Providing services to cure Black Magic and Malefic Energies

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Providing services to cure Black Magic and Malefic Energies

Providing services to cure Black Magic, Curse, Malefic Energies, protection against Dark Energy Infliction, Paranormal Energy Conflicts & Protections shields.

Protect your life with black magic healing and cure from evil spell, dark forces, if you’re suffering from any witchcraft, voodoo or spirits possession.

Culturally developed Negative Energy practitioner or Black Magic practitioner belief that many systems have been developed over the ages to help us control our thoughts. A great amount of dogma too has been kicked around in an attempt to make us into better people.

Please note we are  Against Black Magic, and work against people who are into “Black Magic” and never practice any evil ritual. We are fighting against Black Magic and such practitioners. We suggest never try and promote any such activity, never take help of black magic, as it will at the end harm you only.

As believed, Magic the occult energy kind is one of the oldest and most general of these systems. Magic is the study and application of psychic forces. It uses mental training, concentration, and a system of symbols to program the mind. The purpose of magic is to alter the self and the environment according to the will.

Using magic to forcefully control another person’s will is, in a sense, black magic. There are also some people on the occult fringe who claim to be, possibly even think they are, ‘Satanists’, devil worshipers, or black magicians. They may be attracted by the ‘art’ of black magic, or even by the ‘glamour’ of doing something against the ‘rules’.

Any magic act is likely to produce side effects regardless of whether or not the desired result is achieved. Such side effects are no problem for constructive magic, since they are beneficial as well. However, aversive magic or black magic can produce aversive and negative side effects which may even harm the magician — aversive or evil magic is dangerous!

Most of the magic we see today comes to us from ancient Egypt and Chaldea. The Chinese, Hindus, and Tibetans developed their own unique types of magic. Western magic was locked up by the Egyptian priests for thousands of years and then suppressed by the rise of Christianity. It was not until medieval Europe that magical knowledge was rediscovered by the alchemists and Cabalists. Only during the past hundred years or so has western culture been open minded enough to permit widespread investigation of the subject. Only since the start of the twentieth century has science shown much interest in it at all.

  • What Magic can Do……….Culturally developed Negative Energy practitioner believes that magic encompasses many things — science and art, philosophy and metaphysics, psychology and comparative religion. Magic is an adventure at the borderlands of the unknown. It can fit the pieces of the puzzle of life into a meaningful whole.

Magic is fun and interesting. Use magic to help raise consciousness without drugs. Gain new experiences. Fantasy can come alive through magic. Psychic phenomena can be controlled and be fun and helpful.

Magic is beneficial if used positively. It can help you to have excellent health, and bring you good luck. With magic life runs smoothly; life is good. Also use magic for personality improvement, to control bad habits and to develop new motivations.

Magic is powerful. Never underestimate the tremendous power of magic. Use magic to alter events and to achieve your goals. Exert an influence over people and phenomena. But power for its own sake is self-defeating. The power which magic can give you should not be your primary reason for studying it.

Magic and Witchcraft……A number of other occult disciplines are prevalent today besides magic. There are many cults and sects which profess their own views, but there are really few differences between them. One popular area in the occult today is witchcraft. This is far removed from the cliché of devil worship. Real witchcraft is a nature religion (pagan). Witchcraft has much in common with magic. Alchemy also has much in common with magic. It’s heritage comes from the middle ages. Alchemy fathered chemistry and the physical sciences. But the avowed purpose of alchemy, turning lead into gold, is too limiting to be called magic. Sometimes the goal of alchemy is interpreted in another way, as the transformation of man into a spiritual being. Then there are the numerous modern day seers or ‘psychics’, as they like to be called, who operate within their own somewhat unique systems. Although many of these people are deluded frauds, some are actual powerful occultists indeed.

  • Healing and Banishing………Psychic or spiritual healing is a human potential we all possess. Some people are especially good at this. It is probably easier to heal someone else by spiritual means than yourself. In addition to healing in the presence of the person, there is ‘absent healing’ in which the healing occurs at a distance. Note that there are some who maintain that influence on another person without his specific knowledge and permission (yes, even in healing and helping) is black magic and it is a wrong practice. (After all, everybody is living according to his own true will, so that healing or helping someone without permission is affecting his will)

As believed by the culturally developed Negative Energy practitioner here are some of the basic harm that is inflicted upon people using black magic
• Blocked income
• Destroying someone’s career
• Bad luck
• Bad dreams
• Breaking a relationship or destroying someone’s marriage , causing to separate or divorce
• Controlling someone’s mind for sex
• Making the victim indulge in vices like alcohol, substance abuse, violence and unhealthy sex
• Causing accidents
• Making people sick
• Anger & emotional imbalance
• Fear
• Not allowing the victim to sleep
• Depression
• Making the victim commit suicide
• Blocking a woman’s monthly periods
• Blocking a woman’s ability to conceive
• Rape of women in dreams by the spirits, where the orgasm is real
• Paranormal activity is experienced by the victims of black magic, this is done to terrorize weak minded humans
• Kill people by giving them a heart attack, kidney failure and activating cancer in the victims body
• There is a whole lot that can be inflicted upon people using black magic and the spirit world and it all depends upon the power of the black magicians

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pregnancy spiritual attacks

Spiritual Protection From Dark Forces During Pregnancy

Whether a woman is expecting her first child, or her fifth, pregnancy is filled with many emotions. There is joy and excitement mixed with anticipation and a little nervousness. All these emotions are appropriate, given the weight of what this new little life entails.

