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tamas, rajas, satva

3 Gunas – Satva, Rajas, Tamas | Satvik, Rajasik, Tamasic |

According to the Bhagavadgita, the gunas (the primary qualities or modes of Nature) are three in number, sattva, rajas and tamas. They exist in all, including humans, in various degrees of concentration and combination. They also exist in all objects and natural products. Hence, even the food which we eat is important if we want to cultivate good behavior. Depending upon their relative strengths and ratios, the gunas determine the nature of things, beings, their actions, behavior, attitude and attachments and their involvement with the objective world in which they live. The primary purpose of the gunas in the living beings is to create bondage, through desires for sense objects, which lead to various attachments with them and which in turn keep them bound to the world and under the perpetual control of Prakriti.

In the philosophy of Yoga, all matter in the universe arises from the fundamental substrate called Prakriti. From this ethereal Prakriti the three primary gunas (qualities) emerge creating the essential aspects of all nature—energy, matter and consciousness. These three gunas are tamas (darkness), rajas (activity), and sattva (beingness). All three gunas are always present in all beings and objects surrounding us but vary in their relative amounts. We humans have the unique ability to consciously alter the levels of the gunas in our bodies and minds. The gunas cannot be separated or removed in oneself, but can be consciously acted upon to encourage their increase or decrease. A guna can be increased or decreased through the interaction and influence of external objects, lifestyle practices and thoughts.


  1. Tamas – Darkness, chaotic, destructive
  2. Rajas – Passionate, active
  3. Sattva – Goodness, harmonious

Each and every individual has some or the other proportion of these three gunas in them. It is the proportion of these various gunas in the individuals, which determine the characters and evelopment of the lives of the individuals. In some cases, the individuals are Rajasik. This means, they possess the significant characteristics of Sattvic guna, while, some of the individuals possess the characteristics of Tamas guna in significant extent. They are known as the Tamasic guna. When these three gunas are completely in their balanced state, the individual’s body and mind remain healthy and fit.

Tamas is a state of darkness, inertia, inactivity and materiality. Tamas manifests from ignorance and deludes all beings from their spiritual truths. To reduce tamas avoid tamasic foods, over sleeping, over eating, inactivity, passivity and fearful situations. Tamasic foods include heavy meats, and foods that are spoiled, chemically treated, processed or refined.

Rajas is a state of energy, action, change and movement. The nature of rajas is of attraction, longing and attachment and rajas strongly binds us to the fruits of our work. To reduce rajas avoid rajasic foods, over exercising, over work, loud music, excessive thinking and consuming excessive material goods. Rajasic foods include fried foods, spicy foods, and stimulants.

Satva is a state of harmony, balance, joy and intelligence. Satva is the guna that yogis achive towards as it reduces rajas and tamas and thus makes liberation possible. To increase satva reduce both rajas and tamas, eat sattvic foods and enjoy activities and environments that produce joy and positive thoughts. Satvic foods include whole grains and legumes and fresh fruits and vegetables that grow above the ground. All of the yogic practices were developed to create satva in the mind and body. Thus, practicing yoga and leading a yogic lifestyle strongly cultivates sattva.

The mind’s psychological qualities are highly unstable and can quickly fluxuate between the different gunas. The predominate guna of the mind acts as a lens that effects our perceptions and perspective of the world around us. Thus, if the mind is in rajas it will experience world events as chaotic, confusing and demanding and it will react to these events in a rajasic way.

All gunas create attachment and thus bind one’s self to the ego. “When one rises above the three gunas that originate in the body; one is freed from birth, old age, disease, and death; and attains enlightenment” (Bhagavad Gita 14.20). While the yogis goal is to cultivate satva, his/her ultimate goal is to transcend their misidentification of the self with the gunas and to be unattached to both the good and the bad, the positive and negative qualities of all life.

Food Items, Which Portray The Satvic Characteristics:

Foods, which are light, fresh and juicy are generally the characteristic food products of the Satvic individuals. Generally, the food items are tasty and sweet. They consume the food items to provide the necessary energy to the body to attain the state of consciousness. Some of the recommended food items for the Satvic individuals are fresh fruits and vegetables, which are digestible, butter, milk, sprouted or soaked beans, spices in proper quantities, nuts, grains and certain herbs.

Food Items Consumed By Individuals With Rajasic Characteristics:

Foods, which are pungent, bitter, salty, hot, dry and sour in taste are the specific food products for the individuals with Rajasic characteristics. All those food items, which help to enhance the excitement and speed of the human beings are generally consumed by the Rajasik individuals. These keep them lively and active. The food items, which are extremely cooked or fried in oil or food items with a lot of spices are generally the specific features for these individuals.

Food Products For People Having Tamasic Characteristics:

Foods, which are old, dry and distasteful are the characteristic food items of the Tamasic individuals. These include liquor, eggs, meat, fish and other unpalatable food products. They generally consume the food items, which are incompatible, frozen or canned and completely stale. These food products help to develop the feelings of pessimism, ego, hatred to a significant extent Overview of the Gunas according to Ayurvedic Principles According to Ayurveda, the body exhibits three different types of trienergies. These are also known as the doshas. They are Vata, Pitta and kapha. Kapha dosha is equated to the Tamaguna and Pitta dosha to the Raja guna. Disturbances in the balance of the Pitta dosha give rise to negative feelings like jealousy, competitiveness, sentiments, aggression and several others, while, the individuals with unbalanced kapha dosha are greedy and are more prone to destruction. And, Vata dosha individuals display all the above characteristics of the gunas significantly.

These three gunas give rise to the basic principles of life.


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Sexually Transmitted Demons, Evil Entities,Negative Energies

I want to inform you on STDs – no, not “sexually transmitted diseases”. I’m talking about spiritual STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons!

  • Did you know that demonic spirits can be transferred to you during sex and/or sexual activity?
  • Did you ever notice how people change once they begin to have sex?

You probably have taken note of it in a friend or relative in the past, but never equated it to sexual activity. Just think about it,  Or maybe even in your own life, you took on a new love and your friends and family kept telling you that you changed, even though you couldn’t see the changes! You probably relate to what I am saying, but probably have always equated such changes just to the new relationship itself and not the reality of STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons. Every demon has a nature and specific corresponding characteristics.

When two people have sex, those two people become one. The same way that the physical bodies of the man and woman lock together and become one interlocked unit, so do their soul and spirit bodies. Every human being consists of three distinct bodies — Mind, Soul and Body – that function in unity with one another, as one unit. Each of those bodies operate in a different realm and each impacts the interactions of your entire human experience. Sexual activity causes two people to connect and become one in all three realms, thus allowing for the transmission of demonic spirits from one person to the other – the same way that sexual activity allows for the transmission of venereal diseases, such as chlamydia, herpes and HIV, from one person to another. You need to understand that those changes that take place in your life after you get into a sexual relationship with someone are not a coincidence! They are a direct result of sexually transmitted demons.

Sex was intended for one man and one woman. So many problems come as a result of sex outside of marriage. During sex there’s two different exchanges that take place: a physical and spiritual. Most grown adults are aware of the physical exchange. But the second is the spiritual which most people don’t know about. When you have sex with someone, you exchange/ obtain whatever spirit(s) they have as well. You take on their qualities, behaviors, ideology etc, Good & Bad become a part of you. You enter into a covenant with that other persons spirit. This happens every time you have sex with a person. In addition to this whoever they have had sex with now you’re attached to those people’s spirits as well. This is why there’s so many people with multiple personalities, who are dibbling and dabbling in this and that, who are confused and all messed up in their thoughts, feelings and behavior. They are dealing with their own personality as well as the other people they have physically and spiritually connected themselves too. Every time sex is occurring there is  an energy exchange. If two people decide to sleep together they are making the decision to share not just body parts, but everything else that is contained within that body. Sickness and disease can be passed off to the next person during sexual contact, and the same applies to attitudes as well. Anger, joy, sadness, irritation, excitement and the like are vibrational energies that can pass onto the next person.

Condoms can stop Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STD’s) but it cannot stop Spiritually Transmitted Diseases(STD’s).Every time you sleep with someone there’s an exchange of Spirits.Did you know Evil spirits and demons can be sexually transmitted.?Many don’t know this, others do but live in ignorance

Just as there are some sexually transmitted diseases that there are no cure for, there are some sexually transmitted demons that will stay with you indefinitely. Some venereal diseases cause permanent damage to the body such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, uterine pain, cervical and prostate cancer and worst of all – sterility (not being able to produce offspring)! Sexually transmitted demons can have the same impact on your destiny and purpose in the spirit realm.

