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                                     Change your life script – CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Unlimited potential is one’s true nature. Any limitation is learned and conditioned.
Anything learnt and conditioned can be unlearnt and unconditioned.
Life script change therapy aims facilitate an insight into oneself that transforms, explore the inner dimensions of
oneself and feed the eternal hunger to evolve… to work and live with love, happiness and success.. move into new
zones where one has always dreamt of but has not been able to due to limitation one has placed on oneself or one has
allowed others to place on oneself.

Success creates a mental, emotional pattern with a specific neural network. The same pattern and network is active in
our professional and personal life.When we follow the same pattern the strenghts help us but the weaknesses pulls us
back. Still we unconsciously do the same thing, follow the same method and patterns dictated by the neural paths.

Life script change is a facilitation to understand the factors that have propelled one’s success so far and also the ones
that have been a constraint from moving ahead.

Here the client
  •       Is facilitated to understand belief systems, paradigms, habits and behavioral patterns that governs one          
  •        Understands the causes behind them, release incompatible ones
  •        Works and analyses various holistic parameters
  •        Programs oneself with the new plan
  •        The new program slowly gets incorporated with new thinking patterns, habits and behavior that helps him
    move forward

Clients have experienced swift and lasting change in the long run. Its very effective as here the understanding and
change happens at the subconscious level.
I have been making the same decisions, same mistakes repeatedly. I sometimes wondered how I do it…Same
mistakes time after time.. to find just after a few moments why I did it ..but it was too late.. it was relationship and
financial growth though my career was good. Life script change therapy worked as I understood the reasons. I did my
affirmations regularly. I can feel the change..”
Life script change is holistic and natural. Instead of being sucked blindly into a the culture of the so called progressive
modern society and its culture, an organized sophisticated process of mass hypnosis, where one constantly keeps one
cramming and pushing himself to become something other than what one truly is…one starts working on himself
aligning himself to his deepest self.

Life script change therapy would normally involve 5-6 sessions of deep work to understand and release emotional
baggage followed by the personal program session.

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