energies can attach themselves to an object when it’s being made or just by where it lives. These can be very difficult to eliminate. This past Christmas I received a gift of a small decorative box as gift. One day as I was checking my desk I realized that negative energies were attached to this little box. They had attached themselves from dark energies in the store they were sold from. I placed the box in the sun but that was not sufficient to clear the box. I then washed it thoroughly with soap and water and then placed it in the sun again and that finally cleared the box. It is much more difficult to clear old energies from antique pieces.

Sex and Negative Energies, Entities and Spirits

It’s important to look at sex as an exchange of energies, entities and potential energetic vulnerability. When you have sex with another human being you absorb their very essence mixing it with your own essence.

If you have sex with someone who has negative energies, entities or spirits, it is almost guaranteed that some of this negative energy will be transferred into your body and/or aura through the physical act of sex.

A client told me the story of her father who had an affair with a neighbour who happened to be a Wicca witch. This lady conducted many ceremonies and cast many spells. After a period of time, this man, his wife and their children were all invaded by negative energies and entities. Be careful of the company you keep.

How To Eliminate Psychic Energies

There are a variety of methods available for eliminating dark and negative energies, entities, spirits, and thought forms. The following will give you many ideas of things you can do to help yourself. There is no perfect solution that can be applied to every psychic attack.

An Energy Practitioner Experienced in Psychic Attack Clearing

If you believe you are absorbing negative energies or are the recipient of psychic attacks, you should ask for the help of an experienced energy practitioner who is experienced in the clearing of psychic dark energies, entities and spirits. If you believe that spirits, entities or hard dark energies have penetrated your body or aura, please ask for help. It’s important to eliminate these as soon as possible but please don’t try to do this yourself. You might even draw more negative energies to yourself if you attempt the clearing yourself and exacerbate the situation. Once a clearing is completed, shielding and protection is required for the individual, home, vehicle or whatever.

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black magic voodoo spells

Black Magic, Hex,Curse,Evil Voodoo,Negative Energies,Spirits

Are you affected by Black Magic, Hex, Curse, Evil Voodoo, Negative Energies etc and you are looking for a solution. Then you are at the correct place. If you feel that you are affected by Evil Eye; Black Magic Spells; Hexes or Evil Voodoo Spells; then with the help of this powerful spiritual protection ; all the negative energies and black magic affects that have affected you and ruined your happiness can be destroyed for ever so that you will be able to live a happy and successful life.

Evil Voodoo is a very powerful black magic and it affects your money and will bring financial problems in your life; you will be surrounded by debts, may have lots of money problems; because of this evil voodoo you may not get promotion; any thing good you may try to do may result in a failure and this may go on. So it is important that you should be protected from this evil voodoo spell. Some times evil Voodoo doll is used to destroy the person. But again with the help of this spiritual protection  you will not only be protected but in future no such evil black magic will ever affect you or harm you.

Remember once you are affected by black magic then your life will immediately change; you will not be the same again; your thinking may change, you may become completely negative and the affects may be so bad that day after day things may be worse in your life.

The affects of Black Magic Voodoo, Curses and Hexes are so strong that without the help of a proper spell caster they can never be destroyed and so it is important to take spiritual protection as soon as possible so that the damage that is already in your life is stopped immediately.

Also Some times Voodoo doll Curses and Spells are used as a weapon of destruction to destroy you. As these evil powers attack you in dreams when you are sleeping. When this happens you may have very scary dreams and so when you get up in the morning you are sad and unhappy. Because of which whole day you are under the influence of negative energy and so nothing positive can happen in your life.

So now is the time when you may act now and before your life is completely destroyed go for the Black Magic Spiritual Protection  and be free from all your future problem and worries.

Some of the common reasons why you should go for the Black Magic Spiritual Protection  is

  • If you feel that some one has cursed you and has put an evil hex on you or has jinxed you.
  • If you feel that you have enemies whom you don’t know; and you are sure that they will create obstacles for you.
  • You feel that you are affected by Generational Curse. And like your ancestors you will also be destroyed by evil eye and negative energies.
  • If you feel that there are people jealous of you and their jealousy is destroying you
  •  People in your village or city don’t want you to be successful and so want to see you unhappy and destroyed

These are few of the examples, and so you may act now before it is too late. The powerful Black Magic Protection Talisman will protect you , will give you success and happiness and will destroy all your enemies.

