Negative Energies in your home, office, car or other space

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Negative Energies in your home, office, car or other space

Do you feel odd or negative energy or just the energy change in some way in your home, office, or car? Did you move into a new space and want to clear any negativity? Negative or harmful energy seeps into our spaces all the time. Whatever the reason for it entering, regularly removing negative energy from your space can restore balance and harmony. If you’re feeling stuck, negative, sluggish, or even downright depressed, it may be due to some stagnant energy in your field. Your field can include your emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual or physical body, and your environment—whether it’s your home, office, or other physical space. Stagnant or negative energy can have extremely detrimental effects on your mental and physical state and is even believed to manifest into things like a lack of happiness and success as well as pain and disease.

Sometimes a house or office can feel uncomfortable, and there’s no real reason you can put your finger on to explain your uneasy feeling. Other times, it’s easy: someone has been there that was negative, ill or died.

Homes and spaces often take on the energy of the previous occupants as well. There may be instances when you moved into a space and just felt like someone else was there, or the space just didn’t feel right – it’s because of lingering negative energy.

If this sounds familiar, just remember you are not alone. Many people feel uncomfortable in spaces and can’t explain why. The “why” is not important, however; what is important is that you find a way to make your space feel more comfortable so you can feel more at ease. A first step would be to perform a space cleansing.

Unlike “space clearing,” space cleansing doesn’t rely on getting rid of clutter. However, if you have a bunch of old items and junk from previous residents or others, it is possible that some of the energy is coming from these old items. If that’s the case, then you should definitely take some of these things to the trash.

What’s more, if you have had a spate of bad luck and find that life has just been a constant struggle, it’s possible that you have some negative energies hanging around that are making your house yin – or negative in energy.

This is another good instance when it might be a good idea to do a space cleansing. Space cleansing will help you feel more comfortable in your home or office, and let you move on in your space comfortably and in a positive state of mind.

Why bother? Because negative energy gathers and compounds to create MORE negative energy. That’s why it’s important to handle negative energy by ridding your home of negative energy when you feel like your space isn’t quite right.

To ignore it is to allow more negative energy to build, and this can impact your health, your career and your finances, and even cause depression.

What are negative energies?

Negative energies can build up in the home and no one suspects that this is the reason for damaging emotions and incidents that take place.

So what are negative energies? They are unpleasant energies that usually build up over a period of time – sometimes for hundreds of years or longer.

The main cause for negativity is undesirable human emotions and actions. These include anger, jealousy and violence among others.

In addition objects can also have emotions attached to them. This could be a simple as everyday emotions attaching to an object that a person owned for a long time.

A family heirloom or an antique could hold much more complex emotions since they have been used for much longer by various people. It is also possible that some objects may even be haunted, in that the essence of a person in the form of residual energy has latched onto the object. There have also been accounts of the actual spirit of a person attaching to an object such as a bed, chair and so on.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the energy in the above cases would be negative – often they are harmless.

However, at the other extreme, there can be a build up of energy that is extremely negative. This can cause all kinds of physical and mental health problems for the people living in the vicinity of this energy.

It might only be one room that it’s affected or the entire home.

In addition to extreme human emotions causing a build up of harmful energy, in rare cases this could also be caused by spiritual presences.

Antique and second hand goods can have many layers of negative emotions attached to them that need to be cleansed. Preferably as soon as they are brought into a home.

Where do negative energies come from?

There are many sources for negative energy, although human thoughts and emotions are the most frequent. However, there are others and they can be grouped into categories such as:

Any form of self defeating emotion or thought such as pessimism, anger, jealousy can build up in the atmosphere.

As with humans any emotion that is not positive can linger and build up in the atmosphere of a room or house

Natural energies
They are found all around us in the environment. When high levels are present, this can cause people to become depressed and anxious.

many of our modern gadgets such as cell phones, microwaves and computers among others can create negative energy.

antiques or second hand objects in particular can hold the energies of the people they belonged to.

This is also the case with handmade objects such as works of art, crafts and so on. If the previous owners had emotional or mental health problems, these negative energies could be attached to the objects.

However, no matter where the negative energy comes from the same basic techniques can be used to cleanse the atmosphere and make it a healthier and more refreshing area to live in.

