Life Script Change

                                          What Is Your Life Script?
We all have a story about ourselves, a ‘life script’. This script becomes the lens through which we experience our lives
and is the reason why some patterns of experience seem to repeat themselves again and again. While most scripts
were formed in soul form before taking birth, they can still have a big impact on our personal development, our
careers and how we experience our working lives.

But our life script, like any narrative, can be re-written once we are aware of it and the impact it is having.

It is often easy to spot when we are operating from a script by listening carefully to what we say or the pattern of our
internal narrative.  If you do this you are likely to hear the rigid words of obligation like ‘should’, ‘must’ or ‘ought’,
rather than the flexible language of choice. The same applies if you are listening to other people of course.

How fixed beliefs define our roles?
Our fixed beliefs define the roles we play in life and have a lot to do with the scripts that are running them. Just as
actors follow a play's script for lines, actions and attitude, we follow life scripts according to what our fixed beliefs tell
us. Are you telling yourself that you are a tragic character or heroic character? Are you playing the loving mother,
abusive husband, frustrated artist or successful businessman?

Why scripts are dangerous?
Whatever your fixed beliefs are, you have practiced your script for so long that you believe what it says about you and
your potential. This is why life scripts are dangerous. We begin to perceive them as being set in stone. We even allow
them to shape the way we expect things to turn out. Fixed beliefs also influence the casting, location and wardrobe of
our script. Who is "right" for the part in our script and who isn't? What type of living arrangement and attire are
appropriate for the character we are playing, etc.?

When life scripts become limiting?
Because our scripts are based on fixed beliefs, we tend to resist any challenges or changes to them. If we suddenly feel
happy and fulfilled, but our script says that we should feel sad and hopeless, we tend to panic because we've gone "off
script." It just doesn't feel right and besides, the happy role belongs to someone else, doesn't it? This is an example of
why most fixed beliefs are also limiting beliefs. They limit our scripts by dictating what we can't do, don't deserve and
aren't qualified for.

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