Spirit Release (Demons,Devils,Ghosts,Negative Energies etc.)

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spirit entities

Spirit Release (Demons,Devils,Ghosts,Negative Energies etc.)

spirit entitiesSometimes the physical or emotional issues that we seek to resolve or heal do not come from our own past lives. Rather, they can come from a totally different entity — the attached spirit of someone who has already died.

For a variety of reasons, when some individuals die, they do not go directly into the Light. Instead, they become earthbound spirits that can attach themselves to our aura or our physical, emotional or mental subtle bodies. They do not require our permission to do so.

A spirit attachment may be random or even accidental. It can be:

  • benevolent in nature,
  • self-serving to fulfill a personal need of the attaching entity,
  • malevolent in intention or 
  • completely neutral.

Symptoms of spirit attachment can include:

  • An inner voice that constantly criticizes you
  • A variety of changing physical maladies with no obvious cause
  • Irrational fear, anger, sadness or guilt or
  • Suicidal tendencies.

Frequently the earthbound spirit brings along its own physical and emotional maladies at the time of death. These fears, phobias, aches, addictions, negative thoughts, desires and behaviors are then experienced as your own pains, thoughts, desires and behaviors.

Our language reflects an inner knowledge of this condition: “What got into you?” “I’m not myself today.” “I don’t know what possessed me to do that.”

I find in my practice that spirit attachments can be the source of any number of physical, mental and emotional disorders faced by my clients including phobias, addictions, anxiety, compulsions, depression, relationship difficulties, feelings of anger and abandonment, unexplainable pains and aches, and many other symptoms.

Sometimes you are not aware of the attachment until the entity has been released.

What is Spirit Release?

Spirit Release Therapy dates back to antiquity. Virtually all cultures and religions address the issue of discarnate beings of various types influencing living people, causing various degrees of harm to their hosts.

Today Spirit Release is a therapy practiced by psychotherapists, mental health professionals and energy healers who have found it effective where other methods have failed. As man’s understanding of the enormous influence and power of their higher energy fields is “authenticated” by modern methods of scientific measurement, and as preventative medicine grows, the importance of clearing foreign psychic energies will be commonly accepted.

Physical or emotional stress can leave you vulnerable to unwelcome negative energies which attach at a subtle vibrational level and can then influence your health, personality and behavior. A Lost Soul may well bring with it the physical symptoms it experienced at the time of its death.

The practitioner and client need not hold any particular religious belief. We are trained in releasing these negative attachments which may have been preventing you from moving forward with your life. We transform the entities so that they are unable to return to you, find out what problems they may have been causing and ask for help, advice, protection and healing.

Spirit Release differs from exorcism because it is non-confrontational and transformation is achieved through negotiation. As well as freeing the client and channeling healing to them, we invoke the power of love and the assistance of higher spiritual beings to help the invading entities on their evolutionary path towards enlightenment. They are transformed into a higher more evolved state from where they cannot return, for within the heart of every being, however dark, there is a core of light. Our skill is in persuading it to find within itself this transformational light source – once it has transformed it cannot and would not wish to return.

We offer ourselves as vehicles for the Divine Universal Healing Power. We treat all information in complete confidence and approach this work with great integrity.

Whilst to our knowledge all our clients have responded favorably, Spirit Release Therapy is not a panacea – there are many causes for illness. Likewise, many of the life factors of the client and his/her situation are beyond our control and may be affecting the healing process. The Universe does not interfere with a soul’s chosen path or their free will.

It is always in the client’s best interest to refrain from other spiritual or rescue work whilst we are conducting Spirit Release Therapy so that the new energy vibrations and behavior patterns will have a chance to settle. Please consider all these factors before requesting Spirit Release Therapy.

We always work in Love and Light and for the highest good of all concerned, asking the higher energies and angelic kingdom for their guidance, healing and protection.

How Can Spirit Attachment Happen ?

Our aura is an magnetic energy field. Like any magnet it can repel and attract according to the energetic charge.  We have all met people that seem to have a magnetic personality,  people seem to naturally be drawn to these type of people without consciously understanding why.  On the other hand there are people that are more likely to keep other people at a distance.  These types of people do not find it so easy to connect to people.

