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20 Years Of Pain Disappeared – Sandhya Shukla (Name Changed), 42 yrs, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I cannot remember when I did not have discomfort in my abdomen – either pain, swelling, misery or just a deep awareness of something about to erupt. This was a part of my life for well over twenty years. Prashant Guruji treated me by “long distance” with email for our communication. The explanation he gave me involved “spirit release” but the details of it are very personal and I would prefer to keep this to myself. However, I am now totally FREE of that misery. I wake up with a flat belly, eat with pleasure and cannot say enough about how grateful I am for this help..!

Chronic Fatigue – Pooja Gupta (Name Changed), 33 yrs, Ludhiana, Punjab, India

After working with Prashant Guruji for a couple months I felt the chronic fatigue I had been dealing with for five years start to improve. Being new to remote / Distance energy healing I did not know what to expect, I am very glad I did it. I called to guruji to ask him about how distance sessions help people solve their problems who are not able to meet him directly. He gave me all necessary information about how distance session works. Initially i took some time to decide whether to go for distance sessions or not, but finally decided to take sessions as it is better to try something rather than losing hope and suffering.Working with Guruji was an immense pleasure and I felt that his advice and guidance was spot on. During the session i felt a strong connection and energy moving through me. After one and half months i was completely healed. Because of my own experience, i now believe in distance healing sessions and very much happy  that i found a person to whom i can express my problems and in few days can overcome problems. I would recommend for anyone working with guruji to follow his advice and do the things he suggests. Guruji is perfect combination of professionalism and caring, and I highly recommend him for a successful remote/Distance healing experience. Thanks a lot guruji for your work.

Mood swings, heaviness in body – Ishita, 48 yrs, Canada

I have tried a lot of different healers. Guruji is they only one who actually worked for me. My anxiety, depression, back pain, mood swings, heaviness in my right side of my body has gone completely and what I believed to be asthma has disappeared. He is down to earth and cares about his clients. Guruji is worth every penny.

Neck Pain – Uday, 35 yrs, Shimoga, Karnataka, India

I really enjoyed the experience and I am indeed seeing positive changes. In fact, just about every day I discover another puzzle piece from my past that helps me understand a little bit more about myself.

You ask about my neck pain….there is no neck pain! That’s how it’s doing. I haven’t had another moment’s pain since couple of Spirit Release session. [I had the pain daily for 8 years].

Even after this weekend when I fell and twisted my back, I was laid up on the couch for two days, my neck felt fine and for that I cannot thank you enough! It’s neat how that works and it makes me smile.

Husband – Wife Relationship Issue – Divya (Name Changed), 36 yrs, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I was facing a very bad phase in my life since last 2 years. I got separated from my husband and was staying alone with my kids. I was not at all happy with this situation neither was I able to go back to my husband due to regular quarrels with him and my in-laws.

One of my relative asked me to consult this Healing Center of Guruji to square up my issues. Me and my husband went to them and met guruji, told about our issues. He told both of us has to take healing sessions, after 2 months our issues settled down. I am once again happily settled at my in-laws place and having harmonious relations with my husband which I never had before. Apart from that I am growing very well in my career too and every month I able to achieve all my targets effortlessly.

I am thankful to Sanjeevini Center / Prashant Guruji to save my marriage and solve all my issues.

Anxiety, Water Phobia – Akshay (Name Changed), 29 yrs,  Hassan, Karnataka, India

For 20 years.. a constant feeling of dread, like a shadow hanging over my life. I started to see a psychiatrist..after I had my first past life regression session with Guruji, this changed permanently. The main reason that I decided to have the regression was because of the overwhelming anxiety in my life. For the first time, in my entire life, I was able to relax! I had never, ever felt what it was like to relax.One of my main concerns was that I was also terrible afraid of water.. have never learned to swim because of it, but after my session, I found that my phobia of water left me! My friends invited me to go with them to the lake, and I went without a single worry or doubt in my mind. I even submerged myself in the water, and it felt great!I recommend having a session from Guruji. He’s relaxing to be around, he’s very understanding, and he doesn’t make a person feel like very being watched or judged. I felt safe and confident while I was going through even the most miserable moments in my memory. The quality of my life has improved after taking 7 sessions (4 sessions for my personal problem) from Prashant Guruji. I’m able to relax, my sex life has improved, and my social life has improved too. Overall it was an incredible experience, and I think that everyone should be able to experience something that meaningful.

