Negative Energies, Demons, Spirits & Ghosts Influence on us


Negative Energies, Demons, Spirits & Ghosts Influence on us

There are many times when a person dies suddenly or with unresolved issues so powerful that the person does not fully crossover into the light or complete the journey to their place of origin. They, in their energy form, remain in the earth or material plane of existence as trapped energy.

The most common reason spirits attach is because they have the ability to do so, and often go undected. We are all energy. So are they. Most people can’t see spirits with the naked eye because spirits no longer have the density of a human body. As a result, they are able to come and go as they choose.

These beings may feel lost without a physical body and decide to attach because coexisting with a live person gives them the chance to do human things again. A spirit that had bad habits while living, takes them with them when they die, ie; smoking, drinking, swearing etc. While inhabiting a person—commnonly known as a possession—they can eat, drink, have sex, and feel all the normal physical pleasures and actions they felt before death. A person who drinks moderately may suddenly find themselves drinking noticably more if they attract a spirit who drank excessively.

Karmic attachments almost always involve a personal connection with the person they attach to. The person who died often wants to even a score because they feel unresolved about a life changing incident that ocurred with the living person. As a result, they carry feelings of hurt, anger, revenge – enough resentment to attach to the individual they feel wronged them. This can be an experience from this or a former life.

Spirits that are not karmic are attracted to individuals they feel a resonance with. This can be a person who reminds them of someone they knew and liked. It can also be someone who shares similar emotional issues, such as depression and grief. Also, the dominant personality of the spirit does not change after it leaves the body. For example, if they were a person who lived a life of drama they will be attracted to someone with similar tendencies.

Another common reason that entities to attach to the living is that they are in fear. They are concerned about suffering consequences from the way they lived their lives. This is especially true if they hold any regrets or shame about how they treated people, or actions they took while on the Earth-plane.

Many fear leaving the familiar realm—the Earth‐plane—because what exists “out there” is unknown. Our society does not teach people how to prepare for when they transition (die). They may also be concerned that they will end up in “Hell,” as they learned it from their religion, parents, school

In this condition these ghosts or earthbound spirits may opportunistically or accidentally attach to a person’s energy field or energy body. When this occurs, the host person can experience influences of the attached earthbound energy. Thoughts, emotions, addictions, or strong habit patterns, even physical feelings of the earthbound spirit may filter to the host. People can pick up unwanted energies from a variety of public places including the workplace, bars or nightclubs, or other places that they visit.Spiritual possession can be the cause of illnesses, mental disorders or even crimes, but this phenomenon is not being treated appropriately since modern medicine and science do not recognize the existence of spiritual possession. Fact is though the phenomenon of spiritual possession is a common occurrence and to prevent or counter it people must have accurate spiritual knowledge – they must know the Truth.

Ghosts and spirits, when they attach to our energy field can affect our thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and thus our actions. Since these influences from the earthbound spirit come through the host persons energy field and brain, the host cannot usually tell the difference between their own thoughts or feelings and those of the earthbound spirit. The earthbound spirit also can siphon energy from the host in order to remain attached to the earth plane. Ghost with girls Sometimes, the host person has a sense of something being “with” them and may over the years even develop a dependent or codependent relationship with the earthbound spirit at an energetic level. This is especially true if the attachment takes place when the host is very young. The impact of an attached energy can vary depending upon the situation and personality of the energy that is attached. Any strong or negative emotions or attitudes such as loneliness, sadness or belligerence in the earthbound can influence the behavior of host person. If the earthbound energy has anger issues, the person may feel angry for no apparent reason. Have you ever felt angry or depressed for no particular reason? Well this could be the influence of attached negative energies.

Since our energy field is also interconnected with our physical bodies, an energetic attachment can have an impact on the person’s physical well being. Any physical issues carried by the earthbound spirit such as pain, headaches, malnutrition may show up as physical symptoms in the host person.

Spirit possession can be the cause of illnesses, mental disorders or even crimes, but this phenomenon is not being treated appropriately since modern medicine and science do not recognize the existence of spirit possession. Fact is though the phenomenon of spirit possession is a common occurrence and to prevent or counter it people must have accurate spiritual knowledge – they must know the Truth

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caroline nicholl

February 17, 2018 at 9:48 am

very helpful thank you.I moved into a house that always made me uncomfortable at some point ,i knew something was off or not well.spirits began to act out towards me when I took action to protect myself from them,I received a supernatural vision by God ,when the veil was lifted I saw all kinds of things.from creators to a shadow man or person ,to hearing a very loud voice of a male order me to stay out of an area he took refuge in the house.I did not obey his request,then scared AT what i saw ,I called a person for help (who did house clearings).Anyhow I moved out for 4 years but returned regularly to visit my friend.Anyhow to make a long story short.Its been about 5 years since I first herd the voice of a ghost or stuck earthbound spirit begin to talk to me just like a living person.he has not chosen to leave me ,or cross over.I did a past-life regression session and bamb…it became crystal clear he is an advanced or evolved entity .who trys to go unnoticed and gets very angry even mean when i confront him or do not back down from letting him know I want him to leave me alone…better yet leave this home home forever.I contacted a medium who does not feel safe to come to the home with out a second medium present,who is advanced in this type of earthbound or entity.Anyhow he has indicated he committed suicide in this house.years ago prior to me moving in.I pray for him.I realize I can not force him out and do not feel that that is a GOOD way to deal with him anyway.I have ordered a few books 1 into the light,and needless casualties of war.I have booked an appointment with a professional medium to discuss protection and grounding.I am determined to not just send this spirit away to haunt bother another soul but to hopefully help heal this soul of some of his fears about crossing over.I will not give up,even though he is stubborn ,strong and gets really nasty and mean,he lashes out at me verbally.I have asked God and my angels to protect me from these attacks to keep me strong and my vibration up so he can not wear me down anymore by attacks of verbal abuse or intimidation.God bless we need the truth to be empowered and to make a difference.

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