We often take sex so frivolously, regarding it as just a physical act. But I assure you that sex is much more spiritual than it is physical and even if you can use a condom to prevent the transmission of natural STDs, there is no condom to protect yourself from the transmission of spiritual STDs. Abstinence is the only way – preserving sex for the confines of Holy Matrimony.

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Divorce & Separation Healing | Healing the wounds of divorce

Healing from your divorce is not easy.  It’s a long, sometimes painful process.

If you have recently been through a divorce, you may be wondering how long is the appropriate healing time after divorce and when you will start to feel like yourself again.

When a marriage ends because our partner leaves or betrays us, it’s natural to experience feelings of rejection. When we are left, it can be a devastating experience and it can leave us feeling angry, sad, and self-critical — at times, ruminating about what went wrong. We may be in shock and feel shaken to the core of our being. Self-defeating thoughts can grab hold because we are vulnerable and trying to make sense of things. However, it’s important to realize that this is a normal part of grieving and letting go after a marriage dissolves.

While it’s natural to go through a period of self-reflection when you are rejected by your partner, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Ask yourself if your fears of being alone are preventing you from looking at the breakup honestly. For instance, it’s likely that there have been problems in the relationship for some time and that one or both of you have been unhappy.

Part of the grieving process at the end of a relationship is accepting that what you wanted to happen no longer will happen. Thoughts might range from: We will never have children together, to the mundane: We won’t ever eat another meal together.

However, when we feel rejected, we might be listening to destructive “inner voices” . When we are listening to these destructive thoughts, we’re more likely to feel humiliation than real sadness over our loss. Our inner critic fuels feelings of not being able to survive on our own, often saying that no one will ever love us. When these voices aren’t viciously attacking us, they are often raging at our partner, which only supports a victimized orientation to a situation.

Feelings of rejection are closely tied to feelings of self-worth and self-love. Part of the healing process after divorce is recognizing and accepting that the way you feel about yourself affects the way you relate to people in the world. As you learn to accept what happens and begin to love yourself again, your feelings of rejection will diminish. When you’re connected to feelings of self-worth, you’ll have more energy to relate to others in meaningful ways.

Dealing with your raw emotions is part of healing after divorce. Divorce can be like a tornado. It takes your normal existence, tossing and turning everything in its path, leaving little resemblance of the life you had before. After it has passed, you are left to deal with the emotional baggage, wondering if you will ever feel happy and secure again.


When you think about it, aren’t guilt and rejection two sides of the same coin when it comes to emotions after divorce? It makes sense that a partner who decides to terminate the marriage would experience more guilt, while the person who is left would suffer from feelings of rejection. Notice the difference in their priorities. The dumper typically focuses on personal growth and will say things like ,”I have to find myself.” On the other hand, dumpees usually express a desire to work on the relationship and will say things like, “Just tell me what you want me to change and I’ll work on it.”

  • Is it possible to heal through your divorce?
  • Is it possible to “come out the other side” more in touch with your passions, hopes and dreams?
  • Can you reconnect with your body and find different ways to enhance your well-being?
  • Can you find joy and laugh often?

Yes its possible to heal the person of it’s effect. We want to help you on your journey toward recovery. Using spiritual healing energy you can be healed of a divorce effects and lead a normal life again.

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holistic approach

Body, Mind and Soul Connection | Health Wellness & Sickness

Many are seeking holistic and integrative approaches to health and wellness. We have all heard the words mind, body, soul. We know they describe aspects of a human being, but do we really stop to think about what these words really mean and their profound impact on our lives? If there is a mind, body and soul connection, it must be true that anything directly affecting a person in one of these areas, must affect all other areas as well. For example, an event or disease affecting the body must also affect the mind and the soul. An event or dis-ease that affects the mind must also affect the body and the soul, etc. We are whole human beings and our component parts, while seeming unrelated, are intimately connected.

Holistic addiction and trauma treatment is an approach based upon the knowledge that sustained recovery can only occur when a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are addressed. The body, mind and soul are connected and disease affecting one of these areas must affect all other parts of the person.
Traditional treatment centers are often fragmented and focus predominately on the mind and peripherally the body.

The body, mind and soul work as a system of energy. We connect our body, mind and soul to keep energy flowing within us. This energy flow can be abundant or restricted, depending on our ‘state of being’ in each moment and it changes constantly.

Our state of being is our overall feeling of health and wellness. It refers to how balanced we feel on all levels of our being. Whether we are happy or sad, sick or well, disconnected from spirit or not, we are either in or out of alignment with who we really are.

When in alignment we:

  • Experience joy in everything we do
  • Treat others with love and respect
  • Treat ourselves and our bodies with love and respect
  • Have a sense of purpose and universal service

And when we are out of alignment, we experience the exact opposite of all of these things! The goal is to harmonise your state of being so that you can effortlessly create the life that you want. Here’s how the body, mind and soul fits together…

There are components of the body, mind and soul that contribute to the flow of energy at each level. And there are ‘bridging mechanisms’ which contribute to the overall balance and flow of energy between each level. In other words, there are things that we do in each moment that facilitate or go against our natural flow.

When we talk about the human body, most of us refer to the physical form that we see in front of us. However, in reality, every person is made up of four bodies, all of which interrelate to one another and coexist in harmony.

A disruption or imbalance between these bodies can lead to a number of health problems. Thus, it is necessary to understand how one body relates to another and how they can all be kept in perfect balance to live a healthy and happy life.

Four Bodies that Make One Complete Whole

In order to balance our four bodies, we first need to discover what these are and understand them thoroughly. The four bodies are:

The mental body encompasses our mind and thought processes. It is that part of our body, which deals with reason, logic, and perception. All thoughts, beliefs, and mental capabilities are controlled by our mind or mental body. From the most basic concepts to advanced theories and secrets of the universe, the mental body has power over it all and can expand its reach to great limits, enabling you to think beyond your wildest imagination in the search for logical perception. Our mental body allows us to perceive the world in a particular manner and governs our thoughts regarding everything we experience in our lives.

The most commonly understood body is the physical form. It is the way we see our body in its human form. Made of flesh and blood, with bones, muscles, and organs; covered by layers of skin. The physical body is a material presence, a tangible form that provides us with the ability to use our senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. It is also a body that grows and changes in shape, capable of experiencing pain and injuries.

The soul within the body is our spiritual self. Known as an aura or a soul, the soul is our purpose of life. It is the means of finding one’s true destiny in the world. The soul is what gives you the purpose to strive forward and become a better person. Every soul is said to have its purpose and the spiritual body is lost without it. A disturbed spiritual state can lead to mental stress and cause physical health problems as well. The spiritual state is the consciousness and discovery of who we really are and what our life’s purpose is supposed to be.

The fourth and last body is the emotional one, concerned with our feelings, sentiments, and reactions. People excel in their lives if they have self-awareness, a control over their impulses, persistence, empathy for others, motivation and drive to achieve their goals, and good communication and social skills. We lose our tempers and act on our impulses due to the state of our emotional body. With time, the emotional body grows and matures, providing us with better control over our feelings. A happy person will face less health issues as compared to a person who is depressed, because negative emotions channel negative energy through your body and damage your mental and physical health.

Maintaining a balance between these bodies is necessary for living a stable and healthy life. The harmonious coexistence of the four bodies; mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional, is the key to ultimate health and happiness in the world.

The functions of the body, mind and soul are :


The physical body is designed to communicate its needs, dislikes, problems through sensory perception. Our actions are directed towards satisfying our desires that are highlighted through the sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Our body reflects our inner being, if our mind, body and soul are in balance then our body is in balance. Disease occurs when the mind, body and soul are not working in harmony, the term dis-ease represents the turmoil created when these three components are out of alignment. The body is a complex machine designed by nature to serve the spirit /soul. Without the soul or connection to the vital life force, the body is useless. After death the body decays and cannot function. In today’s society people have lost track of just how important the soul/spirit is and how to utilize it to maximize our experience of life.

