Hypnotherapy, Bangalore
Hypnotherapy, Bangalore

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that helps create sub-conscious changes in the form of new responses,
thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and/or feelings. A person under hypnotic state displays heightened suggestibility and
responsiveness. Modern hypnotherapy is widely accepted for the treatment of anxiety, depression, certain habit
disorders, to control irrational fears, as well as in the treatment of conditions such as insomnia, phobias and

During Hypnotherapy, nature of problem can be determined better and necessary changes may be brought in at
the sub conscious state with greater comfort to the client. In this state of awareness, the conscious mind is relaxed
and the sub-conscious mind is made active and accessible to solve deep emotional issues by the therapist. The
client is in control over the self at all the times and simply follows the suggestions of the therapist. The client may
easily come out of the trance state anytime during the therapy in case of any discomfort if they choose to do so.
Few common conditions that may be resolved via hypnotherapy are addictions like smoking and alcoholism, low
self confidence & low self esteem, guilt, certain aches & pains, phobias, insomnia, stammering, depression,
allergies, anger & irritability, panic, fear, anxiety, etc.

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