Clearing karmic patterns, imprints, vows, curses and traumas


Clearing karmic patterns, imprints, vows, curses and traumas

Karma is the energetic pattern that exists within us as a result of our past actions. Karma can weigh heavily upon us and keep us from resonating with our natural light. The difficult situations and events in your life that repeat over and over again have their root in the unresolved karma of past lives.

One of the primary reasons your Soul chose to incarnate at this time and experience your particular life circumstances and challenges is to heal unfinished business from past lives. This unfinished business is often intimately linked to your life purpose. Essentially, you pick up where you left off and set up another opportunity to move past limitations and succeed in fulfilling your soul mission.

Everything that has ever happened to us is permanently held in a karmic memory. These memories stay with us from lifetime to lifetime and stored in our karmic self. Karmic Clearing actually erases the patterns which you have formed around these memories by deconstructing and dissolving repetition of old patterns by releasing and clearing them. Karmic clearing can help heal old wounds and past relationships, negative belief patterns, trauma, vows, agreements, contracts, promises, oaths and curses. Basically these are agreements you have made with people or decisions you made on an unconscious level that no longer serve you. Karmic Clearing affects more than the chakras, auric, physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual bodies, connecting and healing on all levels and dimensions of time and space; past, present, future.

Clearing karmic patterns also frees the charge one may have had on an event and become non-reactive. Such as physical, mental, sexual and emotional abuse and other related trauma that had occurred in life. That in itself is a magnificent gift!

Improved relationships as well as your relationship with money also improve. Healing of relationships as well as self healing and self development occurs while spiritual vibration increases. Karmic clearing also takes the intensity we have on things and propagates a neutral perspective. It is now a life without fear, stress, worry, trauma.

Set goals of items you want to manifest, such as money, relationships, job and the like. Set your focus and the ideas begin to form in your head how to achieve them seems to knock on your door in a logical progression.

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