Chakra Healing Treatment

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Chakra Healing Treatment

Keeping our physical body alive, healthy and functioning well is a complex exercise in balancing. It’s called homeostasis, and it keeps all the chemicals, hormones, and processes of our body in harmony with each other. If our body deviates from a state of homeostasis, we’re in trouble.

In the same way, our chakras must be in balance and aligned with each other.

When our chakras (or any aspect of our energy system) are out of balance, it can have a profound impact on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. When they are out of balance/alignment, both our bodies and our lives are likely to be out of balance as well. We may find that we are illness- or accident-prone, or that our lives are unhappy, unsatisfying, or chaotic.

Our body as we know it is not just a compilation of flesh, bones and blood. It is much more than that. The flesh, bones and blood are all governed by the flow of energy. This energy is better known as the life force. A force or type of energy that makes it possible for us to wake up every morning, that makes it feasible for us to gasp breath by breath, the fresh air and makes us feel healthy. This energy comes from the divine creator, the one Supreme Being that has granted us with the gift of life. However, as is the rule with any type of energy, it never remains constant at one place. The energy flows within the body.

There are seven chakras within the body. Each chakra is a centre of energy. This energy governs a specific set of organs. The overall well-being of the body is a result of a delicate balance between the various chakras. This balance is crucial. Even a slight imbalance on this front, tends to damage the body. Often a minor imbalance of energy can weaken the person’s body to such an extent that it contracts deadly diseases.

This is where Chakra Healing comes into the picture. Using the Ancient Science healing therapies, the balance between the various energy chakras is restored. The therapies are absolutely safe and completely natural.

What is Chakra Healing?

The chakras are a powerful guide to understanding your body’s energy system. Once you understand the concept of each chakra, you can begin to understand the reasons behind the state of your body. This is the essence of chakra healing.

Each chakra:

  • Governs a particular area of the body, including the bones, organs and all body tissue in that area;
  • Is represented by a particular colour & vibration; and
  • Represents a life theme and challenge.

Chakras represent the major energy centres of our bodies and are connected to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. There are seven chakras, as we have told you. These chakras are the Muladhara located at the space between the anal outlet and the genital organ; Swadhisthana located above it; Manipura just below the navel,  Anahata, where the rib cage meets; Vishuddhi, which is at the pit of the throat; Ajna, located between the eyebrows; and Sahasrara, or the crown located on the head.

In order to understand the process of healing, let’s take a look at what these chakras govern:

Root Chakra (Mooladhara) is directly connected to parents, it is most important energy centre for the foundation of our life, blockage of this chakra create disharmony in life how at emotional as well as physical health.

Sacral Chakra (Swadishtana) is our sexual chakra and regulate our emotional body

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) takes care of the metabolism & control the organss

Heart Chakra (Anahata) balances three chakras up and three chakras down, a love energy regulates by this energy center.

Throat Chakra (Vishudi) is our sound box, allow us to connect with body mind and soul, to utter and listen.

Third Eye Chakra (Agna) is third eyes and allow us to work through our institution a path finder.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) connect us to universe and reflects our spirituality and knowledge.

Depending on the problem that the patient is facing, Ancient Science identifies the chakra that needs healing and accordingly prescribes the therapy.

How To Tell If You Need Chakra Balancing

Energetically, what characterizes a chakra system that is in balance?

Energy flows through the chakra system in two ways. First, it flows up and down along your central channel, base of spine to top of head, connecting the chakras. Second, it flows horizontally, in an exchange of energy with the cosmos.

In a balanced chakra system:

  • Energy flows freely vertically, reaching all the chakras: none of the chakras are blocked.
  • Energy flows freely horizontally: each chakra exchanges energy freely with the cosmos.
  • None of the chakras is substantially more open or spinning faster/slower than the others: none is significantly overactive or underactive in comparison to the rest.
  • Each of the chakras is opened to the degree needed to support your health and spiritual development: none of the seven chakras is open too wide, or closed down too tight.
  • Neither the upper chakras nor the lower chakras is over-emphasized.