To this end the senses should be used to support the soul, guiding us to the things that are in harmony with our life path or that are good for us. However over time the senses have aligned with the mind or brain. When the brain leads, and life choices are made that are not in true alignment with the souls desire, we experience disharmony and the senses start to function in a way that wants to satisfy and bring back a sense of balance and peace. Negative emotions arise when we are not in balance. When a person is fully connected these emotions subside quickly, the trust in the Creator or sense of knowing that natures wisdom supports you allows you to quickly let go of low vibrational energy like sadness, fear, insecurity, hopelessness, panic, unhappiness, boredom, jealousy or anger. When a person lacks connection these negative emotions can sit with a person for a long time and even gain intensity over time.

The senses, in these cases, work to counteract these emotions , people may start to excessively crave the things that have brought them any state of happiness regardless of whether the happiness was temporary or not. People crave things like money, sugar, chocolate, sex, alcohol, drugs, attention, nice clothes, and new objects, music geared to bring release of anger, frustration or tears. People can crave new experiences in a constant effort to bring satisfaction and balance. When the brains direction contradicts the spirits desires we suppress our truth, our natural instinct and distortion can occur. On the one hand logic directs us one way, the spirit and soul another, the brain senses imbalance and the chemistry in the body responds. Suppressed desires, unhappiness, boredom, lethargy, anxiety, stress, worry, sadness, jealousy, anger, loss, loneliness, emptiness and a feeling of dissatisfaction can bring about a deterioration in health and over time lead to dis-ease.


The mind can function at different levels, it is the thought mechanism that drives our physical body to experience, it works with the brain and the soul and as such determines how the body responds. When we are born we are connected to the Universal Intelligence, our mind follows our natural guidance. When a baby is born it naturally follows its desire to suckle the mother’s breast and to cry when it needs something. There is no analysis in the mind weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of suckling or crying. Over time the mind loses this strong connection to intuition as stimuli in the environment start to influence behavior. Actions generate responses, pain, laughter, sadness, anger and over time the mind creates a memory bank which serves to influence future actions. As this memory bank grows the mind starts to make decisions based upon learned responses. The memory bank expands to incorporate responses influenced by knowledge, social demands, familial expectations, material pressures and media influences. The mind is bombarded with a myriad of signals that influence our actions and it is within this jumble of messages that in time our connection to the Universal Intelligence or nature’s wisdom, our natural intuition can be lost. The mind starts to depend on the learnt responses rather than the intuitive ones and a discrepancy with the soul path can emerge, creating dissatisfaction and imbalance. When this happens people can face disappointment, failure, stress, anxiety, loss of faith, loss of self-esteem, low confidence, fear from future, hopelessness and depression.

It is so important for our mind to be aligned with our soul/spirit, to make decisions that feel right, to allow our bodies and actions to be guided by that source of Infinite Intelligence and wisdom that creates and drives everything in nature. Everyone deserves to be happy, we are born to experience life, to fulfill our desires and contribute to the world in which we live in a way that satisfies our soul. We are all different, not designed to be a perfect replica of each other and through following our inner guidance system we can learn to uncover our unique gifts and natural talents that are connected to our soul path, become our true selves and bring our unique wisdom to the world. In this connected state our soul mind and body are in balance, bringing health and wellbeing to our lives and ultimately true happiness in our lives.


The soul is the core of our being. We can never experience happiness by suppressing our spirit and our soul. The mind needs to feed the soul without which life does not exist. By connecting to our inner guidance system and raising our consciousness, the mind nourishes the soul and we are able to attain profound peace and inner bliss. The soul is able to establish a connection with the Divine/ Universal Intelligence/God of your Understanding /Natures Wisdom and gain true happiness in life.

The result is we become happy both inside and outside. We are able to find the true meaning of our lives, happiness is gained and spread around us.

Soul Mind Body Infographic

The soul mind and body are said to be in harmony if we have

  • Awareness of the Self
  • Realization of life purpose
  • Raised consciousness
  • No fear of the uncertain
  • A deep connection with the God of your understanding


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Holistic Healing | Alternative Therapies |Drugless Therapies

holistic healingThe Definition – What is holistic healing?

First, we must answer the question, ‘what exactly is healing?’ Healing is about bringing any imbalance into alignment with its natural state of functioning.

Every organ in our bodies has a natural or ‘healthy’ state of functioning as do our emotional, mental and spiritual states. When we are out of balance, we feel like something is out of place – whether it comes in the form of emotional or physical pain or discomfort – and we naturally want to return to our natural state of harmony, when everything ‘works’ as intended. This process of rebalancing is synonymous with healing.

Holistic healing bypasses the ‘band-aid fix’ approach of conventional medicine, looks beyond a person’s physical state and sees the holistic view of their state of being or functioning. It acknowledges that the root cause of a physical illness may in fact be non-physical.

Holistic healing works when we we approach life from all aspects of being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Therefore, a holistic approach is considered to be more effective because change occurs on all levels and as a result, positive changes are more likely to last long-term and improve a person’s overall quality of life.

When we heal holistically, we address imbalances on all levels, rather than one or two, and so it becomes a life-long process in achieving overall life balance. The ultimate goal of aligning the body, mind and soul promises a happier, healthier, more balanced state of being.

Holistic healing is based on a philosophy of promoting mind body wellness. How well-being is restored, to what extent, and which methods are used are as varied as the people seeking to be healed.

What does not vary is the ultimate aim to achieve optimum whole self health. To make that happen, unbalanced or unhealthy aspects of mind, body and spirit are all taken into consideration and addressed. It also means that the power of mind and spirit may facilitate physical healing and issues in the physical body may be focused on to facilitate mental well-being.

What is Holistic Healing? What is beautiful about holistic healing is that it puts the responsibility and power for healing in your hands, not in those of a “healer”, even though you may wisely be seeking advice and help from others. It empowers you to make choices and take actions on your behalf and addresses you as a whole person.

Holistic healing is not a cookie cutter approach. People with the same ‘dis-ease’ may end up with completely different treatment plans based on their motivation, symptoms, lifestyle, resources, stress levels, and emotional and mental history. You may get amazingly quick results, or it may take months to notice a meaningful shift. These shifts may be in the direction of health, but may not be what you were specifically hoping for. If you ever heard a cancer patient say she was healed even though death is near, you know what that means.

Whole person healing is about bringing your mind and body back into balance and nurturing that balance over your lifetime. It is not about cure, although that would be wonderful and may very well happen. It is about returning to wholeness. That is an abstract concept which basically means that you feel complete and at peace within yourself. You deeply understand yourself, accept yourself in mind and body, and love yourself in the healthiest of ways. This is not about complacence. Real love often requires taking action to improve your life.

Whole person healing is about addressing causes. It is not about controlling symptoms, although that may be necessary and beneficial at times. It is about addressing the whole as much as possible, not just the vulnerable, ‘dis-eased’ part. The understanding is that something within the whole is stressing the part, which needs help, not suppressing, bypassing, or cutting out unless absolutely necessary. If not too far gone, the part will recover when the whole is restored.

There is a common misconception that holistic healing is natural healing. This is absolutely true, but not necessarily in the way it is meant, which is usually about methods. It is about your naturally self healing body and mind, which naturally seeks balance when given what they need and what is harming them is removed. The body is always striving for balance and will maintain it so long as nothing goes awry.

It is also true that lifestyle adjustments and natural methods and remedies are preferred. However, it is also true that modern medical assistance may be necessary and a best choice at times. It may also be beneficial to include help that is not medical at all. That might mean taking advantage of spiritual counseling, financial management classes, relationship therapy and/or a career change. Who you choose to assist you, and the methods you work with will depend on your changing needs and preferences.

The body and the mind act in unison. Physical symptoms may indicate the state of mind or vice versa. Medical intervention should take into consideration the whole rather than isolated parts. This is the holistic approach.

The purpose of holistic healing is to provide long-term improvement and health. This may even cause short-term pain. Intervention should be minimal since nature, in her wisdom, knows the best course. Pain can serve to make us aware of the problem so that we give our body the chance to heal. Pain can also make us aware of our emotional state, thus helping us in our own personal evolution. A natural diet, good exercise and calmness of mind can be one of the best means of holistic healing in a number of cases.


