Spirit Possession Syndrome| Mind Fragments|Entity Attachment

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Spirit Possession Syndrome| Mind Fragments|Entity Attachment

Spirit Possession Syndrome is often confused with Multiple Personality Disorder, there are however distinct differences between the two. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is the fragmenting of the personality usually as a response to extreme physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse during childhood. Different sub-personalities are formed that are more equipped to deal with these abusive episodes. An individual who suffers from this disorder may experience amnesia while one of the sub-personalities is in control, however, many who suffer from MPD will remain conscious and suffer unexplainable physical or emotional symptoms.

Spirit Possession Syndrome (SPS) is the actual physical or mental attachment of a consciousness to another person; the most common of which are earthbound spirits. The attachments may be benevolent, malevolent or neutral in intention. Spirits may attach themselves to a human being for many reasons including fear of the unknown after death, drug or alcohol addiction that is carried on after death, or to love and support a loved one. Spirits can enter the system during times of stress or extreme emotion, surgery, sexual ecstasy, physical, mental or emotional abuse. As this is not an inclusive list, it does give the range of possibilities of entry by earthbound spirits.

When an earthbound spirit(s) attaches itself to an individual, it can resemble MPD in that the fears and preferences of the attaching spirit can override the preferences of the individual and often can produce amnesia while the attaching spirit is in control.

While MPD and SPS resemble each other, the goal of treatment is quite different. In treating MPD, the goal is to reintegrate the sub-personalities back into the larger personality; while treating SPS, the goal is simply to remove the attaching spirit from the person suffering from SPS.

Mind Fragments

When an individual suffers a trauma, the person’s Psyche (defined as the sum total of all his experiences) fragments. In other word, a piece or the psyche (mind/soul) of that person is left behind. That mind-fragment then may attach to another person after separation. If that individual dies, the soul fragment may stay attached to that person after he’s gone, even if the fragmented person is still alive.

An example of this was a woman whom had her deceased brother attached to her. Even though both parties were agreeable to the idea of him going to the light, the brother said it was to far away and was unable to detach. In querying her brother further, they discovered that a mind-fragment of their mother was still attached to her dead brother and thus keeping him from moving into the light.

Mind-fragments appear to be able to go just about anywhere. They can remain with detached body parts, can go into the Light, or be found in past lives. Attachment of mind-fragments of people who are living to those who are deceased does not seem out of the realm of possibility when viewed from this perspective. The death of a popular leader or entertainer may bring rise to such grief that fragmentation may occur in the population in general. This may cause fragmentation and result in the attachment of mind-fragments of those who deeply mourn these individuals. It seems that in the spirit world, all things are possible and most go beyond the understanding of the ego.

Categories of Mind Fragments

Below are the categories of mind-fragmentation including Sub-Personality and Alter Personality, Fragment Sub-personality, Submerging, Shifting, Fading, Separation, Evacuation, Pre-Natal Separation and Dissipation.

Sub-personality and Alter Personality

This category of mind fragmentation can resemble paranoia. These personalities usually form for the purpose of protecting the individual or helping him meet unfulfilled needs and are often formed during childhood while experiencing or witnessing severe trauma. The treatment for this condition is to illicit cooperation from the sub-personality and eventual integration into the main personality.

Fragment Sub-personality

Fragment Sub-personality is the fragmentation of the formed sub-personality described above and can occur after the original splitting away of the main personality. When the sub-personality is exposed to a trauma, it can split just like the main personality. When treating this, the fragments of the sub-personality must be retrieved before integration back into the main personality.
Submerging often happens to a sub-personality that is considered a severely damaged inner child. Because of the severe abuse that often accompanies these personality splits, the more sensitive parts tend to submerge leaving the more aggressive aspects to take care of the problems he is facing. Since the child is the basis for adult life, bringing the child up is important for the health of the client.

Shifting is the moving of consciousness out of the body and is often a coping mechanism for people who suffer abuse or other trauma. The client may feel spacey and may often “drift away”. It is a feeling of not being in the body. The fragment stays outside but close to the body.


Fading is the feeling that one would just like to become invisible in the world and is a condition usually found among children of alcoholics. Because of the fear of past and possibility of future pain, the fragment would choose to be invisible as a way to avoid this pain.


Separation is a percentage of leaving and following at a safe distance still attached to the original soul-mind. This separation can be caused by the loss of a relationship, limbs, accidents, surgeries or severe traumas. This separation leaves the person susceptible to spirit attachment.


Evacuation is a more distant form of separation and is usually caused by terror. The physical fragmentation can occur with the separation of limbs from the body and often occur during amputations, battle wounds or other instances where body parts may have been removed both in past and present lives.

Pre-Natal Fragmentation

Pre-Natal Fragmentation occurs when the soul does not fully join the baby at birth. This is usually caused by the soul rejected the life journey before birth. Soul Theft occurs when one person attempts to gain power over another person or may be caused by black magic or hexes.


Dissipation, or an unrecoverable fragment that has dissipated or dissolved into nothingness may be caused by a loss of a love that seemed emotionally severe to the client. Shattering can also occur as the fragments are shattered into little pieces. It is necessary to call on assistance for what the author refers to as soul rescue teams.