Pregnancy is such a unique time for a woman. There are lots of physical changes and hormonal shifts that can make adjustment difficult.

Since pregnancy brings forth new life, the enemy of life so often seeks to rob a woman of her joy and trust in the Lord during this time. The devil frequently weasels his way into our natural worries during pregnancy and amplifies them to the point where we become paralyzed by fear and doubt.

When a woman carries an unborn child inside her body, she has to open up her energy field to allow for the life stream and the energy field of the child to gradually mesh with the fetus. To do that, the woman has to accept energies from outside of herself and allow them to enter her energy field. Since much of this process takes place below the level of conscious awareness, it is quite possible that a woman can open her field to energies that are not part of the energy field of the child but an outside – and not necessarily benevolent – influence. You also have the fact that a woman’s body is under stress, and this can cause her to be weaker and more easily exhausted. All of this adds up to the possibility that if the woman does not remain balanced, she can be more vulnerable to dark forces than she normally is. This is one reason some women go through major emotional adjustments during pregnancy.

Another factor is that there truly are dark forces (Spirits, Evil Entities, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Negative Energies) that seek to take every person away from the path of Godhood. Such forces will seek to attack the child even while that child is in the womb. The reasoning of the dark forces is that the earlier they can get some kind of psychological hook in the child’s consciousness, the more easily they can manipulate the child as it grows up. Some souls might already have such hooks from previous lifetimes.

It is the responsibility of both the father and the mother to provide the spiritual protection of the incoming soul, and also to protect the child until it matures and can protect itself. Obviously, current culture does not teach people about the spiritual aspects of life, and therefore most people are not aware of the need to provide for their own spiritual protection, let alone that of their children.

The ugly reality is that the dark forces (Spirits, Evil Entities, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Negative Energies) are in no way deterred because of people’s lack of knowledge. You know that before people recognized the existence of bacteria, they would still become the victims of infectious diseases. Likewise, even though most people do not recognize the existence of dark forces (Spirits, Evil Entities, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Negative Energies) or the need to invoke spiritual protection, they will still be the victims of the attacks of such forces.

As an additional complication, it has been a divine law for some time that parents are allowed to give birth to children who have greater spiritual attainment than themselves. This was done to speed the growth of the entire human race in order to break the downward spiral that would have led to humankind’s self-destruction. As a result of this law, many women have (in recent decades) given birth to souls of very high spiritual attainment. Even though a woman might not be consciously aware of this, the dark forces (Spirits, Evil Entities, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Negative Energies) are keenly aware that such high souls represent a threat to them. Therefore, they attack such souls, and their parents, with all the power they can muster.

Please do not misunderstand these remarks. I am in no way trying to scare you or anyone else from having children. There is truly no influence from dark forces (Spirits, Evil Entities, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Negative Energies) that cannot be counteracted by the light of God and by your wise choices to avoid the subtle lies of dark forces (Spirits, Evil Entities, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Negative Energies). Many women have provided adequate spiritual protection for themselves and their children simply by remaining balanced and remaining true to timeless principles and ideals, especially through practicing their religion. If they do not engage in negative behavior and do not take toxic substances into their bodies, many women will be adequately protected during pregnancy.

However, if you are a spiritually aware person, there is obviously much you can do to increase your protection. You can also cut your child free from any negative influences from past lives. I highly recommend that people give the unborn child spiritual protection. This can be a great advantage and give your child a much better start in life.  This can also help to resolve psychological issues for your incoming child.

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Entity Removal & Clearing

Entity Removal and Clearing

What exactly is an “entity?”

Entities are energetic conglomerations vibrating at a level of negativity not optimal for human functionality. I also refer to them as critters, creepy crawlies, goobers, disincarnate spirits and invisible enemies. They can range from almost harmless to deadly. Some are simply misplaced or lost and are grateful to be sent home. Others have an agenda of negativity that requires more skill to remove. In the world of healing, ceremony and light work it is essential that you be well versed and prepared for these energies.

An entity appears to need a physical body to fulfill a sense of safety. Since its consciousness exists in separation from the Divine, its energy is of extreme terror and believes that inhabiting (and sometimes controlling) a human body is its only option for survival. As healers we give the entity another option: to find safety in its reunion with the unconditional love of the Divine Source from which we came and to return to the light of its infinite existence.

While the idea of being possessed or inhabited with an entity is scary. You need to  raise the vibration to a level of love, supporting its reunion with the Divine Source, its journey back home. If you go into anger or separation yourself as the healer, you will probably be its next home. Sometimes energies do not want to go to the Divine Source, but they will go back to the dimension from which they came.

