Past Life Regression Therapy & Illness

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Past Life Regression Therapy & Illness

 Our mind is basically divided into two main parts: Conscious and Sub-conscious. The Conscious mind is the reasoning, thinking, logical and creative mind that we use all the time when we are awake. The Sub-conscious mind is a repository of all our experiences and all our memories of all lifetimes. Every experience is saved in great detail, including every sight, every sound, every smell, every feeling and every thought that we ever have. This memory can never be destroyed by any means whatsoever.

The sub-conscious mind is part of the soul; hence it survives after death and stays with the soul, taking with it every memory of that lifetime. The conscious mind dies with the body, as it uses the physical brain.

Upon reincarnation, the soul comes into a new body bringing the sub-conscious mind with it. Hence, all memories of all lifetimes are brought forward. But these memories also include impressions of traumas from past lifetimes which manifest at various levels of our existence and cause problems in the current life. The problems can be physical, mental, emotional illnesses as well as blocks in relationships, business, financial and spiritual growth, etc.

Past Life Regression allows us to access these past life traumas, and thereby, address the current life problems. Past Life Regression is a holistic therapy based on the principle of cause and effect, also known as ‘karma’.

In other words, powerful actions, thoughts, emotions and vows that are experienced in a past life may manifest in the present in another form – i.e. allergies, phobias, chronic illnesses, relationship problems, fears or simply a strong sense of unease / unknown fears.

The famous psychologist Carl Jung called it the ‘collective unconsciousness’ and ‘universal memory’.

By using the method of Past Life Regression the unconscious mind can go back in time and access the origins of old patterns or emotions and enable release and healing. Past Life Therapy can help clear emotional blocks bringing a greater sense of inner peace. It can also unravel the deep mysteries that can lie within and simply explain the sometimes inexplicable.

Past Life Regression does require a belief in reincarnation and does not necessarily define a past life. Past life experiences can be factually based or metaphors brought to the surface by the sub-conscious mind to illustrate something in the present. Whatever the experience, it is the lessons that can be learnt and the healing process that comes from the regression that is important, not whether or not it was a past life. Many people find that the knowledge gained through Past Life Regression of their past lives and experiences can be incredibly healing, providing a greater insight, and awareness and deeper understanding into oneself.

Past Life Therapy involves severing the bonds between past life traumas and present life problems or symptoms. This is mainly done in one of the three ways:
• Reframing
• Rescripting
• Breaking the bonds of time.

Past Life Regression is helpful for curing physical ailments because when we talk about relationship between emotions and physical ailments, it is simple. Most of the diseases that our body develops are as a result of pent-up emotions in our physical body. The first symptoms can be seen in our energy body by people who are “medically intuitive” or those who have achieved the skill of seeing one’s charkas through naked eye. Slowly, if the emotions are not taken care of, at the energy level, they start manifesting as diseases in the physical body.

Now, working on this concept there are a few diseases which can straight away be linked to past lives, in case one does not have a medical explanation for them or they have been carrying it ever since childhood. This does not mean that physical ailments developed later during the life, they cannot be resolved by Past Life Regression Therapy but only that the ones mentioned above are more likely supposed to be cases of this therapy.

To mention a few physical problems that might have a solution through this therapy

  • Asthma / Breathing problems – Prolonged suffering due to asthma or other breathing related ailments could be a result of pent-up emotions of pain, suffering, grief or resentment carried in the chest. It’s like burdens getting stored in the chest. The reason could lie in the current life as well as Past lives. The idea is current life regression or past life regression could really help someone release these emotions and get rid of the congestion in the physical body.
  • Depression – Depression is a disease that usually has a reason in the emotionality and yet medical science does not have too much of a solution for the same. It is possible to explore reasons for depression through PLR or regression therapy and resolve them.
  • Unexplained Pains – Unexplained pains of any sort, either in the back, neck, legs or any other area could be a result of a body memory from a past life. It’s worth exploring this therapy if one has been carrying an unexplained pain through many years without a medical explanation to it.
  • Disabilities – Causes for childhood or by birth disabilities can be traced for their source to past lives. It could be a case that a soul chooses to be born with a deformity in order to experience an emotion like I read the example of a girl choosing to be in a body that will have an accident and loose the legs because she wanted to experience development of her inner strength through the challenge of not being like everyone else and yet achieving great heights. It could also be a result of a body memory from a past life, which is a more probable cause.
  • Other Ailments – Please note that there might be many other physical ailments which can be resolved through Past Life Regression Therapy but I have tried to only mention those which I have come across or for sure know could have a past relationship. In case you are looking for your own answers, please understand that you will be guided and if you seem to know or think this therapy shall help you, then so be it. TRust the guidance you are getting and you might just get all your answers.