Distance Spirit Release – Amisha 39yrs Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

Our house used to have spirits for many years. Some of my family members have seen them moving around, while the rest of us have felt their presence or have heard loud footsteps and doors opening and closing by themselves. We were experiencing so much health problems and bad luck in our lives.

We had engaged many Exorcists, Spiritual Masters and Feng Shui Masters over the years but none of them were able to help us. Sometimes, the spirits were even more angry after the Masters left, and the disturbances became worse.

That was when we decided to engage Prashant Guruji. The other Masters we had engaged before, used rituals and all sorts of equipment. But Guruji’s method was completely different. During Guruji’s session, he told us the background of the spirits in our house, and why they were angry with us. He then carried out the clearing, and did a blessing of our house. We finally have peace in our house after so long! It was such a relief!

Knee Replacement Now Totally Unnecessary – Rajeev, 46 yrs, Delhi, India

After two knee surgeries the orthopedic surgeon told me I was looking at a total knee replacement. Pain was my constant companion and it had taken on a life of its own. I was conflicted. Should I accept the surgery? Maybe the pain will go away? Fate directed me to Prashant Guruji & Spiritual Healing and I requested a remote healing session for my worn-out knee – I was told this would involve complete replacement of the meniscus cartilage using Spirit Energy. Did it work? Absolutely! I had to fight through the brainwashing of Western medicine to keep an open mind on alternative healing methods, but there was NO DENYING that the pain from cartilage damage was GONE! (It took around 7 weeks to healed completely) Now I can begin rebuilding the atrophied muscles, tendons, and ligaments AND my life. Thank you, Guruji! Your tireless efforts and commitment towards the healing of others is sincerely appreciated.

Lethargic & Hand Pain – Shalini, 39 yrs, U.K London

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all you have done for me. I feel wonderful – better than I have in years! There is a peacefulness and a calm that I have never known… and at the same time I feel so full of energy – like a tremendous weight has been lifted from me. I can’t thank you enough!! The day after I took session from you,  I actually woke up smiling feeling good about myself and life in general. I even catch myself humming and smiling spontaneously just because I feel so good! I wish that I had found you years ago. My hands are also free of pain since our meeting – that amazes me as well. People say I even look different – lighter – it’s wonderful! There are not enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain – Santosh, 34 yrs, Hubli , Karnataka, India

It seems every time I have injured myself, it has been my left side. I broke my left ulna when I was 8.  At the age of 22, i had damaged ligaments and tendons in my shoulder and shoulder blade. Two weeks of daily hot and cold treatments were quite effective but the injury never quite healed completely. I was told that once the ligaments are stretched to snapping point that they rarely ever go back to normal.

I lived with continuous pain for the past 12 years….. It never got better and on occasions, the pain was so bad I wanted to rip my arm off. Turning my head to the right was nearly impossible.

After my regression session and a good nights’ sleep, I awoke with no neck pain and my shoulder blade did not have that  “just smacked with a two by four” feeling. It has been a week and still no pain aside from an arthritic shoulder and some nerve damage from my injuries, and am pain free. I can turn my head to the left and right without pain and creaking sounds. I attribute this to the regression where I was hit with mace from behind, shattering my left shoulder blade and rendering my arm useless. Before the session, I had visions of running and being hit from behind by a double bladed battle axe. The regression cleared this up and now I hope I can move on to projects I have wanted to tackle but have not been able to do physically. Thank you Guruji.

Arthritis – Shantamma, 52 yrs, Mysore, Karnataka, India

The arthritis in my hip was so painful that I used to take half-an-hour to get slowly out of bed in the morning and going out of my house was a major ordeal. Prashant Guruji treated me directly and released 5 spirits which are attached to me, 3 of them are known to me (2 of them were my relative and 1 was a friend of mine who died 2 years back) and  he had done energy healing for me about one and half month. In the last session he said now everything is settled down, you can check this yourself. The next day I was able to get out of bed instantly with no pain and walk down to the shops without any difficulty. This is an amazing result for me…!

