Black Magic & Karma|White Magic & Love spell, Binding Spells

Black Magic & Karma|White Magic & Love spell, Binding Spells

Many people wonder what happens to people who practice black magic on others and spoil other people’s lives. Do they get away with it?

Black magic is defined as the misuse of spiritual energy including harming another person or attempting to get someone to act in accordance with your desires, especially if your desires oppose theirs.

In our view, spiritual power is to be used only for good. The moment you try to control or manipulate another person, you step over the line and incur negative karma.

There are people who will do any spell for you. Many will cast spells like these which I see available on the internet : “Make them break up so you can have him”, “Make him love you”, “Make him/her lust after you”, “Get your lover back in 24 hours”, “Make her/him marry you”, cursing spells, revenge spells, get rich quick spells, etc”.

All of these spells are within the realms of ‘black magic’.  ‘Black magic’ spell manipulates someone else without their consent, it makes them do things against their free will.

It is understandable why people are tempted to cast ‘black magic’ spells, or pay someone to do it for them. It sounds like an ideal solution to get what you want, but it isn’t that simple. Whenever you use ‘black magic’ to manipulate someone else it ALWAYS backfires. We have all been given free will, and when you try to manipulate someone else, and take away their free will, you will end up with a broken Life.There are two ways these types of spells will backfire on you. One way is that the spell will not work in the way you wanted it to, and the second is that you will experience Karmic retribution for manipulating someone with magical means.

The reason why these black magic spells will not work out the way you expect is because you are forcing someone to act against their free will. Think about it.

One of the most common problems I come across are with ‘binding spells’. These are really popular but they cause people so many problems. You may bind yourself to someone who you want to be with forever, especially if you are feeling insecure about the relationship. These spells work 3 times as well on you than it does on your target, because you really meant it when you did the spell! Your target will probably break free after a while, but you won’t be so lucky. You’d be stuck there with them without knowing why, or how to shift the energy between you. Your Lover may leave you, and because you bound yourself to him/her you would not be able to get on with your life and find new Love. You would always be yearning for your lost Lover.There are other much more powerful and happy ways to sort out your Love life.

And then there is the Karmic slap that will always come when you dabble with black magic. Karma means that whatever you give out, will come back to you. Every action has a reaction, there is no way out of it, every Living being is bound by the same Spiritual Law. Karma will give anyone performing ‘black magic’ a firm slap, or knock them off their feet, depending on what you have done. Don’t be fooled by thinking that you’ll get your Karmic slap in your next life either, in my experience, Karma is very impatient with ‘black magic’, people tend to get the Karmic slap within a few months.

Just to make this point even more serious, when you use magical means your actions very much ‘on purpose’, and whatever magic you put out will come back on you three times over. This is well known amongst witches, sorcerers and shamans. We imbue our actions with more power because of the strong ‘on purpose’ magical intentions we always use.

If you use ‘black magic’ to manipulate someone, the Laws of Karma mean that you will end up being dis-empowered and manipulated in some way. I have seen people who have dabbled in black magic continually find themselves in situations where they are manipulated, and feel trapped. For example, it could manifest as having a tyrant of a boss, or you could even end up in prison for something you didn’t do. I have known people to become psychotic after performing black magic, and have to go to psychiatric hospitals. They have messed with so many people’s minds, they end up losing theirs. There is simply no need to do black magic, and it isn’t the most intelligent or powerful way to go about magic, or changing your life.

Black magic is about restructuring the flow of energy around others, and sending entities towards another’s space. Such things can work under certain conditions, but you the caster are forever linked to those disruptions. If the victim is helped by a psychic or Godly person, those flows can be reversed with an immediate backlash, instant karma. Either way, karma eventually reverses the situation as help is eventually given to the victim in this or a future lifetime.

Charms etc cannot protect you from karma if you are the caster, at best delays the pain a little. It is not that rare a situation, more so today than 100 years ago because of the nature of our auras have slightly changed.. culturally.

Karma works both ways, when you perform White Magic which is done for positive good, then the effects are far more powerful, because the Light is so, so much more powerful than the darkness. You only have to see how a single candle flame can light up a vast space to see this. You see, if everything you do comes back to you 3 times when you do magic, think about what joy and happiness that can come to you if you do positive White Magic?

Magic is as powerful as the person performing it. A person who performs black magic is not as powerful as a person who performs White Magic. People who perform black magic have messy, broken lives, it is best not to get involved with them and their energy. Don’t give these people your money, and don’t put your Life in their hands.

When I cast a Love spell for you, not only will Spiritual Beings of Love and Light come to fill your life with Love and heal your blocks to Love, but they fill my Life with Love too, because I cast the spell. Casting White Magic keeps my Life beautiful, flowing and ecstatic. It also increases my power and raises my vibration, which makes my Magic more and more powerful.

All my magic is White Magic. This means that if you need a Love spell because you have a broken heart, I will work with Spirit to fill your life with Love by shifting your own blocks that prevent you from receiving Love. As your blocks dissolve, you will have wonderful realisations, and become very self aware as you let go of outdated self defeating patterns and welcome new abundance into your life. Magical meetings, opportunities, synchronicities pop up out of nowhere, you will know that Spirit is guiding you, helping you, co-creating your new life with you. Your life becomes enchanted with the pure, clean magic of Divine Love. My Magic gets to the root causes of why you just can’t get it right in Love, or why you are always broke or depressed. It empowers you and helps you to change your life.The spell will also increase your own feelings of Love in all areas. You will Love your job, your friends, family, your whole life in an amplified way. You will also feel the Love of Spirit and feel supported and Loved always. You will release feelings of fear and lack along the way too.

The most powerful force in the world is Love. All Magic done with Love and in the energy of Love are the most life changing and powerful. Love never fails.

If you are in trouble because of black magic you have done, or got someone else to do on your behalf, I can help you. I can reverse your spell/s and cast a new empowering one to help you create the best new life possible, and leave it all behind you.

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