Symptoms & Causes of Spirit Attachment

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Symptoms & Causes of Spirit Attachment

Common Symptoms of Spirit Attachments and Possession

The most common symptoms (beyond fatigue that cannot be explained) are memory issues, general fogginess/lack of clarity, and physical or emotional symptoms that started at a very specific point in time.

We  also suspect spirit attachment if someone has been in a place with a lot of spirits– a hospital or nursing home, for example– with symptoms that started right after their visit that they did not have prior. This could really be anything, as when a former human attaches to us we pick up their symptomsThis means that if we were in a hospital where there was a former human who died with pancreas issues we might suddenly start having pain in our side. 

No medical tests show anything. This is another big symptom that makes us suspect spirit involvement. If you have physical symptoms that are causing you considerable distress and have gone to doctors, had medical tests, and blood tests, and nothing shows up and nobody can tell you what is wrong you either have a bad doctor or may want to check for spirit attachment. 

You had surgery, anesthesia, or were knocked out. Any time we have surgery we partially or fully leave our bodies energetically. It is a basic trauma response, and the anesthesia in fact has the effect of kicking us out of our bodies. This means that other energies that are present can see an opening and take advantage of it. Our boundaries are down and our energy is scattered while knocked out, especially under anesthesia. Of course, not everyone who has surgery gets a spirit attachment– but this paired with symptoms starting that cannot be explained and other symptoms listed here might suggest that you get a reading at the very least.

Change of behaviors, personality, addictions, and hobbies. This is another huge symptom that causes us to suspect spirit attachment. If you were a quiet, shy and plainly dressed and chaste woman who suddenly starts wearing tube tops and picking up men in bars (this is an extreme example, of course) that would suggest that there is an energy present that is not you. Similarly, a sudden interest in other hobbies, changes in wardrobe, personality that is unlike you is cause to question, especially if the interest showed up suddenly.

Addiction is a huge symptom of spirit attachment. First, because the addiction and substance use makes you have less boundaries overall (kind of like anesthesia) which makes it easier for energies to attach, but also because there are a lot of former humans who were addicts in life hanging out in bars and other places. They sense that you are a vibrational match for them and attach. Spirits have a hard time getting drunk or high though since they do not have physical bodies… so whatever drink or drug you are utilizing is never enough. They always want more.

Sensitivity paired with odd dreams. Although this can be a wide variety of things (including past lives, astral travel, etc) if you are a sensitive and have odd dreams that are not your own, you may want to get checked for attached energies, or at the very least learn some protection measures for your bedroom so that energies are not interfering with your sleep and general privacy.

A relative, family member, friend, or pet that you are in constant grief over. The grieving process for anyone is extraordinarily difficult. There are specific stages to grief, and it can take us a long time to work with grief when someone has left our lives physically. But if you sense that the person is still with you, you are constantly dreaming and thinking about them, and you have physical or emotional imbalances that they did they may still be present. Although people sometimes are happy that their loved one is still around they are not in their right place and are causing you harm by being attached to you. 

War and other intense events, visiting places as a sensitive that have had a lot of violence or spirit activity. We have now worked with countless people from the military who had PTSD and high levels of stress who also had another layer of spirit attachment on top of that. This is sometimes hard to differentiate, but any extreme levels of trauma make us more open for spirit attachmentsespecially if there already is a lot of death and spirit activity present.

Similarly, if we are sensitive (which means that we notice things around us more, like spirit presences), and we visit a place that has had a huge amount of trauma, war, or violence we may have something attach to us.

Hearing voices, sensing a presence, or feeling something within you or around you that is not “you”. This can mean a spirit attachment, or it can mean significant trauma has happened that has caused you to disassociate. Or it can mean both.

Lack of interest in sex. Again, we are getting into something that could be hormonal or based in other reasons (meaning look at if your partner is being a jerk, or if there are “mundane” reasons for your sex life to be not present, first). But the presence of a male former human in a female body, for example, can cause the female to not be attracted to her male partner.