How would a person with a healthy, balanced chakra system most likely look?

  • body is healthy enough to support individual spiritual journey/fulfillment of life purpose
  • well grounded, secure, confident, in touch with own body
  • in touch with their emotions, but not overwhelmed by them
  • comfortable with their own sexuality
  • self-confident, able to manifest their desires without dominating others
  • compassionate, loving, healthy relationships; in touch with nature
  • able to express own truth, to listen as well as speak, to create
  • intellect balanced with wisdom, in touch with intuition
  • sense of connection with the divine

Many energy healers will be able to perceive your chakras and whether they are balanced, open, and healthy. But it’s not really necessary to be able to perceive them in order to evaluate them and their state of balance, because when there is an imbalance in your chakra system, it will eventually manifest in your body, emotions, thoughts, or your life. In other words, it will show up clearly in the physical world at some point.

Complete Balance and Alignment Not Necessary

It’s not necessary, however, for our chakras to be perfectly, completely balanced, all at the same level of open-ness and activation. For most people, one or more chakras stand out as being stronger than the others. This is normal and not at all undesirable.

It’s only necessary that the chakras not be wildly out of alignment, such as one chakra that is nearly shut down, or one that is blown wide open in comparison to the others. Your body and your life will give you the information you need to know if your chakras need balancing.

Imbalance in the Chakras

Sometimes people on a path of spiritual development will over-emphasize the top chakras, believing that this is the way to become enlightened. In my personal view, this is a mistake. The body is not less holy than the spirit. They are both aspects of energy, and need to be balanced in order for us to make the most of our physical incarnation.

Indeed, someone with a top-heavy chakra system–the top three or four chakras overactive in relation to the three bottom chakras–might be spacy and ungrounded, have difficulty finishing things, have difficulty concentrating, lack “common sense,” be “out of touch,” and just generally have difficulty living in the world.

On the other hand, sometimes people are out of balance with the lower three chakras overactive in comparison to the entire system. Such individuals might lack imagination and creativity, lack vision, lack higher dreams, feel unconnected to the divine, be overly sexual, lack higher reasoning power, be overbearing and unsubtle, be “plodding,” get trapped in the minutiae or the drama of life, and generally have a hard time rising above the basic physicality of life.


However, the science of chakras was discovered thousands of years ago and it is one of the most accurate science of our physical, as well as emotional health, in the ancient science the treatment used to happen through healing of the chakra, the universe is moving towards artificial life, the more and more synthetic life is in progress & bringing back the real science of life, now it is universal known the impact of chemical treatment, how good and bad it is for us?, Chakra Healing is one of the most eminent ancient science to heal the patient from root, hence emotional balance and physical health automatically attained.

This ensures that the healing is long lasting. Through the therapies, the focus is on seeking the blessings of the divine creator to restore the flow of energy within the body. Once the balance is restored, the problems are healed. Also, this is a way of eliminating the root cause. This guarantees that the problem does not recur.

Therefore, the patients are free to live a long happy and healthy life.

The purpose of chakra healing is to better understand personal strengths and weaknesses and how they influence the state of your body as an energy system. Chakras provide a framework for you to understand your tendencies, behaviours and habits so that you can learn better ways of being. In other words, moving through the stages of unhealthy to healthy – those ways of being that serve you to make you happy on all levels.

Each of the seven chakras has its own theme or ‘personality’ which together make up the whole ‘person’. And they are universal – they apply to everyone. Within each theme lies a life-lesson or challenge. Mastering each challenge of the chakras is integral in the process of healing, on all levels.

Understanding the chakras will take you on a journey through your physical, emotional and psychological makeup, bringing your attention to the areas in your life that require healing.

The chakras are your springboard to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being. Chakra healing will take you on a journey of self-discovery through aspects of yourself that you thought didn’t exist, both wonderous and tragic aspects which come to your attention to be healed and integrated into a more balanced, peaceful and joyful you.

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