Past life regression is the deliberate use of a variety of methods to retrieve memories of experiences that occurred in
other life times. Most of us have no problem in seeing strengths and weaknesses in others. When it comes to knowing
our own life situations with clarity, the challenge often seems insurmountable. Viewing the cycles and patterns of
behavior recurring through many life times, we get a clear insight into our habits, struggles, fears, hopes, choices and

What to expect during a PLR session                                            Past Life Regression, Bangalore
Most people experience past life therapy as a gradual unfolding of images. Past life regression therapy includes the
mental act of going back; to a time prior to this life in order to retrieve memories that may still influence a person's
present life. Everyone will experience their past life differently. We have inner senses of sight, sensation, sound, smell
and just knowing, the dominance of each one will differ from person to person. Therefore, some or all of these inner
senses may be active during your past life regression session.

It is important to note that throughout the session, you will be aware of your environment. You will hear the sounds
outside, you will feel the breeze etc

One of the most common blocks to experiencing is having the expectation that you will experience the past life
regression just like waking consciousness. It is important not to set your expectations for a particular way of
experiencing. Just be open to whatever way the information comes for you.

Past Life Regression is like any new skill. Some people are just born naturals. Others require more practice. The more
you experience past life regression, the easier it becomes to access this state of consciousness.

Types of reactions                                                                     Past Life Regression, Bangalore
First is your mind’s loud objection to whatever you see or sense. When you find a past life, especially if you believe
there’s no such thing, that clear assault on your belief system can be shocking. Expect your mind to argue against the
validity of what you saw. It is alright as long as you don’t succumb to its arguments and invalidate your experience.
What is important is the result, whatever your belief.

You may feel upset, angry, or embarrassed because what you see is unacceptable, unpleasant, or crazy. With its
comments and judgments, your mind is getting in the way again.

You may blame yourself for the terrible deeds that your past life persona did and want to have nothing to do with
them – except that you’re the one who is suffering now.

You may have any or all of those feelings before, during, and after the journey. But they won’t affect what goes on
during the experience, as long as you are willing to process. You just need to work with whatever you see, and keep
breathing. Your higher self manifested this scenario for your healing. One of the key factors in successful past life
work is the ability to blend into the situation in order to take control of the action.

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