When an individual places a spell or a curse on an individual or a group, soul fragment(s) of the witch leaves and attaches to the person(s) that are involved. The fragments are accompanied by dark entities because one who practices black magic openly enlists the help of the darkness. When discovered, sending the fragments back to the “curser” or to the light is the remedy for healing curses.


A hex is used in witchcraft or magic. To put a hex on someone is to put a spell on him. This spell is usually done for harm, but always is an attempt to control the individual and take away his free will. When one puts a hex on someone, they fragment and those fragments attach to the person who has been hexed.

Other Entity Types

Other entity types include earthbound spirit, mind fragments, thought forms or various non-human entities including demonic beings.

Therapeutic Techniques that Uncover Entities

Past-Life Therapy Techniques.

When using past-life therapy to assist a client in understanding karma and letting go of the karmic residue, it appears that attachment from a past life can be a major source of the problem. In other words, the client may be dealing with a past life of an incarnate spirit or a fragment of the client attached to another and remaining in that life. An example of the former may include an attached spirit seeking revenge on the client for a past life conflict. Discovering this, the client can undergo SRT and PLT in alleviation of the problem.


Most of us have gone through some trauma in this or another lifetime resulting in the fragmenting of the soul-mind. This can result in a greater susceptibility to attached entities. When the attached entity is released, the mind fragment can be recovered assisting the client back to wholeness.

The direct approach.

When a therapist suspects an attachment, asking if there is anybody else here often takes the entity by surprise and will elicit a response from the attached entity. Listening to the client and watching for somatic clues is important in any therapy; the direct approach requires trust and confidence within the therapist.

Connected Breathing Technique.

This technique is especially useful for those who are uncomfortable expressing emotions and communicating. Attached spirits often causes hesitancy. The increased energy makes it difficult for attached spirits to remain hidden.

The Six Phases to Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT):

SRT is carried out in six phases including: Discovery and identification of any attached discarnate spirits or entities; Differential diagnosis; Dialogue with the spirit; Release of the spirit into the light; Sealing Light Meditation; and ongoing therapy. Each of these phases will be described below.

Discovery and identification of any attached discarnate spirits of entities.

One can identify an attached entity by noticing the presentation of the client during therapy. If the client identifies his behavior or feelings as not being his, this usually indicates an attachment. During this stage, the client is asked to identify the incarnate by finding out its name, how he manifests in his body, emotions and reactions and how and when it was able to attach to the client. The entity will usually identify itself as separate from the client.

Differential Diagnosis.

This part of the sequence involves discovering what type of attachment(s) is involved. The attachments can be an earthbound spirit, a mind fragment, thought forms or various non-human entities including demonic beings. Combinations of these attachments can also be found which may include earthbound spirits that have demonic attachments or mind fragments of living people that attached during past lives. Almost any combination is possible and has been found by the author. Understanding the nature of the attachment determines the necessary procedure in regard to its releasement.

Dialogue with the spirit.

Ordering an attached spirit to the Light causes resistance to the process of SRT. The dialogue with the spirit is to help it meet its needs and give it incentive to move on. This dialogue is used to break through the resistance of the attached entity and give it a greater motivation to go to the Light. When dealing with human entities, this is accomplished by clearing the residue that may be keeping it attached, or showing it that its efforts are harmful and fruitless. With non-human entities or demonic spirits, a tough love approach of capturing it and showing it its spark is used to overcome the fear of the Light and other dark beings.

Release of the spirit into the Light.

Once the conflicts are resolved and the resistance to letting go is dealt with, the attached entity is requested to go to the Light. The entity is asked to notice the Light and notice any familiar or trustworthy guides (such as angels) are there to guide him to the Light. The entity often apologizes and goes to the Light with these beings. The entity is directed to the Light set it on its spiritual path. Casting out the spirit invites attachment to another person.

Sealing Light Meditation.

Once the spirit has moved into the Light, “Cleanup Teams of the Light” are summoned to clean up any residue that may have been left behind and are asked to fill up the individual with white healing light. “The Healing Teams of the Light” fix any wounds left behind because of the attachment. The meditation has the client fill  with white light emanating from his divine spark. This light expands beyond his physical body and encases and protects him.

Ongoing Therapy

One session is usually not enough when considering the lifetimes of karmic debt. Also, other attachments may still be present. Ongoing therapy assists the client in continuing to let go of the burdens and debts they he has accumulated through the ages.

Remote Depossession

Remote Depossession is a technique where on individual will act as a surrogate for another individual in SRT. This is done for an individual who is unwilling or unable to release an attached spirit because of insufficient mental capacity or is under the control of the attached entity or demonic spirit.

This process is done through the induction of an altered state of consciousness. The surrogate will visualize the person and ask that individuals higher self if permission is given for the process to continue. If the answer is yes, then the surrogate looks into the eyes of that person to establish a connection with him. The surrogate may then perceive the presence of attached entities by noticing other faces, eyes or feel the presence of another. Once the fact of spirit attachment is ascertained, the client and therapist make sure that the boundaries between the therapist and the entity are established and the SRT is continued.