The Voodoo Doll is the ultimate weapon in both Voodoo Black Magic dark arts. it is a special procedure employed in extremely difficult and seemingly impossible situations. It is an expensive procedure but produces amazing results. the effect is instant. one does not have to wait for results. as soon the pin goes in, the effect manifest that same second according the wishes of the Voodoo Priest and in accordance to the reason why the doll was made in the first place.

It can be used for revenge, find and retain love, destroy a marriage or relationship, improve business opportunities, win in games of luck, find a lost pet, cause illness, wreck havoc on lives and properties, paralyze an enemy, the list goes on and on according to the desire and wishes of the Voodoo High Priest.

This is not your everyday voodoo doll that you see being paraded on Internet websites made of cloth and stuffed with wool. these are items designed to mimic the real doll and used by charlatans for entertainment purposes.

The real Voodoo Doll is made of partly clay and partly wood as you can see from the picture above. it is calved in the image of the victim in a miniature form. when the calving is complete, something, a hair, nail clippings or used unwashed cloth that contains the victims DNA will be used to animate the Doll. animation is trapping the victim’s soul inside the doll. then a pin will be fabricated with the victims natal date of birth. one night, when the position of the planet Saturn and Jupiter are situated at an angle of attack relative to the sun, the pin goes in. the instant the pin goes into the doll, the victim begins to manifest what the voodoo priest intended it to do. the instructions for the victim is given to the doll through series of voodoo incantations that must be repeated in the original language. you change or replace one word and the entire procedure falls apart requiring a repeat of the procedure.

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negative entity attachment

How to Prevent Spirit Possession / Entity Attachment ? India

The average person generally is unaware of entity or spirit attachment and functions day-to-day having no awareness of the effect it has upon one’s own energy system. Symptoms can include (but are not limited to) sudden physical pain anywhere in the body, limited range of movement of a limb occurring without reason or benefit of a recent injury, mental cloudiness and that ‘inside a plastic bag feeling’, depression, unusual anger/irritated mood or altered psyche and perceptions, and preferences for certain foods, noticeable addictions, or other interests not like your own, can occur.

Stories about spirit activity are frightening. But, in many ways, the scariest thing about these stories is the utter unpredictability and randomness of the spirit possession; it seems that it could happen to anyone.

Scary, yes! But in reality, you have much more power than you may think, because spirit possession is not a truly random occurrence. There has to be a specific set of circumstances in place; usually it’s that someone’s energy field has been weakened through some sort of trauma, which makes them vulnerable and unaware.

Sometimes when a person dies, fear or disbelief keeps them from crossing over into the light. This person may have unfinished business, or may be afraid of leaving familiar territory, or in fact, they may not even know they are dead. They become a phantom of who they used to be, a ghost in need of an energy source.

Most spirits are attracted to the light of the living, and spirit attachment occurs when a ghost, or spirit, can find a way to attach to an available source of light.

The living are at their most vulnerable when their energy field is weak. Under normal circumstances, the energy field is strong enough that most people won’t even notice the presence of earthbound spirits. But if placed under enough stress, the energy field can develop openings, or gaps, that make spirit attachment much easier.

Signs of spirit attachment can include listlessness, lethargy, depression, impatience, sleeplessness, nightmares, a change in eating habits, and in fact, such drastic personality changes that friends and loved ones will notice. (Naturally, should you develop any of these symptoms, it’s always a very good idea to visit your family doctor.)

To keep your energy field strong and clear, and prevent the likelihood of spirit attachment happening in the first place, follow these simple steps:

  • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol (never go off prescribed medicines unless your doctor gives the okay)
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Avoid negative people and places when you can
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Spend time in nature
  • Exercise regularly
  • Develop a daily practice that reduces stress
  • Stay grounded and centered
  • Get plenty of play-time
  • Be creative

These practices are necessary for a healthy mind and spirit, and allow you to express the brightest version of your Self. Not only will they help you to avoid the attachments of unwanted spirits, but they will rejuvenate you, body and soul, allowing you to move ever forward into the next grandest version of your life.