Memory lapses, time loss, and fogginess/lack of clarity in thinking. This can again point to severe trauma, endocrine conditions, and other issues… but when a spirit attaches to us their thought patterns, emotions, and physical issues overlay our energy systems, in time becoming more and more physically entrenched. You may experience thoughts that are not yours, or just have a general sort of fogginess to your thinking due to a presence. In severe cases this energy overlaying can become more dominant with people reporting memory lapses and time loss from the time that they are in the background and the attached energy became more dominant.

Symptoms that started suddenly. If you are aware of that all of your symptoms started on a specific day, week, or month, this is a common symptom of spirit attachment.

Emotions that are like a roller-coaster. Lots and lots of fear. Anxiety attacks. Feeling emotions that are not based in your experiences or a roller coaster of emotions. Interestingly, many people cancel on me because they make an appointment and the night before they start feeling a lot of fear and anxiety. Many of them then cancel the appointment. They do not realize that it is the attached spirit that is afraid, not them. That the attached spirit realizes, anticipates, and fears moving on.

This is a fairly comprehensive list of the most common symptoms. Again, most people who have attachments are of moderately benign energies– emotions, thoughts, and former humans. These symptoms cause fatigue as well as many of the other issues above. As we can see, they do not typically cause really severe symptoms. The further away we get from more common energies or benign energies, the more severe the symptoms are, and the more difficulty they will create in your life. Many non-human energies cause similar symptoms as listed above, but due to their unique presence and vibrational difference from our own energetic field their presence is noted more readily.

It is really important to know that only having one of these symptoms does not mean you have something attached to you. If this post resonates with you, and you have a few of the symptoms, We would suggest checking in with a spiritual worker.


The Causes of Spirit Attchment or Invasion 

General Reasons
There are many reasons individuals become open to attachments of different sorts. Some of these reasons, obviously, are cause for more healing work that just the release. If unattended, they can leave the door open to reattachment or, at the least, can leave the erstwhile host in a disabling state of imbalance within their lives.

The most common reason is being unconscious (not asleep). Here, someone could be in this state due to: an accident or attack; excessive alcohol intake; drug intake. The drug intake includes general anaesthetics, which are usually given in hospitals – where a lot of people die under conditions which can lead them to become lost souls. Hospitals are very busy places, in this respect. What I write is not a rule but a generalisation: probably more attachments collected in hospitals are discarnate human entities, as with the incidents of accident; however, the score is about even between discarnate human entities and Demonic entities where attack, excessive alcohol or self-administered drugs are the reason for the openness to attachment. The trauma of an accident or an attack needs resolving, afterwards, as does the cause of the need to take excessive alcohol or take recreational drugs.

Dark Beings
Obviously, attachments will tend heavily towards Demonic where someone has been using a Ouija board or been indulging in Satanic rituals of any kind. People who indulge in these practices may initially see it as a bit of fun but then realise that it has gotten frighteningly out of hand and they need help. People who experiment with ways to send “curses” will only manage to do it when they have been attached to by something Dark or something that has a Dark one with it. These people will need the attachment releasing but also need help undoing any request or agreement for such collaboration.

A lot of people hold the idea that a working medium agrees to what they believe will be a temporary attachment. Often these are not temporary. Many mediums who are not well protected burn out after eighteen months or two years. People whose Spiritual evolution is perhaps a step or two ahead of their conscious realisation can find themselves open, quite literally, to attachment by anything. Such people may try to “connect” with a higher level. Obviously they would have to be open to do this but if they are open, it can be two-way traffic. Again, spiritual protection and probably mentoring would be useful here, after any release.

Traumas Leading to Attachments
If someone experiences a severe trauma, severe enough for Fragmentation of Personality to take place would be open for attachment at that time. Fragmentation of Personality is where the Subconscious feels the event is too much for the Conscious mind to cope with. The personality will fragment, leaving a small part to experience the event but taking the majority of the personality to a far-away, imaginary experience so that the major part does not have any memory of the event.