SRT is most effectively done in person with the full knowledge of the original subject; healing is most effective when the person acknowledges the problem and takes full responsibility for his healing. Remote SRT should be done only when the subject cannot work in person.

Releasing a Spirit into the Light.

Once all needs have been met, resistance bypassed and conflicts resolved, the attached spirits are usually willing to go to the Light. With all of these issues handled, the Light will appear to be closer and brighter. And the spirit is then released into the light.


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Entity Attachment | Earthbound Spirits | Negative Energies |

entity attachmentIn my opinion Entity / Spirit Release is a natural process which doesn’t need to be cloaked in mystery.  Everything in the universe is made up of energy, spirit release simply deals with energies most of us cannot see and for the most part are unaware of.  Elbert Hubbard said ‘the supernatural is the natural not yet understood’, so let me explain a little from my understanding.  I’m sure our human perspective is only the tip of the iceberg but hopefully you’ll find the information useful and perhaps fill in a few gaps as this is a topic which is often unclear and can therefore sound far-fetched and scarier than need be.

Entity / Spirit Release is really all about how external energies can, on occasion, affect our energy system in detrimental ways.  For those in the know Entity / spirit release is generally thought of as rectifying the problem of ghosts or spirits becoming attached to our own energy system or taking up residency in our home or a place such as the scene of a traumatic death.  This is really just a small part of it, we are affected by external energy we cannot see everyday.  Heat from the sun on your skin is obvious but how about when someone stands too close to you on a packed tube or in a crowd?  You may feel they are touching you although they are not, you may feel uncomfortable or anxious although there is no threat, you may even feel emotions that aren’t your own – all of these feelings are due to your energy system which comes out a little way from your physical body coming into contact with the other person.  It’s not as odd as it sounds, we come into contact with other peoples energy everyday but we register the feeling that goes with it on an intuitive level rather than consciously.  Think about being near someone you love and are ‘in-tine’ with, how good that feels; then think of being near someone who you don’t get on with or is displaying a negative emotion, do you want to take a step back?  This is all completely natural and something we generally don’t have to think about, this blending of energies is how a psychic can tune in to you, all information about us is also stored in our energy system.

On occasion our energy bodies can be influenced by other external energies though.  Below I’ll talk about Entity / spirit attachments in terms of those that have died but there are other factors to consider.  Certain places hold strong energy imprints due to events that have taken place there, strong emotions can also be stored in places or an area. Curses fall under this category too. In a crowd situation such as a wedding, concert or sporting event the atmosphere rises and falls with the mood, it’s palpable and can be felt inside us effecting our own energy.

Using this concept as a framework it can be seen how easily our energy, and therefore us as a whole, can be affected and influenced through external energy.  There are some energies that are harmful to us though, these zap our strength, can be detrimental to our health and generally be very draining.  They can have anything from a minimal to massive and debilitating affect us.  Whether the source is natural energy from a place, negative energies from a place/person or from a discarnate soul, the goal of entity / spirit release is the same – to remove, cleanse, re-balance and restore the person/place/soul to optimum health and to prevent the problem happening again.

There have always been stories of ghosts and spirits in every culture all over the world.  They range from the comic to the tragic; stories of helpful spirits, mischievous ghosts and frightening poltergeists.  Horrifying accounts of possession and haunted houses with the capability to evict their terrified owners.  Whatever your belief system you’ll probably have heard at least one or two stories, perhaps from people you know well, that cannot be easily explained.  There is in fact an extensive amount of evidence to prove something paranormal is going on, but what? If these are ‘ghosts’ why are some helpful and others petrifying, are they really the same thing?  Also if life after death is as good as we’re told why do they remain here and for what purpose?

Is death the end?  When we die our consciousness, the soul, survives death.  Although we leave the physical body behind our energy body which is the very essence of us lives on and changes to a vibration more appropriate to not having a dense physical body.  We are still ‘us’ though, we take with us our life experiences, memory and personality – it’s simply the inner part of us, our consciousness that survives death.

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes, isn’t that the truth.  One thing we all have in common is that at some point in the future we will all inevitably die and our energy body will move on.  When we are born there are people there to help us, we’re not expected to do it alone; the same applies when we die, we are supported and helped throughout the process – all we need do is let it happen.

If not what’s next?  When this transition is complete we become ‘spirit’, a perfectly natural state even more so than inhabiting the bodies we have now according to those who communicate with spirit and from the thousands of documented cases of near death experiences and Life between Lives Regression sessions. In this state we are capable, if appropriate, to help and ‘be around’ those we were close to and loved whilst alive.  Our vibration changes considerably, it’s therefore not always an easy task to get the message across. Communication from spirit is generally felt fleetingly with an inner ‘knowing’ or thought popping in to your head, they may appear in dreams or provide a ‘sign’ relating to the information they want to impart.  They may simply want to let people know they are still near, safe and well.  Mediums have the ability to ‘tune in’ to this vibration or frequency and can often supply wonderful evidence of life after death.