Migraine – Geeta, 36 yrs, Mangalore, Karnataka, India

I was fed up with migraine and when I approached Sanjeevini Spiritual Healing Center for drugless therapy, during the sessions I realized that the pain started long back before 10 years during my first pregnancy and ever since then it was increasing like hell. I took total of 11 sessions and my 10 year old headache was gone in no time, today i am 100% fit and fine as if it was never there, I really feel that Spiritual Way of Healing is the only way to eradicate migraine.

Headache – Ravi, 24 yrs, Bengalooru, Karnataka, India

I came to you for help because I had terrible headaches.  Even though it was difficult for me to believe that what I experienced in those two past lives was real, the result has been very real and amazing.  I went from having five severe headaches a week to maybe five a month—and none of them nearly as severe as before the regression.  I still ponder the two different past-life situations and see more and more how they connect to my current situation, of feeling abandoned and deserted.  Seeing those lives makes me grateful that I am in a much better situation in this life.  I wanted to thank you for your help, and let you know that the session has made a huge difference in my life and left quite an impact.

Pregnancy Issue, Misfortune – Asha (Name Changed), 36 yrs, USA

My husband and I live and work in USA. Around 5 years ago, series of misfortune began to befall us one after the other. the immigration department refused to extend my husband work permit. Each time, we manage to take one step forward, some invisible force will take us 2 steps backwards, to make things worse. We both needed a child. All known medical technique failed to make me pregnant. I consulted many astrologers, spiritual persons  but no relief came. I found Guruji’s details online and decided to give it another try. Guruji told us that the magnitude of negative elemental forces is of high intensity. Later found that there was an effect of black magic, spirits attachment and karmic issues, one by one he eliminated all of them, and today, i am glad to tell the whole world that, my husband’s work permit was eventually extended for 5 years and i am a happy mother with a beautiful baby girl.

Hair Pulling – Devika (Name Changed), 25 yrs, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

I had a very bad habit of pulling my own hair since last 4 years. I used to do this unknowingly but this resulted into a huge hair loss and it affected my personality and physical appearance very badly.

I was very keen to overcome this habit and I found that Spiritual Sessions can be helpful to me. I approached Prashant Guruji for the same and went for healing sessions. In the 1st session, i came to know a female entity / spirit was the root cause of my Hair Pulling. It really worked out to be a miracle, after the very first session I was asked to monitor my habit for a fortnight and I found that I hardly pulled my hair thrice in the entire fortnight which formerly was 7 to 10 times in a day. I was very happy to see a big change in me; I didn’t know how that happened but almost 60% of my problem was solved in a single session of  Entity Removal Healing Therapy.

After a fortnight when I again consulted Guruji I was advised for three more session to completely overcome my issue. I did that and today at the end of almost two months I confirm that I have completely got rid of my habit of breaking my own hair. Once again I can see a growth and density of my hair.

I am thankful to Prashant Guruji for helping me.

Black Magic Remedy – Neetu Sharma (Name Changed), 39 yrs, Australia

Myy life was messed up with all kinds of problems of life. I was having difference of opinion with my husband and our business was also going down. I was losing hopes and went into severe depression. I consulted  several astrologers, did the pooja’s, Homa, Havana’s but didn’t get the desired result, when asked about this to astrologers, they told our problem is very severe, we need to wait for another 8 months then perform certain set of pooja’s, I really was fed up with these kind of  methods. One of mine friend referred Prashant Guruji, told that he has solved her personal problem. When I got in touch with Prashant Guruji , it changed my life. Just one consultation gave me hopes of happiness. We took sessions from him Distantly as we are placed in Australia. In the 1st session came to know about Black Magic done by our own relative who stays in India. They were Jealous of our Business Improvement and also had few disputes among us. Within 2 months after taking 14 sessions from Guruji, I have a very good relation with my husband and our business is growing day by day. Really, I am very much satisfied with Guruji’s methods. Thanks a lot for your effort.