The same applies for spirits, they can become  attracted to people because of the magnetic energy field.

What can create that energetic attraction ?

The likelihood of spirit attachment depends on the strength of your auric field. If your energy field becomes weakened, torn or become frail and develop holes for many reasons.  Some of those reasons according to Sue Allen ( author of spirit release ) are:

  • Mental or physical illness
  • Surgery
  • Certain Medications
  • Chemotherapy
  • Anti-psychotic
  • Stress/ Trauma
  • Alcohol
  • Recreational Drugs

My experience has shown that attachments can occur when :

  • A person has experienced extreme trauma.
  • When a person has taken drugs or alcohol.
  • It can also occur from the negative intentions of others.

This can then create a break in the energy field of the person & this can  allow an attachment to become part of the persons energy field.

What  Does It Feel Like To Have An Attachment ? Although it can be different  everyone, some of the common experiences are:

  • People experience, behaviours, feelings and thoughts that seem foreign to  them.
  • They can begin to like completely different foods & drinks
  • They begin to have completely different interests.
  • They experience problems making decisions, constantly in two minds
  • Constant internal chatter that creates confusion
  • They feel like the mind is foggy or in a haze
  • Belief systems & values can sometimes completely change.
  • They can also experience extreme feelings that appear unexplainable or out of character for them. Ie: Extreme feelings of anger, sadness, fear or anxiety.

The Clearing Process Through the attachment  release process I firstly check to see if the person has anything foreign attached to their energy field and then move the person through a healing  process of releasing any attachments that don’t belong to the person. When this release happens the person is more easily able to make those changes  that they want in their lives, without feeling held back.  Some have described “feeling more like themselves again”. in general people feel better about themselves and their lives.

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Alcohol & Drug Affects Our Aura – Marijuana,Cannabis,Cocaine

People who are taking drugs or alcohol can get into inspiring yet also vulnerable states – emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually. How come? Here an overview of the effects of alcohol on the physical and subtle bodies of an individual. The influence on soul level is usually the least discussed facet of alcohol consumption.

Alcohol & Body Chemistry

Alcohol directly affects brain chemistry by altering levels of neurotransmitters, which are the chemical messengers and communicators that transmit signals throughout the body that control thought processes, behaviour and emotions.

Alcohol affects both “excitatory” neurotransmitters and “inhibitory” neurotransmitters: it suppresses the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate and increases the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. What this means for you is that your thought, speech and movements are slowed down, and the more you drink, the more of these effects you’ll feel. Hence the stumbling around, falling over chairs and other clumsy things drunk people do.

BUT alcohol also increases the release of dopamine in your brain’s reward circuitry, the brain areas that are affected by virtually all stimulating, exciting activities. By jacking up dopamine levels in your brain, alcohol tricks you into thinking that it’s actually making you feel great or maybe just better (if you are drinking to get over something emotionally difficult). The effect is that you keep drinking to get more dopamine release, but at the same time you’re altering other brain chemicals that are enhancing feelings of depression. Over time, with more drinking, the dopamine effect diminishes until it’s almost nonexistent. But at this stage, a drinker is often “hooked” on the feeling of dopamine release in the reward center, even though they’re no longer getting it. Once a compulsive need to go back again and again for that release is established, addiction takes hold.

Alcohol abuse over a long period causes chronic intoxication. Nervous tremors develop, the memory fails, also acute gastritis, liver cirrhosis, optic neuritis, heart and kidney diseases are likely to occur, while other symptoms are similar to those of acute intoxication.

Longterm effects of drinking alcohol can not only damage the brain but also the stomach, heart, kidneys, liver, muscles and joints. For example: the liver breaks down alcohol – and the toxins it releases. The alcohol’s byproducts can damage liver cells. These damaged liver cells then no longer function as well as they should and allow too much of toxic substances, ammonia and manganese in particular, to travel to the brain. These substances proceed to damage brain cells, and can cause a serious and potentially fatal brain disorder.

Alcohol & Driving

An estimated 32% of fatal car crashes involve an intoxicated driver or pedestrian. Drinking alcohol and driving simply do not go well together. The human brain has to deal with many things and process countless data all the time. Alcohol affects attentiveness and one’s ability to make quick decisions on the road, react to changes in the environment and execute specific maneuvers behind the wheel. After drinking alcohol, driving becomes dangerous, and potentially lethal.