How does free will play a part?  There is a universal law, the law of free will; in life we all have the right to choose in everything we do even though it doesn’t always feel like it.  The same law applies after death, we cannot be forced to do anything we don’t want to, freedom of choice is always ours.  This does mean however a minority of those who die fail to make the transition successfully.  They remain mentally and energetically attached to the earth plane and so cannot progress, their souls become what is known as ‘earthbound’ more commonly known as ghosts.  Reasons for this can include a traumatic death, anxiety over a loved one or situation, concern over unfinished business, strong beliefs which do not fit in with the events unfolding, fear (‘I’ve been bad, I’ll go to hell’).

Choosing to remain earthbound.  Earthbound spirits reject the help being given to them, they choose instead to stay close to the earth, their vibration being still similar to our own as the transition into spirit had only just started.  Many earthbounds are in a state of confusion and denial, some replay events over and over, it’s as if time has stopped for many of them whilst they remain in this limbo state.  To them ‘spirit’ appear like ghosts to us and they shy away from them not realising they’ve come to help.  Earthbounds can generally see us and be around us just the same as before, in fact many are very confused and saddened by the fact people seem to be taking no notice of them or they may even think everyone is ignoring them.

A common problem.  It’s worth noting many of us have unfinished business when we die, spirit helpers are compassionate and understanding, if we need more time, sometimes up to a few days or in rarer cases weeks before we’re ready to move on it’s often granted.  As long as the link is kept with spirit and not turned away from souls have been able to stay for their own funeral or to see their loved ones are taken care of and will be ok.  This isn’t simply speculation, there are many documented regression sessions which support this theory.  These souls are not earthbound, you could say they are simply living on the earth plane on borrowed time.  I mention this as many of you may have lost loved ones in the past and felt their presence strongly afterwards, or received a sign from them in the days and weeks after their death.  Do not worry, this is perfectly natural, only a small percentage of people remain earthbound and they normally have a very good reason, or to them it seems like a good reason at least.

So what happens to earthbound spirits?  With nothing to do and no where to go they may stay in a property that holds fond memories for them such as their home or on occasion their workplace. In cases of a traumatic death they sometimes remain at the scene of their death.  They may feel more comfortable remaining with a person, perhaps a loved one or someone who was close by and compassionate at the time of their death.  Sadly addicts who remain earthbound tend to attach themselves to other addicts as they believe they are still dependent on the drug they were addicted to in life.  There can be many reasons, earthbound’s can easily attach to complete strangers who unintentionally have some form of hook which attracts them, perhaps they are bursting with the energy which the earthbound can benefit from or perhaps there is a link of a shared emotional, such as loneliness or anger.

Earthbound spirits can therefore attach to people or places, we call this spirit attachment.

How do I know if I’m affected by a Entity / spirit attachment?  The presence of earthbound spirits can affect people in a number of ways. The following is a sample of some symptoms that might indicate the presence of an earthbound spirit(s) or negative energies.  Please note the presence of one or more of the symptoms do not mean that you have a spirit attachment.  However, the more of these symptoms and the stronger they are, the higher the probability.

  • Lack of energy
  • Mood swings and character changes
  • Hearing disturbing voices
  • Abuse of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Impulsive behaviour
  • Memory disturbance and/or poor concentration
  • Sudden onset of anxiety, depression or physical problems with no apparent cause

Earthbound spirits tend to be more obvious in homes and places.  There are elements of truth in the old ghost stories, lights do often dim, it does feel like the warmth has been sucked out of the air and it can make our skin creep.  Items can be moved and spontaneous smells or noises can appear.  In simple terms this is all due to energy, they generally aren’t trying to be scary, the vibration level they are at is not compatible with our own so a warning bell goes off inside us when they are close making us feel unsettled and anxious.  To make contact they natural draw on the energy around them, heat and electricity are often used, it may feel strange and a little dramatic but understanding this fact goes some way to seeing how those old ghost stories came about!  More often than not they are simply trying to get our attention and need help.  Like a child though they will kick out if ignored indefinitely, imagine how frustrating it must be to be an earthbound spirit.  This is one of the reasons we must help them move on to their rightful place for their own benefit and ours.

How can a spirit attachment be removed from a person and/or place?  By a professional, someone specifically trained in this field.  Mediums link in with the vibration of spirit, a Spirit Release Practitioner has trained, or developed their natural ability to tune in to this lower earthbound vibration.

I use a gentle approach recognising the plight of earthbound spirits, they can feel upset, frightened and confused too.  Most simply feel lost and are glad someone has finally come to talk to them and help them. Rather than just casting them out which unfortunately conventional exorcism does we help the earthbound spirit move on to where it should be, often using our abilities as healers and even counselors to ensure it is their own choice and free will that moves them on to where they should be, preventing them from attaching to someone else or returning as can happen with exorcism. In doing this we heal both the person and/or place and the earthbound spirit.

Whether the attachment resided with a person or a place once it has been removed the energies are cleansed, re-balanced and healed from any damage caused unintentionally by the earthbound spirit.  The reasons for the attachment in the first place are addressed too and tools are given to prevent this occurrence happening again to either the place or person/people affected.  Far from being scary most releases are actually quite peaceful, full of information, understanding, humour and love.