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12 Major Meridians of the Body|Chi, Qi, Prana|Energy Healing

Meridians of the Body

meridian wheelsMeridians of the body are undetectable to the naked eye yet we couldn’t live without them. They influence every organ and physiological system in the body. Meridians carry energy throughout the body; similar to the way the arteries carry blood. This energy is often referred to as chi, qi or prana.

Meridians of the body are responsible for all the body’s major organ systems: endocrine, nervous, circulatory, immune, respiratory, skeletal, muscular, digestive and the lymphatic system. If the energy flowing through a meridian is imbalanced in any way the system it fuels is jeopardized and disease results.

Through the flow of energy, meridians bring balance to the body. They remove energetic blocks, excesses and imbalances, regulate metabolism and support cellular health. Their flow is as important as the flow of blood; your life and health rely on both.

There are 12 major meridians in the body:

  • Lung meridian
  • Large Intestine
  • Spleen meridian
  • Stomach meridian
  • Heart meridian
  • Small intestine meridian
  • Bladder meridian
  • Kidney meridian
  • Pericardium (Circulation/Sex) meridian
  • Triple Warmer meridian
  • Liver meridian
  • Gallbladder meridian

12 meridiansThese meridians of the body are in control of not only their corresponding organ, but also additional organs around them. They play a specific and crucial role in the health of the entire system. Energetic imbalances on either side, whether meridians are energy deficient or energy excessive causes problems for the organ systems they regulate. Balance is key in the body and the energy in the meridians is no different.

Lung meridian

The lungs are responsible for both respiration and the intake of energy. If an imbalance in the lung meridian occurs it leaves the body open to viral and bacterial infections, as well as perspiration and inflammation issues in the upper parts of the body, problems with the olfactory organs (nose/sense of smell) and adverse skin conditions.

Large intestine meridian

The large intestine extracts water from waste material and processes it before expelling it. An imbalance of energy in the large intestine meridian is responsible for all abdominal pains. On an emotional level, an imbalance in large intestine energy manifests itself in difficulty with holding on or letting go.

Spleen meridian

The spleen distributes nutrients throughout the body. Because of this it affects muscle and limb tone, controls digestion, and helps regulate the flow of blood within the blood vessels. Energetic imbalances in spleen energy result in: abdominal problems (diarrhea, constipation, bloating), lack of appetite, prolapsed internal organs, weak muscles and general fatigue. Imbalances in the spleen meridian can also cause brain fog and absentmindedness.

Stomach meridian

All digestive issues can be traced back to the stomach. The stomach’s main responsibility is to digest food, extracting energy from it and distributing that energy to the spleen and intestines. An imbalance in stomach meridian energy can lead to feelings of worry, nervousness and a lack of acceptance.

Heart meridian

The heart distributes blood to all the organs in the body. An imbalance of energy in the heart meridian results in chest pains, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, hot flashes/cold sweats, irritability and insomnia. A healthy heart meridian allows for joy and bliss in one’s life, while an imbalance can lead to psychological problems like anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorder.

Small intestine meridian

The small intestine is responsible for taking nutrients and energy that it has removed from food and distributing them throughout the body. An imbalance of small intestine energy causes poor circulation, weakness in the legs, always feeling cold, swollen lymph glands, sore/stiff shoulders, acne, nerve pain, poor digestion and stomach distention.

Bladder meridian

The bladder removes liquid waste from the body. An imbalance in the bladder meridian is responsible for stiffness in the neck and shoulders, headaches, back pains and all urinary diseases. Emotionally, an imbalance of bladder energy causes feelings of anger and an inability to express emotions.

Kidney meridian

The kidneys store sexual energy. Because of this they also regulate the growth and development of the reproductive system. In addition, the kidneys are also responsible for the production of bone marrow and blood. Therefore, an imbalance in kidney energy causes genital-urinary disorders, as well as backaches, asthma and tinnitus. On an emotional level the kidney meridian controls willpower, determination and a person’s ability to cope.

Pericardium (Circulation/Sex) meridian

The pericardium is the area surrounding the heart. The pericardium protects and lubricates the heart and the pericardium meridian removes excess energy from around the heart. This is important because it disperses energy throughout the body preventing the heart from becoming over-energized.

Triple Warmer meridian

The triple warmer controls the body as a whole. Rather than being responsible for a particular organ system, it controls metabolism, heat/moisture balance and body temperature. Because the triple warmer is responsible for the whole body, an imbalance in triple warmer energy is associated with a wide range of disorders. An issue with any organ in the body is in some way associated to an imbalance in the triple warmer meridian

Liver meridian

The liver stores energy and regulates its flow throughout the body. The liver meridian is also responsible for the female sexual cycle and menstruation and the flexibility of tendons and ligaments. And imbalance of liver energy causes menstrual disorders like PMS, dry skin, jaundice, dry eyes, blurred vision, vertigo, stiff joints and headaches. On and emotional level, an imbalance of energy in the liver meridian results in anger, irritability, depression and a lack of control and emotional flexibility.

Gallbladder meridian

The gallbladder is responsible for storing and expelling bile produced by the liver. An imbalance of gallbladder energy causes bloating, liver pains and a yellow discoloration on the tongue, skin and in the urine.

Meridian points can be manipulated to increase or decrease the flow of energy in a particular meridian. When energy flowing through the meridians is blocked these points can be accessed to clear blockages. When there is too much energy flowing through a meridian or energy is stagnating in the meridian, meridian points can disperse the surplus of energy. Eastern forms of healing, such as acupuncture, acupressure and Qi Gong, Energy healing are often used to relieve energetic imbalances.

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Spiritual Healing for Pregnant Women

Emotional and spiritual support – for mother and baby

Are you ready to flourish in your spiritual pregnancy?

Are you open to use your heart to tune into your baby?

Are you open to communication with the spirit of your child?

Have you ever wondered HOW to communicate with the soul or spirit of your baby before birth? 

Many cultures throughout history into the present have formed loving traditions that acknowledge and bring attention to the spirit of a child before life.  It is an ongoing spiritual connection that supports the parent and child relationship.  Ask yourself if you want to build a deeply sacred and loving connection of communication.

Did you know that early communication with your baby is a GIFT to both you and your baby (partner too)?  Your baby may be already sending you signs and inner feelings whether you are aware of it or not.  It is easy to ignore or get busy with life and forget to stop and connect to that quiet place within.  That quite place within is how you intuitively access your connection to pre-birth conversations with your baby.

Are you in conception?  Are you pregnant?  What kind of traditions are you creating for your child that wants to be born into your life?  Lets start with conception.  Conception is a sacred journey of self discovery, inner growth, and development.  Sometimes challenges arrive in conception or issues with infertility.  The often missed experience in infertility is working with the spiritual self and bringing awareness to the energy of your baby.  Like conception sometimes pregnancy has issues or a lacking of spiritual self awareness.  Pregnancy is a very sacred time in a women’s life that requires big changes and adjustments.  It activates the physical, emotional, and spiritual self for a great reason.  To get you ready to be a most amazing parent to your child!  The LOVE that grows inside your body to expand your heart comes into your life and into this world for many reasons and that journey is amazing.  Talking, touching, listening, and moving with the energy of your baby leads you into building that mother and child connection before he or she is born.  Imagine if each mother and father listened deeply within to the soul of their baby.  Imagine humanity transforming into higher ways of living with deeper integrity, extreme self love, infinite self kindness, and massive self trust.

Expectant mothers have always been advised to enjoy pregnancy, but common health issues often mar this experience. Unlike prescription medications, Spiritual healing goes beyond just the physical support to provide emotional help and bring a deep sense of calm and positivity to both mother and unborn child.

Spiritual Healng during pregnancy can be a gentle, yet powerful, non-invasive treatment that may help symptoms such as:

  • tiredness
  • low back pain
  • morning sickness
  • mood changes
  • high blood pressure
  • stress
  • emotional disruption experienced both during and after pregnancy

Healing is not an instant miracle cure. However, with regular treatment – which ensures better circulation, harmonized energy levels, elimination of toxins and a stable and confident emotional, mental and spiritual outlook – you might be surprised at your body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. Even apprehension and fear experienced in the late stages of pregnancy, and the distress at the impending labour, can be alleviated through the deep relaxation, balance and confidence gained through a healing treatment.

