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What is a cord of attachment?
When you have an important relationship, it’s as though the Cosmic Phone Company has installed a cable between your aura and the aura of the other person.

Energy flows back and forth through this cable. However, a cord of attachment is not the flow of unconditional love. That is a separate structure, also between two people’s auras. It is called a spiritual tie and contains the love, the learning, the sweetness.

A cord of attachment is, by definition, negative, and contributes a unique set of difficulties to your aura.

How long do cords last?
Usually, a cord of attachment will be part of your aura for the rest of your lifetime. Even if the person at the other end goes over to the Other Side, the energy pattern in the cord remains active. Personally, I have facilitated removing many cords of attachment to the deceased. It’s just as helpful as cutting cords of attachment to those who are still living.

Is it possible to remove a cord of attachment?
By co-creating with one or more Divine Beings, it is definitely possible to permanently and safely remove a cord of attachment, freeing you from its influence.

What is the role of Divine Beings when cutting a cord of attachment?
When I facilitate cutting a cord of attachment, the client chooses either:
God One or more Archangels (like Michael, who removes what doesn’t belong)
Or an Ascended Master (like Jesus, Ganesh, Buddha and Kwan Yin).

You do not need to have a strong belief in any particular Divine Being to receive help. I say this based on having worked with my client’s choice of Divine Being for over 12 years. None has ever refused.Regardless, it is their delight to assist you, no strings attached, when you seek to cut a cord of attachment.

Does cutting a cord of attachment ever hurt the person at the other end?
No, not when the procedure is done properly. The other person is not affected unless that person, too, comes for a session to have a cord of attachment be cut. With your session, the point is to free up you, because you are the person who has requested this kind of help.

I facilitate sessions where cord cutting is done permanently, with powerful consequences for the client. Results can go to the cells and the DNA; subconscious healing can re-configure old issues and bring about a new beginning.
If a cord of attachment is cut, how long before it comes back?
When this procedure is done properly, it will not come back.

Might you ever cut cords of attachment between people who want to stay married?
Most of the time, that’s the case. The majority of cord-cutting that I facilitate is between couples or blood relatives, like a parent with her child. You receive a fresh start, with more opportunity than before to design the kind of relationship you desire.

Will cutting a cord of attachment turn a bad relationship into a good one?
No. Each person in a relationship has free will. Cutting a cord of attachment just frees you from psychic level energy that can distort your life.

So the benefits of a cord cutting go beyond one troubled relationship?
Exactly right. Benefits for your whole life, this is the most important reason to request professional assistance with cord-cutting. A client can receive what seems like the equivalent of 1 ton of anger every day from the person at the other end of a cord of attachment. After the cord of attachment is cut, he no longer has to deal with this energy.

When this procedure is done properly, results can improve all your relationships, plus how you are when alone. This positive impact can reach through to a cellular or molecular level. It’s that profound.

Could there be situations where it is inappropriate to cut cords of attachment?
Yes, and part of the healer’s training should be to detect that. Sometimes, too, a cord is relatively insignificant. With integrity, the healer would not bother to remove it.

Are there other situations where a healer would defer cutting cords of attachment?
Definitely. There can be many other kinds of astral debris which must be removed before the healer can even have a clear assessment of what is going on with a client. Problems can range from psychic coercion, extra-terrestrial entities, even the need for an exorcism. Unless the healer can give a clear, detailed aura reading of a client before changing anything, it is safer to do nothing.

Could cutting a cord of attachment be helpful in cases of sexual abuse?
These are among the most dramatic results I have seen with clients and cutting cords of attachment. It’s not unusualfor rape or incest to leave psychological scars that seem permanent. In fact, many of my clients spent decades in therapy and have worked really courageously to move out the old wounds, yet they still think about it every single day.

What changes things? Moving out the energetic structures that were stuck there!

You don’t have to know a rapist’s first name in order to have a cord of attachment to that person. You don’t have to have a relationship at all. Being a victim of any kind of abuse installs a cord of attachment which can be cut.

Could cutting a cord of attachment help when someone we love has died?
Any time you hear people talk (or sing songs about) “the pain that will be with me for the rest of my life,” there is probably a cord of attachment involved. Until that cord is cut, yes, the pain probably will hurt every single day. But it is based in a very real (though not physical) energy structure, and when that is properly removed, you can finally go free. Remember, the unconditional love —spiritual ties — are not removed, only the astral-level imbalances.

What if one’s had a divorce? Could this help?
Cutting a cord of attachment can make all the difference between mourning a loss for the rest of your life versus getting back your power and your life. Anyone who has a divorce or difficult romantic breakup should really consider cutting that cord of attachment. Otherwise you may never fully move on to enjoy other love relationships fully, not for the rest of your life. By checking with a skilled healer, you can find out if you have a cord of attachment worth cutting and, if so, have it done permanently.

How does cutting a cord of attachment compare with having psychotherapy over a relationship?
Sometimes therapy is indispensable. Yet it is no substitute for having the energy link removed, so that you have more clarity as a person who can make choices. In my sessions, I have additional techniques available, using deeper perception, that can supplement therapy or other efforts to help a relationship work better. There is no reason why you can’t have one session to cut a cord of attachment and then go back to your therapist the next week and make much greater progress. Cutting a cord of attachment is a pretty small investment to make in your own psychological
well being.

Does every relationship result in a cord of attachment?
Fortunately, not. Otherwise some of us would be leery of walking down the street! One can have psychic ties to thousands of people, more akin to spider webs, and easy to brush away. Or the ties will go on their own, after a few days.

Cords of attachment are much more serious. We can ignore them, but they still will impact each of us:

  • Each cord of attachment affects part of your aura.
  • Each cord of attachment sends energies and emotions back and forth between two people, yourself and the cordee.
  • Each cord of attachment contains many specific energy flows.
  • Every cord of attachment contains information, true or false, repeats within your subconscious mind 24/7,  impacting your whole body-mind-spirit.
  • Every item of Cord Dialogue feels true within you, just because it repeats so much.
  • Nothing else you do by way of visualization, prayer, EFT, Reiki, psychotherapy, etc. will remove that structure. You may lessen the impact of Cord Dialogue. But nothing will make it stop except removing the cord itself.

It needs attention on the level where it exists, which is your aura. You don’t need to learn aura reading to benefit from cutting a cord of attachment. But aura reading sure can help you to appreciate when quality, permanent healing has been done.

What happens when Cord of Attachment is cut?
Cutting a cord of attachment with professional-level skills can free you up energetically from relationships that drain you, lessen your quality of life, confuse your sense of identity, make it hard to become a skilled empath, and more. Without your supplying any details other than the name of the person involved, after facilitating and cutting the cord, we will describe the nature of energy flow and assign optional homework to help you to stabilize the results of the cord cutting.
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