Entity / Spirit Release treatment for people
A spirit release session is really not as freaky or frightening as it sounds. It’s a comfortable, safe and simple process.  All you have to do is sit in a comfortable chair and relax.  The treatment can take many forms, depending on the nature of the symptoms, energies or spirits involved.  Each situation is unique, most cases can be resolved in 1-3 sessions, I recommend separate healing sessions too to correct any damage to your energy system and re-build with strong positive energy.

During the session we like to find the root cause of why the attachment joined in the first place if we can as sometimes it’s an indicator of something deeply buried within us which also needs healing. Treatment is safe, you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards and gives you the tools and understanding to protect your own energy system and put protection around loved ones and your home.

Terms and their meanings associated with Spirit Release

Entity / Spirit Attachment is the presence of a living or deceased entity in the energy field (aura) of a person or a place.

Haunting is when a building, place or object is associated with ghosts, poltergeists and spirits.

Exorcism is a word created and mainly used by the Christian and Catholic church that effectively refers to conventional spirit release, the casting out of spirits.

Possession is where an entity has entered the person’s body and remains within.

Psychic Attack involves an external energy which has a negative impact on a person’s sense of wellbeing. It can come from people or from environmental factors.

Curses are the effects of negative energy or thoughts being sent from another person. Often associated with witchcraft, they are most often the preserve of “witch doctors” and similar, common place in some afro-Caribbean and Turkish cultures and religious beliefs.

Soul Retrieval is when a fragment of a person’s soul that has been left somewhere, for example at the time and place of a trauma, is re-integrated with the person.

Soul Rescue can refer to either spirit release or soul retrieval.

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Distant Entity Removal, Spirit / Foreign Energy Releasement

Spirit releasement is a contemporary term for ways of the exorcising, or sending away, of an earthbound spirit or a discarnate being that seems to be attached to a place or person. Spirit releasement refers primarily to exorcisms which have no religious elements and are not performed by clergy, but rather are done by mediums.

Forms of releasement are practiced the world over. Spirits have long been blamed for causing virtually all ills and back luck, and they are routinely exorcised. In the early days of Spiritualism, people suffering from unusual mental symptoms often attended spiritual person in hopes of having “low” spirits exorcised.

In contemporary spirit releasement, a practitioner, working with one or more spirit guides who act as facilitators, makes mental contact with a spirit who is haunting a site and causing a disturbance, or is attached to a person. Often, this is an earthbound soul who does not know he or she is dead, or is bound to the earth plane by unfinished business.

Practitioners say that simply finding out the entitys “story,” that is, his or her life and death and perhaps unfinished business, is often sufficient to send the spirit on its way to the next world. The entity is engaged in dialogue and persuaded to depart. The transition is marked by the appearance of white light, and the spirit is urged to move toward the light. Sometimes the earthbound spirit has to be coaxed or convinced to move on. Sometimes it is led away by helping spirits that appear. These helping spirits include angelic beings, other spirits of the dead whom the earthbound one knew in life, or the spirits of animals with whom the person had strong emotional attachments, such as a pet.

Following releasement, patients often report feeling lighter and better, and say they experience a cessation of troublesome conditions. The departing spirits do not return, but patients are advised how to protect themselves from future invasions by other spirits.

Spirit Release can be done in many ways but all of these fall into two categories: Face to face; and Remote work. Face to face is obvious and remote means that the practitioner and the host are separated, geographically; often on the other side of the world to each other. Practitioners use their own methods and many use mediums or groups.

Discarnate Entities

With discarnate human entities, it is important to gently take them back to the last few minutes they remember when they last had a body of their own. Usually, they need talking through the death a few times before they realise they are dead. It is as much a shock to them as it would be to you and they must be brought to this understanding gently. They then realise they have made a mistake. We always check if they have any attachments; if their death was a suicide.

We talk about the effects the attachment has been having on the host and their life. Usually motivations, desires and memories of illnesses or injuries of the attachment’s last life enter the mind of the host, who can start behaving differently as these thoughts show through. The aim is to reach the point where the attachment realises they should not be there and, if prompted, will readily apologize to the host who can accept that apology.

Healing the Attachment

Before the attachment leaves, We ask it to look and tell me if there are any others inside there apart from the host and them. We also, importantly, ask what happened in the host’s life to make it possible for them to attach. This will show something that needs repairing or resolving, afterwards.

The attachment is now ready for release and upon finding the Light, can move into it. The host feels the attachment depart as if something has lifted from them, leaving them feeling lighter. This process is carried out for as many others as there are.

Demonic Attachments

If there is a Demonic attachment, the process is the same but the level of cooperation is quite different, usually being substituted by aggressive obstruction. Eventually, through negotiation, the Dark one comes to realise that it will be OK for it to go to the Light.

After working this way, the host will remember everything that was said and everything they felt.

At SSHC, we offer distance healing for cases of Spirit Release Therapy. Distance healing is a method of healing where the client is not physically present for healing. It is possible to treat many issues through distance healing,

Please read the following FAQs for more information:

What is Distance Healing?

Distance or Remote Healing is a method of healing where healing is done without the client being physically present at the therapist’s healing room. This is usually done for clients who are residing in cities other than the therapist’s city of practise.

