Signs of Past Life / Lives | Clues of our Previous Births |

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Signs of Past Life / Lives | Clues of our Previous Births |

Have you lived before? Here are 9 clues you might find in your present life

plrtTHE IDEA THAT our souls or spirits reincarnate reaches back at least 3,000 years. Discussions of the subject can be found in the ancient traditions of India, Greece, and the Celtic Druids. It’s a tantalizing belief – that our spirits are not confined to the seven, eight, or nine decades of life on Earth, but that we have lived before and that we might live again.

What do you believe? Do you believe that you have had a past life or lives, growing up, working, loving, and suffering in roles very different from the one you are now playing out? Perhaps you were a different race, socio-economic class, or gender. Some even believe you could have been another living species entirely – a dog, gazelle, or fish perhaps.

Those who believe in past lives suggest that there might be clues to what our past lives were in the various complex aspects that make up our current physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological personalities.

The following is a list of many of the situations people report that may be glimpses of their own past lives. This is by no means a total list, but it will give you some food for thought.


Most of us have experienced the eerie feeling of déjà vu – the sudden, surprising feeling that an event we are going through at the moment has happened exactly this way before. Psychologist Arthur Funkhouser has broken down this phenomenon into sub-categories: déjà vécu – an event already experienced or lived through; déjà senti – already felt, perhaps triggered by a voice or music; and déjà visité – a place so familiar we feel we’ve been there before.

While scientists and psychiatrists insist there are neurological explanations for these phenomena, others wonder if these strange feelings could be vague, fleeting memories of past lives. You enter a house or building, for example, in a town you’ve never visited before. Yet every detail of that place is familiar.


One of my client’s daughter has “memories” of childhood events that we know never really happened. Is she just remembering a child’s fantasy, misunderstanding, or even a dream that she now interprets as reality? Or is she remembering something that happened to her before she was born into this lifetime?

Human memory is a fraught with error and incongruities, and I’m sure many of us have memories of things that family and friends can attest never occurred. So the question is: Is it faulty memory or a remembrance of lives past?


Dreams of being in another time and place. If you find yourself dressed in clothing from another era, or using some type of tools or implements which do not fit our time period, it may be a flashback dream from a previous lifetime. Also notice whether “others” in the dream are also dressed in a similar time period. Often these past life dreams have subject matter that is highly emotional and is quite vivid in detail. They may be triggered by an issue, or event in your life which relates to that past life time. These are dreams which you don’t easily forget. Recurring dreams and nightmares also have been suggested as being memories or at least clues of past lives. I have experienced this type of recurring dream. There are two locations with specific details that crop up in my dreams several times a year, yet they are places I have never been to.

The first is a large city and I am walking down the street… there is a candy/magazine store on the corner, and I go in any buy something… then I go farther down the street to another building, and in the lower level is a small restaurant where I meet some friends and make the acquaintance of some girls… and later I think that I must go back to that place to see if the girls are there again.

The second is a smaller city – I get the distinct feeling of a “college town” – and I can see the specific view of a specific corner, how it looks, what’s there, how the street slopes down, etc.

These are not memories of places or events that have happened in this life, yet they recur in my dreams often. Are they memories of something important that happened in a past life?

Likewise, can nightmares be reflections of past life traumas that have clung to our spirits and haunt our sleep?


Where do your fears and phobias come from? Fear of such things as spiders, snakes, and heights seem to be built into the human psyche as part of our evolved survival instinct.

Many people suffer from phobias that are completely irrational, however. Fear of water, of birds, of numbers, of mirrors, of plants, of specific colors… the list goes on and on. People suffer from all kinds of bizarre phobias.

While several years on a psychologist’s couch might get to the root of those odd fears, those who believe in past lives wonder if they are carried over from a previous lifetime. Does a fear of water indicate a previous death by drowning? Could a fear of the color red suggest, for example, that a person was struck or killed by a red streetcar?