Paranormal Negative Energy

Negative energy that is paranormal doesn’t have to be an actual spirit. There could be residual energy – or a playback – from events that happened many years before, leaving a stain on the environment of a room or house.

When people come into contact with this energy it may cause some adverse affects such as feeling tired, low in mood, headaches etc.

With some locations there might be a spirit presence. This doesn’t necessarily mean evil. Sometimes you will find a trapped/earthbound spirit who is depressed or scared and these negative emotions will leave their mark the same as anger, jealousy and so on.

When you have a negative spirit presence there are always additional signs that can be picked up by our physical senses as well as feeling that can affect us mentally:

  • Bad odours of unknown origin that manifest spontaneously and disappear as quickly.
  • Strong feelings of oppression and being constantly watched. Other people independently of one another also feel this oppressive sensation.
  • Experiencing powerful negative emotions and images that you don’t usually suffer from.
  • Disturbed sleep due to noises, movement of objects, smells or bad dreams.
  • The room or house feels very heavy and uncomfortable to be in.
  • You may experience nausea, headaches or other ailments – but on leaving the location you immediately feel better.

There are other manifestations that occur but those above are some of the most common. However, as with anything paranormal, you must find out if natural causes are to blame for this activity. It’s amazing the creepy effects a house, water, pipes and wind can create that seem to be paranormal when in fact they are not.

If you do still think however, that you have activity going on, then I would suggest calling in investigators who will be able to advise and support you. Most of the time they can verify if at least some of the activity is paranormal and will also find out what natural events may also be causing effects.

However, one of the ways that often works to get rid of a negative spirit is basically to tell it to leave! You have to be firm and control your fear, but basically let it know that it’s not welcome. It’s interesting how often this has worked for quite a number of people.

If you are overwhelmed though and feel you do need more support then think about asking for a house blessing from your local spiritual Healer. You can do this in addition to calling in paranormal investigators.

Clearing negative energy from your home. Negative Energy may happen for a number of reasons

  • Metaphysical
  • Negative thoughts from current or previous owners or occupants
    Disturbed emotional energy of current or previous owners or occupants
  • Strong conflict between people or within oneself
  • Non-physical beings

Earth Energies

• A shift in the land underneath your home or disturbance in underground water may change the energy in a negative way. Faulting pressure (Faults are breaks in the Earth’s crust where chunks of land on each side move in different directions. Land suddenly shifting along fault lines is the primary cause of earthquakes.)

  • Negative magnetic fields
  • Disturbances from naturally occurring underground water


  • Electrical appliances such as cell phones, computers, microwave ovens and hair dryers

• An object in your space can also carry an energy in particular furniture (especially used), Antiques, Second-hand jewelry, works of art, anything made by hand including carpets or that symbolized a person or feeling.
All things have an energy and all things can carry an energy. This is especially true for things that people feel strong emotions while using, such as a bed or couch because their strong projected energy will move into these.
Every time you clean your home you are removing negative energy. This happens mostly because of a sub-conscious desire for fresh positive energy. Even just opening windows will bring in fresh energy as we have all experienced.

Although you cannot see energy with the naked eye, you can certainly feel it. Examples are the times you’ve met someone (or entered a room) and just didn’t get a good feeling from them. Perhaps some kind of “negative vibes”? If you have suffered ill health, accidents, arguments, lose or break things, moved – it will be helpful to clear it of negative energy. Depression, Anxiety, or other negative emotions – When you or anyone else in the house is constantly depressed, in conflict, or giving off negative energy or have a guest with negative energy your space should be cleared and often. This is especially true for any unexplained or sudden mental, physical, or emotional upset or a change after moving into a new home or office.

How to Identify Energies –

Clearing negative energy from your home. An easy way to understand this is by realizing your favorite spot in your home and why. Now what is your least favorite? This can give you an experience for special energy.

We can remove negative energies in your home / office to create a much more positive and conducive environment for all the occupants. We remove ghosts and other negative energetic entities attached to people (eg. spirit possession) and homes / offices. Negative energetic attachments in people are quite common, and can result in various degrees of negative effects on people, such as illnesses, irritability, anger, depression, short-term memory loss, fear, pessimism, etc. In more severe cases, people can even become suicidal as they are unable to overcome the high levels of negativity.

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