How effective is Distance Healing as compared to conventional healing?

We always prefer that the client come to therapy personally. But that said, Distance Healing is quite an effective method and, at times, is the preferable method because the client cannot come to the therapist’s place.

What is Spirit Release Therapy?

Spirit Release or Foreign Energy Release is a therapy that seeks to free a person from external energies that may have occupied the person’s space. Spirit Release is the removal of inappropriate negative energies Otherwise known as Spirit Attachment, Entity Attachment or Possession from an individual or a place. The words spirit release covers a range of terms from Exorcism to Ghost-Busting,

Spirits that attach themselves to a person’s space are usually energies of a person who has passed away. It is generally termed an Earth-bound Spirit. This knowledge of such spirit attachments came through various healing sessions across the world and today it is a widely accepted phenomenon in the world Spiritual Healing.

One must understand that it is not easy for these spirits to attach themselves to any person just like that. They need to have a ‘hook’ – that is, a common factor with the person they seek to attach to. The ‘hook’ is usually an issue that the person as well as the spirit has in common. And also they can attach to the person only when the person’s auric shielding is open. Every one of us has a very strong shielding at an aura level and it is not easy to break it. There are only certain circumstances in which an aura is weakened or wide open.

Since these energies are energies of mind and soul of another person, they carry personality traits of the person they belong to. In such cases the ‘host’ in whose body the external energies are occupying can experience a shift in certain preferences and in outlook in her/his life. How strongly the external energy influences the ‘host’ depends on various factors.

Spirit Releasement Therapy focuses on releasing such foreign energies from the space of the client and provides a relief to the client. The client must understand that there is always a common issue between the client and the spirit attached, and when the spirit is released, issue comes down to the level it was influenced by the spirit. The remaining core issue has to be dealt with by the client through either traditional therapies or through self-healing methods.

Are these earth-bound spirits harmful?

You must understand that the spirit is just the soul of another human being who is no more in the physical realm. Most spirits are attached to the client because they are afraid or lost. Though the client’s psyche undergoes changes that may not be favourable for the client, it is, however, not intentional on the part of the spirit in most cases.

How are Spirits Released?

In the case of Earthbound spirits (lost souls) there is a simple, certain and positive method a dialogue with the attaching lost soul is started which helps to send them to the Light, this helps both, the lost soul and the person he/she is attached to. There are of course, a lot of different types of attachments which will all have a safe and loving method of Releasement. 

How will I know it’s gone?

 You may feel a direct shift while the spirit release work is being done, or you may find that over the following days or weeks marked but more subtle changes occur, such as a lightening of mood or an easy letting go of old habits or simply an increase in confidence and well-being

What is being released? 

Unseen spirit energies that vary from Lost Earthbound spirits – those who are finding it hard to move on, or those that could be trapped by strong emotional ties or unfinished business; also Demonic Entities I.e black magic, voodoo, jinn’s, and there are many other energy’s that have been categorised and can be removed  

These are all incarnate energy’s that can be removed from people and helped into the light

  Please contact us for more details and to book a distance healing session.

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spiritual interference

Ghost, Haunted House, Curse, Spirit Attachment & Releasement

Spirit Release

Many people believe in life after death and that the soul lives on. What most people may not realise is the degree to which our lives can be affected by spiritual interference.

When we die, we separate from the physical body and enter a transition into the spirit world. However sometimes for many reasons the spirit does not make this transition.

Most people who die transition from the Earth realm to higher realms. A spirit attachment is a person who has died i.e, leaving their physical body but not moved beyond the earth plane. This can happen for several reasons: they missed the window available to return to the Light, they had a sudden, traumatic death and did not realize they died, or they had family members/loved ones clinging to them energetically, unable to accept their passing.

As a result of missing the opportunity to move on, they remain here, and may attach to someone living. In certain cases, rather than attaching to a person, a spirit will choose to inhabit a location—a home or other building—where they feel comfortable.

Spirits who attach to an individual—or their surroundings—affect that person emotionally, physically, and spiritually, as long as they stay with him or her; they may experience nightmares, audible whispers at night etc. This can last an entire lifetime if they do not get the right help. Luckily, any type of spirit attachment can be removed and sent where they need to go, for good.

Have you ever had an uneasy feeling within a room, as though some unseen force was there? Have you ever sensed the presence of spirits or ghosts or felt you were not alone? Most of us have had these experiences at some stage in our lives and when this occurs within our homes we can often feel very troubled, even frightened. These events are not uncommon.

Cleansing your home and removing the non beneficial energies can help you in many ways move towards creating a more positive atmosphere. However, this very aspect of cleansing is all too often overlooked.

Spirit release is literally the separation of your energies or the buildings energies from the entity (spirit or negative energy) that has attached itself to them. Where possible the spirit can then be helped to move on to the light where they can receive help.

Freeing an earthbound spirit takes compassion and a calm nature. Spirits were living people at one time and they may be lonely or frightened by their experience. It is a real honour to do this work and the sense of relief you feel inside when they finally cross over cannot be put into words.

Spirit Attachments

Science has not yet proved the presence of spirit attachment. There is much evidence to suggest that these can and do exist and can have a strong influence on our lives.

