Past Life Birthmarks, Moles, Phobias, Fears, Aversions |

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Past Life Birthmarks, Moles, Phobias, Fears, Aversions |

Did you know that birthmarks, moles and phobias can hold clues to past life experiences?

past life cluesSometimes we carry the physical mark of a past karmic debt or emotional memory into other lifetimes. The energetic or soul memory, encoded into the energy grid of our energetic spirit body, can actually manifest the physical form of the soul memory vibration by leaving a birthmark. The energy molecules take on the shape and form of the vibrational frequency associated with the mortal wound or trauma that the person experienced in another incarnation. Birthmarks and physical deformities are considered karmic badges that give us a clue to our past lives.

The scars of trauma that our soul carries forward from one life to the next manifests as marks on the body and in a subtle way resonate with an encoded cellular memory. It is believed that some who have port-wine birthmarks have often been the victim of a past life fire, while other birthmarks can show where we were wounded. One of my client have a birthmark on his back shoulder blade, representative of where he was stabbed in the back. During past life regression it was confirmed that he was attacked by a Viking warrior as he sat in the scriptorium of a monastery, copying ancient script by hand during the Dark Ages. That may explain why he hates when anyone stands behind him while he was writing. Listening to recordings of monks chanting always seems familiar and connects him to the memory of the emotional feeling of mysticism.

It is an Oriental belief that certain moles hold past life clues and are also very foretelling of your fate. A mole on the face can mean a happy, cheerful disposition while a mole on the back can mean a life filled with burdens. A mole situated on the tummy area means smooth sailing while a mole on the chest signifies a lot of happiness. Moles on the feet show travel while moles on the hand can pertain to a certain talent. Are moles clues to the karma that we need to re-balance or to the secret fates that await us?

Certain phobias and aversions are also associated with past life soul memory. People who have been hanged or beheaded will often have chronic neck problems or hate anything tight around their neck. Some who have died in childbirth may find that they have difficulty conceiving children or have an aversion to having children. Past life trauma can leave us with fears and phobias like the one of my client have of large birds. She was beheaded during the 1500s for sorcery and her head was put on a post at the entrance gates to the city and – you guessed it – the birds pecked at her flesh. To this day she fears large birds because the energetic impression is strongly encoded into her soul memory.

Past life readings and regressions are an excellent way to connect, confirm and possibly resolve conflict and trauma from the past. Look to your body for the physical clues pointing to significant past life experiences and also recognize why some unexplained dislike or phobias may have originated many life times ago.

It is very liberating to honor from where we came because it opens the roads for where we are going.

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