Partial Possession & Total Possession of Spirit Entities |

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Partial Possession & Total Possession of Spirit Entities |

Partial Possession:

Such possessions occur for several reasons, but always with the help of someone in this world, for example, when someone constantly invokes the spirits of subworlds such as through the Ouija or others, and frequently uses or talismans malignant. When it starts to take that kind of possession, there are changes in behavior, loss of appetite, then you can be a loss of control in a similar way as happens in some movies, but not so exaggerated, it is commonly called when a for a priest who practices exorcism, as well those things comes psychological disorders (homosexuality, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, split personality, etc) , so they sometimes need help from a doctor in psychology (psychological side effects are usually of possession).

There is partial control of the mind, speech, and some body movements, dreams become intense nightmares, sleep is constantly disturbed, constant headaches, negative emotions such as fear and hate are intensified, might begin talking to the spirit aloud, family and friends may observe the person talking to himself.  Hears spirit voices that confuse thinking patterns and hinder concentration needed for school, work and normal life activities.  Starts to feel that the spirit’s control can not be stopped.  Wants isolation from friends and family.  Thoughts of suicide are frequent and uncontrolled.  Faster than normal movements of the head, arms, and fingers (does not happen all the time – only when the person loses control for a moment).

Total Possession:

Total Possession is when a spirit of total expels a person or an animal of your body, such possession is rare, but sometimes comes to animals especially, the most common is when a spirit invades the body of a pet, however it is not difficult to realize this as they usually are pets that come to our house soon, have a somewhat strange behavior, they are often very affectionate with people of the opposite sex. In other cases are pets that suddenly become very aggressive, but in all cases of cancer or other illness, soon after, and that possession organic cause a mess, because that spirit does not belong to that body, which causes the pet dies irrevocably, unless it is treated.
When this type of possession occurs in an individual are generally very different from the assets in part because in a part, there is strong resistance from the victim so that the suffering can last for months if not treated properly even years, but in total possession is only a moment.
There are other cases where if you come to complete the total possession in such cases, it may happen that no one know it, especially because the symptoms do not distinguish, otherwise you would immediately, so that when she such possession, the person may experience epileptic seizures that disappear shortly after, as in pets, the sick person, because of strong organic disturbance, often causing frequent vomiting and cancer, there are changes personality, and even aggressive behavior, dies in the final few months.

Total Possession – Not able to function in life, needs to be institutionalized or commits suicide. The doctor’s diagnosis is mental insanity. People who are spiritually curious are usually spiritually sensitive. A spirit can be easily channeled by a spiritually sensitive person. The main objective of a spirit is possession of your body and mind. The spirit wants a home and it’s looking at your body as it’s next house. The courtship of the spirits can take a long time sometimes it takes years to develop a possession. You do not realize that they are being used for possession until it is too late. Unfortunately if the person is an easy channel, the spirit can quickly go from seduction to rape. The spirits are experts in seduction. The spirits are waiting for a chance to possess anyone who will give them an invitation.

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