I’ve found this issue of entities to be complex. It is easy to place too much emphasis on them and say, “My entity made me do it.” It is also easy to dismiss them entirely with the idea that you wont be affected. If you are a human being, there should be very few if any! You may be unaware of a wounding that can attract these astral energies.


Entities need energy to survive on the lower astral planes and human beings are a great source of denser energy, keeping them as grounded and embodied as possible. Since they have consciousness, they also have purpose and look for bodies to express that purpose. They are able to attach to them through holes in the auric field as well as vibrational resonance. Vibrational resonance means that there is an aspect of your conscious that is in alignment with the entity’s consciousness. Through the Law of Attraction, the entity can attach to you. So if you are vibrating a lot of fear or anger, you will be more vulnerable because this is generally what feeds them. They also love the light, if they secretly long to go home, but it is harder to attach because the vibration is too quick for them. However if you have a lot of light, and you also have significant woundings vibrating at a lower rate, you are a main course and desert. For those who are open psychically, or people who are using drugs and/or are or have been exposed to abuse, you are particularly vulnerable because your field could have this configuration, as well as have many holes. Entities can travel through lifetimes with you, so it’s a good idea to get checked at least once a lifetime.

How can you tell when you have been infiltrated? Sometimes that is tricky, and it is only over time that you are able to distinguish the change.

Common symptoms are:

•Unexplained, persistent anger
•Trouble sleeping
•Illness that does not get better
•Persistent fatigue
•Feelings of “not being yourself”
•Loss of motivation for your life goals- feeling like, “What’s the point?”
•Hearing voices, or seeing a recurring image of the energy

If you know someone who seems to be acting differently, not like themselves, more negative and you can no longer connect with them, it may be that they have been taken over by an entity. This is different from a walk in. A walk in is an agreement between two souls for the evolution of those two souls. Entity attachment, while it may serve your growth process, is not a “formal” agreement, but an unconscious agreement that can be easily reversed through healing, working your process and extraction.

Gossiping, back-stabbing, negatively projecting and victimizing are forms of psychic attack. You are sending energy conglomerations of attack to another, and you are also vibrating at a high level of negativity. Genuinely processing your anger, pain and shadow pieces with the intention of healing is not psychic attack. However it is important to do it in a safe container of healing.

There are a few vulnerable areas for attachment. One time, I accidentally took on an entity from a client after he had processed a great deal of anger. I was very tired with a sinus infection that day and hadn’t had enough time to properly set up protection for the room, nor was I looking for an entity. I’m sure my auric field was full of openings and it just jumped in, having nowhere else to go, when he unexpectedly released it. I experienced the entity entering my field as chills that ran through my body. These were not the fun, high vibrating chills, but the slower, lower ones- although they didn’t feel bad. It can be difficult to distinguish the difference, but there is one. I thought to myself, “Ooops.”

Over the next several days I became weaker and weaker. My anger levels began rising. Before I would fall asleep I could clearly see the image of the energy, which was an old wizard like being who was very angry at humanity. Sleep was restless and unsatisfying. By the time I got to my healer’s table, I was practically crawling I was so tired. This invisible enemy was literally sucking the life out of my third chakra, and would have inevitably led to a chronic fatigue illness. There was very little, if any vibrational resonance, and after getting released, I instantly began to feel better.

Entities can also attach into your nervous system through your spine, and linger there for years, activating themselves much like a virus when you are weak, or vibrating at their level. This is a real energy drain and creates anxiety. I always check the spine of a client to make sure he or she is all clear.

I have also found a lot of astral beings residing in the heart. Many times these little goobers are unconsciously called in to protect a broken heart and will only leave if they are assured that the person will be cared for properly. They have strong sense of purpose and, taking their job seriously and mean no harm, but they are not vibrating at a level of love, they are vibrating with fear. For optimal growth, these beings must be removed so the healing process can begin. If they won’t budge, it means the client must do some deeper healing work to be ready to let go of the protection.

Many well-known celebrities contract entities. Those who have been exposed to personal trauma, abuse and drugs, while having millions of people psychically attack them on a daily basis don’t really have a fighting chance. You can see that they are no longer themselves, massive soul pieces have left them and they are headed on a road to destruction with no sense of self to fall back on. Removing the critters wouldn’t be the only thing necessary to mend those wounds, but it would be a great start.



Anyone who uses drugs or alcohol will pick up entities when in a high, inebriated, drunken, stoned state of mind.  It even happens with the use of some medical sedatives such as Oxycontin and others, or even too many sedative herbs, possibly.  This is a serious problem for those who need drugs for pain, for example. It also makes places like bars and cocktail lounges quite dangerous for anyone to be in, as some entities hang around them, hoping to find someone to attach to.


This healing modality is used to release negative forces when it is threatening the fundamental foundation of the person. Any attachments or energies that are not in the best interest of the person are released, thus empowering the person to function more fully in all aspects of life.




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