Effects of Soul Attachment

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Effects of Soul Attachment



These are many.  I will just outline a few of the major types of effects:


Addictions. This is a very important effect of soul possession or entity attachment.  The invading soul usually wants more power over the host soul.  If the invading soul can convince the host soul to drink alcohol or use psychoactive drugs, including marijuana, the invading soul will have an easier time controlling the host’s body and mind.  Anyone who thinks that marijuana is benign please re-read the sentence above.

The invading soul usually does not care if the host’s body or mind are destroyed by the drugs, alcohol, cannabis or perhaps other items that alter the mind, including even eating too much sugar, junk food or using a lot of caffeine.  The invading entity only cares that these things weaken the host so the invading entity has more power over you.


Confusion. This is another primary effect of soul attachment of any kind.  For example, after such an entity attaches to oneself, one may start having thoughts that seem very foreign.  One may even believe one is hearing unusual voices, feeling unusual feelings, or struggling in some way that is very odd.  A man may start feeling like he is female, an adult may start feeling like a child, and so on.  All types of confusion can arise, as explained in the next few paragraphs.


Physical symptoms.  An invading soul carries memories of illnesses and is often damaged itself.  Therefore, one may suddenly develop aches and pains that are unusual and cannot be traced to any kind of simple cause.  Obesity, for example, is one type of problem that is often, though certainly not always associated with soul attachment.  If this is the cause, the symptoms usually vanish rapidly with depossession, also called exorcism or entity removal.


Mental and emotional symptoms and psychosis.  Entity attachment can result in any mental ailment or psychosis.  One may wonder why someone would murder innocent children at a school, for example.  The answer is often toxic metals in the brain, and in most cases the use of anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac and the others.

However, the mechanism may be that toxic metals, a junk food diet, and especially medical drug use by teens and young adults can open a person to entity attachment by weakening the body and mind.

Indeed, this is one of the worst features of so-called modern or conventional allopathic medicare.  Nutrition and healthy living habits are hardly mentioned, and meanwhile poisonous drugs are doled out with impunity to babies, children and adults that weaken the body and mind.  This is a sure prescription for entity attachment.

Other common symptoms include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other ailments.  Rarely, one may have violent or even suicidal thoughts if the entity or soul who enters the body harbors these thoughts or perhaps wants to harm you.

It is possible, though not likely, that an invading soul will attempt to kill its host.  Usually, the invading soul enjoys being inside another person, so it does not wish harm to the person, but anything is possible. One way that nutritional balancing amazingly can heal severe mental illness such as suicidal thoughts, violence and more may be by improving the vitality of the body and mind of a person so that an invading entity is forced to leave.  When this happens, one’s physical or mental illness can vanish literally overnight.  The lack of attention and interest in the concept and operational methods of enhancing a person’s vitality oradaptive energy level in the conventional and even holistic medical communities is another of their weaknesses and a cause for exploding health care costs.


Sexual problems. These are common with entity attachment.  It may be due to immature entities that attach to people and cause the problems.  Common effects may include low libido or lack of sexual interest, excessively high sex drive, impotence, frigidity, cross-dressing, promiscuity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, preoccupation with the body, pedophilia (a desire for sex with children), and other sexual aberrations.

In fact, this is a common way in which children are traumatized sexually.  For example, children often hate their parents when they are just touched inappropriately.  This simple misstep on the part of a parent or sibling can cause entity attachment.

Just seeing Mom or Dad naked in bed, for example, or having sex with each other can cause entity attachment.

A formerly sexually innocent child all of a sudden is much more interested in sex, becoming promiscuous or wanting to masturbate a lot, for example.  All the child can do is trace it back to the “incident”, which now feels like a rape because it changed one’s life.  In fact, it was just an incident that caused a mischievous entity to attach to the child, and the entity is causing the sexual problem.


Other identity and relationship problems.  Another type of confusion that arises involves one’s identity and relationships with others.  One may find oneself strangely attracted to people one was formerly not interested in.  Also, one may find oneself avoiding some people whom one was formerly quite interested in, for example.  Identity confusion can extend to one’s interests and hobbies, interest in work or family, or other aspects of a person’s identity.  The reason is that one’s identity becomes confused with the identity of the invading entity.

For example, a person who experiences entity attachment may find himself or herself with new interests and hobbies, while established hobbies, activities and routines may now seem unusual and less comfortable.  This is extremely odd to the person, and often even more so to one’s family and friends.  A person who hated cigarette smoke or marijuana may suddenly start smoking, for example, or a person who avoided bars and the social scene now wants to spend time in bars and lounges.  It can damage relationships terribly, and often counselors and psychologists are at a complete loss to explain it.


Cult behavior.  Entity attachment can also explain why someone goes to a cult meeting, for example, or is raped, and suddenly wants to join the cult and no one can talk the person out of it, even though the person was formerly very rational.

Perhaps an entity attached that likes the cult with its sex, drugs or hatred of foreigners, or whatever.  Or perhaps going to a meeting is enough, in some cases, for a person to be attacked and invaded by entities that the cult members share in some way.

This is an important reason to avoid suspicious people, harmful events like loud rock concerts, drug-laden parties, and even many spiritual groups that engage in events and behaviors that “wear you down” in some way, or preach vegetarian or other deficient diets, or have people perform sex together, or in any way weaken people even in the name of God or country or anything else.


No problems.  Lest this section seem overly negative, I remind the reader that, at times, attaching entities are benign, and perhaps even beneficial.  They can even improve a person’s personality in some cases, and help to keep other harmful entities out.  Symptoms of illness or addiction may go away when a benign entity comes in and begins to influence the soul of the person.

For example, a person may pray sincerely, day after day, for release from a bad habit such as promiscuity, alcohol or drugs.  One day, the person wakes up and habit is mysteriously gone.  What may happen is that one entity leaves and another enters who is benign and more advanced.  This can also happen at a prayer circle or some kind of meeting.

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