Negative Energy & Anger Release – Satish, 28 yrs, Bangalore, Karnataka India

Guruji’s work greatly assisted me in getting through a very tough emotionally wrenching time. He helped me to let go of a great deal of negative energy and anger that I was holding on to. I was also able to release some painful memories from my childhood, that I didn’t realize were still affecting me. He created a safe and totally compassionate environment and each session with him was unique and profound. I found that I was able to be completely honest with him and I always felt supported and protected. He has a generosity of spirit that I have never before encountered, and I believe that as a healer, he is truly gifted. I am now in a better place in my life and I would recommend his work to anyone who truly wants to get to the heart of the matter and is committed to their own healing.”

Cervical Spondylitis – S Rathod, 50 yrs, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

I had severe cervical spondylitis since June 2012. I underwent several medical treatments under 3 doctors but the pain did not reduce. I also had several tractions but it was of no use. The pain was increasing day by day.

Finally, I decided to try out Sanjeevini Healing Centre about which I had heard so much.

I started getting healing treatment on July 2012. Prashant Guruji was in charge and gave me healing. After the 1st set of four sessions treatment, I was 40% better as the pain had reduced significantly. After the second set of 3 sessions was the pain was reduced to more than 65% – after the treatment I could sleep through the whole night which was brilliant as I had not been able to sleep through the night for more than one month.

After the third set of 3 sessions, I was able to recover 96% – only a little bit of pain was left in my right hand / little finger.

I am so very grateful to Guruji as he has given personal attention to my healing and recovery.

Unexplained Feelings and FearsVarsha (Name Changed), 32 yrs, Kushal Nagar, (Kodagu), Karnataka, India

I was never sure if I believed that things like Past Life regression could help solve personal problems, or could aid a person in bringing clarity and a sense of peace. I hoped it would  have a positive effect, especially since I was dealing with difficult changes and disruptions in my life.

This week I put myself in the hands of  holistic practitioner, Prashant Guruji, and found my opinion of myself, and my belief in the cycles of karma changed forever.

So I knew what I needed to tackle that day: why am I so detached and cold? Why am I so afraid I will abandon the people I love, as I have done once or twice in this life?  Why do I feel so lonely, even in the presence of others? Why do I become so unexplainably angry? Why do I have so much trouble feeling confident and capable in my role as a mother? Why do I have this irrational fear that I might lose my daughter?

Guruji started by giving me the choice picking specific issues that I would like to tackle during the session, I  found myself on a place where war had begun. I was a nurse, an older woman, helping our, “boys” prepare for battle. We were surprised by an attack, and I was hit by cannon fire. I could only see darkness as I felt my body being dragged. I knew my skin on my right side was burned away, and I sensed the presence of every dead body from that battle lying beside me on the floor of the only place where our bodies could be buried. The loneliness of that moment was unbearable; And this is when I became angry. I wanted to help in the war. I wanted to see our boys defeat the opponent.

Guruji took me back further in that same lifetime to find out why I feel loneliness and I was suddenly standing  at my front door of my home. I was gently made aware, without having to relive the terrible ordeal, that my son had died of some sort of lung disease. It was then that I first went cold and abandoned everything I loved and needed, because I just didn’t want to feel anymore. No attachments meant no pain and no opportunity for loss. So I went away, alone, to become a nurse, and ended up on that war field many years later where I would fail to fulfill the need to save my boys, MY boys, who had taken the place of my son in my own mind.

I cried when I was under the hypnosis, and I am crying as I retell the story because the fears and pain still remain here in my psyche. The difference is now I am aware of these things and I feel free. Everything that was revealed in that session can explain why I have lived the way I have for so long, and all of those questions I came into the session with have been answered. I am especially relieved that the negative emotions I have experienced in this lifetime toward motherhood have been addressed.

The feeling of complete success was with me as I reentered our world and returned to normal consciousness. But it all felt so real, especially the emotions. Now I knew I could  let it all go, because all of these fears were rooted in and stemmed from the past. They no longer had to effect my present reality, and they are most likely not grave intuitions about my future. Great news!