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entity possession

Entity Attachment & Possessions | Spirit Releasement Therapy

A Spiritual Attachment happens when a non-crossed over individual in Spirit, human or not human, attaches themselves internally or externally to the energy of a living human or animal for the purposes of using their energy to exist, or worse, to intentionally manipulate their behavior for their own motivations.

An Attachment Spirit is a Spirit who does not exist in the Light and does not have a physical body, and as such, they are without access to energy gained from food and water and they also do not have access to energy from Divine Source energy (like other, Divine Spirits do).

Spirits who are cut off from both physical energy and energy from a Divine Source (Heaven, the Light, whatever you want to call it) have few choices from where to garner their energy to keep moving around and existing. They can choose to harness it from their local environment, or they can choose to directly tap into the energy of someone who is living.

As living humans, we have access to energy from both physical (food, water, sleep) and spiritual, Divine Sources. We gain energy from the food we eat, and we are also able to gain it from Source energy through our connection to the Light and to Mother Earth.

To Attachment Spirits, who are often very low on their own energetic resources, many humans appear to have a bounding and limitless supply of energy.

Not only that, we also still have a physical body through which we can still partake in physical activities – like driving, drinking alcohol, and eating, to name a few things that could motivate a ill intended Spirit to use your body or your energy for their own purposes.

When a Spirit chooses to Attach to a living human, it can happen for various reasons and to varying degrees.

Factors that influence how entity attachment affects a person 

The temperament of the host soul. Some people handle entity possession far better than others.  This has to do with one’s state of health, one’s maturity level, the balance of the personality and other subtle factors.  In one case, it might not cause much of an effect, while in someone else it can cause frank schizophrenic tendencies, intense confusion or anger, or other symptoms.

·The temperament and personality of the invading soul. Attachment of a fairly benign and advanced soul may cause few problems, and as explained in the section above, the experience can be positive one.  However, if the invading soul is infantile, very angry or very mischievous, then the problems it can cause are far more severe.

The age of a person at the time of attachment. If it occurs at a very young age, it usually causes more havoc than when it occurs in an adult, for instance, although this is not necessary the case.

The age of death of the invading soul’s body, or state of maturity of the invading soul. The invading soul may have died as a child, and this will cause often infantile effects in the host soul.  If, however, the invading soul was old at the time it entered the host soul, the host may develop symptoms of aging at a very young age such as blurred vision, aches and pains, etc.  In other words, the ailments and thinking of the invading soul matter a lot.

Degree of possession. Attachment by an entity can be very mild or peripheral, or it can be very intense.  This has to do with various factors such as where the invading soul is, the time of attachment, the strength or power of the invading soul, and the strength and health of the host soul, among other factors.

For example, if the host is weak, yin or ill, it is far easier for an invading soul to take a firm hold and be difficult to remove.  If a host uses drugs, even marijuana, it is far easier for an invading soul to take hold and the hold is deeper and harder to eliminate.

Sex of the invading entity. This can cause odd effects of all kinds. For example, if a female soul invades a man, or if a male soul enters a woman, he or she may find themselves attracted to the same sex because the invading soul is interested in its opposite and may exert a strong influence on the person.

The person may then decide he or she is homosexual, when this is not really the case.  The only way to find the truth is to have an entity clearing so that the living host can end any confusion due to invading entities.  This is often difficult because the host may be weak and there can be a slew of entities to remove.

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negative energies

Ghosts,Spirits,Evil Entities,Negative Energies – Attachments

There are many times when a person dies suddenly or with unresolved issues so powerful that the person does not fully crossover into the light or complete the journey to their place of origin. They, in their energy form, remain in the earth or material plane of existence. In this condition these ghosts or “earthbound spirits” may opportunistically or accidentally attach to a property, a house, or the energy field of a person. When this occurs, the host person can experience influences of the attached earthbound spirit. Thoughts, emotions, addictions, or strong habit patterns, even physical feelings of the earthbound spirit (such as arthritis or other ailment) may filter to the host person or any of the occupants of the house or building. Since these influences from the earthbound spirit or spirits come through the energy field and brain of the affected person host, this person cannot usually tell the difference between their own thoughts, or feelings and those of the earthbound spirit.

