Dark force attachments, Spirit Possession, Exorcism, Aura

Spirit Entities

Dark force attachments, Spirit Possession, Exorcism, Aura

A spirit is the soul of a person or animal which has remained in this world after the death of the body. Sometimes, when a person dies, his or her spirit gets stuck here on Earth. There are so many reasons for this. Sometimes death is sudden and truly confusing and the soul goes on “living” not even knowing that the body it left is dead. Sometimes souls stay on purpose, not bearing to leave a loved one, wanting to protect a child or spouse, or even seeking revenge. Sometimes souls simply get lost.

I help these souls get back to Source. That means that I also help the people who encounter these souls. The act of clearing or shifting these spirits back to Source is called Spirit Releasement.

Spirit attachments can be found in the aura, chakras, or in some part of the physical body. The topic of spirit attachment can be found throughout many cultures and religions going back to ancient times. spirit releasement is a more modern, compassionate method of what is called “exorcism.” However, there is a difference between “possession” and “spirit attachment.”

Attachment is when the spirit or entity is attached to some part of your energy field. This is not possession like you see in  films. Actual possession is considered to be rare and more severe, where the spirit has actually taken over the body and the person entirely.

The most common types of spirit attachments are earthbound spirits. Most haunting, earthbound spirits are usually innocent and were looking for comfort at their time of death, and did not yet make it to the light.

The second most common is dark force entity attachments, which are often. This type of spirit will attach to a living person with the intention of creating misery, hopelessness, and fear, stealing the person’s light and draining their life force energy. The main goal of these spirits is to disempower humanity. These spirits are not normally the type you see in scary movies and are often able to transform into light during spirit releasement.

A spirit attachment can occur when there is a hole or tear in the person’s aura due to an emotionally or physically traumatic experience. Organ transplants have also been known to transfer the spirit of the donor to the recipient, resulting in attachment. A living person can have dozens, even hundreds of attached spirits, as they occupy no physical space. They can attach to the aura or float within the aura outside the body. If any part of the body of the host has a physical weakness the earthbound can attach to that area because of a corresponding weakness or injury to the physical body of the spirit prior to death. A spirit can lodge in any of the chakras of the host, drawn by the particular energy of the chakra or by the physical structures of that level of the body. Many areas of a person’s life can be influenced by one or more attached entities. In short, spirit attachment can interfere with any aspect of the life of the unsuspecting host.

It is also very common for those who are extremely psychic who have not yet mastered their gift or learned proper protection methods, to experience a haunting, spirit attachment. Being so open to the unseen world without protection is an easy way in for any type of spirit to enter the energy field and wreak havoc on the victim.

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February 17, 2018 at 10:14 am

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