Past Life Psychic Attacks|Spirits Release|Regression Therapy

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Past Life Psychic Attacks|Spirits Release|Regression Therapy

Within each of us appears to reside the events of past lives. A migraine, chronic lower back pain or knee problem may be telling a story from an old accident or wound. A chronic sore throat may derive from strangling, hanging or choking. As the soul returns to life over and over these traumatic memories are re-created in our current life often making little sense, and keeping us from living peaceful lives.

Past Lives are brought to our conscious awareness by anxiety, panic attacks, anger, depression, phobias, obsessions, nightmares and unexplainable physical pain. Past life regression allows us to see beyond the confusion and illusions of this life and brings about a healing of the past life that resonates into our present life.

Regression therapy covers past lives, and also current life memories some of which may be below the level of our conscious awareness. It enables the conflicts from the past that have been distorting our mental, emotional and physical well-being to be resolved. An example from the current life may be a phobia and a more complex one post traumatic stress from childhood trauma or a life threatening situation. The symptoms may include panic attacks, emotional outbursts, blocked feelings, self harm, numbness, unexplainable physical pain or recurring relationship problems.

The therapy works by going to the root of the problem and includes body therapy and inner child therapy to transform it in a way that is both safe and structured. It also includes cleaning the energy field of intrusive energy which has been affecting health including spirit releasement, curses and energy fragments. Regression therapy reaches further and heals deeper at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels than most other therapeutic approaches.

Past Life Therapy & Psychic Attack. As our soul travels through a series of lifetimes it experiences many things. Since the basis of Earth learning is choosing positive over negative, we have to start with negativity to move forward. Some existences are filled with negative thoughts, feelings, and beings. Some souls make bargains with other negative spirits to get the opportunities they desire.

As a soul completes a particularly negative life and returns to the unconditional love of Home, some of the negative issues may remain unresolved and get left behind. That resulting negativity may be free flowing and attach to the soul when it returns, or it may accompany another soul who has chosen not to return to positive love but to remain as a discarnate lost soul clinging to Earth and waiting to exact revenge upon the soul with which it had dealings not yet completed.

Sometimes the immediate problem arose from former life dealings with negative agreements that we left behind. The energy may not be free flowing, so it may not pop up in your life until the one with whom you had made the agreements which come along to exact vengeance for being left holding the bag of negativity by retaliating with psychic attacks.

To remove this series of attacks from our future, we simply need to cut the strings that connect you to the other spirit. This can be done via past-life regression by returning to that life and resolving our feelings about the situation and removing the fear that accompanies it.

We may be facing some responsibilities that we assumed in that life but may not complete out of fear. If we understand what the lesson was and why we did not choose to finish it, we will be able to send the fear and our attacker away. Once it cannot impact us, the discarnate will move on to another soul.

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