Alcohol affects everybody’s driving for the worse. It creates a feeling of overconfidence, makes judging distance and speed more difficult and slows your reactions so it takes longer to stop. “I’m only going down the road.” doesn’t work either: a large proportion of all drink drive crashes occur within three miles of the start of the journey.

In the region of the cerebral cortex, where thought processing is centered, alcohol depresses the behavioural inhibitory centers, making the person less inhibited. It slows down the processing of information from ALL senses, inhibits the thought processes and makes it difficult to think clearly.

The same goes for drug consumption. Reaction and decision times are slowed down, over-confidence, altered perception and judgment of risks often lead to perform higher risks. As a consequence, in March 2015 the drug driving law in the United Kingdom changed. It is now an offence to drive with certain drugs above a specified level in your blood – just as it is with drink driving (seventeen legal and illegal drugs are covered by the law, including cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine).

Alcohol & Sex

The hypothalamus and pituitary gland coordinate automatic brain functions and hormone release. Alcohol depresses nerve centers in the hypothalamus that control sexual arousal and performance. Although sexual urge may increase, sexual performance decreases.

Is Wine safe?

Alcohol in the form of medical wine has been used in China for more than 5000 years and its use and infusions were recorded in prescriptions 2000 years ago, in the first texts of traditional Chinese medicine. In TCM alcohol is generally characterised as sweet-bitter and hot, also toxic. Wine though, if drunk in small amounts, stimulates blood circulation and opens the vessels to relieve pain, it vitalizes the blood, drives out “wind” and dispels “cold” symptoms, transports medicaments and disperses bad influences. A lot of wine, however adds dampness and heat to the body, and can contribute to a range of problems.

In any case, wine more than other forms of alcohol seems to have added perks, if consumed in moderation. Some argue the polyphenols in wine can ward off bacterial infection and particularly red wine has long been thought of as having a positive influence on heart health. Resveratrol is a substance in red wine that is known to prevent damage to blood vessels (artery damage) and to stimulate the production of antioxidants like Glutathione (GSH) and Superoxide dismutase (SOD).

Who is the Producer?

In this context another important point: Where is the bottle actually coming from? Please do not to underestimate the importance of the quality and standards of the wine producer. Not only the type of grapes, techniques etc. but also the attitude and energy of the people involved in the production process have an effect on the final product, hence the consumer.

Russian scientist, healer and author S.N. Lazarev describes very well in one of his books (Karma Diagnostics), how he could see the energetic profile of a wine by checking its vinyard and producers, just by tapping consciously into their energy field with his psychic abilities. (He also checked the vibration of a large painting owned by one of his friends and recommended strongly to take the picture off the wall as the artist’s energy field had a massive destructive influence which came through the painting. You might take this as a recommendation for double-checking what you have on your walls!)

I did my own experiments and started scanning wine energetically. In fact years ago during my training in Energy Healing I scanned, cleared and hightened the energy field of all sorts of foods or drinks, and noted fascinating results. Whatever you consume, ensure it’s of best possible quality

Alcohol & the Soul

Now we come to the potential energetic and spiritual repercussions of alcohol consumption. Given our multidimensional anatomy (physical, energetic, mental, emotional, astral and subtle bodies), there are corresponding multidimensional effects. Probably the least discussed and known aspects of alcohol consumption.

1) Energy vibrations gets lowered:
The change of your biochemistry has an effect on your whole energy field (aura). You perceive that alcohol relaxes the body and the rational mind, and energy seems to flow better. But in reality the vibration of your energy field gets destabilised and lowered. And quite quickly thoughts and body movements become less cohesive. Rajas and Tamas increase while Sattva reduces – effecting all your chakras, dis-aligning your subtle bodies and cracking your aura. After an initial energy push / rajastic rush (activity, excitement etc), the tamasic energies set in (drowsiness, lethargy, irritability, anger etc). Destructive emotions rise, further weakening your energy field and protective shield.

