Energy Healing For Spinal Cord Injury / Dysfunction & Nerves

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energy healing for spinal cord

Energy Healing For Spinal Cord Injury / Dysfunction & Nerves

Energy Healing is a popular alternative medicine healing tradition that has considerable relevance for individuals with physical disability, including spinal cord injury (SCI), multiple sclerosis (MS), and post polio syndrome.

A life-force energy called prana permeates all living things. Good health requires an ample and flowing supply of prana (also called as qi, chi, pronounced “chee”).

Depleted by the demands of daily living, prana is naturally replenished through breathing, eating, and closeness to nature; it is deliberately enhanced by energy healing. When prana shakti is consistently diminished, out of balance, or polluted, sickness ensues; its absence means death.

Unfortunately, in people with a physical disability, prana can stagnate and become unbalanced, increasing the likelihood of illness. Therefore, it is especially important for these individuals to stimulate qi flow.

It is a holistic, mind-body-spirit system of self-healing. Already one of the world’s most popular healing exercises in terms of total number of practitioners, Energy Healing is increasingly being embraced by health-conscious Westerners.

Although the true nature of energy healing can only be speculated, scientists have shown that energy healing practices can, indeed, generate a considerable amount of electromagnetic energy. I believe that the energy healing induces hormonal shifts, by influencing the subtle electromagnetic fields that surround humans. These fields, in turn, affect the brain’s all-important pituitary and pineal glands, which secrete key hormones that regulate the entire body. These master glands have been shown to be sensitive to electromagnetic field fluctuations.

Interestingly, a clustering of magnetic substances (called magnetite) have been found near these glands in an area corresponding to what is called the “Third Eye” in Eastern healing and spiritual traditions. These traditions believe that this “Eye” is one of the body’s most powerful energy centers – one that can be developed through energy healing practice.

Consistent with ancient healing traditions’ beliefs that Earth has a special, life-sustaining relationship with man, I feel that energy healing exerts a healing effect by facilitating synchrony with the Earth’s resonant, electromagnetic frequency. I believe that such synchrony helps mitigate modern society’s unhealthy, electromagnetic pollution (e.g., computer screens, high-power lines, cellular phones, etc.).

One cannot always expect a cure from energy healing, but one can always expect some healing,” defining a cure as a “measurable physiological change and healing as improved quality of life, happiness, and self-understanding.” With this perspective, although physiological changes may be modest, improvements to quality of life may be profound.

Spinal cord injury (herniated discs, pinched nerves, collapsed vertebrae) is one of the most devastating catastrophic injuries that one can endure. The spinal cord is the gateway for all nerve paths. The location of the injury and the severity of the damage determine the complications involved and the dysfunction. Science is discovering that the sooner the spinal cord injury is addressed and treatment begins, there is a direct correlation to recovery of the affected areas.

Failing to “see” the entire injured area can produce further injury, and create neglect in areas that need to be immediately addressed. It is best to look at each segment of the spine (discs and vertebrae) and spinal cord nerves in 4 equal quadrants. When helping to diagnose and evaluate the damaged area, reevaluating every 3 hours for the first 24 hours until the client is stabilized produces more accurate readings and beneficial results, as inflammation, further compression and damage can progress after the initial injury has occurred.

Although the initial site of the catastrophic injury is your primary source of dehabilitation, the damaged neural pathways can extend beyond that original area and days later create problems of their own. To counter this problem, “tracking” the energy of the affected neural pathways will give you further information of possible deterioration and additional side effects. If you do not have extending neural circumstances, containing the affected areas in a bubble of Healing energy will usually suspend further exacerbation of future problems.

While the allopathic physicians are providing their treatments, you can effectively use energy healing to complement and integrate with their procedures.

Removing pain is usually the first consideration, unless the client is rendered “numb” by his experience. Secondly, work on inflammation to help minimize current damage and to alleviate possible secondary symptoms and spinal surgery.

In my experience in healing the spinal cord nerves, vertebrae and herniated discs of a client in 90 days, it is best to work on each issue separately so as not to overload the client’s health response system during a time of great stress. Use energy healing to build a solid foundation step by step to rebuild the molecular structure of the cells and in turn the bodily systems. It is also best to work in increments and intermittently, so the molecular structures can recalibrate, and regenerate without stressing the physical structures.

First, regenerate the vertebrae’s cellular structure in order to provide a foundation that is capable of holding the disc. Secondly, reestablish the health of each disc, leaving the neural pathways as your last concern. Once the spine is stabilized, then revitalize the neural pathways. If you reactivate the nerves before you have a solid base in the spinal column, you might create more inflammation and pain than necessary. Rebuilding a system, inch by inch produces a stronger foundation that will allow the client to rebuild his muscular system with physical therapy without causing extra pain.

Although stem cell research is providing a gateway of hope for Spinal cord injuries, energy healing can and will be a beneficial healing modality.

Conclusion: Whether explained through ancient Eastern philosophies or modern Western psychoneuroimmunology mechanisms, energy healing enhances health. In spite of different origins, Eastern and Western medicine should complement each other. They are both part of a healing spectrum, in which each element provides valid, synergistic insights. Embracing energy healing or any other complementary therapy does not mean rejecting Western allopathic medicine but availing oneself of an expanded healing armamentarium.

Such integration can only benefit individuals with physical disabilities.

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