Since pregnancy can be such a major life-changing event, it can often resurrect buried emotions, fears or insecurities from the past; so-called “unfinished business”. A weekly treatment is recommended, especially around the heart, abdomen and solar plexus areas, to enable the body to handle all the changes and demands that are put upon it.

Enhance your connection with your body

As healing is holistic, it treats each person as a whole, including mind, body…and baby. Some mothers have experienced their babies give an excited kick as soon as they feel the energy flowing in. By working directly by holding the “bump” the healer can also therefore treat the baby.

Being pregnant can create a sense of being out of control of your own body. Some women have described it as their body “not belonging to them anymore”, from the day-to-day changes in their bodies, to the sense of invasion experienced from medical interventions. Healing can enable a sense of regaining some of that control: a balance and a grounding so that, even though you are experiencing a life-changing event, you can be in control, no matter what surprises await you.

Benefits of Spiritual Healing for Pregnant Women

Eases Physical Discomfort: Spiritual healing is effective for relieving physical discomforts often associated to pregnancy. The human hormones associated with pregnancy often cause gastric problems during pregnancy. An energy healing treatment during pregnancy not only helps in relaxing the gastrointestinal walls, thereby reducing the sensation of nausea, but also aids in providing relief from hip, back or ligament pain that is often experienced by pregnant women as their pregnancy progresses. In fact, taking a Spiritual Healing during pregnancy can relax you completely, greatly reducing fatigue, anxiety and sleep problems.

Provide Emotional Support: Juggling the demands related to the expectations of families, jobs or relationship with their partner can often make a pregnant woman quite stressed and tired. A Healing Therapy done during pregnancy not only helps an expecting mother stay grounded emotionally, but also instills serenity and peace and calms her fears related to pregnancy and delivery.

Make the Process of Delivery Easier: Spiritual treatment given during the time of labor helps reduce pain associated with pelvic and back area to a great extent. This safe and natural treatment not only aids in reducing anxiety of the expectant mother during labor, but also helps create a peaceful and serene atmosphere for the baby.

Helps in Post Partum Recovery: The body of a pregnant woman tends to undergo tremendous changes after delivery. Healing treatment given at this point of time can prove to be highly beneficial in healing their physical and emotional levels and maintain their well being during the first few weeks after child birth. Moreover, since the advent of the new baby can cause an emotional upheaval for a new mother, it can help her adjust to the new environment and take care of a baby more easily.

Helps the Baby Stay Healthy and Happy: When Spiritual Healing is given to a pregnant woman, it proves to be highly beneficial in helping build a strong spiritual relationship between the mother and her unborn baby. It helps the unborn baby stay calm and relaxed, but it is also said that sometimes it makes the unborn wriggle happily inside his mother’s womb. In fact, healing sessions that are done during pregnancy generally make the baby easygoing, thereby making it easy for young mothers to take care of their little ones in more easy and simple manner.


Benefits of Healing Sessions during pregnancy:

  1. Provides emotional as well as physical support to the pregnant woman.
  2. Creates a balanced, loving and harmonious relationship between the mother and the child.
  3. Taking Healing Sessions in the early days of the pregnancy helps reduce exhaustion and nausea in the pregnant woman.
  4. It can bring relief to every part of a stretched and aching body of the woman.
  5. It also reduces anxiety, sleep problems, colic, and enhances motor activity and active sleep.
  6. It is done to restore the balance and health to the pregnant mother.
  7. Healing used during labour stage has been shown to help control and lessen pain.
  8. It may make delivery easier.
  9. Mothers who have had previous c-sections and receive Healing in later pregnancies can expect lesser need for cesarean surgeries the second time.
  10. Mothers who use took Spiritual Healing during and after pregnancy can better adjust to their babies and vice versa.
  11. After the baby is born, it can be a stressful time for the baby. When Healing Session is used in the delivery room it makes an easier transition for the baby.
  12. It also helps to release the fears related to pregnancy and delivery. It soothes a woman who can feel invaded and impatient to give birth.
  13. It has the power to make a baby wriggle with pleasure in the womb, and also has a calming effect on both the mother and the child.
  14. It provides a unique opportunity for the father-to-be, as he can bond with his baby when it is in the mother’s womb.
  15. It also helps in building a strong and spiritual relationship between the mother and the baby, before this tiny new being enters the world.
  16. It can be used to help improve the whole family’s experience through pregnancy. It eases every stage of pregnancy, physically and emotionally, making the journey into motherhood more joyous and memorable.

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Law of Karma

Karma is a natural law. Karma is the currency of your life. With the currency of karmic actions, you purchase and create all your life experiences — good, bad, pleasant, and unpleasant. Karma is the law of cause and effect by which each individual creates his own destiny by his thoughts, words, and deeds.

According to the theory of karma, you have a cupboard filled with karmas: personal karmas, cultural karmas, and karmas that involve the entire human race. The life you experience is a mesh of all your karmas interacting with one another like a big, unique, karmic thumbprint.

Basically, if you push something, it moves. Now expand this idea and realize that the entire universe is made up of movements and reactions to movements.

Your body was created by the lovemaking movements of your parents and then movements of the sperm burrowing into the egg, zygotes replicating, organs forming, and nutrients being assimilated. Everything that keeps your body alive right now is made up of movements: visible movements, invisible movements, and millions of teeny-tiny electro-chemical movements.

The entire universe consists of spinnings upon spinnings — from galaxies to communities, to electrons circling the nucleus of an atom. Movement is the nature and quality of all creation. So what’s keeping it all going?

You can think of the universe as running on the fuel of karma. As Newton’s law of action says, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Thus work the ways of karma.

Each individual creates their own karma by experiencing results, their ability to learn, and their disregard for experiencing. We creates our own capacities and limitations. Karma is the need to know more about a feeling, or an action, to make one’s knowledge more complete and whole. It is the necessity to experience an action or thought  more fully, or from a different perspective, so that you understand it as completely as possible in order to maintain balance in your mental creations. You cannot project perfect creations unless you understand the materials, tools, and processes of creation completely, and have experienced the repercussions of your actions.

A person exists to experience all forms of materiality, to understand each thoroughly, and to learn how to manipulate and maintain these forms in balance and harmony. As the individual evolves, studies his progress and finds there is a gap in his understanding, at some point in time the gap must be filled with the appropriate experience to balance it out. Karma is, therefore, the need to experience, and to fill gaps in the understanding of the experiences gained. It is a lack of understanding of all the points of view that apply, that must be changed, and an awareness that is necessary to be gained.


The law of Karma (Sanskrit), or Kamma (Pali) originated in the Vedic system of religion, otherwise known as Hinduism. As a term, it can at the latest be traced back to the early Upanishads, around 1500 BCE.

In its major conception, karma is the physical, mental and supramental system of neutral rebound, “cause and effect,” that is inherent in existence within the bounds of time, space, and causation. Essentially what this means is that the very being which one experiences (say, as a human being) is governed by an immutable preservation of energy, vibration, and action. It is comparable to the Golden Rule but denies the ostenisble arbitrariness of Fate, Destiny, Kismet, or other such Western conceptions by attributing absolute reason and determinism to the workings of the cosmos.

Karma, for these reasons, naturally implies reincarnation since thoughts and deeds in past lives will affect one’s current situation. Thus, humanity (through a sort of collective karma) and individuals alike are responsible for the tragedies and good ‘fortunes’ which they experience. The concept of an inscrutable “God” figure is not necessary with the idea of karma. It is vital to note that karma is not an instrument of a god, or a single God, but is rather the physical and spiritual ‘physics’ of being. As gravity governs the motions of heavenly bodies and objects on the surface of the earth, karma governs the motions and happenings of life, both inanimate and animate, unconscious and conscious, in the cosmic realm.

Thus, what certain philosophical viewpoints may term “destiny” or “fate” is in actuality, according to the laws of karma, the simple and neutral working out of karma. Many have likened karma to a moral banking system, a credit and debit of good and bad. However, this view falls short of the idea that any sort of action (action being a root meaning of ‘karma’), whether we term it ‘good’ or ‘bad’, binds us in recurring cause and effect. In order to attain supreme consciousness, to escape the cycle of life, death, and rebirth and the knot of karma one must altogether transcend karma. This method of transcendence is variously dealt with in many streams of not only Hinduism and Buddhism, but other faiths and philosophical systems as well.