2) Existing personality defects increase:
Your might have noticed that some people become quite aggressive after they’ve had a few drinks, while others might become tearful and melancholical. As alcohol weakens the faculty of your critical mind, the voices from your subconscious mind grow louder. This may mean voices of your hidden creative capacity come up but most likely it means unresolved conflicts, which increase your emotionality, and vulnerability.

3) Ancestral imprints get activated:
From your subconscious mind and morphogenetic field also your ancestral habits can be awakened or triggered, increasing your inherited addictive tendencies and reducing your ability to disentangle from the desire of drinking (family pattern of diseases and addictions). Unconscious, and often destructive, loyalties within families – well illuminated for example in the therapeutic process of Family Constellation Work – can be dissolved through a healing practice that involves higher states of consciousness and your multidimensional energetic anatomy.

4) Energy attachments block your sovereignity: 
When we are emotionally unbalanced, traumatised, depressed, angry, sad or anxious, our aura is weakened or breaks. And this is when disembodied souls and soul-parts can hook onto a human energy field (aura), to live through the human and feed off their energies. The implications are manifold. Disembodied or earthbound souls (also called spirits or discarnates) are souls of dead people who left the physical body, but were spiritually not liberated and are stuck on earthly planes.

When a person has a liking for alcohol, this very liking is often taken advantage of by a disembodied soul – a randomly picked up discarnate or a departed ancestor with a penchant for alcohol. Once attached to a person, it further increases that person’s desire for alcohol. Violent behaviour displayed under the influence of alcohol is mostly due to a negative energy attachment – a spirit or entity that took advantage of an individual and increases his/her already existing personality defect of violence or depression.

Drugs for Enlightenment?

Let’s talk about drugs. The recreational type and the pharmaceutical variety. I am referring to all drugs including alcohol in excess, that give you the feeling of being high. These substances cause holes and tears in your aura.

When we consume something that gets us high, our soul energy literally rises. Our aura begins to quickly expand, trying to harness the escaping energy.

Our aura is a protection field. To willingly allow any substance in our bodies that could create an unwanted opening is not what you want to happen.

Holes or tears invite negative energies to sneak in and invade. You never want to purposefully attract lower vibrational energies to enter your aura. This weakens us and could have repercussions one should not choose. Just because you cannot see the energy field does not mean that it does not exist and that something is not happening.

Some people use drugs as a path to enlightenment (in the sense of higher awareness, insights on universal wisdom, creativity, compassion and joy) or in rituals as a form of healing (or rather as a way to gain an understanding that potentially leads to healing).

No matter whether natural (Peyote, Cannabis, Ayahuasca) or synthetic drugs are taken, an artificially induced state of bliss, oneness and awareness can be wonderful and inspiring, yes. BUT it is also clear that an artificially triggered higher state of consciousness and vibration cannot be sustained without that substance. Inevitably there will be a return into the valley after those peak experience. Drugs give just momentary lifts into happiness and truth realisation. Whoever takes drugs will land back in and pick up from exactly the emotional, mental, vibrational state from where s/he started off from. Bliss might have been experienced with the help of some drug, but fact is that the actual body has not been prepared adequately to have the capacity to hold such high frequency permanently and naturally by itself (nervous system, pituatary and pineal gland connection etc).

What remains? What do you do with a lighthouse moment of bliss and delight? I’d say, a) take the insights you’ve gained and integrate them consciously in your behaviour and life, and B) take it as orientation point and motivation to clear and purify your system through regular spiritual practice and healing in order to be able to reach these states of higher consciousness naturally and “alone”, independent of any external helpers.

Drugs can cause devastation in the body, and of course there is also the risk of addiction, and auric attachments. Don’t just go for higher awareness, go for pristine awareness.

Don’t just go for higher awareness, go for pristine awareness



Effects of Marijuana on the Aura

Many people are under the assumption that marijuana usage is a method for expanding spirituality. Our emotional awareness has developed in the evolutionary process, not by recreational substance use. If you think that becoming dependent on any substance while believing that you’re only better at achieving an elevated state of consciousness with this substance then you’re missing the point of ascension.

Quite honestly you do not need pot to be spiritual, but if you want to smoke it, free will and all that—no judgment just informational awareness. Marijuana falls into the category of one of many drugs that rapidly expands your soul energy, encouraging your aura to have a perforation and leaving you vulnerable, which is the topic of this blog.

