Spirit Possession / Attachment From Past Lives | Regression

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Spirit Possession / Attachment From Past Lives | Regression

Vulnerability to Spirit Attachment

spirit possessionCertain individuals seem to attract spirits. Vulnerability to spirit attachment varies according to predisposition, health and circumstances. The condition of the aura is an important factor. It has been postulated that people whose auras vibrate at high frequency are impervious to spirits of a lower frequency. Illness, injury, drugs, alcohol, emotional disturbance and the presence of attached spirits may all impair resistance. Cases have been described in which organ transplant recipients appear to have received the spirit of the donor.

In the great majority of cases, attached spirits have no executive power. They may influence feelings and perceptions, but do not displace the host from environmental awareness or from control of body movement, except rarely, for brief periods, as during fugue states and the “blackouts” experienced by alcoholics. Only a tiny minority show the switching of identity and memory gaps characteristic of multiple personality. There is also an enormous variability in people’s psychic sensitivity and it seems likely that these variables are connected. Hallucinatory experiences vary greatly. Some patients, much troubled by spirits, rarely hear voices; others, less disturbed in thought and behaviour, hear them often.

For the stuck Earthbound entities, those who have left behind their physical body, but have not left the dimensional planes of Earth, so they still wander the Earth, they can become part of someone else’s life, like a hitchhiker.

But they actually only attach themselves to humans who are willing and cooperative. This may sound too harsh to say, as anyone, including all my clients who seek spirit releasement help, would not consciously agree and cooperate on this. The willingness and cooperation indeed happen on the deeper unconscious level.

Generally the discarnated entities do not attach themselves to well-balanced humans. They tend to attach themselves to people with a lot of negative emotions. For example, they tend to be attracted to your taverns and places where there are many drugs, for they are comfortable in that type of vibration. There are openings for them to come in and attach themselves, in a sense.

They may be fascinated with your journey, and they want to be part of it. They think if they hold onto you that you will also help them ascend and help them transform. Even though they are dead, they are trying to continue living in and through others, and they are trying to influence another’s life.

Assist Lost Souls

This is also called Spirit Rescue, as therapy is a gentle and compassionate rescue of both client and spirit, unlike exorcism used by the Christian churches – expelling the attached entity is an adversarial procedure.

Most attached spirits are unable to leave without assistance, though occasionally they come and go at will.  It is important that a spirit from the Light helps them to find the way; otherwise, they may return to the host or attach to another person.

When you are strong within yourself, they have to go. They may scream and kick, they may cause some commotion in your life, they may tell you otherwise, such as telling you that they can stay and that they control you, but the truth is that they can’t go on without you. So when you take ownership of your own divinity, they have to go.

What they fear is death of the identity. They know they have already died, but they want to continue living out their old identity. They do no realize there is much more to their identity than what they think.

The spirit release work was quite sensational, one of the most amazing uplifting experiences. “I feel so much lighter.” “I feel as if 30 pounds just went off me.” Are some of the most common comments from my clients right after the session.

Spirit Attachment From Past Lives

Some spirits or earth-bound souls are attached to a person over lifetimes. Some could be as old as many centuries. Spirit Release Therapy is a safe and efficient means to identify spirit attachments and release them from the client. Some spirits remain attached to a person across lifetimes. Usually these spirits have some strong connection with the client and are not stray attachments. In one case of a young man of 28, he had a female spirit that was attached to him since three lifetimes. The spirit had been his wife in a past life and had got attached to my client soon after her death in that lifetime. The spirit refused to leave my client initially. She had become extremely jealous of the client’s relationship with his girlfriend and had often been responsible for many quarrels and arguments of the client with his girlfriend. It must be understood that, in most cases of spirit attachment, the core issue always stems from the clients themselves. The spirits only aggravate the issues. In this case too, the client had a history of impulsive and argumentative behaviour which he had worked upon in the subsequent sessions with me. After much persuasion, the spirit agreed to leave the client and go to the light. The client was much relieved after that and the impulse to argue on silly matters had come down considerably.

Similarly, it is very common for clients to find attachments of family members from the past – sister, mother, father, children, etc.

In another case, the spirit was attached to my client since four hundred years. The client had been a cruel Empress of an oriental state and had overseen live burials those who rebelled or opposed her. The spirit was that of a man who was buried alive along with his family. The family had moved to light but the man had refused. He was attached to my client with an intention to make her suffer. Cases of spirits attaching themselves to humans with a motive of revenge are uncommon but not unheard of altogether. The man was deaf to all our arguments and refused to leave. In fact, he even refused to give the reasons for his motives. He just kept repeating he wanted my client to suffer. It was through other means that we had to see the lifetime of the Empress. It was only after calling upon the man’s wife from the light did the man begin to loosen up. Initially he was angry at his wife also for leaving into the light. But she finally managed to convince him to leave with her. There had to be a forgiveness session done before he could leave my client and go into the light.

Sometimes there is more than one spirit attachment stemming from a past lifetime. In some extreme cases, clients carry large groups of spirits across lifetimes. In the case of a client, he had been an army commander in a past lifetime leading a group of soldiers. The entire troop was killed by the enemy army in the war. The army commander had felt so responsible for his troop that he had since carried them in his auric space over lifetimes. In another similar case, the client was carrying thousands of soldiers from an ancient tribal lifetime where he had been the tribal chief of a kingdom. The kingdom had lost the war with a neighbouring kingdom and the entire army was wiped out.

It is important to understand that it is not the number of spirit or entity attachments that determine the strength of influence upon the client but it is the relationship and the motive of the attachment that matters. In all of the above cases, the client with the attachment of his wife in a past life had suffered more than the client with thousands of soldiers in his auric space.

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