From Hinduism the concept of karma was absorbed and developed in different manners in other movements within the other Indian subcontinental (South Asian) religions of Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Although these religions express significant disagreement regarding the particularities of “karma”, all four groups have relatively similar notions of what karma is.

More recently the concept has been adopted (with various degrees of accuracy and understanding) by many New Age movements, Theosophy and Kardecist Spiritualism.

All living beings are alike and yet amongst all the living beings that we can normally perceive, there are many differences. For instance, some of us are wealthy, some are less wealthy, some are strong and healthy, others are disabled and so forth. There are many differences amongst living beings and even more so there are differences between animals and human beings. These differences are due to karma.

What we all share – desire, ill-will and ignorance – are common to all living beings, but the particular condition in which we find ourselves is the result of our particular karma that conditions the situation in which we find ourselves, the situation in which we may be wealthy, strong and so forth. These circumstances are decided by karma. It is in this sense that karma explains the differences amongst living beings. It explains why some beings are fortunate while others are less fortunate, some are happy while others are less happy. Karma explains the differences between living beings. You might also recall that the understanding of how karma affects the birth of living beings in happy or unhappy circumstances — the knowledge of how living beings move from happy circumstances to unhappy circumstances, and vice versa, from unhappy to happy circumstances as a result of their karma. It is karma that explains the circumstances that living beings find themselves in.

Karma is not fate or predestination. If karma is not fate or predestination, then what is it? Let us look at the term itself. Karma means action, means “to do”. Immediately we have an indication that the real meaning of karma is not fate because karma is action. It is dynamic. But it is more than simply action because it is not mechanical action. It is not unconscious or involuntary action. It is intentional, conscious, deliberate, willful action. How is it that this intentional, will action conditions or determines our situation? It is because every action must have a reaction, an effect. This truth has been expressed in regard to the physical universe by the great physicist Newton who formulated the law which states that every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. In the moral sphere of conscious actions, we have a counterpart to the physical law of action and reaction, the law that every intentional, will action must have its effect. This is why we sometimes speak either of Karma-Vipaka, intentional action and its ripened effect, or we speak of Karma-Phala, intentional action and its fruit. It is when we speak of intentional action together with its effect or fruit that we speak of the Law of Karma.

In its most basic sense, the Law of Karma in the moral sphere teaches that similar actions will lead to similar results. Let us take an example. If we plant a mango seed, the plant that springs up will be a mango tree, and eventually it will bear a mango fruit. Alternatively, if we plant a Pong Pong seed, the tree that will spring up will be a Pong Pong tree and the fruit a Pong Pong. As one sows, so shall one reap. According to one’s action, so shall be the fruit. Similarly, in the Law of Karma, if we do a wholesome action, eventually we will get a wholesome fruit, and if we do an unwholesome action eventually we will get an unwholesome, painful result. This is what we mean when we say that causes bring about effects that are similar to the causes. This we will see very clearly when we come to specific examples of wholesome and unwholesome actions.

We can understand by means of this general introduction that karma can be of two varieties – wholesome karma or good karma and unwholesome karma or bad karma. In order that we should not misunderstand this description of karma, it is useful for us to look at the original term. In this case, it is kushala or akushala karma, karma that is wholesome or unwholesome. In order that we understand how these terms are being used, it is important that we know the real meaning of kushala and akushala. Kushala means intelligent or skilful, whereas akushala means not intelligent, not skilful. This helps us to understand how these terms are being used, not in terms of good and evil but in terms of skilful and unskilful, in terms of intelligent and unintelligent, in terms of wholesome and unwholesome. Now how wholesome and how unwholesome? Wholesome in the sense that those actions which are beneficial to oneself and others, those actions that spring not out of desire, ill-will and ignorance, but out of renunciation, loving-kindness and compassion, and wisdom.

One may ask how does one know whether an action that is wholesome or unwholesome will produce happiness or unhappiness. The answer is time will tell. As long as an unwholesome action does not bear its fruit of suffering, for so long a foolish person will consider that action good. But when that unwholesome action bears its fruit of suffering then he will realize that the action is unwholesome. Similarly, so long as a wholesome action does not bear its fruit of happiness, a good person may consider that action unwholesome. When it bears its fruit of happiness, then he will realize that the action is good. So one needs to judge wholesome and unwholesome action from the point of view of long-term effect. Very simply, wholesome actions result in eventual happiness for oneself and others, while unwholesome actions have the opposite result, they result in suffering for oneself and others.

The fruit of these unwholesome actions can take various forms. The fully ripened fruit of the unwholesome actions consists of rebirth in the lower realms, in the realms of suffering — hell, hungry ghosts and animals. If these unwholesome actions are not sufficient to result in rebirth in these lower realms, they will result in unhappiness in this life as a human being. Here we can see at work the principle of a cause resulting in a similar effect. While unwholesome actions produce unwholesome results – suffering, wholesome actions produce wholesome results – happiness.

Karma, be it wholesome or unwholesome, is modified by the conditions under which the actions are performed. In other words, a wholesome or unwholesome action may be more or less strong depending upon the conditions under which it is done. The conditions which determine the weight or strength of karma may be divided into those which refer to the subject — the doer of the action — and those which refer to the object — the being to whom the action is done. So the conditions that determine the weight of karma apply to the subject and object of the action.

There are five conditions that modify the weight of karma and they are persistent, repeated action; action done with great intention and determination; action done without regret; action done towards those who possess extraordinary qualities; and action done towards those who have benefited one in the past. Here too there are subjective and objective conditions. The subjective conditions are persistent action; action done with intention; and action done without regret. If one does an unwholesome action again and again with great intention and without regret, the weight of the action will be enhanced. The objective conditions are the quality of the object to whom actions are done and the nature of the relationship. In other words, if one does a wholesome or unwholesome action towards living beings who possess extraordinary qualities such as the arhats, or the Krishna, the wholesome or unwholesome action done will have greater weight. Finally the power of wholesome or unwholesome action done towards those who have benefited one in the past, such as one’s parents, teachers and friends, will be greater.

The objective and subjective conditions together determine the weight of karma. This is important because understanding this will help us to understand that karma is not simply a matter of black and white, or good and bad. Karma is moral action and moral responsibility. But the working of the Law of Karma is very finely tuned and balanced so as to match effect with cause, so as to take into account the subjective and objective conditions that determine the nature of an action. This ensures that the effects of actions are equal to and similar to the nature of the causes.

The effects of karma may be evident either in the short term or in the long term. Traditionally we divide karma into three varieties related to the amount of time that is required for the effects of these actions to manifest themselves. Karma can either manifest its effects in this very life or in the next life or only after several lives. When karma manifests its effects in this life, we can see the fruit of karma within a relatively short length of time. This variety of karma is easily verifiable by any of us. For instance, when someone refuses to study, when someone indulges in harmful distractions like alcohol and drugs, when someone begins to steal to support his harmful habits; the effects will be evident within a short time. They will be evident in loss of livelihood and friendship, health and so forth. We cannot see the long-term effect of karma, but the Buddha and His prominent disciples who have developed their minds are able to perceive directly the long-term effects.

Besides the two varieties of karma, wholesome and unwholesome karma, we should mention neutral or ineffective karma. Neutral karma is karma that has no moral consequence either because the very nature of the action is such as to have no moral consequence or because it is done involuntarily and unintentionally. For example, sleeping, walking, breathing, eating, handicraft and so forth in themselves have no moral consequence. Similarly, unintentional action is ineffective karma. In other words, if one accidentally steps on an insect, being unconscious of its existence, this also constitutes neutral karma because there is no intention – the intentional element is not there.

The benefits of understanding the Law of Karma are that this understanding discourages one from performing unwholesome actions which have suffering as their fruit. Once we understand that in our own life every action will have a similar and equal reaction, once we understand that we will experience the effect of that action, wholesome or unwholesome, we will refrain from unwholesome behavior, not wanting to experience the effects of these unwholesome actions. And similarly, understanding that wholesome actions have happiness as their fruit, we will cultivate these wholesome actions. Reflecting on the Law of Karma, of action and reaction in the moral sphere encourages us to renounce unwholesome actions and cultivate wholesome actions.