Since the aura is our protective shield, it filters incoming energy. When we do not take proper care of it, it can become weak and damaged. And if there is a problem on the energetic level it will eventually appear on the physical level.

The point is that you want to guard your aura as you do your health. Shine bright with clarity and be in alignment with your soul. You do not want to jeopardize your well-being by invading entities when you cause deliberate holes and/or tears in your aura by the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

There are times when one must take prescribed medications. It is best to be conscious of the possible effects. Take precautionary measures to maintain balance, positivity and protect your vulnerable energy field.

Treat your body like a temple.

Honor your being with meditation, natural sunlight, outdoor activities, nutritious foods, purified water, herbal supplements (with approval from your physician), crystal therapies and regular visits to a healer. I work with clients who have the specific need of repairing their aura.

It is important to remember that your success rate increases with diligence. Maintaining a healthy energy field requires time, effort and a commitment.

My personal view on alcohol

I’d say, whatever you do, do it consciously (with your full attention, presence and acknowledgement) and in moderation. If you have a glass of wine, bless it and enjoy it, guilt-free. And ideally in an energetically clear location, which means alone or with people that have good energy. Surely your aura is “safer” when you have a drink at home rather than in a bar or public space. And of course make sure, you drink high quality alcohol, like organic wine from well checked vineyards, or pure vodka.

As with everything in life: it’s a matter of balance. And of course, we are all individual beings with unique settings. What’s beneficial for one person, might be bad for another. And what might be good for you today, can be bad for you at a later stage. Be present and always check with your Higher Self and inner guidance.

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Human Energy Field / Aura Healing |Chakras, Meridians, Nadis

We are flowing energy, our thoughts are flowing energy and we are more than just our physical bodies. Aura is an energy field. All physical matter has an aura. For human beings, this field is sometimes called human energy field, or subtle body. It is called subtle body, because ordinarily we cannot perceive this field with our 5 senses. We need to develop an acuity, certain sensitivity to perceive subtle fields and higher vibrations. Aura is the electro – magnetic field around our physical body, which comprises of 7 energy bodies.

Aura healing or Prana therapy is an ancient yogic science of preventing and curing physical or psychological ailments by healing subtle bodies. It was discovered several thousand years ago in India during Vedic culture. It is extremely helpful in preventing as well as curing all sorts of diseases. Among the healing arts such as Reiki, Energy Healing, Pranic healing, or energy work, there are many common principles, practices, and approaches to treatment and healing. This healing method works on energy bodies (also being referred to as Human Energy Field) uses prana (life energy) and compassion (love). This healing method uses the mind and intentions which can reach anywhere in this universe, so this science has the advantage of curing even when a patient is several thousand miles away.

What is aura? Aura is the subtle part of our body which cannot be seen Aura Healingwith eyes. It was often shown as an illuminating field around the physical body in old paintings. Nowadays, taking its photo is possible by Kirlian photography. Aura consists of four subtle bodies. These bodies supply life energy (pran) and develop force to keep us alive. They also perform the functions of thinking, feeling emotions, storing information in memory, taking decisions, feeling peace and spiritual happiness.

What is the role of Prana? Prana, besides being life energy, plays a vital role in maintaining the quality and health of all the functions of the physical body, mind and intellect. It can prevent as well as cure any sort of disease. The slightest deficiency of it disturbs the proper functioning of all bodies allowing disorder and diseases to manifest themselves primarily in the subtle bodies and ultimately in our physical body. Besides, our mind develops a negative attitude towards life which is detrimental for our perception of everything in life.

Relation between physical body and subtle bodies. Both life and quality of life depend on the proper functioning of these bodies. If these subtle bodies do not perform normally, the physical body or mind falls ill. At the time of death, these subtle bodies have been found slowly becoming non-functional and ultimately they leave the physical body to allow it to decompose. The subtle bodies play a role of a protective shield around the physical body and prevent physical and emotional ailments. Generally, diseases develop in the subtle bodies first and then they affect the physical body. Therefore, by taking care of our subtle bodies, ailments can be prevented as well as cured.

How to find and relieve the underlying causes of disease by accessing the information contained within the human aura?