Earthbound spirits are just that, spirits bound or trapped in the earth plane of existence. There are a variety of reasons that a person’s spirit may not cross-over and include not feeling deserving enough, or staying behind to protect or watch over loved ones, or they may just not realize that they have died. They do not belong here and after being trapped for some time, they usually make their presence known so that they can be crossed over to complete their journey. If people become aware of a ghost’s existence, either attached to their land, home or their own energy field, and decide to do nothing, it is sort of like keeping the soul of a person for a pet. Usually though, the ghost or spirit makes such a significant impact on the lives of the people or home to which they are attached, most people want to help them to move on. In our experience, the spirits that attach to a property or a person are not necessarily the spirits of people who previously lived in the house, or someone they might have known. Sometimes yes, but more often than not the spirits have come from somewhere else. In some cases, the person died in the same town or city, sometimes it may be in the same state and other times the person could have died somewhere across the country or continent. Generally, when older spirits attach to a person’s energy field or house, the influence of these spirits can be experienced as feeling old, fatigued, sometimes even feeling arthritis or other old age illness or symptoms. Once any spirits are cleared, the person or their environment starts to feel better. Sometimes this happens right away and sometimes it takes 3 to 4 days to integrate the change in energy. In all cases, it is important for the ghost or earthbound spirit to be crossed over so that they can finish their journey at this level of existence and return to their appropriate place in the light. However there are supernatural energies that can affect us in a negative way. Like ghosts and spirits, when they attach to our energy field or that of our home, these negative energies can affect our thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and thus our actions. Have you ever felt angry or depressed for no particular reason? Well this could be the influence of a variety of negative energies. Negative energies can enter and attach to our energy field when we are experiencing a strong negative emotion such as fear, anger, guilt, shame, etc., or when we experience an emotional or physical trauma. Depending upon the number of attached energies and the length of time they have been attached to our energy field, they can significantly magnify our own negative thoughts, feelings (fear, anger, guilt, shame, etc.) and destructive beliefs, thus reinforcing them in our behavior and our lives.

After energetically healing a number of different properties, we realized that a house or land can often require the removal of energetic imprints, in addition to or instead of just the removal of ghosts and spirits. Energetic imprints could be left behind by not only the recent occupants but also by those that lived in the house or on the land before them, possibly for generations before. These energetic imprints can be felt or perceived by the new occupants or others entering the home or building, especially those who are energetically sensitive. Have you ever felt uneasy or uncomfortable when you enter a building, a house or a particular room? Have you ever experienced the feeling of being angry, or anxious upon entering a home. Negative energetic imprints can be due to neglect, abuse, or deliberate damage by previous occupants and other circumstances. Negative energetic imprints can also be left behind if there has been a great deal of fighting in the house, physical or emotional abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, or even just the constant bickering of siblings or couples. No matter the cause, negative energetic imprints need to be removed so they do not negatively affect those living in the house. In situations where a person holds strong, emotionally charged thoughts, or beliefs, and holds them for a long period of time, they can create a separate energetic form that connects to their energy field and reinforces the negativity. This energetic form which is sustained and magnified by the originator’s own energy, besides drawing upon their energetic resources, it can affect the person’s energy field or the energy field of their environment in a negative way. A thought form energy (thought or belief) can also be held for a shorter period of time, however it would have to be driven into the subconscious mind of the person so it would have a strong impact, or a high degree of acceptance by the person and be imprinted on the host’s psyche as being true.

Many people believe that a clearing session clears every possible thing attached to the home or resident. A clearing can only clear away negative energies or earthbound spirits that no longer serve you and only those which the body or energy field is prepared to release. Any type of energy healing affects the spirit/soul at an energetic level…like a vibration. The body is connected to our soul and when our soul vibrates at a higher frequency, the body needs to adjust to that higher frequency. The body can only tolerate so much of an adjustment at any time and that point of tolerance is different for each person.

Your body dictates how much of an energetic adjustment it can handle. The negative energy attachments that are removed during a clearing session are only those attachments that the body is ready to release. Therefore, you may have had a complete clearing a few weeks or months ago but now the body has ready to release more non-serving negative energy. We are prepared to clearings if the need arises.

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