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How Ancestors Affect / Impact Us? Ancestral Healing | India|

AncestorsSometimes we face incessant problems and despite best efforts there is no respite. So much so that the entire family has a dark could over it where all members are suffering. This suffering cloud include problems such as marital disharmony, addictions, miscarriages, feuds within family members and financial problems. We are bewildered and try to overcome them but we are kept at bay because the root of such problems lies in the spiritual dimension. These problems are caused by our deceased ancestors. Such ancestral problems are levied to us descendants so that we take notice and help them in their afterlife. One of the reasons why all family members are affected is because they have the same ancestors. It is a cry of hope by our deceased ancestors as after death they are in the form of a subtle body or spirits and cannot do spiritual practice. Very simple and basic daily efforts can help alleviate our ancestral distress and give momentum to ancestral spirits in their afterlife.

 Most of us talk about ancestors as if it’s common knowledge that everyone should completely understand and be able to explain in details.

 In trying to answer this question we always end up with a lot of unanswered questions because we tend to concentrate on the complexity of this subject rather than the logical and rational common sense.

Ancestors are the spirits of those that lived this earth, when they come back to contact or affect us in our daily lives. It doesn’t matter how long ago they passed. As soon as they start to try and contact us that’s when we attach the word ancestors to them. It doesn’t matter how old they were when they died because even a spirit of an unborn child can come back to contact us.

Ancestors have an ability to affect our lives from the spiritual world. They are able to adjust and alter our daily lives in order to fulfill the purpose of living for that particular day and the rest of our lives. Ancestors come to us with sings that only an attentive mind can notice.

Sometimes our daily lives are altered by minor things that we don’t’ even notice because we are not aware of these forces.

Yes, ancestors are a force that crosses from the spiritual world to our physical world of the living. They are a force because at times they come across too strong and disturb us in our routines. This force is a form of energy which can be either positive or negative. At the point when this energy is neutral, ones’ life is not affected either way and this is the point where this person finds it hard to believe in ancestors.

 Ancestors are the spirits, a power, a force and an energy. Ancestors are so many things…

 This power comes from within as it communicates with the heart and then affects the way in which we think and make decisions in our lives. The problem is that we are not taught to follow our hearts from childhood.

 When the spirits approach you, they bring with them the power that forces you to use the energy they offer to you.

 When there is too much negative energy in the world, mother nature has her own way of balancing things out by providing some positive energy for every equal amount of negative energy. The more people are born, the more people die each day. There is always an equal but opposite reaction to every action. What goes up must come down. Need I say more?

 The same thing happens with the ancestors:

Ancestors with powers come back in order to correct the mistakes we make unknowingly here on earth. They come back to warn us against dangers of using negative energy. They then ask us to balance things out by using positive energy to cancel out the negativity they find themselves in, on the other side.

 The ancestors without powers also come back for some help. They ask their loved ones to cleanse them so that they can gain eternal peace. Some people have gone in and out of healers with the aim of trying to heal and cleanse themselves. We often make a mistake of concentrating too much on ourselves instead of dealing with the ancestors, the spirits, the powers, the forces and the energy that affects our lives.

When we concentrate on the energy we get better results as opposed to cleansing our own mortal bodies. Yes, we do cleanse the physical body but the emphasis is on touching the soul of a spirit with such a gesture. As we cleanse the physical body, we must also communicate and talk to the spirits as we try and acknowledge their presence and then ask for help.

 These forces that we talk about apply to everybody in the world, the only difference is that we give it different names.

These forces are a universal language in which the soul speaks to us. We may call it ancestors, whilst others say it’s the spirit of God/Christ, it’s the energy points, chakra healing and even levels of consciousness etc…Even Yoga and meditation seeks to unlock these powers and correct the imbalance in the way these energies affects us.

 These energies affect us in so many different ways, everyday of our lives. They manifest themselves in our tempers, feelings and mood swings. Sometimes we try to overcome these feelings but mostly they tend to control our fate…

 Ancestors are just powers of the spirits which affect our lives and draw us closer to our destinies. We need to be aware of these forces that are all around us. We need to understand how this energy works in order to live harmonious lives.

 Sometimes we become too involved with our own/personal needs that we forget to find the meaning of life. When you are chasing after your own goals but things seem to be impossible, have you ever stopped to think that may be that dream of yours is not your purpose in life?

 Usually these forces/ ancestors come to affect us when we derail from our purpose in life. When you begin to realise your destiny that’s when these energies start to work for you.

These energies come to work with you in a form that you understand. This energy comes in a universal language in which the soul speaks to us. The soul is the source of all forms of life.

If one believes in ancestors, these forces will take a form of  ancestors to communicate with that person. In this way  the soul uses the most effective form of communication to pass on messages.

 So remember that the ancestors are not physical/human beings. They are a force/energy that can be interpreted in so many different languages, but at the end of the day, they speak only one universal language of the soul.

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Symptoms & Causes of Spirit Attachment

Common Symptoms of Spirit Attachments and Possession

The most common symptoms (beyond fatigue that cannot be explained) are memory issues, general fogginess/lack of clarity, and physical or emotional symptoms that started at a very specific point in time.

We  also suspect spirit attachment if someone has been in a place with a lot of spirits– a hospital or nursing home, for example– with symptoms that started right after their visit that they did not have prior. This could really be anything, as when a former human attaches to us we pick up their symptomsThis means that if we were in a hospital where there was a former human who died with pancreas issues we might suddenly start having pain in our side. 

No medical tests show anything. This is another big symptom that makes us suspect spirit involvement. If you have physical symptoms that are causing you considerable distress and have gone to doctors, had medical tests, and blood tests, and nothing shows up and nobody can tell you what is wrong you either have a bad doctor or may want to check for spirit attachment. 

You had surgery, anesthesia, or were knocked out. Any time we have surgery we partially or fully leave our bodies energetically. It is a basic trauma response, and the anesthesia in fact has the effect of kicking us out of our bodies. This means that other energies that are present can see an opening and take advantage of it. Our boundaries are down and our energy is scattered while knocked out, especially under anesthesia. Of course, not everyone who has surgery gets a spirit attachment– but this paired with symptoms starting that cannot be explained and other symptoms listed here might suggest that you get a reading at the very least.

Change of behaviors, personality, addictions, and hobbies. This is another huge symptom that causes us to suspect spirit attachment. If you were a quiet, shy and plainly dressed and chaste woman who suddenly starts wearing tube tops and picking up men in bars (this is an extreme example, of course) that would suggest that there is an energy present that is not you. Similarly, a sudden interest in other hobbies, changes in wardrobe, personality that is unlike you is cause to question, especially if the interest showed up suddenly.

Addiction is a huge symptom of spirit attachment. First, because the addiction and substance use makes you have less boundaries overall (kind of like anesthesia) which makes it easier for energies to attach, but also because there are a lot of former humans who were addicts in life hanging out in bars and other places. They sense that you are a vibrational match for them and attach. Spirits have a hard time getting drunk or high though since they do not have physical bodies… so whatever drink or drug you are utilizing is never enough. They always want more.

Sensitivity paired with odd dreams. Although this can be a wide variety of things (including past lives, astral travel, etc) if you are a sensitive and have odd dreams that are not your own, you may want to get checked for attached energies, or at the very least learn some protection measures for your bedroom so that energies are not interfering with your sleep and general privacy.

A relative, family member, friend, or pet that you are in constant grief over. The grieving process for anyone is extraordinarily difficult. There are specific stages to grief, and it can take us a long time to work with grief when someone has left our lives physically. But if you sense that the person is still with you, you are constantly dreaming and thinking about them, and you have physical or emotional imbalances that they did they may still be present. Although people sometimes are happy that their loved one is still around they are not in their right place and are causing you harm by being attached to you. 

War and other intense events, visiting places as a sensitive that have had a lot of violence or spirit activity. We have now worked with countless people from the military who had PTSD and high levels of stress who also had another layer of spirit attachment on top of that. This is sometimes hard to differentiate, but any extreme levels of trauma make us more open for spirit attachmentsespecially if there already is a lot of death and spirit activity present.

Similarly, if we are sensitive (which means that we notice things around us more, like spirit presences), and we visit a place that has had a huge amount of trauma, war, or violence we may have something attach to us.

Hearing voices, sensing a presence, or feeling something within you or around you that is not “you”. This can mean a spirit attachment, or it can mean significant trauma has happened that has caused you to disassociate. Or it can mean both.