Conventional Western medicine tends to treat illness as something that just happens to people, something that is caused by external factors and that has to be treated by external intervention. Whilst it is true that there are external factors which contribute to illness, the evidence I have accumulated during thirteen years of work gathering information from the human aura suggests that the most important primary cause of illness is that the affected individual is no longer operating from a state of alignment with their own true nature (soul/spirit/inner being).

In my experience all pain, unhappiness and physical illness has its underlying cause in some kind of shift from alignment with inner truth. Anyone who is perfectly aligned with his or her own soul’s truth will be content, relaxed, happy and fulfilled and their body will then be able to maintain itself in a state of optimum health. It also follows that if someone who is physically ill manages to realign themselves with their own inner being, their body will then be free to recover from whatever illness has been created by the state of separation from truth.

Although alignment is our natural state, there are many reasons why we choose or feel compelled to take ourselves out of that state. Generally speaking, the situations that initially shift us out of alignment with our own truth involve the presence of others who are already out of alignment with theirs. These situations include the need for self-defence against radiated jealousy, pain and fear coming from those who are not aligned, a desire to belong, when belonging seems to mean fitting in with those who are not aligned and the desire to maintain intimate connections when those we most want to connect with are not consistently aligned. There are many people who give more energy and attention to adjusting to those around them than to looking inwards to find what feels completely right for themselves. These people become the pressure that tends to shift others out of alignment and then those who have shifted in turn become the pressure on others. This is one of the ways negative patterns come to be handed down from one generation to another By contrast, those who hold steady to a personal commitment to allow their actions to flow directly from their own sense of inner rightness will provide inspiration to help neutralise the combined effect of those who are misaligned.

One of the most powerful dislocating influences on our behavior is any situation of what I call aura shock. This happens when we are completely knocked out of alignment by a totally unexpected reaction from our environment. This includes situations during childhood in which we expressed our truth openly and naturally in the happy expectation of love and appreciation but received instead a strongly negative response, such as fear or jealous hatred. These situations are remembered by the aura and defenses are automatically constructed to protect against a recurrence of a similar shock. Defenses against aura shock invariably involve a complete withdrawal of the aspect of truth which was in full flow at the moment of shock as well as the production of some form of behavior pattern which is designed to protect against a recurrence of any similar shock.

In addition to these reactive reasons for withdrawing our truth, we are also subject to the effects of the potential contamination of truth which occurs whilst we are in the womb. During gestation we passively absorb our mother’s beliefs about herself and her beliefs about life and may often retain these or even become dominated by them. Most deep feelings of personal worthlessness and beliefs such as ‘what I am is not wanted/ what I am has no place’ have originally been absorbed from the mother.

In order to protect ourselves from incoming negativity, to find ways to over-ride absorbed beliefs of personal worthlessness, to acquire some sense of belonging and to establish close connections with others, we develop an array of defensive behavior patterns which we bring out to suit specific occasions. Each persona has its own specific trigger within the environment and as soon as this trigger appears, the persona is reflexly produced. You may have noticed yourself sometimes behaving in a way you know you don’t really want to be behaving but feeling unable to stop yourself. This behavior pattern will be a performance persona and it will have been automatically generated by your aura as a result of some kind of perceived threat to your survival and/or your truth.

Each time you react by producing one of these personae, the withdrawn and unexpressed aspect of your truth generates an inner sadness. If this happens often enough, the accumulated sadness can eventually lead to despair. This in turn diminishes the power of the immune system to resist illness. Also the performance personae themselves act as barriers, preventing truly warm and intimate truth/truth connections with others, so they bring no genuine fulfillment – only the satisfaction of having produced a convincing performance/satisfactory defence. Frequent use of such personae can therefore bring about feelings of inner aloneness which can also contribute to the despair.

Sorting this all out can be complicated but, fortunately, the human aura contains all the necessary information we need to understand and resolve these issues and restore truth to full flow.

Aura diagnosis is a way to find out the nature of the misalignment, its causes and its solutions. The solution is always in the person’s core truth. There is always a solution.