Guruji’s ability to sooth and guide me during my regression was beyond anything. In my opinion, he is a natural healer.

Haunted House Healed – Vikram Kaul (Name Changed), 41 yrs, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

There is no way I can thank you enough Guruji . We had purchased our home almost two years ago, and in no less than two weeks after moving in the activity started. Things were very small and not alarming at first. Shortly afterwards our eldest child started to claim that voices were telling her to hurt everyone around her and also to injure herself. We felt that she was watching too many scary movies and asked her to stop watching them. Unfortunately, this did not stop her from hearing these voices. I started to occasionally sleep in her room to see what was going on. These voices at first did not effect me or seem to effect anyone else. Not too long after this I started hearing the children calling out to me. At first I thought it was a prank. Little by little it became continually worse. The scratching started happening first to my daughter then my wife, occasionally happening to me though. The last few weeks before I made the call to Guruji were probably the worst, at least I thought. From the moment I made the call the activity really picked up. Guruji told session can be taken distantly also, You need to send the photos / videos of the house, which i did and took a session distantly. After the session, Guruji told our house is haunted by few ghosts. Guruji proceeded to figure out what was going on in my house, confirmed our thoughts, and then the sessions went on. Within 2 months, my house was cleaned of more than 8 entities and twelve lost children’s souls that were locked in my home due to a vicious entity. My house that we love again became a home. We were free of horrible situations and animosity which brought our family closer together. God bless Guruji and his Healing Center. He is the true paranormal concerned person to call for exorcising those bad entities. Thank you will never be a word strong enough for what you have done for us.

Health Issues, Sadness, DepressionNikhita, 40 yrs, Mississippi, U.S.A

Dear Prashant Guruji, I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for the work you have been doing. I am willing to say that your healing sessions has changed my life. The effects are immediate and so noticeable. My health issues are much improved, my confidence is way up and feeling of sadness is gone completely. Depression? Completely out of depression. My energy levels are up to the roof and I can wake up in the morning fully rested and don’t feel tired anymore. Learning about my past life gave me so much understanding about specific relationship issues that I have been dealing with during my whole life and now I don’t have to anymore. I am able to have balanced and loving relationships. Guruji, thank you very much for the work you do for us and the rest of humanity. with love, Nikhita

Insomnia / Sleep Issues – Mahadev Kumar Yadav, 46 yrs, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

The first time I met Prashant Guruji, I told him the only thing I looked forward to was sleep. Sadly, at 46 years old, this was quite true. I have suffered from anxiety all my life (have a constant dull headache) and as I got older had symptoms of depression as well. Once I hit my forties I started experiencing feelings of extreme panic (dry mouth, racing heart, pounding head, tremors, feelings of dread and insomnia). Sometimes, my heart would feel like it was thundering so loudly I was convinced the people in close proximity could hear it. My appetite was non-existent therefore I was underweight and my symptoms certainly dictated my life. I was forever avoiding the situations that I was able to, particularly social, and lived in dread of those I had to face (such as work). As I work for the NHS and have a certain knowledge of medicine I managed for as long as able without prescribed medication for fear of replacing one problem with another i.e. side effects of the type of drug I knew I was likely to be prescribed if I presented with the symptoms I have described. However, in my early forties I felt if I didn’t do something I would get to the stage where I was unable to get out of bed and face the day and realised that would most certainly lead to a downward spiral of time off work and probably exacerbate the problem. I was duly prescribed antidepressants and sleeping pills, plus pain relief tablets for the constant headache. I stopped the antidepressants after about six months as they didn’t seem to help as much as I had hoped and I couldn’t cope with the side effects (flushing, night sweats and a rather numb or spaced feeling) but habitually took the pain relief and the sleeping tablets. I looked forward to sleep because it was the only relief from my symptoms.