Lack of interest in sex. Again, we are getting into something that could be hormonal or based in other reasons (meaning look at if your partner is being a jerk, or if there are “mundane” reasons for your sex life to be not present, first). But the presence of a male former human in a female body, for example, can cause the female to not be attracted to her male partner.

Memory lapses, time loss, and fogginess/lack of clarity in thinking. This can again point to severe trauma, endocrine conditions, and other issues… but when a spirit attaches to us their thought patterns, emotions, and physical issues overlay our energy systems, in time becoming more and more physically entrenched. You may experience thoughts that are not yours, or just have a general sort of fogginess to your thinking due to a presence. In severe cases this energy overlaying can become more dominant with people reporting memory lapses and time loss from the time that they are in the background and the attached energy became more dominant.

Symptoms that started suddenly. If you are aware of that all of your symptoms started on a specific day, week, or month, this is a common symptom of spirit attachment.

Emotions that are like a roller-coaster. Lots and lots of fear. Anxiety attacks. Feeling emotions that are not based in your experiences or a roller coaster of emotions. Interestingly, many people cancel on me because they make an appointment and the night before they start feeling a lot of fear and anxiety. Many of them then cancel the appointment. They do not realize that it is the attached spirit that is afraid, not them. That the attached spirit realizes, anticipates, and fears moving on.

This is a fairly comprehensive list of the most common symptoms. Again, most people who have attachments are of moderately benign energies– emotions, thoughts, and former humans. These symptoms cause fatigue as well as many of the other issues above. As we can see, they do not typically cause really severe symptoms. The further away we get from more common energies or benign energies, the more severe the symptoms are, and the more difficulty they will create in your life. Many non-human energies cause similar symptoms as listed above, but due to their unique presence and vibrational difference from our own energetic field their presence is noted more readily.

It is really important to know that only having one of these symptoms does not mean you have something attached to you. If this post resonates with you, and you have a few of the symptoms, We would suggest checking in with a spiritual worker.


The Causes of Spirit Attchment or Invasion 

General Reasons
There are many reasons individuals become open to attachments of different sorts. Some of these reasons, obviously, are cause for more healing work that just the release. If unattended, they can leave the door open to reattachment or, at the least, can leave the erstwhile host in a disabling state of imbalance within their lives.

The most common reason is being unconscious (not asleep). Here, someone could be in this state due to: an accident or attack; excessive alcohol intake; drug intake. The drug intake includes general anaesthetics, which are usually given in hospitals – where a lot of people die under conditions which can lead them to become lost souls. Hospitals are very busy places, in this respect. What I write is not a rule but a generalisation: probably more attachments collected in hospitals are discarnate human entities, as with the incidents of accident; however, the score is about even between discarnate human entities and Demonic entities where attack, excessive alcohol or self-administered drugs are the reason for the openness to attachment. The trauma of an accident or an attack needs resolving, afterwards, as does the cause of the need to take excessive alcohol or take recreational drugs.

Dark Beings
Obviously, attachments will tend heavily towards Demonic where someone has been using a Ouija board or been indulging in Satanic rituals of any kind. People who indulge in these practices may initially see it as a bit of fun but then realise that it has gotten frighteningly out of hand and they need help. People who experiment with ways to send “curses” will only manage to do it when they have been attached to by something Dark or something that has a Dark one with it. These people will need the attachment releasing but also need help undoing any request or agreement for such collaboration.

A lot of people hold the idea that a working medium agrees to what they believe will be a temporary attachment. Often these are not temporary. Many mediums who are not well protected burn out after eighteen months or two years. People whose Spiritual evolution is perhaps a step or two ahead of their conscious realisation can find themselves open, quite literally, to attachment by anything. Such people may try to “connect” with a higher level. Obviously they would have to be open to do this but if they are open, it can be two-way traffic. Again, spiritual protection and probably mentoring would be useful here, after any release.

Traumas Leading to Attachments
If someone experiences a severe trauma, severe enough for Fragmentation of Personality to take place would be open for attachment at that time. Fragmentation of Personality is where the Subconscious feels the event is too much for the Conscious mind to cope with. The personality will fragment, leaving a small part to experience the event but taking the majority of the personality to a far-away, imaginary experience so that the major part does not have any memory of the event.

Afterwards, the fragmentation dissolves and all should be back to normal. But it never can be unless help is given. There are now two parts to the mind and each has different memories, they cannot integrate. The individual will continue their life as, say, 90% of who they are while, say, 10% of who they are will be frozen in time and locked out of the rest of their life. Unsurprisingly, this will lead to neurosis if it is not addressed. Fortunately, this is a situation which can easily be addressed by a knowledgeable and caring therapist but it will never heal itself. The reason for the attachment needs as much attention as the release from the attachment.

Grieving for Loved Ones
Tremendous love or sympathy from a dying loved one will often bring about their attachment to the surviving family member at the centre of their attention. Also will hatred which is unexpressed. I have seen cases of parents and grandparents continuing to “care” for their favourite daughter or granddaughter with predictable results. The problem here is usually that the attachment knows that there is some mistreatment being dealt out to the host and they want to help. These are more difficult to deal with because “nobody knows better for their daughter than them”. Once they are released, the host will need help dealing with the issues that were the reason for the attachment.

Strong Negative Emotions
Hatred can be over a husband being unfaithful or no good for the wife, who is the relative of the recently deceased or being disliked by the recently deceased; in such a case, the wife turns, unexplainably against the husband. Release brings a return to calmness. Whatever problem there is will need dealing with. Hatred is often over money, usually family money and inheritance. The stories here are so involved and need a good degree of counselling and negotiation with the attachment to soothe them before they are comfortable to go. So, here, the extra work is actually needed on the attachment, although the host will now see the reason for upset within the family.

Allergies can leave the body fighting so hard against relentless attack. Unlike illness, which is generally diagnosed and treated, allergies are often undiscovered for a long time, whilst the person with the allergy continues to expose themselves to the cause. Such a strain can leave someone physically drained, emotionally drained and spiritually depleted sufficiently for an attachment. Obviously, release in a case like this is almost a waste of time if the host is not treated for their allergy.

Past Lives and Attachments
Past lives can give someone the feeling of an attachment if the past life was attached to and if the past life was aware of something being wrong. If that past life resonates in this life, it will bring past motivations and desires, memories of illnesses and injury and also memories of the attachment. A Past Life Regression is needed, back to the life in question and a release done there in order to free the present day person. Past lives can bring more sinister problems.

The Faustian Agreement
Selling your soul to the Devil may sound melodramatic but some people, in past lives, have made such deals; normally in return for power, wealth or sexual rewards – the usual, simple human weaknesses. If this is so, Demonic entities will wait for the soul to be born again and attach, expecting to take what is due. This kind of case can be very difficult to treat because we are not talking about one or a group of Demonic entities, we are taking about the whole of the Dark waiting, if necessary, to collect the debt. Here, Past Life Regression is necessary to take the host to the life in question – where the contract was made – and for the host’s past life to break the contract.

Sometimes, if a person has contact with a release practitioner, they can pick up discarnate human attachments who know of that contact. The purpose is solely for a taxi ride into the presence of the release practitioner for their release. They are very apologetic to the host and very grateful to the practitioner. Such attachments can come from a pub in the next town to somewhere visited on holiday abroad. We have experienced this with a few people who have come to us, and one of them, multiple times. The answer, after release is to teach Spiritual Protection, if the person does not like what is happening. In the case of the multiple experiences, it took until the last time for the person to realize that they needed the Spiritual Protection because they were so open.

Ley-Lines Influences
Ley Lines and rivers carry the sort of energy that attaching entities need to feed on. Where any cross each other, that energy is intensified at that point. If a river or a Ley Line is near your home or some cross near or at your home, there may be an entity there which has been waiting for years for the right person to come along. We have experienced both discarnate human entities and Dark ones at such places, with the Dark ones being more prevalent. If they are a little way away, they can use the energy of the Ley Line or river to travel to where a suitable host has just moved in. If the host is cleared and the Ley Line(s) and/or river are not, then the door is open for a repeat experience.

Pumping a flat tyre back up to pressure is not much use if you don’t find the nail that made the hole and then repair the hole before you re-inflate. Nor is it much use if you know the driver has nails scattered along their road. That road needs clearing, as well. An attachment is a symptom of something else being wrong. Putting that something else right is as important as the release.

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