A note here for people who have children who are “special” which is what I call those children or people who are different from others due to some physical or mental condition. Many times, it’s found in research that it might be the result of that soul’s choice to give the parents or family members a challenge and an opportunity for evolution rather than them being so called “punished” which is the common misconception. Many times these are highly evolved souls who come here to teach people around them a lesson of compassion.

 Past Life Therapy is most effective in case of:
• Physical problems where the medical tests do not reveal the cause and no traditional medical procedures work.
• Problems that the traditional medical world may consider untreatable.
• Behavioral problems, like obsessive-compulsive behavior, which have no diagnosable cause in the current life.
• Fears & phobias that have no known origin in the current life.
• Relationship problems which are totally unexplainable.
• Spiritual likes or dislikes (usually extreme cases).
• Weight reduction problems.

Cases of stammering or stuttering are dealt with very effectively with regression using hypnosis. In fact that is the only way of getting rid of the speech problems for good. These cases always involve a trauma in childhood, in the current life, where the child wanted to say something but was so afraid that he could not talk. In these cases, we do what we call age regression, which is going back to childhood in the current life.

Cases of asthma, which the traditional medical world considers untreatable, are very easy to treat totally. It usually takes about 4 to 5 therapy sessions to get rid of asthma completely but the number of sessions can vary from case to case as it depends on various factors.

The therapist needs to guide the client through all the lives which have any significant connection with the client’s presenting problem. Thereafter, for rescripting or reframing to be performed, the client needs to be taken back to each of those lives viewed. Therefore, the number of sessions depends on the number of lives to be worked upon as well and a specific number cannot be ascertained in advance.

Although there are many ways of doing regression, the most effective way for therapy purposes is guiding clients into trance through hypnosis and connecting them with their sub-conscious memories. Using hypnosis, we have direct access to the sub-conscious mind. This means any suggestion given under hypnosis goes directly to the sub-conscious. Since the past life traumas are in the sub-conscious, the therapy becomes very effective.

Past Life Regression / Regression Therapy – How does it work?

Past Life Regression therapy works on the basic principle that our mind has three layers. The topmost being our “conscious mind”, the second one being the “critical factor” and the third one being our “subconscious mind”. There maybe many more layers but these are the three that form the basis of this therapy. Whenever any information is sent to our mind, the conscious mind analyses it and if approves, it is sent to the critical factor. The critical factor then acts like a filter where it ensures the information is agreeable to our subconscious mind. If it is so, the information seeps in, else is rejected.

When a client is put into a deeply relaxed state through hypnosis or other techniques, their conscious mind calms down or becomes less active and the critical factor is removed. In this state, all suggestions are directly consumed by the sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind has a mechanism of detecting if the information being sent is not against the basic value system stored in itself. Hence any suggestion that will violate the morals, ethics or beliefs of a person will not be consumed even during a hypnotic trance.

Once the client enters a past life, they are guided to explore the whole life and here, it is the skill of the therapist to ask all the right questions keeping the client aligned to resolving the objective set pre-session.

This bit itself till here is called Past Life Regression but now, moving on to Past Life Regression “Therapy”, where once the life is explored, the negative emotions and memories need to be transformed and resolved for their effect on the client’s current life to be neutralized.

Regression Therapy is the technique which will also involve current life regression, in case some issues the client is facing come from their childhood or while they were in their mother’s womb.

Many physical ailments could get instantly resolved through regression therapy, as soon as the source of a problem is discovered, while very few might need extra sessions due to multiple past lives being involved with the same issue.

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