Three months later, and after a course of 15 sessions (2 sessions took directly then remaining sessions took distantly), I am a somewhat different (certainly calmer) person. My energy levels have risen considerably and continue to do so, my body feels very much lighter (although I have actually put on weight as my appetite is improved), my head and mind are clearer and my attitude is more positive and optimistic. I haven’t had a panic attack since my third or fourth session  and rarely take pain relief tablets. I still have my old friend the headache, but it is ever decreasing in intensity and constancy. While I would not claim to be completely symptom free (I still suffer some occasional anxiety but nothing like the sheer panic and dread I used to experience), I would claim to be able to cope with it and understand it better and be able to alleviate it more successfully than I have ever been able to before.

I embraced Spiritual Healing sessions as I really wanted it to work and it has, and I’ve also made other lifestyle changes (diet, exercise and try to explore what makes me the way I am) to ensure I was working with it and giving it my optimum. I wish I had done it years ago. I enjoy the sessions immensely.

When I first told Prashant Guruji all I looked forward to was sleep, he said ‘we’ll see if we can do something about that’ – and he has.

Physical & Emotional Discomforts – Ratheesh, 51 yrs, Saudi Arabia

I am so thankful that my path led me to Prashant Guruji. I am certain that if not for Guruji, I would still be struggling with my body’s physical and emotional discomforts. Distant sessions with him have yielded immediate relief from my persistent symptoms. The beauty of his work is that he gets to the core reason that keeps a dysfunction in place. His intuition guides him to the exact treatment that needs to occur for healing – whether it be on a spiritual, emotional or a physical plane. One of the more miraculous sessions I had with him addressed an underlying immense sadness for which I knew not what the cause. He was able to tune in and identify the memory that was the source of this. I was able to heal while he guided me through the release of the memory while holding his kind energetic presence. That sadness resolved after this and never returned. Through working with Guruji, for the first time in decades, I am finally comfortable in my own body. After trying many healing modalities and working with various energy practitioners over the past several years, with inconsistent results, I feel so blessed to have found Guruji, an an amazing healer!

Anger – Kavitha, 38 yrs, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Something is different from deep within. Thank you so much for the sessions guruji. I’m feeling fantastic. Anger has virtually disappeared. I’m reacting differently to situations and people and am very aware of my thinking.Body is feeling a bit low and feels like it needs rest. Thinking has also shifted. I can sense something is different from deep within.

 All in all, the results are amazing. I am quite amazed with the stuff that came up and happier at the way its getting cleared!

Depression – Sakshi Sangoi (Name Changed), 28yrs, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I had been on medication taking anti-depressants for nearly 9 years. I was struggling with several other stressful life situations. I was also suffering from low mood, anxiety and lack of confidence. I also seemed to have developed a temper and was having outbursts of anger that was really out of character. I went to several psychiatrists but didn’t get any result only waste of time plus these drug based anti-depressants worsened my condition further. Also i would say i was addicted to these anti-depressants if i reduce the dosage then i would go faint, dull and other negative impacts used to happen.  My mom took me to several Astrologers , nothing seemed to cure my problem. While i was surfing on internet came to know about Prashant Guruji. I called and told him about my problems. He told to take distant sessions but for me it was new, so i told can i come to Bengaluru to take direct sessions, He told if you are comfortable to come down here then you can come. I with my mom went to Bengaluru to meet guruji, stayed there for a week, took around 8 sessions. I was 70% improved and was able to stop anti-depressants. Then we decided to go back as we were satisfied enough and took 4 sessions distantly. Now i am leading a normal life, active life, initially for which i thought was totally impossible. Thaaaaannnkksss aaaa lot guruji for bringing brightness into my life. May god bless you.

Neck Pain – Siddharth, Kolar, Karnataka, India

“When I arrived at the Center, the right side of my neck was so tight and painful that I could barely turn to look out the passenger window in my car. After Prashant Guruji released negative energy (which is an unbelievable experience in itself), I got off the recliner feeling light, renewed, 70% pain free, and able to turn my neck almost completely to the right – unbelievable! I left feeling like a new man, not only was my pain reduced immediately, the results lasted through the evening. I had more energy that evening than I do when I wake up. To top it off, I awoke the next morning COMPLETELY pain free on the right side of my neck. Thank you guruji — your passion and commitment to your amazing gift shines through in the results you deliver.

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