Haunted Place / House, Spirits, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Jinn

Haunted Place / House, Spirits, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Jinn

If you’re a paranormal investigator you’ve heard stories about haunted furniture, toys, jewelry, etc. Is it possible to buy some antiques and bring home more than you paid for? Can spirits be attached to an item rather than a place? Some seem to think it’s possible. If someone had a favorite piece
of jewelry and wore it constantly, perhaps the spirit would be attached to this

Evil spirits can possess people—but can they also inhabit places?

Often people find a great deal on their home. They soon found out why: It was what some would call a “haunted house”—that is, a place where there was an uncomfortable and negative spiritual presence.

Some people are attracted to haunted houses because they’re different and exciting. Perhaps you’ve seen hotels that advertise: “Stay in our hotel. It has a real ghost!”

Experiences with demonic spirits in human habitations aren’t new. What makes things “go bump in the night”? There are three possible explanations.

Malevolent Presence of Satan : It could be that demons are present and misbehaving. Sometimes they propel objects at people, move furniture about or make various noises. At other times they create extreme temperatures—generally cold—or nauseating odors, or they may impede one’s ability to pray. Satan can come at us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The demons may have taken up residence for several reasons. One is because they were invited, either deliberately by someone who called on them to come or naively through games such as a Ouija board or tarot cards.

The family had been into demonic board games. They rebuked the presence, and it left.

Few people conduct a witchcraft ritual in their home, believing it to be “naughty but harmless.” For months thereafter they would find awaken at night to see a horrible, ugly creature staring at them..

Another reason evil spirits may take up residence is because of a curse. Sometimes a curse is placed on a home or other building as revenge for something the occupants have done or as spiritual warfare against believers.

Finally, demons may be present because of heinous crimes such as murder or rape, or from sexual orgies. When a crime is committed in a place, the demons that attend the evil may linger on.

In the face of a demonic presence, you must take action. Here are some positive steps to take to rid spiritual disturbance from a home, office, church or other place.


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