Strong feelings for a certain country, period of time, music or culture. Often my clients will tell me that they “feel so at home” in a particular country or culture. For them it feels like going home, or that they’ve been there before. It can also manifest as feelings of anxiousness or uneasiness about a certain country or culture. Take a look at the furniture and art pieces in your home. Is there a predominant theme from a certain time period or culture that you enjoy or feel comfortable with? And are there ones you really hate and would never consider placing in your home? Is there period music, such as Bagpipe or Native American Indian Flute music, which moves you to tears or that you feel very uncomfortable with for no apparent reason? Pay attention, because these past life hints are all around you.

You probably know a person who was born and raised in the United States but is an ardent anglophile – a person who is interested to the point of obsession with British culture. You might also know someone who can think of little else but getting dressed up and acting the part for the next Renaissance Fair or Civil War reenactment.

There are “philes” for virtually every culture on the planet, both modern and ancient, affecting people who seem to have no rationale for their obsessions. Why? Are they merely trying to find familiarity in a culture in which they lived 100 years ago? 1,000 years ago?


Here is a related subject. It’s good to have things that we are passionate about, as long as they do not become obsessive and debilitating.

But from where do passions arise for books, art, antiques, fashion, gardening, theatre, cars, trains, aircraft, the paranormal – or any number of other subjects?

Intense interest in a specific subject might be totally natural, of course, but might there be a past life connection in some cases?


The dark side of passions are those uncontrolled habits and obsessions that take over people’s lives and can even marginalize them in society. Obsessive-compulsives and hoarders fit into this category. A man who has to turn the light switch off and on ten times before he leaves a room; a woman who collects newspapers into six-foot-high stacks throughout her house because she cannot bear to get rid of them.

Each of us has at least one bad habit, from fingernail biting to gossiping to procrastination. The extreme forms include addictions to everything from television to Facebook to drugs. Again, psychological explanations can be found for these uncontrolled habits, yet those who believe in reincarnation say they might have roots in past lives.


Do you have aches and pains that the doctors cannot quite pinpoint or find a medical explanation for? You might be labeled a hypochondriac – a person who imagines his or her ailments. Or, as past life proponents suggest, those mysterious pains, sores, cramps, and more could be reflections of suffering you endured in a previous existence.


Birthmarks have been touted as evidence for reincarnation. In one fascinating case, an Indian boy claimed to remember the life of a man named Maha Ram, who was killed with a shotgun fired at close range. This boy had an array of birthmarks in the center of his chest that looked like they could possibly correspond to a shotgun blast. So the story was checked out. Indeed, there was a man named Maha Ram who was killed by a shotgun blast to the chest. An autopsy report recorded the man’s chest wounds — which corresponded directly with the boy’s birthmarks. Common birthmarks, deformities or physical handicaps are often a result of a traumatic or powerful emotional experience in a past life. Birthmarks are often found through regressive hypnosis to be a type of emotional or psychic imprint from a cause of death or trauma in a previous lifetime. It is like an emotional wound or memory that was so strong, it carried through to this lifetime as a sort physically imprint at the site of the cause of death. However, its purpose can also be serving as a spiritual or emotional lesson to balance out past life actions. See my article entitled: The Compelling Evidence….You Have Lived Before!

In a similar way, various other physical traits – even deformities – have been suggested as having their precedent in a person’s former life.