Spirits may attach themselves to a building, the aura of a person or they may become internalised by taking up residence within an individual.

Sometimes a loved one will try and stay around to be with their family members and create a strong influence on the people this spirit once lived with.

Losing or aborting a baby during pregnancy may also produce a foetal attachment, which can in turn affect the emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing of a person.

Signs and Symptoms of Attachment

  • Feeling tired and depleted of energy
  • Suffering mood swings and/or impulsive behaviour
  • Unexplained bursts of anger, sadness or emotion
  • Hearing inner voices
  • A feeling of ‘this isn’t me’
  • Problems with addictions
  • Poor memory, concentration or confusion
  • Sudden anxiety or depression
  • Sudden onset of physical problems or pain with no obvious cause
  • Unexplained fears, phobias or panic attacks
  • Worrying or disturbing nightmares
  • Feelings of being watched, unexplained sensations or smells
  • Cold areas in your home, a sense of someone else in the room
  • A person who has not been the same since an accident, since losing a loved one, or since moving house

Types of Attachment

  • Earth bound spirits, ghosts and lost souls
  • Negative energy and psychic attack
  • Curses, cords and contracts
  • Past life attachments and ancestral patterns
  • Earth energies

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after life

Where does the souls go after death? |Spirit World, Rebirth|

  • Is there life after death?
  • What is death?
  • Is death painful?
  • What happens after death?
  • How does rebirth happen?
  • After death?

These kind of related questions always fill our mind, especially when any of our near or dear ones die. We feel suddenly some relationship has broken abruptly and wish there could be a connection again. In this quest, our journey to find answers to the above questions begins.

So, what happens after death?

The prime question in our minds “What happens after death?” its actually a very interesting process. People feel death is painful and the journey post is horrifying, where will I go ‘ heaven or hell’

Death is not the end of life. Death is just a departure for the Spirit World, which is our true home in the afterlife. People today know about earthly things in much greater detail than they did in the past, but when it comes to the important spiritual matters such as death and the world after death, it can be said that the people of the past were much more knowledgeable. Information concerning the world after death is not taught at schools, many people believe that talk of the world after death is old-fashioned, and spend their lives in ignorance of it. This results in all kinds of confusion when they die and return back to the Real World.

What happens after death?

  • Disconnection of the earth sole chakras : 

Approximately 4-5 hours before death, the earth sole chakras situated below the foot soles get detached, symbolizing disconnection from the earth plane. Hence, if you notice always before a person is about to die, some hours before that you will find his feet cold.

  • The Astral Cord : 

Actually it just cuts the astral cord, which is the cord connecting the soul to the body. Once this cord is cut the soul becomes free of the body and moves up and out of the body. As a soul always loves the body it held, it gets in the body back and tries very hard to move it and stay in it. If you must have seen there is sometimes a very subtle, slight movement of the face, hand even after the person has died, its actually the soul trying to get in because it cannot believe its dead. There is still a feeling of aliveness. But just because the astral cord has been cut, it cannot stay there and is pushed upwards and out of the body. There is a pull from above, *a magnetic pull to go up.*

  • End of the physical body : 

At this stage the soul hears many voices, all at a time. These are nothing but the thoughts of those present in the room. The soul on its part talks to his loved ones like he used to do and shouts I am not dead, but alas it cannot be heard. Slowly and steadily the soul realizes that its dead and there is no way back , then it reaches to approx 12 feet. i.e the height of the ceiling and sees and hears everything happening. Generally it will be there around the body till it is cremated. So, next time if you see a body being carried for cremation, be informed *the soul is also part of the procession seeing, hearing and witnessing everything and everyone.*

  • Detachment from the body : 

Once the cremation is done, the soul is completely of the belief that the main essence of its survival on earth is lost, the body it held for so many years has dissolved in the 5 elements. The soul experiences complete freedom, the boundaries it had while being in the body are gone, it can just reach anywhere by mere thought. For 7 days the soul, moves about its places of interest like its favorite joint, morning walk garden, office, etc..If the soul is possessive of his money ,it will just stay near his cupboard, or if he is possessive of his children, it will just be in their room, clinging on to them. By the end of the 7th day, the soul says bye to his family and moves still upwards to the periphery of the earth plane to cross over to the other side.

  • The Tunnel : 

Its said that there is a big tunnel here which it has to cross before reaching the astral plane. Hence its said these 12 days are extremely crucial, we have to carry out the rituals properly and pray and ask forgiveness from the soul so that it does not carry these negative emotions like hurts, hatred, anger, etc at least from the near and dear ones.

All these rituals, prayers act like food for the soul which help it in its onward journey. At the end of the tunnel it sees a huge bright light signifying the entry in the astral world.

  • Meeting the Ancestors :

On the 11th and then the 12th day in Hindus there are homas and rituals through which “the soul is united with its ancestors, close friends, relatives and the guides.” Its actually the same thing which happens on the upper plane. After the 12th day, all the passed away ancestors welcome the soul to the upper plane and they greet and hug them exactly like we do here on seeing our family members after a long time. The soul then along with its guides are taken for a thorough life review of the life just completed on earth in the presence of the “Great Karmic Board.” Its here in the pure light that its shown the whole past life.