Afterwards, the fragmentation dissolves and all should be back to normal. But it never can be unless help is given. There are now two parts to the mind and each has different memories, they cannot integrate. The individual will continue their life as, say, 90% of who they are while, say, 10% of who they are will be frozen in time and locked out of the rest of their life. Unsurprisingly, this will lead to neurosis if it is not addressed. Fortunately, this is a situation which can easily be addressed by a knowledgeable and caring therapist but it will never heal itself. The reason for the attachment needs as much attention as the release from the attachment.

Grieving for Loved Ones
Tremendous love or sympathy from a dying loved one will often bring about their attachment to the surviving family member at the centre of their attention. Also will hatred which is unexpressed. I have seen cases of parents and grandparents continuing to “care” for their favourite daughter or granddaughter with predictable results. The problem here is usually that the attachment knows that there is some mistreatment being dealt out to the host and they want to help. These are more difficult to deal with because “nobody knows better for their daughter than them”. Once they are released, the host will need help dealing with the issues that were the reason for the attachment.

Strong Negative Emotions
Hatred can be over a husband being unfaithful or no good for the wife, who is the relative of the recently deceased or being disliked by the recently deceased; in such a case, the wife turns, unexplainably against the husband. Release brings a return to calmness. Whatever problem there is will need dealing with. Hatred is often over money, usually family money and inheritance. The stories here are so involved and need a good degree of counselling and negotiation with the attachment to soothe them before they are comfortable to go. So, here, the extra work is actually needed on the attachment, although the host will now see the reason for upset within the family.

Allergies can leave the body fighting so hard against relentless attack. Unlike illness, which is generally diagnosed and treated, allergies are often undiscovered for a long time, whilst the person with the allergy continues to expose themselves to the cause. Such a strain can leave someone physically drained, emotionally drained and spiritually depleted sufficiently for an attachment. Obviously, release in a case like this is almost a waste of time if the host is not treated for their allergy.

Past Lives and Attachments
Past lives can give someone the feeling of an attachment if the past life was attached to and if the past life was aware of something being wrong. If that past life resonates in this life, it will bring past motivations and desires, memories of illnesses and injury and also memories of the attachment. A Past Life Regression is needed, back to the life in question and a release done there in order to free the present day person. Past lives can bring more sinister problems.

The Faustian Agreement
Selling your soul to the Devil may sound melodramatic but some people, in past lives, have made such deals; normally in return for power, wealth or sexual rewards – the usual, simple human weaknesses. If this is so, Demonic entities will wait for the soul to be born again and attach, expecting to take what is due. This kind of case can be very difficult to treat because we are not talking about one or a group of Demonic entities, we are taking about the whole of the Dark waiting, if necessary, to collect the debt. Here, Past Life Regression is necessary to take the host to the life in question – where the contract was made – and for the host’s past life to break the contract.

Sometimes, if a person has contact with a release practitioner, they can pick up discarnate human attachments who know of that contact. The purpose is solely for a taxi ride into the presence of the release practitioner for their release. They are very apologetic to the host and very grateful to the practitioner. Such attachments can come from a pub in the next town to somewhere visited on holiday abroad. We have experienced this with a few people who have come to us, and one of them, multiple times. The answer, after release is to teach Spiritual Protection, if the person does not like what is happening. In the case of the multiple experiences, it took until the last time for the person to realize that they needed the Spiritual Protection because they were so open.

Ley-Lines Influences
Ley Lines and rivers carry the sort of energy that attaching entities need to feed on. Where any cross each other, that energy is intensified at that point. If a river or a Ley Line is near your home or some cross near or at your home, there may be an entity there which has been waiting for years for the right person to come along. We have experienced both discarnate human entities and Dark ones at such places, with the Dark ones being more prevalent. If they are a little way away, they can use the energy of the Ley Line or river to travel to where a suitable host has just moved in. If the host is cleared and the Ley Line(s) and/or river are not, then the door is open for a repeat experience.

Pumping a flat tyre back up to pressure is not much use if you don’t find the nail that made the hole and then repair the hole before you re-inflate. Nor is it much use if you know the driver has nails scattered along their road. That road needs clearing, as well. An attachment is a symptom of something else being wrong. Putting that something else right is as important as the release.

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