  • Talents and abilities at an early age. Example: gift of music, art, natural proclivities. We have all heard amazing stories of children who display uncanny talents and abilities at a very early age, yet had no training for it in this lifetime. These are most likely carry through talents or abilities from a past life. Take a look at your talents, abilities or strong points. Often it can be something as mundane as your ability to be diplomatic in difficult situations, or your ability to keep everyone calm during a stressful situation. Many of these are learned traits and strengths from previous lifetimes. What have you always seemed to be good at or came naturally or easily?
  • Strong feelings (good or bad) for a significant person in your life. Strong emotional feelings or reactions to a particular individual are often a sign you’ve crossed paths before, and that your emotion is directly related to those past life experiences. Your Relationships May Be Rooted In Your Past Lives.
  • Relationship problems or issues with a certain person. Example: Feels like husband is more like a brother than a husband.
  • Conscious flashbacks of things which don’t fit here and now. Example: lifting a long skirt that isn’t there, when going upstairs. Stroking a beard or mustache that isn’t there, particularly if you’re a female. If you pay attention, you may periodically find yourself performing certain gestures or actions that do not fit this current lifetime. Unless you’re aware, they may go unnoticed. They can take place during quiet meditative states when you are rather oblivious to your actions, or when in a hurry and not aware of what you’re physically doing.


As I’ve noted, there certainly are or could be medical, psychological, or societal explanations for each of the phenomena above, and your experience with any of them does not necessarily mean that they can be attributed to a past life. After all, although there is some compelling case evidence for reincarnation and past lives, it is not a proved fact. Yet, this site is about alternate possibilities, and the notion that we have lived before and will live again is one that holds a great deal of fascination.

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Birthmarks / Scars clues of Past Lives | Regression Therapy

past life therapyIf you are trying to blend into a crowd, the last thing you need is a birthmark. That’s because birthmarks are identifying features that are unique to us. Some birthmarks are so rare and uncommon that they have even been used as identifying characteristics in police investigations. (Police have used birthmarks to give the public a better description of a person of interest, and in some cases, birthmarks have helped witnesses identify perpetrators of a crime.) But birthmarks don’t just shed light on one’s identity; they can also shed light into one’s past lives.

When people move from lifetime to lifetime, there are certain things that they tend to carry with them. Often emotional baggage of traumas from past lives can come up again in a current lifetime. If you feel like you keep making the same mistake or suffering the same inner wound, it may be a karmic lesson that you failed to get in a previous lifetime.

It’s also common for people to bring fears from one lifetime to another. You may have been afraid of fire in multiple lifetimes, or perhaps you died in a fire in a previous lifetime so flames instill fear in you today. We also tend to have relationships with the same souls in multiple lifetimes, so we bring our loved ones with us from lifetime to lifetime.

Birthmarks can also be passed from one lifetime to another. Sometimes a soul will have the same unique identifier in multiple lifetimes. There have been cases of past life regression in which a client recalls a previous life in which they had the same birthmark that they have in a current lifetime. Just as the eyes often stay the same from lifetime to lifetime, a birthmark can transcend death.

In other cases, a birthmark may be indicative of a wound you experienced in a past life or even your death in a past life. For example, one might have been stabbed in the arm in a past life and that same soul may have a birthmark in that very spot in this current lifetime. A person who was shot to death in a past life might have a birthmark in the location of the body where the bullet struck.

Sometimes you can even discover clues into a past life based on the shape of a birthmark. For example, a birthmark could have the smooth, circular shape of a bullet hole or the jagged edges of a knife wound. A birthmark might even resemble a place on a map where the soul lived in a previous life. It’s also possible for people of the same soul group to share a birthmark so if you meet someone who you feel a deep connection with and they happen to have a birthmark that is similar to yours, there is a good change that that person and you have have shared multiple lifetimes.

There are cases that have documented the remarkable connection

Do birthmarks have something to do with one’s past life? Apparently, some do have  a connection, but perhaps not all.

Birthmarks are marks or blemishes found on the skin of a person at birth.

The first Western scientist I know who had conducted serious research on reincarnation and birthmarks was the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, head of the Psychiatry Department at the University of Virginia, USA.

 He investigated around 3,000 cases of spontaneous past life recall by children ages 3-13. He found remarkable evidence of past life memories and wrote around 20 of them in his pioneering book  “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation,” published by the University Press of Virginia in 1974.