  • Life Review : 

There is no judge, there is no God here. “He judges himself, the way he judged others in his lifetime.” He asks for revenge for people who troubled him in that life, he experiences guilt for all wrongdoings he did to people and “asks for self punishment to learn that lesson.” Based on this a complete life structure is created by the soul himself, called the blue print. All the incidents to be faced, all problems to be faced, all challenges to be overcome are written by us in this agreement. In fact we choose all minute details like age, person, circumstances for all incidents to be faced by us. Eg:- a person had severe headache in his present birth, whatever he tried nothing worked, no medicines, no way out. When he did a past life regression he saw in his previous birth he had killed a person with a huge stone by hitting and smashing his head. In the life review, when he saw this he became very guilty and asked for the same pain which the other person suffered to be experienced by him and decided he will have a never ending headache in this life.

  • Blue print : 

This is the way we judge ourselves and in guilt ask for punishment. One point to note here is that many say you will have to face 10 times or 20 times of what you did. That’s not true, depending on the amount of guilt in the soul, it will ask for punishment of suffering. If it has more guilt, then for some trouble he gave for 5 months to someone, he will ask for 2 years of suffering. Hence its always said, clear your emotions, because it’s the same thing we carry forward to the other side too. Once this review is done our whole blue print of the next life is formed, then there is “a cooling period.”

  • The re-birth

We are born depending on what we have asked for in the agreement. It can take 20-30 years or even more also for a re- birth. We choose our parents and enter the mothers womb either at the time of egg formation or during the 4-5th month or sometimes even at the last moment just before birth. The universe is so perfect ,so beautifully designed that the time, place of birth constitutes our horoscope, which actually is a blue print of this life. Most of us feel that our stars are bad, we are unlucky, in actual they just mirror your agreement. Once we are reborn, for around 40 days the baby remembers its past life and laughs and cries itself without anyone forcing it to. The memory of the past life is completely cut after this and we experience life as though we did not exist in the past.

  • The agreement starts.. :

Its here that we are completely in the earth plane and the contract comes into full effect. We then blame God/ people for our difficult situations and curse God for giving us such a difficult life. So, next time before pointing to the Divine, understand that its just helping us complete and honor our agreement which is fully and completely written by us. Whatever we have asked for and pre-decided we are getting. Friends, relatives, foes, parents, spouses all have been selected by us in the blue print and come in our lives based on this agreement. They are just playing their parts and are merely actors in this film written, produced and directed by us.

Do the Dead need healing?

The dead always need serious healings and prayers for a variety of reasons, the most important one being not to be earthbound, that is stuck up in the earth plane itself. There are many reasons for the soul to be earthbound like unfinished business, excessive grief, trauma on death, sudden death, fear of moving on the astral plane, guilt, one of the most important being improper finishing of rituals, etc. The soul feels it needs a little more time to wait and finish and move. This keeps them hovering in the earth plane itself. But alas, the time is limited. Its very very important that they cross over in the 12 days to their astral plane of existence, moreover as the entry for them to the astral world closes a few days after this.

Earthbound spirits lead a very miserable existence as they are neither in their actual plane nor in a body to lead an earthly life. They may not be negative or harmful but they are stuck up. Hence healings and our prayers are of utmost importance during this period so that the departed soul crosses over to the designated astral plane peacefully. In Hindu religion its said not to visit temples and worship during these 12 days. But prayers are very much necessary by the whole family to help the dead. One more very important aspect to be updated with is the protection of the soul. Like we keep a small pen knife/ nail cutter as protection from evil spirits under the baby’s pillow, We need to protect the dead also to reach its destination- the astral world safe and sound.

Protection, prayers, healings are all extremely essential in these days to say the least. This is the least we can do for our loved ones, who gave all they could in our lifetimes.

Please DO NOT TAKE DEATH LIGHTLY.  Today at least around 60% of the souls are stuck up on the earth plane due to various such factors.

Finally, for someone who has lost a near and dear one, don’t feel sad.

We don’t die, we live on, death does not end it, its just a little break before we meet again .

Where Do Souls Go After Death?

During the first seven days or so, the soul of the deceased person usually remains close to the place he or she lived and tries to follow the lifestyle he or she was used to. The destination that souls take after death varies, and souls can be divided into three groups accordingly:

1. Souls that cannot begin their departure to the Spirit World and become “earth-bound spirits” (ghosts) because they lived with a totally materialistic view of life and strongly denied life after death, or are emotionally attached to something in this world to the point of not being able to let go.

2. Souls who fall straight to hell, because living on earth, they led a life full of evil and were possessed by more than four or five hell spirits at the time of death. These souls cannot make the normal departure to the other world, and instead, they go straight down to the depths of hell.

3. Souls that depart to the Spirit World with the help of a “Spirit Guide”. The majority of people usually wander around their house during the first seven days after their physical death, but when their consciousness becomes clear enough, a “spirit guide” comes to help them to realize that they are already dead. This spirit guide could be, in an ordinary case, a close friend, an acquaintance, parents or a sibling who died earlier.


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