Signs Of Psychic Attacks | Energy Stealing | Astral Abuse |

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Signs Of Psychic Attacks | Energy Stealing | Astral Abuse |

What are psychic attacks?

psychic attackPsychic attacks are conscious/unconscious directed negative emotions of anger, jealousy and malice by visible/invisible entities to one another. More sensitive people are acutely conscious of all this negativity present in atmosphere and often felt bombarded by it. Negative thoughts about another person are a type of psychic attack. Psychic attacks are negative and destructive polarity of occult power; used by unscrupulous persons to manipulate others mind’s thought forms and energy.

Signs of psychic attacks:

Psychic attacks usually manifest its self by series of bad circumstances and events which are simply TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE. Following symptoms are sure and strong indicative of a psychic attack

Characteristic dreams:

  • A dream is commonly the first way in which psychic manifestation makes them known, the subconscious perceptions being reflected into consciousness in this form.
  • If there is a definite psychic attack of sufficient force there will soon begin to appear characteristic dreams.
  • Hypnagogic visions between sleep and waking.
  • Dreams of dirty places, dead persons, reptilians.
  • There may include the sense of weight upon chest in sleep, dreams of extreme horror and depression, demonic encounters, seeing you incurably sick, astral rape/intercourse and negative astral interference in dream states are the sure signs of psychic attack.

Sense of fear and operation:

  • In a psychic attack we are not in our normal state of mind, body and circumstances, and find ourselves in the middle of invisible battle and jeopardized conditions.
  • The psychic attack first cast its shadow on human sub consciousness before we realise it consciously.
  • The victim always expects the worst and indulges himself in negative thinking.

Nervous exhaustion and mental breakdown:

  • Nervous exhaustion and mental breakdown are common results of psychic attack in advance stages.
  • The victim is reduced to a mare shell of skin and bones, laying on bed, too weak for any movement, and yet no definite disease can be diagnosed.
  • Constant and uncontrollable tendency of crying.
  • Depressed/fluctuated mood.
  • Excessive anxiety and hazy thinking.
  • Frequent thoughts of suicide.
  • Short and quickly irritable temperament is a sure sign of psychic attacks.

Unexplained accidents:

  • Frequent unexplained minor/major accidents or injuries or nothing going right can be taken as symptoms of psychic attacks.

Ill health:

  • Psychic attacks can manifest as undignostic illness and diseases.
  • Lack of uninterrupted/ sound sleep.
  • Significant loss/waste of vital strength and energy.
  • Chronic fatigue and tiredness.
  • Sexual incompetence/indifference.
  • Loss of memory/concentration.
  • Unbearable pain in the area of solar plexus, which is the point of psychic connection.
  • Chills and feeling of Goosebumps[raising of body’s hair]
  • Critical diseases of heart problems, migraine, epilepsy, convulsion, cancer etc may fond in more than one family’s member.
  • Failure of medication.
  • Unexplained frequent miscarriages and remaining barren may be the symptoms of psychic attack.
  • The complexion of the victim may become dark/pale.

String of negative circumstances:

  • The victim may find himself in the string of negative circumstances/events enough for his misfortune.
  • The victim may run of extraordinary bad luck.
  • Constant career/financial problems
  • Sometimes delay/denial of marriage may result from psychic attack.
  • Increase in addictive behaviours/habits.
  • Unexpected death of family members.
  • The victim is deserted by his close relatives/friends for no reason.

Evil odours:

  • Some characteristic Bad/evil odours are the manifestation of psychic attack.
  • Smell of decomposing flesh, drains or rotten materials which comes and goes capriciously.

Occurrence of strange/curious phenomenon:

  • Odd foot-prints may appear from nowhere.
  • Sometimes the victim may hear strange sounds of bell; cracked glass etc indicates the advent of an entity.
  • Seeing strange shadows/smoke around.
  • Inexplicable outbreaks of fire are also sometimes seen in the case of psychic attacks.
  • Small objects may flung about, bell rung and other noisy manifestation may take place.
  • Cut/strange marks are found on the victim’s body on waking from sleep.
  • Presence of black dots in victim’s aura.

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