The following are some of the remarkable connections between birthmarks and  past lives from 210 individuals investigated and reported by Dr. Stevenson:

1. A boy named Maha Ram in India could remember being killed in a previous life with a shotgun fired at close range. He remembered enough details of his past life for Stevenson to find an autopsy report of the man supposedly reincarnated as Ram. The birthmarks on Ram’s chest corresponded to the bullet wounds.

2. A 12-year-old boy in the Middle East born with a ring-like mark or scar around his neck remembered two uncles who beheaded him in order to get his inheritance.

Stray bullet

3. Karen Kubicko posted photos of herself in high school with a birthmark on her neck and a photo of herself later in life without the birthmark. She said she remembered that in a previous life she was a woman named Helen who was hit by a stray bullet in the neck and died in 1927. The mark was where the bullet had hit her in her vision. After she remembered this, the mark gradually disappeared.


In yet another interesting case studied by Dr. Jim Tucker, who continued the works of Dr. Stevenson, a birthmark was traced to a past life.

“An old woman died in Thailand with a wish to reincarnate as a boy. Her daughter dipped a finger in white paste and marked the back of the woman’s neck with the paste. Not long after the woman’s death, her daughter gave birth to a son with a white mark on the back of his neck that looked like the white paste left on the woman’s nape.”

When Dr. Stevenson was asked how come the birthmarks still appeared on the skin of a reincarnated person when it was a new body he is now occupying, he replied that it must be because the memory of the previous life may still be strongly embedded in his mind. Or maybe it is necessary as a reminder of the person’s previous life.


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Past Life Birthmarks, Moles, Phobias, Fears, Aversions |

Did you know that birthmarks, moles and phobias can hold clues to past life experiences?

past life cluesSometimes we carry the physical mark of a past karmic debt or emotional memory into other lifetimes. The energetic or soul memory, encoded into the energy grid of our energetic spirit body, can actually manifest the physical form of the soul memory vibration by leaving a birthmark. The energy molecules take on the shape and form of the vibrational frequency associated with the mortal wound or trauma that the person experienced in another incarnation. Birthmarks and physical deformities are considered karmic badges that give us a clue to our past lives.

The scars of trauma that our soul carries forward from one life to the next manifests as marks on the body and in a subtle way resonate with an encoded cellular memory. It is believed that some who have port-wine birthmarks have often been the victim of a past life fire, while other birthmarks can show where we were wounded. One of my client have a birthmark on his back shoulder blade, representative of where he was stabbed in the back. During past life regression it was confirmed that he was attacked by a Viking warrior as he sat in the scriptorium of a monastery, copying ancient script by hand during the Dark Ages. That may explain why he hates when anyone stands behind him while he was writing. Listening to recordings of monks chanting always seems familiar and connects him to the memory of the emotional feeling of mysticism.

It is an Oriental belief that certain moles hold past life clues and are also very foretelling of your fate. A mole on the face can mean a happy, cheerful disposition while a mole on the back can mean a life filled with burdens. A mole situated on the tummy area means smooth sailing while a mole on the chest signifies a lot of happiness. Moles on the feet show travel while moles on the hand can pertain to a certain talent. Are moles clues to the karma that we need to re-balance or to the secret fates that await us?

Certain phobias and aversions are also associated with past life soul memory. People who have been hanged or beheaded will often have chronic neck problems or hate anything tight around their neck. Some who have died in childbirth may find that they have difficulty conceiving children or have an aversion to having children. Past life trauma can leave us with fears and phobias like the one of my client have of large birds. She was beheaded during the 1500s for sorcery and her head was put on a post at the entrance gates to the city and – you guessed it – the birds pecked at her flesh. To this day she fears large birds because the energetic impression is strongly encoded into her soul memory.

Past life readings and regressions are an excellent way to connect, confirm and possibly resolve conflict and trauma from the past. Look to your body for the physical clues pointing to significant past life experiences and also recognize why some unexplained dislike or phobias may have originated many life times ago.

It is very liberating to honor from where we came because it opens the roads for where we are going.

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