This is a brief description of the way aura diagnosis works for me:

The person I am working with tells me what they want help with.
I keep myself centered and hold the pure intent of allowing the person’s own aura to present me with the information that will be most useful to them in the area in which they have asked for help. I then either focus on either the part of the body which is unwell or the part which seems to be the main area of negativity or confusion.

The part of the procedure is simply a gathering of information from the aura, just as the physician gathers signs, symptoms and test results from the physical body. The next step is to diagnose the cause of the problem. For this I use the facts presented by the aura and the knowledge I have gained from experience to help me interpret and make sense of them.

I now know how to tell whether a particular negative pattern was imposed, absorbed or chosen, whether it is a result of an aura shock, whether it is being enhanced by the presence of a miasm, whether it is a self-constructed or inherited defence and so on.

I think the key to the aura releasing the information is the combined pure intent of the other person and myself to help to free the truth into clearer flow. The aura is very protective and seems to know exactly what can and cannot be safely brought forward in a particular session. It will not release information that cannot be properly handled by either myself or the person I am working with. I know this because I have worked with some individuals over several years and I have noticed how the moment I have sorted out a particular issue in myself, related areas of difficulty are brought forward in the people I am working with, even though they were never brought up when I was working with these same individuals before. So another condition for doing this work effectively is to not be afraid to face and sort through your own deepest issues. The deeper you go into your own stuff and the more willing you are to face your own fears, the easier it will be for you to help others acknowledge their stuff and deal with their own fears.

Aura diagnosis needs an impartial and open approach. It is not about telling someone what you personally think is right. It is simply about allowing their aura to tell you what is right for them so that you can then help them to see and feel their own truth for themselves. Everyone is different anyway so each person’s truth that you see is like coming across a previously unseen flower in a beautiful landscape.

Aura diagnosis is not really difficult to do. It is the awareness of atmosphere in a place or a building, it is the ‘gut feeling’ that tells you whether you can trust someone or not. It is the ability to sense whether someone you love is happy or angry or distressed without even seeing them. In all these situations, you are simply picking up information from their aura via your own.

Someone who wants to do aura diagnosis professionally just needs to become more consciously aware of the information they are picking up through their own aura. They also need to know how to interpret what they find and present it in a way that is useful and constructive to the other person. These abilities come with practice. However, if you can allow yourself to stay relaxed and open whilst you are doing it, the right way to proceed will simply come to you ‘the right words, the right speed, the right tone of voice. The other person’s aura will guide you and you will also have all the spiritual assistance that you need, providing you stay with the pure intent.

Many of us are simply brought up with the beliefs that life just happens to us and there is nothing much we can do about many situations, however much we dislike them. However, once you come to realise that you always have access to the inner resource of your own certain knowing of what is right for you and that it will always be safe and fine to follow through that knowing with right action, you will not be afraid of potentially difficult life situations as you will know that you have access to the resources to deal with them. Once you understand that illness is a direct result of separation from your own truth and realise that you can always make the choice to shift back into alignment with what is truly right for you and thereby facilitate your own body’s natural and ongoing healing process, then you will not need to fear any disease.

The difficulty with being a conventionally trained doctor is that everything is presented and analysed in purely material terms and the spiritual aspect of life is often ignored. There is no need to accept the conventional medical model wholesale. History shows us how often medical models have changed and there is no reason to assume that they will not change again.

Unfortunately our Western society has a strong tendency to encourage the general acceptance of the prevailing authorities rather than supporting people in their inner search for personal rightness. I personally don’t go along with the current tendency to blame doctors/hospitals for so many of the things that go physically wrong. We all have instinctive (gut) feelings about what is right for us and about what might go wrong and if we choose to ignore these feelings or allow them to be overridden by someone to whom we give authority over us it is hardly fair to put all the responsibility for what goes wrong onto the authority we have ourselves chosen!

What are the benefits of Aura healing?Aura healing is extremely useful in removing physical as well as emotional problems. It has been found miraculously effective in:

  • removing stress, depression, emotional instability, fatigue, conflicts, confusion, worries, sleep disorder
  • increasing mental concentration
  • improving consistency
  • improving positive thinking
  • improving decision-making ability
  • removing physical and mental ailments
  • preventing possible future ailments
  • keeping mind calm and full of energy
  • protecting from negative vibrations or black magic


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